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Another tome (book) with the history, ingredients~makeup, uses & misuses of TEAR GAS cans.

With the heavy and relentless usage by the Regime's (a government implies the will and non-manipulated consent of the governed populace. we have an illegitimate crime empire in N America) vicious use of pepper spray on adults and occassionally, even kids, even children ----
I bring to you for medical educational reference {thus copyright compliant} two books on tear gasses. Please read them and learn how to defend your and your peoples' bodies from this attack.
Here is the link on a foreign NON-US NON-UK NON-CANADIAN NON-AUSTRALIAN NON-ZEALAND server. in other words, OUT of control of the Five Eyes Surveillance global snooping systems direct purview.



Excerpt I plucked {falls fully within US Fair Use copyright doctrine all okay} :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

..............application of capsaicinoids is their use in self-defence weapons. Defense sprays
me popular for both police use and personal protection. Most of them contain nzylidene,
malononitrile, chloroacetophenone, oleoresin Capsicum or a combination gredients. When applied
topically, capsaicin produces a spontaneous inflammatory mucous membranes, and contact with eyes
results in blepharospasm caused by irrita­ corneal nerves. Additional symptoms of eye contact
include extreme burning heat, n, conjunctival edema and hyperemia (Gonzalez eta!., 1993). In
the nasal mucosa, roduces burning pain, sneezing and a dose-dependent serious discharge
4; Geppeti eta!., 1988). Contact with skin produces a burning sensation, erythema siculation,
while its inhalation results in transitory bronchoconstriction, cough and
l discomfort (Collier and Fuller, 1984; Fuller eta!., 1985; Blanc eta!., 1991; Midgren
2). Direct administration of extratracheal capsaicin aerosol in dogs resulted in apnea, ia,
hypotension, miosis and aqueous flare (Gonzalez eta!., 1993).

.........Learn the utmost details which have been released about these Less than Lethal items.

I have dug deeeeeeep, learned, searched, dug further, scoured libraries, so precious few books on this topic..