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Pennsylvania County PD Suspended From Operations During Drug/Guns Misconduct Investigation

South Pymatuning Township Police Department, in Mercer County, Pennsylvania (near the Ohio border) has

30 of 42 department radios went missing, the department's drug storage cabinet was left completely exposed, and three of the department's officers bought Class III fully automatic firearms (defined by NFA as 'machineguns') in the department's name, in violation of the National Firearms Act.
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Local News
Mercer Co. police department not allowed to operate during misconduct investigation
The South Pymatuning Township Police Department is suspended until June

By: Noah Daniels-Wilder

Posted: Feb 13, 2019 09:45 PM EST
Updated: Feb 13, 2019 11:36 PM EST

Mercer Co. police department not allowed to operate during misconduct investigation

SOUTH PYMATUNING TWP., Pa. (WKBN) - South Pymatuning Township is a small community located in west central Mercer County, right up against the Trumbull County line in Ohio about halfway between Sharon and Greenville. It has its own police department but after speculation from residents and council about misconduct, the department has been suspended and is not allowed to operate.

The South Pymatuning Township Police Department is under investigation.

Howard Wiley and Keri Bozich are the ones looking into the department. On Wednesday night, they shared some of their findings.

They said about 30 of the 42 radios are missing and the drug cabinet was fully exposed -- and township supervisors didn't know it was happening.

"There was also a silencer purchased in 2012," Bozich said.

One thing investigators found had people talking.

"The township owns fully automatic machine guns," Bozich said.

Investigators said a few officers bought the machine guns in the police department's name.

"One officer paid in cash. Three others paid via payroll deduction so this purchase was initially paid with township money," Bozich said.

Those transactions were not approved by township supervisors, leaving leaders with one option -- suspend the operations of the police department.

That suspension runs from February 17 through June 1.

There will still be a police presence in the township. Pennsylvania State Police will handle the calls.

Bozich and Wiley are still investigating.

They said so far, from what they've found, they can make a professional opinion about the police department, saying it "was in a full state of collapse."

No charges are being filed until the investigation is complete.

Editor's note: This story is corrected to show the police department in question is South Pymatuning, NOT Pymatuning. We're sorry for the mistake.

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