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Not Even One Like? ...

Makes me feel like all internet traffic is filtered and delayed. Sandboxed to stymie free communications inside the United States.
December 9th, 2018.

Is This A Facebook Thingie? 13.Dec.2018 07:02


Lots of people "like" me (sort of). That and a dollar will get me a ride on the subway.

I just wish there was,,, 13.Dec.2018 11:50

Lloyd Hart lloydhart2008@gmail.com

A way to cause facebook employees to actually smell the decay of rotting shit, piss and flesh when they unconstitutionally censor someone's pixels. It's just fucking pixels and pixels can't break your bones. Only private contractors can do that.

This A Selfie Magnet for the Social Media Giant, Facebook. 14.Dec.2018 22:16

The Red 'X' Society

I was trying to Encourage Them and All Facebook Users to Hold the Mainstream Media in their collusion and cooperation with Criminal Elements subverting the Entire American Way of Life.

This is a Photoshop example of what I didn't have time to take a Picture of 12-09-2018. I drove about 300 miles that Day.

So far, the only retaliatory events for the Action was getting my phone and all Google Products Hacked on All Platforms including my school account. I don't know What the Fuck Google Cares for? ...I notified their Company by Flyers at their Campus the same Day I flew a Drone dropping leaflets over two NFL Football Games in the Bay Area on November 26th of 2017.

Any Company that does not take up the Charge for Holding those accountable for the egregious destruction of the 1st Amendment, Free Press and Democratic Freedoms, are akin to those supported Pre-WWII Germany's Fascism.

That's how Important this Fight Is.

-Tracy Mapes

Print, Re-Distribute, FAX Bomb at Will.

Whistle Blower, White Slave, Whitewash 23.Dec.2018 17:32

The Red 'X' Society