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Problems With Facebook

Facebook helps the government promote war and destabilization, violates client privacy, censors posts and fails to notify users when it does so, protects corporations over consumer activists etc.
Facebook is a valuable social networking and action site. It has helped to change the world. Yet there are many problems.
1. Facebook promotes the illegal and immoral wars of our government in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, etc. as well as the CIA's destabilization of Venezuela and other countries.
2. Facebook made 34 million dollars encouraging children to keep using parental credit cards in video games
3. Amazon facial recognition software used by Facebook
a. has a high level of error in identifying gender and race
b. is done without client permission
c. the information is shared with violent governments
d. violates privacy of clients
ACLU maintains that people should be allowed to sue Facebook for privacy violation
4. Facebook elected Trump through fraud
a. Facebook gave 50 million user profiles to Steve Bannon and Cambridge Analytica to be used by Trump operatives.
5. Facebook promotes animal slaughter, animal research, meat, fish, dairy, eggs hunting, both trophy hunting and hunting for meat.
Facebook profiteers from ads for products derived from animal slaughter and slavery.
6. 2 of 4 founders of Twitter are vegan, while Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook in 2011
advocated killing animals. Has he changed at all? Facebook supports animal slaughter.
7a. Facebook censors
7b. Users often don't know their content has been removed.
7c Facebook removed the 850,000 member Boycott BP page and blocked the emails of all on that page
7d Facebook blocked Land O Lakes boycott
Land O Lakes Butter boycotted for donating to Iowa dogfight promoter Steve King considered the 2nd most animal abusing congressperson in the House
7e. Facebook deleted accounts in which public data of major investors in certain companies was posted.
7f . Facebook in general protects corporations over consumer activists.
8. Facebook monitors chat conversations and notifies authorities
9. Facebook has sold client data to many corporations
10a. Twitter posts occur faster
10b. Twitter posts are less hackable
11. Twitter gives the option to clients to have their posts public or private as does Facebook
but Twitter does not waste people's time by requiring sign in to see public data.
12. Facebook algorithms allow election fraud. Some allege that Facebook cooperated with Google algoriths designed to defeat John Kerry. Google searches brought up 14 negative Swift Boat Veterans and other planted Bush operative attack sites to every 1 positive site.
13. In October 2018 Facebook faced 1.6 billion dollars in fines from the European Union for privacy violation.
14. Facebook is fighting against ad transparency software
says ProPublica
15. In general, both Facebook and Twitter users want access to all their posts at all times, not just the most recent ones.
Facebook provides the option of long articles while
Twitter limits to 280 characters.

homepage: homepage: http://https://www.theguardian.com/news/2018/mar/17/cambridge-analytica-faceboo

RE: Facebook 12.Feb.2019 16:41

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