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Is there anyone who still reads this that is antiwar?

Just trying to get info.
It seems that most activism has moved on to twitter and other media platforms. I am trying to asses the level of anti war organizing in this city of the recent drama over Iran. Does anyone know if there is any anti war organizations planning anything?

Nope 07.Jan.2020 18:16


I haven't posted here in like 5+ years because the site is so toxic and full of vitriol conspiracy theories. Years ago I did a lot of work with the OG of anti-war activism, Dan Handelman at Peace & Justice Works and the folks at VFP 72. I remember one day explaining to Dan that I was working with a bunch of young people on a transit activism project and that they were organizing on Facebook. He didn't believe I was serious, or that people could be duped into that. It was a preposterous idea given how the surveillance state operates. But here we are. Most people reading this probably aren't on Facebook, and as an alternative if you want to spearhead the antiwar movement you could try Meetup.com. Lots of people on /r/portland too.

There's an antiwar event going on Thursday:  https://www.nowarwithiran.org/event/no-war-with-iran/126699/signup/?akid=&zip=&source=&s= but these groups are just pawns of the Democrats and establishment. They'll happily elected and support another Drone Strike president. And I wouldn't go with any of the old blood political activist groups in Portland, too many are buried in their archaic ideologies and aren't going to try anything innovative.

Most of the stuff I see posted here now has nothing to do with Portland, or local activism, and is just fringe lunatics. Honestly this site should just be turned off by the admins before it further perpetuates anyone's mental illness, as that's all it seems to be now. It seems every other post is "gang stalking" and wifi causing cancer. These are legitimately bad posts.

Or, alternatively, there should be a workgroup formed to look at strategies of curtailing the irrelevant content through help of the admins, and reclaiming this as a community resource with less crazy people and more authors.

Or, a new website should be launched like Calagator, but for political activists. That was the intention of IndyMedia, but this site probably can't be saved.

RE: "asses [sic] the level of anti war organizing" 08.Jan.2020 03:07

To Answer Your Question :

there isn't any.

1) We are not at "war". 'War' was World War II. Korean War, Vietnam (yes despite its duration, 58,000+ Americans who died, money spent, and social upheaval it )
A country is at 'war' when the entire economic resources of not only industry BUT ALSO INDIVIDUAL CITIZENS (through Victory Gardens, recycling of metals and rubber tires etc.) goes back into the war effort itself. Which it obviously not what the illusory 'War On Terror' is all about.

*Conscription ended in 1974. (Yeah think about <---that when you recall the *drafted* vets who organized against the Indochina wars) Afghanistan / Iraq vets went there 100% OF THEIR OWN ASSENT AND ACCORD.

We have a series of _military occupations_ (<--look up its Definition and Meaning) which the United States is primary prosecutor of, not "wars". Yes they cost billions upon billions of dollars and cause untold suffering, but they are not "wars" because we, the nation and people behind it, do not "fight" them as a total "war" effort from our part.
Not to mention that, in comparison with say the nations and peoples of Europe from 1939 to 1945, the U.S. mainland (apart from a couple tiny random bombings by submarine-based Imperial Japan aircraft) has remained absolutely untouched by war.

If you believe that the 9/11 attacks on New York and the Pentagon were organized and executed by non-U.S. affiliated entities i.e. "19 hijackers" from Saudi Arabia (and our immediate response was to bomb Afghanistan....), c'mon I've got a bridge to sell you

2) Organizing "against war" simply does not exist in the United States. Entire economic system is organized to support the national security state (established 1947 with the National Security Act) and what President Eisenhower warned us against upon leaving office in 1961, the Military Industrial Complex. Vietnam turned the MIC into overdrive, and 9/11 (into the 'War On Terror' ramped it back up

3) Read anything by Rob Urie or others, about the state of the anti war movement(s) in United States post-9/11, and particularly post-Bush II. ( Yeah we didn't have anything to 'worry about' anymore after Saint Obama was elected. Yay! )
Obama - greatest warmonger and war-prosecutor in the history of American presidents, caused leftists to bury their heads in the sand RE: the military industrial complex.

Vets For Peace daily anti war rally 08.Jan.2020 10:31

joe anybody

"No More War" from 12-1pm
Got lots of supportive honks, waving the #VFP flag thumbs up & smiles.
Most people are opposed to President Trump trying to provoke war w/ Iran.

Terry Shrunk Plaza, SW 3rd Ave & Madison - These noon Rally's are continuous M-F from noon to one.


I'm anti war 13.Jan.2020 11:18

Jody Paulson

And I sure hope this site doesn't go away because big platforms like Twitter are being compromised. Some very nasty people have worked very hard to try to take down Indymedia, but I'm glad Portland is still up here after over 20 years. That's saying something.

I'm anti-war 15.Jan.2020 16:53


I'm anti-war but I don't go to this website. The moderators need to remove posts that are fake. Why can't it be like the original Indymedia during the Seattle WTO? The first Indymedia was used to organize and show news about protests. Now it is not helpful.

Oh Stop It 19.Jan.2020 19:07

Silly Willy

""I'm anti-war but I don't go to this website.""
But your here at this website today and posting to it!?

""The moderators need to remove posts that are fake.""
Which posts are fake? This one!?

""Why can't it be like the original Indymedia during the Seattle WTO?""
Is that because WTO was 20 years ago and nothing in life is the same a decade later!?

""The first Indymedia was used to organize and show news about protests.""
Well then post a protest event, organize something or at least report on one, it doesn't 'just happen' by its self!

""Now it is not helpful.""
Well do tell, you wasted all those keystrokes to vent that this website is not helpful!?