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KBOO rogue managers hire corporate HR

At the Board meeting this Monday, 20 SE 8th St., Portland, members will again confront rogue "managers"
...aspects of the current Board/manager configuration must be addressed.

Ruban Lawrence and Danielle Park, President and Vice President (respectively) of the Board, have arrogated the position of Manager for several months now.

As I have said before, it is reasonable to assume their intentions were (initially) benign. They do not have managerial experience with a hands-on democratic nonprofit, so they assumed that a strong top-down approach was needed. Or they arrived at that position after the disastrous gesture of hiring a corporate Human Relations employee to tell them what to do. So of course they received some version of "This is how we do things downtown; get the hippie vibe out, and get to work setting up a corporate hierarchy."

Now, this is where I will fault them. If they understood KBOO properly (if they had asked me or any of dozens of former Board members and Staff), they would have learned that the reason KBOO has survived for half a century is exactly because we have walked our talk with "that hippie shit." In other words, we have been able to develop and maintain a vibrant active community by treating volunteers and Staff with respect.
That is the opposite of what corporations do. They extract profits from a group of underlings by making them work under conditions of intimidation--they keep them "out of the loop" on policy and managerial decisions, they demand as much labor as they can get, and they take the better part of their productivity as profit. In the case of corporate-aligned "nonprofits" like OPB, the same paradigm applies, except that the profits are disguised as salaries for the upper managerial class. So, for example, the CEO at OPB extracts over four hundred thousand dollars per year.

Hiring on a corporate HR flack was, ineluctably, a disaster. From the perspective of that person, everything at KBOO is wrong. From that perspective, the whole culture of participation is wrong, and of course the union must be removed. The cure, then, is to start acting like corporations act: deny information to employees (either by restricting access or by being directly mendacious), intimidate them with "discipline hearings" which also work as a built-up ready excuse for firing them at will, and treat the union as an adversary. And this is what we see.

There are further complications. KBOO bylaws (which are legally constituted and must be followed) do not allow Board members to be Staff. (Ruban has come up with a dodge for that, claiming that the employee designation in the Bylaws defines an employee as a paid person--therefore, unpaid managers aren't managers. If their expensive legal counsel told them that, they are being ill served--it's a ridiculously specious claim.).
This means that Ruban and Danielle's managerial decisions --and expenditures of funds--are not properly constituted under the Bylaws. It means that the tens of thousands that they have spent--and will be billed--for this little project haven't been properly approved. I call that mismanagement at best, and more obviously, malfeasance and misappropriation of funds. The result has been a disastrous collapse of goodwill.

KBOO cannot afford a collapse of goodwill. Our Staff has always volunteered extra hours--in other words, done extra work for free--because they believe in what we are doing, and because they can count on being treated as equal members of a benevolent team of activists. There is no way to pay them for all that they actually do, and there is no way to retain them with their paltry salaries if they feel abused.
And they feel abused--because they are being abused. I don't give two fucks if that's how the big boys do it downtown. KBOO is not a for-profit business, and it's not OPB Junior.

So there's a lot at stake. True to the corporate way of action, Ruban and Danielle are holding on to power for dear life, hoping that their cascading aggressions will result in a new, transformed KBOO. The last two Board meetings, these observations were brought to them, and they have made it clear that they intend to hold the course.

It is not actually legal, however, to subvert the will of the nonprofit by avoiding quorum, using the nonprofit's own funds to hire legal counsel against its democratic structure, and conducting personal vendettas against Staff and the Union. It's more on the lines of malfeasance and fraud.

ORS 65.369 protects Board members from financial liability for whoopsies, but it makes a clear exception for "gross negligence or intentional misconduct." I think Danielle and Ruban are intentionally subverting the KBOO staff, and their refusal to listen to experienced former Board members and Staff borders on gross negligence. We have told them repeatedly that they cannot be "acting managers" for all these months, and experienced interim managers have been directly presented to them.

Their truculence is eating away at our meager financial reserves.

I will be at the Board meeting Monday.

homepage: homepage: http://savekboo.org

Some KBOO content is propaganda 23.Jun.2019 08:07


Many people don't really care about KBOO infighting - they just want good content which includes diverse opinion, which is seriously lacking. However, the entertainment content (music and such) is good. Please don't be offended - just my opinion.

No concern for the workers community 23.Jun.2019 13:13

Corporation Endgame

Coperations love it when the end user of their products don't bother or care how the product was made. As also when the end user doesn't care how or by who the product was produced by (workers). The ending of community and advance of corporate profit starts the divide as the workers and producers are marginalized and no longer part of the equation or the communities concern .

Further to Corporation Endgame's ^ comment 23.Jun.2019 13:37


"doesn't care how or by who the product was produced"

is of course, key.

Corporations don't even today (maybe up towards the mid-late 20th century could still be applicable/held by many manufacturing-product corporations but...) care about the product itself.

i.e. they will push out as 'garbage'/unreliable/trash of a product as allowable by mercantile and government safety enforcement regulations, along with product-accountability and insurance-legal risk parameters.

Product itself is immaterial and IRRELEVANT. As long as the consumer is divorced from their cash/credit account to have purchased it, and transactionallyl placed-deposited monies in the Corporation's coffers.

This entire trend is a result of :
*Financialization* of the capitalist system.

Even money, itself, doesn't matter anymore. Financialization alone, rules all the world of so-called 'capitalism' in the 21st century.

2008 U.S. Treasury bailout of Wall Street was a foreshadowing of the 21st century Financialization-'capitalism' we now are all yoked under.
( Remember, ^ that was brought on by the 'garbage' home loans and sequence of events impacting the banking-insurance giants which followed )

Federal Reserve [ <-- an entity which is in actual fact neither of those namesake-terms ] is what produces and continually renews the financialized supply to sustain this unsustainable hoax of a monetary system.

correct 23.Jun.2019 16:05


and it's all going to come crashing down soon enough I'm sure. Hang on to your water filters and your ham radios, folks. it's gonna get bumpy.

meeting is tonight 6 PM, 20 SE 8th 24.Jun.2019 13:32


The Board meeting is tonight at 6PM, at the KBOO station at 20 SE 8th Street in Portland. That's just past the Burnside Bridge on the East side of town.

Every calm, determined witness we can bring to bear on this situation will lead to its rapid solution. Our programming covers the ICE concentration camps, the New Jim Crow murder campaign by our racist police, the climate disaster, the imperialism disaster, and so much more. We need KBOO more than ever.


corporate knocks.jpeg
corporate knocks.jpeg

Deja Vu 26.Jun.2019 13:32


Hasn't KBOO been her before some years back? The current station manager panicked over finances and wanted to cut back bennies, then the pushback turned the station into a battleground. I don't recall all the details but I have to wonder if the underlying issues are the same as before. There were dire predictions that KBOO was on the brink of financial collapse but years later the station appears to be doing fine, as far as I know anyways.

I have to wonder what the process is in hiring a station manager or how anybody could be hired who is not simpatico with the history and culture of KBOO. There's a problem with giving someone a title and higher salary than anybody else though, they feel like they need to do something, shake things up, make a difference and "be in charge". The hiring of a corporate consultant is a power move that has disaster written all over it and for somebody to do something like that demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of KBOO. First thing that corporate hack is going to do is say: "You depend on the goodwill of volunteers to stay sustainable????" "You can't do that, you're sitting on a giant pile of liability - what if they all suddenly decide to quit volunteering????" "It would be financial catastrophe!!!" "You must set up a viable financial model in order to be sustainable in the future" "You need to make more money, and pay people less!" You know, the corporate mantra.

What they can't accept is that KBOO has been dependent on donations from members since it's inception and run that way for decades now, corporate sponsorship & advertising revenue are tantalizing and more concrete sources of funds but they comes with a heavy ideological price. The people who work there, volunteer & donate accept things the way they are, if the day comes that the station collapses due to financial stress then so be it, I think most people would prefer that than turning the station into OPB.

Fuck KBOO 28.Jun.2019 08:19


Deja vu all over again? You betcha.

Ani, Theresa, Zale, and all the usual suspects are still there, holding on to their mini state with all the power they can muster. Of course it's the same, so long as the place is run by lunatics nothing will every evolve or improve.

For years station managers have been a smoke screen for Ani to hide behind, and when they don't do her bidding she rouses her faithful volunteers and hounds them out the door. No station manager at KBOO has had any meaningful influence for years, no wonder they are in and out faster than members of Trump's cabinet.

RE: ^ "come crashing down" aircraft manufacturer Boeing. 28.Jun.2019 17:50


Boeing's 737 Max Software Outsourced to $9-an-Hour Temps

(Bloomberg) -- It remains the mystery at the heart of Boeing Co.'s 737 Max crisis: how a company renowned for meticulous design made seemingly basic software mistakes leading to a pair of deadly crashes. Longtime Boeing engineers say the effort was complicated by a push to outsource work to lower-paid contractors.

The Max software -- plagued by issues that could keep the planes grounded months longer after U.S. regulators this week revealed a new flaw -- was developed at a time Boeing was laying off experienced engineers and pressing suppliers to cut costs.

Increasingly, the iconic American planemaker and its subcontractors have relied on temporary workers making as little as $9 an hour to develop and test software, often from countries lacking a deep background in aerospace -- notably India.

In offices across from Seattle's Boeing Field, recent college graduates employed by the Indian software developer HCL Technologies Ltd. occupied several rows of desks, said Mark Rabin, a former Boeing software engineer who worked in a flight-test group that supported the Max.

Corporations *DON"T CARE* about the _product itself_.