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vera katz Statue

Surprised that vera katz statue has remained un-graffiti-ed
since vera katz helped to militarize Portland's police, i'm surprised that her little statue has remained untouched during protests, while indy store owners have suffered damage. vera brought chief kroeker from corrupt Los Angeles, she sent police to israel to be trained in how that country abuses Palestinian protesters, she was okay with medals given to the two cops who murdered Jose Mejia Poot in a hospital (!), & so on. How do other Portlanders, & former Portlanders like me, view her?

why does this matter / is this your question? 07.Jun.2020 15:20


who cares about statues, or Vera Katz?

Did you already forget about the global economic shutdown of the past 4 months, to "remember" about a ***KING statue of a worthless no-name?

work on overthrowing the Racist Fascist Oppressor privately held debt note-issuing central banking system, including the one which issues the world's reserve currency, the Federal Reserve (now in progress buying up yourself, your community, and your government - your Stimulus check was typed up on a computer screen for their benefit and your Enslavement).