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november 30 will be the 20th anniversary of the Battle of Seattle. i wonder if we'll have some kind of "homecoming" to mark the occasion. WTO/Seattle accelerated anti-corporate action, & was the beginning of worldwide Indymedia, too. it was cool to be part of history. sometimes i think i can still smell tear gas & pepper spray in my 88 Reliant.

no more anti-corporate organizing exists in the U.S. left 23.Oct.2019 16:56


thanks den mark for your efforts but due to leftist brains pickled in the formaldehyde of Identity Politics there won't be any 'revival' anytime soon :


meanwhile the Federal Reserve just today increased its temporary overnight bank repo operations to $120 billion a day from the current $75 billion. Total collapse is imminent.

Existential Threat Versus Existential Crisis 25.Oct.2019 11:13

Steve Fraser marc1seed@yahoo.com

The Greening of the New Deal - The Great Depression and the Climate Crisis, New Deals Then and Now

Steve Fraser
October 17, 2019
Tom Dispatch


Of the two New Deals -- the one from the 1930s and today's Green one -- only the first was treated in its time as a response to the economic equivalent of a category five hurricane.

Happy reading and happy research! Academia.edu with 23 million papers could be the people's publisher!

Indymedia 26.Oct.2019 11:57

Lloyd Hart lloydhart2008@gmail.com

Indymedia was born in those protests in Seattle and has survived the harassment and server thefts by the FBI. I salute all those that gave me a platform to publish on. I am indebted to you forever. Thank you.