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This News is not fake (It is just ordinary deceit; i.e., a lie.)

November 10th, 2018

Any scanning of the headlines both in standard and critical postings, especially since the 2016 US elections, will suffice. In the interest of brevity, reference is made to almost any pages published concurrent with this remark.

All one of the anonymous speech controllers has to do is introduce some nifty expression and everyone takes it. Inventing such nifty language was once a business known by the sobriquet Madison Avenue. However, this ancient weapon of psychological warfare (against the general population) was industrialized, like mass slaughter, during World War I.[1]

Now "Fake"; e.g., "fake news" seems to be the slogan of the year. This is bizarre considering that most, if not all, so-called "news" is fabricated; i.e., "fake". That means it does not tell anything except what the controlling editors (and ultimately the owners) want to have said.[2] The ostensible event need not even have occurred.

In the echo chambers of the "Left" everyone accuses the Establishment — to which they are the logical complement — of spreading "fake" news. This implies that there is "news" spread which is not fake; i.e., perhaps "true", a word to be treated with the greatest of caution.

Fowler[3] would certainly have called this "vogue" language. Propaganda (or public relations/ advertising) does not acquire more substance, nor is there more precision in the fashionable term, "fake news".

Simply sticking to the essence: fake news is just another term, a euphemism, for "lie" circulated by one or more elements of the mass media. The lie loses the quality of active deceit. Moreover the wide adoption of the term marks the user as someone "up to date", part of the herd or swarm that reports about the reporting, while propagating the specious claim that journalism is something other than the commercial exploitation of voyeuristic or solipsistic text and image production.[4]
Ceci n’est pas une nouvelle
Ceci n’est pas une nouvelle
What does "fake" mean? Does the "news" lacks authenticity? Is the underlying event not genuine? Is the source false or fraudulent? Is the dissemination itself fraudulent? Were that the case, then the mere repetition of the "fake" is collaboration in the fraud, witting or unwitting. Although I do not have an attribution (but do not claim one), I recall reading somewhere in a discussion of counterfeiting luxury brands that the owners of the "genuine brand" actually benefit from the counterfeiting because it perpetuates the brand mystique and the quest for the real article among all the "fakes".

Journalistic "truth", despite all the raving about free press (i.e. free markets) and integrity, is a luxury product, a commodity, like any other. The more "news" sold but denounced as "fake", the higher the value of the luxury brands whose "truth" need not be questioned. One of the principal qualities of a commodity is its ultimate and infinite substitutability.

1. George Creel, How We Advertized America (1920). []
2. The newspapers of record in most countries are private property and always have been, the holy New York Times, the blessed Washington Post, the venerable (once Manchester) Guardian, just to name the most notorious. It is a testimony to the superficiality of critical thought in much of what passes for political opposition that there is a presumption of truth applied to commercial product of monopoly media, no matter how often this presumption has been rebutted. People engaged by these corporations are bound by contract to obey their employers, just like in any other employment relationship. Ironically for monopoly commercial media bona fide lies (in compliance with corporate policy) are usually protected by law and academic scholarship. A back page correction is sufficient to indemnify the publisher or the source/informant for the lie. []
3. H. Fowler, Modern English Usage []
4. Joseph Pulitzer's campaign to "professionalize" public information; e.g., with the tax-exempting bequest funding the first journalism schools at the University of Missouri (1908) and Columbia University (1912) and the eponymous prize (1917), was foremost an effort to create a cadre of writers who could be employed interchangeably to generate text product for the great newspaper cartels. It was also intended to marginalise the partisan writer (usually from somewhere Left) and discredit him/her as biased and unprofessional. In the so-called Progressive Era of US history (late 19th century), licensed professions were created — e.g., physicians and dentists — ostensibly rooted in modern scientific training but more accurately in monopolistic and anti-democratic political and economic practices. So today's medical profession is essentially the sales/marketing department of the chemical/pharmaceutical cartels. Professionalisation can be translated as "profitization". []

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"Fake News!" is "Fake News!" 02.Jan.2019 11:02

Tracy Mapes

"Fake News!" first propagated by bloggers who recognized "Fake News!" coming in te forms of 9/11, Boston Bombing, Mass Shootings, etc.

The Media in All of Its Controlled Forms, is trying to do What it has Always Done, SPIN. An attempt to reverse the derogatory meaning about their SHillary and claim that Story Debunkers and Internet Watchdogs are telling lies about the Mainstream Media.

The more "Fake News!" produced by the Government Backed Prostitutes and Shills in the News Industry only serves to confirm what People have known All Along; Their Country has Taken Over the most basic of Our Constitutional Rights including the Press and Any Voting Processes that control and allocate Money to Projects and Special Interests.

The Two Inherent Dangers to this are: 1. They Have Already Taken Over the 1st Amendment, and they are using it to Dismantle the 2nd Amendment, and selling they Public the Idea to Disarm Themselves, Leading to the Loss of the Reason for the 2nd Amendment in the 1st Place; The Individuals Right to Protect Themselves from a Totalitarian Government. 2. By (Spinning) the Tables on those Americans conscious enough to Care About the Illegal Subjugation of Their Rights, The Mainstream Media will, Along with Government Legislation propose that "ONLY! Officially Credentialed Media" will be allowed to Administer the News to the Pubic like a Psych Medication, and Bloggers and Other Independent Journalists will be precluded from Reporting the "Truth" by Threats of Criminalizing Reporting of Anything that Strays from the "Official Story."

Basically, The Criminals are trying to Criminalize Anyone who isn't "Them".

When you come to the Realization that there are 180 Million Bloggers and Independent Journalists being Nullified and Castigated by the Mainstream Media's 66,000 full time Media Professionals and an Additional 100,000 Commercial PR Advertising News Content Providers, there can't be 180 Million that are Missing the "Truth", and the small select group of Mainstream Media being allowed to remain as the holders of "Truth's Domain".

That's Why This Fight! is so Important.