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What's Going Down (The We-ists)

OK kids, here is what's going down:

It's between the We-ist (that's us + Europe), Russia, and China.
(+) The We-ist has a grab-bag of stuff left over from a failed empire. Plus a very large amount of weapons and fake wealth left over from the Great Temporary Victory Banquet.

(+) Russia has very-very-vast natural resources. Plus a very large amount of weapons left over, especially a very large number of micro-nukes so they won't have to fight on their own territory ever again (they can incinerate the entire Polish border if necessary).

(+) China has a very-very-vast number of We-ist educated slaves (living in a terrifying Orwellian political hell, with no voting of any kind, and pervasive tyranny) who are very creative. And who will give their fascist Overlords a very large amount of weapons. But they lack enough territory, so they will try to expand into oceanic territory.

Nobody will be able to grab the Russian resources, but they surely will try. But China will try to grab up everything it can everywhere, including South America.

Soon, the We-ist CIA Mafia will switch from its practice shots at Russia to pushing back on China. The pseudo-free captive puppet "citizens" will be too busy working around the contrived austerity system and toy gadget culture to notice the new enemy (the 1984 effect).

And that is what will go down.

Self Attrition and Collapse ... 23.Jan.2019 20:31

Tracy Mapes

They (MOB) will steal, sell, downsize, seize anything and everything until there is nothing left. They a a small minded group that is working on the Vacation Rental Model, which will take away the housing prospects of most Americans by selling it off to foreign or big city dwellers that can afford twice the rent as you can.

America is a dying dog and these People are the fleas and ticks of humanity, looking for a new host once the dog is dead.

They are the self consuming of the very opportunity that allowed them to exist.