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surveillance planes

I don't see what the fuss is about surveillance planes
flying overhead for hours. If people are sitting outside trying to have a conversation and the continuous, buzzing drone of the planes bother them, they can just go inside (yes, they'll still hear the plane, like I am right now, at 7:50 at night). Why, just today I enjoyed listening to the planes (there were two of them for a while) starting at around 6:00 p.m., when I went outside to water the flowers). I admire how these machines go back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. I don't know how much it costs to hire a plane, a pilot, and a surveillance engineer, but it can't be much, right? I just wish I knew their schedule so I could plan a gathering in my yard. We all could watch the planes go around and around until 9, 10, or even 11 at night while enjoying not only the constant drone but also the pleasure of knowing that we are being watched.

This could be important? ... 04.Oct.2020 16:55

Tracy Mapes

In Sacramento, they are using RADAR to Harass and cause ill health effects against Targeted Individuals and the Homeless Population.

The RADAR is similar to Ground Penetrating, Sea Penetrating RADAR, and Weapons System RADAR. Military Aircraft out of Beale AFB, Sheriff, Police, and CHP Aircraft can be tracked using FlightRadar24, a free to very reasonable (More Features) Smart Phone App, due to the monitoring of their ADS-B Signal. The Military Aircraft have no such signal.

Military Aircraft may include U-2, Drone, Helicopter, and/or Coast Guard Aircraft C27-J meant for Ocean/Sea Submarine Counter-Measures and Warfare.

When I complained about the practice in Sacramento on various Facebook Pages, the Local Sheriff, and Sac PD Helicopters had their Identifier Info stripped from the Flight Radar 24 Service, but they can still be tracked by making visual identification with Binoculars, Camera, Zoom Lens, etc.

The RADAR can cause serious health effects, and for the weak, even premature foot loss and death.

It is currently being deployed to discourage the Homeless from camping under Freeways Over-Passes and along other favored locations.

CHP Aircraft use an attack altitude of about 6500 feet, and can make you effectively sick within seconds 1 mile out. They run continuous circle patterns to saturate target areas.

Get Flight Radar 24, for FREE! I recommend the Silver Upgrade as you can playback 90 days of previous flight information. It's like having a personal license plate reader for most Civilian Aircraft.
Sac PD Helicopter - Now Identified as B505
Sac PD Helicopter - Now Identified as B505
CHP Under Freeway Attack
CHP Under Freeway Attack
Covid Aerosol Dispersion - Longhaulers, Convoys, Caravans, in Media Speak.
Covid Aerosol Dispersion - Longhaulers, Convoys, Caravans, in Media Speak.