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Federal Agents and JBLM Military Personnel Snatching People Off The Streets of Portland

Federal law enforcement officers, in unmarked vehicles, have been using information provided by the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Protection Division Anti-Terrorism Office to drive around downtown Portland and snatch protesters off the streets since at least July 14. The tactic appears to be another escalation in federal force deployed on Portland city streets, as federal law enforcement and JBLM military personnel have said they plan to "quell" nightly protests outside the federal courthouse and Multnomah County Justice Center that have lasted for more than six weeks.
Officers from the U.S. Marshals Special Operations Group and Customs and Border Protection's BORTAC, have been sent to Portland to protect federal property during the recent protests against racism and police brutality. But interviews conducted by local new media show officers are also detaining people on Portland streets who aren't near federal property, nor is it clear that all of the people being arrested have engaged in criminal activity. One government official, speaking on condition of anonymity, stated that they are using information provided by the JBLM Protection Division's Anti-Terrorism Office to apprehend individuals that the military has identified as "homegrown violent extremists".

The Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) Anti-Terrorism Office monitors several off-post locations, and maintains an active surveillance of individuals in the civilian community that speak out against government misconduct or criticize the Trump Administration. When individuals are identified as having conducted some activity that JBLM disapproves of (anything from posting "anti-DOD fliers", to criticizing the President on social media, to actively protesting government abuse and misconduct) identifying information for that person is entered into JARVISS and INTELINK databases maintained by the JBLMATO. This information is then shared with law enforcement agencies so that they can target these individuals for arrest or other action.

Ashlee Albies, a civil rights attorney with the National Lawyers Guild, said that the Portland detentions are examples of intimidation by federal law enforcement, and noted that people have a First Amendment right to demonstrate. She also said law enforcement officials have to follow procedures when they detain someone; procedures that are clearly not being followed in these cases.

Concerning protests, Heidi Boghosian, the former director of the National Lawyers' Guild, stated "In the words of the government agencies involved at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in WA State, they aim to neutralize protests through a pattern of false arrests and detentions, attacks on homes and friendships, and attempting to impede members from peacefully assembling and demonstrating anywhere, at any time."

This week, President Trump has repeatedly spoken out about what he calls lawlessness in Portland. He praised the role of federal law enforcement officers in the city and alluded to increasing their presence in cities nationwide (specifically identifying Seattle, among other cities). Speaking to Fox News on Thursday, Acting U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan called the protesters criminals. "I don't want to get ahead of the president and his announcement," Morgan said, "but the Department of Justice is going to be involved in this, DHS is going to be involved in this; and we're really going to take a stand across the board. And we're going to do what needs to be done to protect the men and women of this country."

Read OPB's report here:

They Have Been Getting Away With This Type of Thing For Years 17.Jul.2020 18:49


Spying on civilians and manufacturing false evidence in order to arrest peaceful protesters and harass anyone who questions government misconduct has been going on at JBLM for years.

An article on Indybay discussed this back in 2017:  https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2017/07/08/18800691.php?show_comments=1

50 days of sustained attack vs. Federal property w/ support of local govt? 18.Jul.2020 09:38


"they're arresting *journalists*, ma-aan!"


When we have identified you as a threat, you have no more rights... 18.Jul.2020 21:47

Quotes from the News

Authoritarian governments, not democratic republics, send unmarked authorities after protesters," Democratic U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley tweeted.

Oregon Public Broadcasting reported this week that some agents had been driving around in unmarked vans and snatching protesters from streets not near federal property, without identifying themselves.

The agents' actions have prompted outrage from elected officials and civil liberties groups, with Mayor Ted Wheeler demanding at a news conference Friday: "Keep your troops in your own buildings, or have them leave our city."

Democratic Gov. Kate Brown said Trump is looking for a confrontation in the hopes of winning political points elsewhere and distracting from his widely panned response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The JBLM Anti-Terrorism Office (JBLMATO) stated that the protesters in Portland have been identified as homegrown violent extremists / domestic terrorists and therefore have no civil or legal rights. When asked about the concerns expressed by Mayor Wheeler and Gov. Brown, JBLM stated that the federal government and especially the military doesn't concern itself with the opinions of people like Wheeler and Brown. "When we have identified you as a threat, you have no more rights", said the spokesperson for the JBLMATO.


hello and wakeup 25.Jul.2020 00:53


That was the point of defunding the police- so Trump would have an excuse to deploy the goon squad he needs to make the US the dictatorship he wants it to be. No dictatorship sustains without military units enforcing the reign of the dictator. All of you should be questioning why the heck the corporate media is behind defund the police when they've been racist apologists for so long. Did you really think revolution is so easy that the corporate media would ever back it? Until you people learn to question and think 20 steps ahead like your enemy does, you will be screwed. You don't understand the problem. The police are infiltrated like every other group and government office in the US by a fringe group bent on taking over the US and also probably the world. They want to put Trump in place as dictator and he will bring a reign of terror in his wake. If you can't see what's happening you will bargain for this end result.

Feds Conducting Surveillance in Portland 25.Jul.2020 16:52

Danny Lee

Oregon Live is reporting that "Federal officers and military anti-terrorism officers from Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) have conducted surveillance of protesters in downtown Portland, analyzed live nightly video footage and posted undercover agents among crowds to arrest people on allegations ranging from shining lasers at officers to breaking plywood protecting courthouse doors, federal records reveal. Federal officers and JBLM military personnel post the identities of protesters to INTELINK and JARVISS databases, and also have shared some of their information with Portland police officers, who assisted them in arrests earlier this month. They have taken photos of people committing vandalism and reviewed video of action outside the courthouse, sometimes relying on live streams from demonstrators or independent journalists shared via Twitter, YouTube or other social media, according to federal officers and prosecutors."

New York Times Reporting on Violence By Federal Agents in Portland 26.Jul.2020 20:39

Reporting the News

A video from the New York Times shows close up detail of what is happening in Portland. Abusive and violent conduct by federal agents, including US Marshals, JBLM Anti-Terrorism Force Protection, ICE, and US Bordre Patrol BORTAC, has gotten completely out of hand. I can't speak for the other agencies, but violence against the protesters in Portland is a big joke among the leadership at JBLM. Expressing concern about the violence and violation of civil rights only resulted in more jokes and taunts, and suggestions that "if we lynched a few of the dirty scum they would quit protesting and go back to collecting their welfare checks".


so what's the story NOW 21 August 2020? 21.Aug.2020 03:28


is it still the "evil Feds" in "unmarked" vehicles/uniforms, or is the Portland Police Bureau actually enforcing their local jurisdictional responsibility to protect Federal property?

Three straight months of fireworks, incendiary materials, and arson attempts against a Federal building simply must be responded to by the local / regional government, in some manner.

Also: "snatching people off the streets" = TOTAL B.S.

the people "snatched" by Federal officers WERE ATTEMPTING TO DEMOLISH (using hand tools, hammers, saws) OR START FIRE TO (using fireworks, gasoline, incendiary chemicals) the Federal courthouse at the time of their apprehension. i.e. while they were UP AGAINST THE BUILDING ITSELF USING THE TOOLS / PLANTING THE DEVICES, Federal officers emerged from the build
nobody was 'snatched' "off the streets".