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Getting Out

Does one know one's intended audience? (Answer me)
Green sheriffs do not realize that frequently when you have a person in custody, considering them on their release for welfare is important. It can be a rigamoral of trying to put them in contact with a relative and dealing with some other more scary person, but often the right thing to do is let them out - they will hit the street possibly with nothing. After seeing this happen, a lot of veteran cops will give them something nice, like a rainjacket. There is usually (should be) someone around who knows the area. If the jail is overloaded and nobody is aware of the current missions or community places, the scene gets kind of down. Particularly, older persons will want a place to be kept in situation they are physically decent feeling. Only a real asshole will take money, but it happens. This means the place is overcrowded, for one thing, meaning likely that non-problem infractions (possession, use) are being punished by rookies. I'd avoid the whole scene. Church may also be crowded at a time like this, and there a lot of churches but many get snotty and shut their doors, let alone offering dogmatic preaching before the actual mission of God, or what-have-you. God, that got tiring. I'm not going to say a jail should tighten it's belt, but there's no point splurging on green paint if they're using rotten eggs. Jerks.

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