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Fight Back Against Military Spying on Political Activists

For years the Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) Anti-Terrorism Office (AKA: JBLM Protection Division) has spied on political organizations and activist groups in the Pacific Northwest. As we wait for the final results of Tuesday's election, JBLM is actively scanning social media and adding your name to their records and databases if you make a political comment that they don't like.
Military, police in Washington state are preparing for possible civil unrest after the results of the election are published. It is important that you KNOW YOUR RIGHTS -  https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2020/10/09/18837411.php - when dealing with a corrupt and abusive government agency.

The following organizations can help you protect yourself against the corrupt and intrusive activities of the JBLM Anti-Terrorism Office and similar abusive government agencies.

Access Now -  https://www.accessnow.org/ - We defend and extend the digital rights of users at risk around the world.

ACLU of Washington -  https://www.aclu-wa.org/ - The ACLU of Washington is the state affiliate of the ACLU. We work to ensure justice, freedom and equality are realities for all people in Washington state, with particular attention to the rights of people and groups who have historically been disenfranchised. Such as the young man stopped by the police because of the color of his skin. . . the 10-year old immigrant girl forced to represent herself in court.. . . the disabled grandmother who is refused an apartment because of a decades-old conviction. . . the woman told she may not have a hysterectomy in a religious-run hospital. . . the gay couple refused service at a flower shop . . . and many more.

Civil Liberties Defense Center -  https://cldc.org/ - The Civil Liberties Defense Center supports movements that seek to dismantle the political and economic structures at the root of social inequality and environmental destruction. We provide litigation, education, legal and strategic resources to strengthen and embolden their success.

Crimethinc -  https://crimethinc.com/ - Crimethink is everything that evades control: the daydream in the classroom, the renegade breaking ranks, the spray-painted walls that continue to speak even under martial law. It is the persistent sense that things could be otherwise, that there is nothing natural or inevitable about the prevailing social order. In a world optimized for administration, everything that cannot be classified or displayed on a screen is crimethink. It is the spirit of rebellion without which freedom is literally unthinkable.

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) -  https://www.eff.org/ - The leading nonprofit defending digital privacy, free speech, and innovation for 30 years and counting!

Frontline Defenders -  https://www.frontlinedefenders.org/ - Security in-a-Box (SiaB) was created by Front Line Defenders in 2005 in partnership with the Tactical Technology Collective to further help HRDs and HROs implement tactics and tools for digital security. SiaB is actively maintained since then by the two organisations and a network of independent experts. SiaB is a collection of guides and free and open source tools assisting HRDs in securing their computer or phone, storing and sharing sensitive information more securely or maintain the privacy of Internet and phone communication.

It's Going Down -  https://itsgoingdown.org/ - It's Going Down is a digital community center for anarchist, anti-fascist, autonomous anti-capitalist and anti-colonial movements across so-called North America. Our mission is to provide a resilient platform to publicize and promote revolutionary theory and action.

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO) -  http://jpfo.org/ - Founded by Jews in 1989, JPFO initially aimed at educating the Jewish community about the historical evils that Jews have suffered when they have been disarmed. JPFO has always welcomed people of all religious beliefs who share a common goal of opposing and reversing victim-disarmament policies while advancing liberty for all. It was the brainchild of Aaron Zelman (1946 - 2010), a leading national civil-rights activist.

May First Movement -  https://mayfirst.coop/en/ - May First Movement Technology is a non-profit membership organization that engages in building movements by advancing the strategic use and collective control of technology for local struggles, global transformation, and emancipation without borders.

RiseUp -  https://riseup.net/ - Riseup provides online communication tools for people and groups working on liberatory social change. We are a project to create democratic alternatives and practice self-determination by controlling our own secure means of communications.

Ruckus Society -  https://ruckus.org/ - The Ruckus Society is a multi-racial network of trainers dedicated to providing the necessary tools, preparation, and support to build direct action capacity for ecological justice and social change movements. We work with Indigenous communities and other communities of color working to preserve their homes and environments and for climate justice.

Tactical Technology Collective -  https://tacticaltech.org/#/ - Tactical Tech is an international NGO that engages with citizens and civil-society organizations to explore and mitigate the impacts of technology on society.

Fucking Mercs. 05.Nov.2020 20:21

Lloyd Hart lloydhart2008@gmail.com

I've had mercs all over my ass for years now attempting to run me to ground. Coming down around me and my family. American oligarchs are scum and should be removed from their money and all the generals jailed with them.

You Are Being Spied on By JBLM 06.Nov.2020 19:49

Nobody's Here At All

I am a military spouse and also work on JBLM. Let me be very clear about this - JBLM IS ILLEGALLY SPYING ON YOU!

If you live in Washington or Oregon you need to take precautions to protect yourself from becoming a target of JBLM Corruption.

The resources provided here will help, and we will continue to post other resources and warnings for the community.

If you live or work on JBLM, join JBLM Cop Watch. Know Your Rights - Fight Police Corruption.

Stay Safe