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Joker symbol of Revolution!!!

Watch the movie duh....

bad symbol 03.Nov.2019 00:51


Nothing better for a revolution than the symbol of a psychotic, mentally disturbed murdering clown as its leader.

As to the film, the acting was 1st rate. The story wasn't inspiring it was just sad.

If this is your leader, you have already lost.

Rude comment 12.Nov.2019 01:33

Bill Biden Devingray11559@gmail.com

You must be one of those so called progressives who voted for Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton. Smart move progressive leader. Keep on violating my Human Rights, why? Because you know if been right since 1994, oh, and I guess Bill Clinton was too.People like you can't own up to all the violence in the world that you've created. At least I do the right thing going forward. Maybe you can start today?

Its right around the corner 15.Nov.2019 12:00

Gasping for Air

"The story wasn't inspiring it was just sad"

Indeed it was sad ..... and its the story of the crumbling capitalist violent corrupted system we are living in currently ...... the failing USA today

The Joke (er) is on all the masses that allowed this to happen

Gotham is Real