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The Youth Liberatin Front has arrived!!

The Youth Liberation Front has been holding it down in Portland for the last 49 days!!
Finally the Youth Liberation Front is getting their due acknowledgment! They have only been around for a couple of years but already have quite an impressive list of acomplishments. I helped cover the transit strike in Portland lasy November and they helped organize the High school lead climate strike last year.

Those were great actions but what they have been doing in Portland since the bginning of the George Floyd protests has been nothing short of amazing! They have been out there on the front lines everyday for the last 49 days and show no sighns of stopping! I have been out as many times as I can but wow never could I of done 49 days of tear gas rubber bullets ect.. They have taken protest and organizing to a whole new level in Portland. A somple google search will show a lot more of what they are about but here is a great article in the Seattle Times.