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Newly Minted Internet Lawyers Who Just Got Their Use Of Force Degree From The U. of FB—

All of the newly minted Internet Lawyers who just got their Use of Force Degree from the University of Facebook really should slow their roll and read the statement from the Kenosha kid's lawyers... Because holy shit.

And keep in mind this comes from MEGA LAWYER, who now has Fuck You Money courtesy of CNN and the WaPo.

As a guy who taught this stuff for a living, I rarely comment on actual shooting because most of the info available to the public is crap, and I've never once in my entire life seen the news get the facts even sort of accurate about a violent encounter.

However, in this case, I will comment, and that comment is daaaaaaaaamn. Some DA is about to get force fed a shit sandwich.
That wasn't a statement, that was a warning shot. That was very much a Dear Fuckface, we've got everything on video, all day, documented, in triplicate, and now we're going to make you choke on it. Good luck getting a Wisconsin jury to root for the wife-beating, pedophile, arsonists who just burned their town down because the local cops shot a rapist who wouldn't drop his knife...

VERSUS the local lifeguard. Who had such premeditated murderous intent that he's on video giving first aid to the protesters right before, but he suddenly morphed into a white supremacist when he extinguished the fire the "mostly peaceful" mostly imported hooliganry set to the place with the massive gas tanks.

Oh yeah, and his "fled the state" sounds like he ran for Mexico, but in reality it means that after the Kenosha PD told him to keep moving, he drove a shorter distance than it takes the average American to get to the grocery store to turn himself in to the cops there that same night. So either the kid is the worst fugitive ever, or your narrative is trash.

If this makes it to trial, that DA is going to experience whole new levels of rectal discomfort, the likes of which the world has never seen before.

And that's before the law suits begin.

This shit is complicated. I keep seeing morons posting their meme level hot takes about situations they know fuck all about. No facts. No context. Just team sports.

As for the shooting which started it all, which has NFL players wearing the name of a sex offender on their helmets, the memes everybody is regurgitating thoughtlessly are that he was innocent and just minding his own business, unarmed! but got shot by the cops seven times! in the back! in front of his children! Why didn't the cops do something else! OUTRAGE!!! HURRY AND LOOT AND BURN THESE BUSINESSES THAT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!!!!

Except... if the statement from the police union is even a tiny bit accurate, the memes are horseshit. He wasn't some innocent guy standing on the corner minding his own business. There was a 911 call, apparently from the woman he'd allegedly raped, how he was harassing her, had just stolen her car keys, and she thought he was going to steal her car. He wasn't unarmed. He had a knife. (and it was a karambit, which anybody who knows anything about knives can tell you, is designed to slash arteries and tendons, and can fuck you up). He had a warrant anyway. He didn't comply with the cops at all. They tased him and it didn't work (because in real life tasers aren't magic). Apparently they wrestled him even and at one point he got a cop in a headlock(?) (I've not seen that myself, just going off the statement today). AND they finally shot him when he reached into his car, because they thought he was going for a gun, and up to this point the guy hadn't exactly demonstrated himself to be a calm and rational sort.

Seven shots sounds like a lot. It ain't. Handguns suck. And that's basically a second and a half of adrenalinized OH SHIT HE'S GOING FOR A GUN!

But that's cool. Hash tag METOO goes right out the window, whenever its convenient for leftist narratives. So just assume all cops are racist murderers and put the sex offender's name on your helmets, you fucking heroes.

But what do I know? I'm not in the NFL or a movie star!

interview with Rittenhouse's attorney, John Pierce 31.Aug.2020 19:04


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