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Senator Kamala Harris linked to Criminal Past? ...You Decide.

Jail Mail received by Tracy Mapes from then Carla Barros begins to rewind the tale Mr. Mapes' has been relaying to the Country, that Government, Politics, Entertainment, Journalism and Newsrooms have been infiltrated by characters of a questionable background and propelled to the top
Kamala Harris linked to Criminal Past? You Decide.

Link to Jail Mail.  http://timetraveler2.zohosites.com/


She's definitely sketchy/creepy, another career politician 29.Jun.2019 19:13


Amazing how the 'progressive' Left has hoisted the likes of her to position of de facto emblem for their 'movement' (such as it is, at this point in time)....

she doth protest 30.Jun.2019 16:22


Mrs. Dash doth project- just like her hero Trump. Mrs. Dash is the CREEPY ONE.

This is Not the First ... 30.Jun.2019 18:30

Tracy Mapes

In the Year 2010, the Handwriting of Sacramento Prostitute Debbie Marie Rentfrow was linked to Movie Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones.

With the advent of the Internet, a third party supplied digital replication of Ms. Jones' note to a physician was obtained and compared in Adobe Photoshop with Jail Mail received before Ms. Jones came into Popular being, to help establish a link between individuals being selected from criminal pasts, and being infiltrated into various Industries such as Entertainment, Politics, and the Media.

The Jail Mail, both from Debbie Marie Rentfrow, and Carla Barros - AKA Kamala Harris were sent to the Author of this article in the 1990's when he had befriended them as Prostitutes, and as a Carnal Knowledge Client of theirs.

A Hard Man is Good Two Find! Ha!

The last time that I saw these two "Friends" was in bed, side by side, in a Downtown Sacramento Motel room. One of three times I decided to partake in a shared experience sexually, I can tell you that it was a mistake on all counts due to the friction and jealousies that arise despite it being a quote, un-quote "Professional Experience".

Never Pay Two girls to do what One Girl can accomplish by herself far more efficiently, without the jealousies and at half the cost.

The Importance of these letters is to establish what has been going on with the Manipulation of Our Government and the Press for a very long time. Tangible Evidence that the Country and Our Citizens have been getting screwed the whole time.

In the Jail Mail of Debbie Marie Rentfrow, you will find the description of a Special Program that involves 80 Women, and a lot of Sacramento Girls, in NORCO Women's Prison Facility which required a sequestration off communications with the outside World, including: No More Lipstick Lips on Letters off outgoing Jail Correspondence.

These Letters all come from a period in which I have claimed for over 10 years, when I had encountered several individuals from my past that had made their way to the "Big Time" with the one common denominator of Sacramento Street Prostitution.

I knew that this Story was More Important than myself, and even included information damning to my own person, but as a Citizen, Newsman and Human Being had to be shared with the Public.

So? ...After All of the Ridicule I have suffered in the Modern Age of "Social Media Self Divulgence" - I Want to Impart One Notion.

You People Had Better Fucking Wake-Up! From Your God Damned! Pathetic Lives and Do Something About "How God Damned Fucked You Are for Standing Still!"

"Take Care, And Have a Nice! Fucking! Day!"

-Tracy Mapes


Debbie Marie Rentfrow - Jail Mail Link

From Facebook
_____________________________________________ Take Note that I have Included a Screenshot to the Facebook Article Below for the reason that All Imageshack Links are now defunct due to the Monetization of the Site, I could no longer afford to maintain the Image Host Online Presence.

Link to Screenshot:  https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48165359126_5ae021e7c4_o.png

Item Number #66 - Catherine Zeta-Jones
May 17, 2010 at 10:44 AM
Sacramento County Superior Court Records

Medis Subversion List - See Item #66

Here? ... We Have One Debbie Rentfrow.

A Great Girl! Albeit, troubled with pains of street life and the lure of narcotics. (Tar Heroin, more specifically.)

The Purpose of this exercise is provide substantiation to the Claims above. Hard to Fathom? ...Certainly. Trying to piece together 20 years ago is a difficult thing when you didn't have a reason to believe something as small as a few letters would help piece together the Bigger Picture of what exactly has been transpiring. And, when the pattern begins to solidify, it can only point toward a systematic corruption of the entire American Democratic Process.

So, I know who Debbie is, and Debbie knows who Debbie is. The Idea is to let you see the path as clearly as possible who Debbie is now, and how it came to be.

Debbie's current identity is Catherine Zeta-Jones. Well know Hollywood Actress, World Renowned Beauty. Wife, Mother, Step-Mother. Let's jump back a bit. Where did she come from, as her career seemed like so many Hollywood Stories, to skyrocket into the stratosphere from nowhere in very short order.

I met her around 1991-92 somewhere thereabouts, down on 17th Street near 'H' Street. Another Girl had taken me to an apartment, in a cash trade for sex negotiation. We had our date, but things weren't working out. She worked real hard, but I wasn't going to hold anyone responsible for having to work that hard, if I wasn't performing as expected. So she suggested I date her roommate to see if that would work?

So I dated her room mate. And, she became frustrated, and said, "I can't get him off." Enter their last solution. Debbie. So this is where I met Debbie for the first time. We dated, and got along great. Big success, if one would call sexual gratification a success? Happens all the time, so it's usually only a hallmark for the one who's getting it.

Please bear with me, I'm writing passages to my book at the same time I'm telling you the particulars of the story.

I figure if I'm gonna tell you the story, you might as well have enough to get a sense of the life style and environment in which circles I used to travel.

Debbie was great! Great Personality. Dark Hair. Brown Eyes. and those thick Black Rimmed Glasses. I told her half jokingly she looked like one of those sultry, sexy Librarians one might see in an old movie. She smiled! And said, "I Like That!"

And after our date, she said, "Now you know to ask for me next time!" It was a nice gesture, but I
knew after a long time hanging on the Boulevard, it meant, "If you're gonna be spending money out here? ...I want to be the one to get it." Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's well understood to be a business transaction. And the intimate moments you spend together? ...well, that's the fantasy. The same way an alcoholic or a drug user finds some amount of peace in the momentary escape from reality. This is why the girls make such good actors.

But, I found after a while, the Girls began to use me as an escape as well. Not just for the money, but they could sense that I saw them as Human Beings, and that the warmth and personality I shared with them was genuine. I became closer to a lot of them, than they would ever let someone else. They were from the World of Getting Burned since childhood, and they took comfort in what we shared.

Over time, I probably dated Debbie like 6 times, and it was always good to be together. Except the last time, which she would argue that I was selfish, when I double dated her with another girl. They never like that. Even if it's just a Street transaction? ...Girls don't like you seeing other People. Part fear of someone else taking money they deem as theirs, but with me, they would take it as cheating their heart. I think it's a very internal and personal thing for any girl when they have shared themselves with another Human Being. Like a genetically ingrained predisposition that would challenge the very essence of their self-respect.

We liked each other. Let's put it short.

So? ...Debbie goes to Jail. I can't remember how we started writing? ...Either I talked to her on the phone after speaking to one of the other girls? ...Or, she got my address from one of the other girls in jail? Anyway, we started writing. So? ...You get to read all of the letter should you choose to find such interest. The Idea is to firmly establish that I knew this Person, and despite whatever
knowledge you have to the contrary in your belief that you know the manufactured person they have presented us with in the propaganda machine that has become our nation, She's still just
Debbie to me.

How do I feel about sharing personal letters? ...I feel that the story in the over-all picture of Our World is more important than any personal transgression that would precede it's divulgence. How would Debbie feel? Probably not like it, But she knows me damned well enough that whatever choice I make, I would make the right choice. But for real? ...You'd have to ask her. I believe she would Trust me threw thick and thin. That's Just my take.

The First Letter (Excerpt) has a big lipstick mark which she had a habit of putting on letters. It will be compared to a contemporary photograph available in an online Google Search of Catherine Zeta-Jones. The Digital comparison was done in Adobe Photoshop to establish how a Lip Print like a Finger Print can be used to identify a specific individual.

You will find that example Here:

Next, A Catherine Zeta-Jones Hand Writing Sample I obtained from the Website: gossiprocks.com ....when a Poster there challenged the authenticity of my letters from Debbie Rentfrow.

Third Party Document Source:

Next, Hand Writing Comparisons of Catherine Zeta-Jones Sample to Debbie Rentfrow Jail Mail Excerpts. (Per Me).

Side by Side:


Debbie Rentfrow - Catherine Zeta-Jones Writing SamplesDebbie Rentfrow - Catherine Zeta-Jones Writing Samples

Next: Additional Letters from Debbie Rentfrow.

 link to www.geocities.com

3 Previously Un-Released Letters - Debbie Rentfrow


The reasoning behind providing high quality copies online is to allow anyone interested in the material to prove or disprove my theories. Go Ahead ...Have at it.

Superior Court Records for Debbie Rentfrow to Establish Timeline.


The Importance of what has transpired in Our Country's Media, Local Government, or Entertainment speaks volumes of the Military Dictatorship we as a People now live under. You decide how Important it is to you? ...And then make your decisions as we carry-on. I for one, am not going out without bitching about it. Until we're pissed off enough to say "No More!' You will
live as Slaves to this Society and your survivability will depend on how involved you become as an activist, person of free will or thought and expression. Non-Compliance and Disruption are clearly the only options I see, until these Abuses, Subjugation and Exploitation of the American Public and The People's Trust are Answered to.

Take Care,

-Tracy Mapes

Tracy Mapes 11.Jul.2019 20:29

Harris' AKA Jail Mail goes on Sale ...

On Thu, Jul 11, 2019 at 4:01 PM Tracy Mapes < news1st@hotmail.com> wrote:

Terms of Sale:

Bank Balance Transfer, or Cash, transaction to be made at Sacramento Branch of Bank of America, 5810 Auburn Blvd., Sacramento, California 95841.

All Sales are Final.

Free to Examine Letters at time of Purchase. Please bring any Authenticating Agent during commission of sale.
Set time and date of transaction 24 hours in advance of proposed meeting time.

Readable Online - 7 Letters Including - AKA I.D. and Sacramento County Prisoner I.D. X-Reference #, Eighth Letter was Discovered and had been referenced by Ms. Harris in Televised Broadcast as Greek Letter for 8th. = Theta, for the Eighth Letter in 'Cant Language' used by Television Broadcasters, Politicians, Prisoners, Beggars and Thieves, possibly meaning the 7th Identified Letter Online, Dated April 1st of 1992. (April Fool's Day) As referenced to the Word "Think" in the common pocket dictionary.

Link to 7 of 8 Letters Online:

All 8 Letters will be Included in the Sale with accompanying Post Cancelled Envelopes, Dated between 1991 and April 1st, 1992


Tracy Mapes
5325 Elkhorn Blvd. #262
Sacramento, CA 95842

Phone: 916-696-9523
E-Mail:  news1st@hotmail.com

Also, Have 11 Letters related to Catherine Zeta Jones AKA Debbie Marie Rentfrow, with trail from Sacramento County Jail Custody to Norco Woman's Prison when she was inducted into a Special Program with 80 other Women, and Involved Narconon the Drug Treatment arm of the Church of Scientology, per text included in the Letters that match Naronon's Advertising Online. These Letters are Dated from 1994 to 1995.

Link to Catherine Zeta Jones Jail Mail Online:

Defiance or Desperation? ...does it really matter at this point?

,. 12.Jul.2019 22:02



Signature vs. 28 Year Old Jail Mail 12.Jul.2019 23:31

Tracy Mapes

Harris blasts, and takes money from, Epstein's law firm 15.Jul.2019 21:21


Kamala Harris bemoaned the influence of the powerful and connected elite last Tuesday July 9th, when she called on top Justice Department officials to recuse themselves from any matter related to Jeffrey Epstein. She said their former law firm's work on behalf of the financier accused of sexual abuse "calls into question the integrity of our legal system."

Yet the same day, Harris' husband headlined a Chicago fundraiser for her presidential campaign that was hosted by six partners of that firm Kirkland and Ellis, according to an invitation obtained by The Associated Press.

Sacramento, Reno, Chicago ... a MOB Elixir 29.Aug.2019 14:57

Tracy Mapes

...that Equals One Thing.

Political Poison.