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Roger Stone Arrested in Mueller probe.

Oh damn, it's on
Underscore, what's the over/under on how long Trump lasts before he leaves office? We should have a betting pool.


homepage: homepage: http://https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-russia/trump-longtime-ally-stone-arrested-in-u-s-special-counsel-probe-idUSKCN1PJ16M

Trump No Wose Than Dem Party Fascists 25.Jan.2019 18:28


Let's get over the Trump Derangement Disorder.

If anything, the Dem Party Pirate Overlords are worse.

Just get score voting and be done with this nonsense.

"betting pool" (if you want to lose) .... 25.Jan.2019 19:28


Roger Stone is a scumbag on the same order as Manafort; both partners in crime since the early 1980s, and were some of the original corporate/foreign lobbyists on K Street in D.C.

I mean what else do you expect from a dude who has Nixon's face tattoed on his own back.

Did you watch that movie recommended to you, last year Clyde?

Still believe in the moon-truther 'Trump: Russian asset since 1987' conspiracies?

This stuff has absolutely zero to do with Trump.
Mueller investigation-burger
Mueller investigation-burger
booga booga!
booga booga!

Roger stone doc 26.Jan.2019 09:55


I did watch that on your recommendation (in that last thread you linked to.) It was good. Weird. Very interesting. The guy is a complete nut.

I don't put much stock in the "russian asset since 1987" thing. I think that is a stretch.

I'm not betting on Trump leaving office. I thought that was your prediction but I might be wrong there. I think a more likely scenario is him just opting not to run again in 2020, but who knows. I could see him just bowing out if the heat gets cranked up too high.

I didn't predict him 'leaving office' (because of Mueller et al.) 26.Jan.2019 12:50


I've entertained a thought from the beginning, even before this Russia / Mueller stuff kicked in to high gear,
that Trump might just decide at some point to take his ball and go home (back to real estate empire).

He can/could do that at any time. Even right after Nov 8th 2016.

The guy was already set for life before he decided to get into presidential politics.

He doesn't necessarily have to run again in 2020. ( I think he probably will at this point, but... ? )

I don't think he'll made a "bow out" decision, based on 'heat getting turned up' (?)
because this Mueller nothingburger stuff is so inconsequential and meaningless. If he "bows out" it'll be of his own accord and by his own means, for his own "it's simply not worth it"-type of reasons. Which again, he is capable of doing at any given time. He's not a career politician (i.e. doesn't depend on politics for his personal income) like Obama, Clintons et al.

The only "heat" getting "turned up" is the hot air of U.S. corporate mass media (led by CNN who pathologically hates DT) which has been in full blown Russiagate mode for going on 2 years... along with bloviations of people who voted for / wanted to see Her in the White House.

btw-fwiw RE: Mueller and how he's charging people /what with 26.Jan.2019 13:07


Side note to all of this
I watched a news segment the other day, interviewing civil liberties attorney Alan Dershowitz (who I don't happen to agree with on everything but, he is a litigation expert) about the Mueller investigation; he pointed out that, as part of his Special Counsel appointment, Mueller was charged to find infractions which occurred *prior* to the time of a special investigation commencing. Well, it turns out that 95%+ of all the people charged-indicted thus far in Mueller's investigation have been charged for infractions which occurred *after* Mueller became Special Counsel, i.e. for lying to the FBI / Congress after being inteviewed, inconsistencies in testimony / perjury etc. So while the Mueller indictments have gotten extensive press and hot air, only a smidge (Manafort comes to mind) have actually been charged for crimes-infractions which occurred prior to the special investigation itself: which was a specified tenet of Mueller's job assignment.

mueller charges 26.Jan.2019 17:33


It's interesting that so many of the folks indicted are getting pinched for lying. Makes me wonder what in the hell they are covering for. Trump doesn't particularly seem like a guy worth risking your freedom for, in terms of his loyalty. I do wish something big would happen though. I'm getting bored with all of this waiting.

btw, I found a copy of Telefon from that last thread. Gonna watch it tonight.

Mostly just covering their own pathetic ass(es). 26.Jan.2019 19:00


Stone, for example has descended to the bottom-barrel level of his present day collaborator Alex Jones. He'll (literally) say anything for publicity. He was on Tucker Carlson the other day, whining about how little money he and his family now have with Justice Dept hounding him day and night.

enjoy 'Telefon' it's a Cold War and Bronson classic. ( the paranoia about 'sleeper cell' terrorism, from 1977 anyway, was eerily prophetic.... I remember having seen it on first release in theatres )

that was awesome 27.Jan.2019 19:41


Very cool movie. I love cold war espionage stuff. Bronson is so iconic. Thanks for the suggestion.

I don't know if you nerd out on this stuff as much as I do, but our very own Portland was featured in one of the really early cold-war civil defense reels called "A Day Called X" -  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Day_Called_X

It's less than 30 minutes long and the whole thing is on Youtube -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueEl7A7KaHA

Watching this will show you a really amazing looking fallout shelter / continuity of government bunker which was apparently built into Kelly Butte. They ended up bulldozing it up to seal it, but it is still intact underground. I would love to check that thing out.