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What happened to Press**Watch?

Dissenting commentary now available on different platform
"Press**Watch/The News you're not supposed to know" was a long-running (3 decades!) program on KBOO Radio, produced by Theresa Mitchell. Now the headlines and commentary that ran every Thursday morning on the radio is available as a podcast, and the effort is combined with Ani Raven ("Positively Revolting Talk Radio," also a staple on the Boo for many a year.

This week's episode points to the real unemployment numbers, castigates the Feds for their wrist-slap of criminal bank Wells Fargo, and goes into a deeper discussion of the death-squad killing of Michael Reinoehl at the behest of the Orange Mussolini.

Here's the link!  https://soundcloud.com/ani-40889941/this-is-now-bridge-to-a-better-world-episode-2

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homepage: homepage: http://https://soundcloud.com/ani-40889941/this-is-now-bridge-to-a-better-world-episode-2

Thanks for the Press**Watch/The News 28.Oct.2020 13:38