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VICE Interviews Michael Reinoehl, Newest Member Of The ***k Around And Find Out Club


[VICENews video title]:'Man Linked to Killing...' "Linked" to > _Really_ , VICE?
[VICENews blurb]: "In an exclusive interview, Michael Reinoehl, who has been linked to a killing at a Portland protest, said he believed he and a friend were about to be stabbed, and that he acted in self defense."

Murderer Reinoehl admits on camera to VICE News that he gunned down a man in cold blood,
only to himself lose his life 24 hours later to gunfire from federal marshals that tracked him down in Lacey, Washington.
Nota Bene: VICE additionally smear-spins the self defense shooting of 3 attacking convicted violent felons in a Kenosha, Wisconsin riot mob as "folk hero" vigilantism. Anyway, Rittenhouse's lawyers will take care of VICE News along with larger corporate mass media platforms, politicians, and social media 'influencers'/virtue signalers who have *slandered* that person and his legitimate case.

homepage: homepage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsDWXx5tYfk

Reinoehl had outstanding Baker County, OR warrant from June 2020 04.Sep.2020 01:25


upon his untimely death, Michael Reinoehl had never appeared for a Baker County warrant issued for his failure to appear in a June 8th speed racing case in Baker County in eastern Oregon. He and his 17-year-old son were racing in two different cars at speeds of up to 111 mph heading east on Interstate 84 after midnight near North Powder, according to state police. The charges including driving under the influence of a controlled substance, recklessly endangering another, unlawful possession of a gun and driving while suspended and uninsured. He was stopped driving a 2005 Cadillac STS with his 11-year-old daughter as a passenger, police said. Inside the car, police said they found marijuana, "unidentified prescription pills" and a loaded Glock pistol for which Reinoehl didn't have a concealed handgun license.

Reinhoehl has been posting actively about his participation in downtown Portland protests since May 2020. On July 5th he was arrested at a riot in downtown Portland for resisting arrest and carrying a loaded handgun illegally. He was released a few days later and those charges were never pursued.

Reinoehl has been estranged from the family - his sister, their parents and a younger brother - for at least three years. His sister says of him :

"On the one hand, this whole thing surprises the daylights out of us, because we always thought he is a lot of bark, not a lot of bite," she said. "But he's also been very impulsive and irrational."

Reinoehl has stolen their mother's seizure medication and owes a lot of debt, often giving his relatives' addresses as his own to avoid responsibility, she said.

He has a son and daughter and is split from their mother, she said.

His sister received a phone call this week threatening that their family would be in danger unless they turned him in to police. She then looked online and saw photographs of her brother circulating. "We reached out to police and confirmed that we recognized Michael in the screenshots," she said.

"I have friends, family and loved ones on both sides of the conflict," Reinoehl's sister said. "Violence begets violence and hatred begets hatred. This is not the solution. My heart goes out to the victim. It always has, before I even knew my brother was involved."

if (?...) it was "self defense" as claimed by Reinoehl 04.Sep.2020 02:42


why did he not surrender himself to police, instead of instantly fleeing the scene of the "self defense" fatal shooting?

Portland shooting suspect fatally shot by US Marshals task force near Lacey 04.Sep.2020 02:52

By Sara Gentzler, Rolf Boone, and Brandon Block

September 03, 2020 08:21 PM

The suspect in the fatal shooting of a right-wing supporter in Portland was shot and killed by a U.S. Marshals task force near Lacey Thursday evening.

The shooting occurred in the 7600 block of 3rd Way Southeast in Tanglewilde about 7 p.m.

Pierce County sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer confirmed the man who was killed is 48-year-old Michael Forest Reinoehl, the suspect in last weekend's fatal shooting. The Portland Police Bureau had issued a warrant for Reinoehl's arrest earlier Thursday and asked the U.S. Marshals to find and apprehend him, according to an emailed statement from USMS spokesperson Dave Oney.

Thurston County sheriff's Lt. Ray Brady said the Pierce County sheriff's fugitive apprehension team, working as part of the U.S. Marshals Service Pacific Northwest Violent Offender Task Force, was in the area looking for a wanted homicide suspect when they saw the suspect come out of an apartment, to a vehicle. They said he appeared to be armed.

"The suspect came out to the car," Troyer said. "They attempted to put him into custody and shots were fired."

There was "a confrontation" between the officers on scene and the man, Brady said. Officers fired shots into the vehicle and the suspect ran from the car, Brady confirmed, then officers fired more shots.

As of 10 p.m., Brady had not yet confirmed whether the suspect fired a weapon at law enforcement officers.

Reinoehl was pronounced dead at the scene.

Brady confirmed that four officers fired their weapons. The officers were from the state Department of Corrections, Pierce County Sheriff's Department and Lakewood Police Department. All officers on the scene were acting in U.S. Marshal capacity Thursday, according to Brady.

No officers were injured in the confrontation, Brady said.

The five-county Region 3 Critical Incident Investigation Team is investigating the shooting, led by Thurston County Sheriff's Office. No officers from the departments on the investigative team were at the scene at the time of the shooting, according to Brady.

It's a U.S. Marshals Service policy not to release the names of deputy marshals involved in shootings until the investigation is complete, according to the prepared USMS statement.

Chad Smith and Chase Cutler, who were working on cars nearby Thursday, said an unmarked SUV had been parked on School Street for a while when that SUV and another converged on a man in a vehicle at the apartment complex. Smith and Cutler moved onto a grassy area about 50 yards away to watch what was happening.

The man got out of his vehicle and began to fire what they believe was an assault rifle at the SUVs. They said they heard 40 or 50 shots, then officers returned fire, hitting the man.

"It reminded me of a video game," Cutler said.

U.S. Marshals Service press release confirms PPB had issued warrant 04.Sep.2020 12:31


September 04, 2020
U.S. Marshals Office of Public Affairs

Reinoehl was wanted by Multnomah County Circuit Court on a charge of murder (August 29th shooting in downtown Portland)

The Portland Police Bureau issued a warrant for Reinoehl's arrest earlier in the day on September 3rd

Security cam footage: Reinoehl turned into parking garage, was stalking victim 04.Sep.2020 19:18


release of the Multnomah County District Attorney's office criminal complaint shows stills from a security camera just prior to the shooting: Reinoehl turned into a parking garage to ready his gun.

Field of view of the security camera looks north along the east side of S.W. 3rd Avenue. Reinoehl had been walking ahead of [shooting victim] Aaron Danielson and Chandler Pappas. Another white male in a black hoodie, identified as 'Subject #2', and a white female, both apparently associated with Reinoehl, are following behind Danielson and Pappas.

Reinoehl then turns left into the parking garage entrance and conceals himself behind a barrier in front of the bicycle rack, while reaching into a pouch on his waistband.

after Danielson and Pappas walk past the parking garage entrance, 'Subject #2' looks over to Reinoehl who then emerges again onto the sidewalk from the parking garage, and both resume following Danielson and Pappas.

The shooting occurs out of frame from the surveillance video field of view, moments thereafter.