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Anarchists, Antifa, Black Lives Matter in TOTAL SUPPORT of Federal Reserve Takeover

not a peep from vaunted black-clad skateboard mounted "activists" about the FASCIST takeover of the entire globe, this week by the Federal Reserve who bailed out all global central banks.

maybe they're too happy about their incoming $1,000 "U.B.I." (<--Lol) check.
leftists are nothing but lazy slobs

address: address: Class struggle? what's that?

(apology) Are _you_ going to JOIN ME and FIGHT FASCISM? 22.Mar.2020 15:07


sorry if I lost it and criticized/mocked you.

PDX Antifa : anti-Central Bank demo in downtown Portland?

BLM : will you protest the Federal Reserve, organize a nationwide movement?

anybody who considers themselves 'socialist' / 'leftist' :

Join me-us. Let's gather TOGETHER and fight the global central bank FASCIST takeover of planet earth and its economic ecosystem.