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Are you all ready for a #GeneralStrike?

I have never seen the energy so high in this country for a #GeneralStrike!
Twiiter is trending with people talking about a #GeneralStrike by the second. Articles are coming out daily of strikes happening all across the country. There are now over 17 million people unemployed in this country in a matter of weeks. This crash is going to be worse than the one in 2008 and maybe even since the great depression.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEUlfp2z8dU this news report was just stunning! Working class people are organizing all across this country for a general strike this Mayday. Let's get a discussion going about what is happening in Portland and the US and talk about ways that we can help with the efforts. When the indymedia platform started after Seattle 1999 many people thought a #GeneralStrike was emanant then, but it never happened now it is close let's organize and make it happen.


Cws, You should watch this interview 14.Apr.2020 08:17


Richard D. Wolff Interview: How The COVID-19 Crisis Is Reshaping Our Economy



p.s. I already had replied to your previous 08.Apr.2020 'General Strike' post here :