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Trump's Power To Pardon Pot Smokers

A call to use the power of pardon
Donald Trump, in his
remaining days in the White House,
whether they are 12 or fewer, (as of
January 8, 2021) could
pardon every nonviolent marijuana
user or marijuana seller, granting
freedom, reuniting families, ending
injustice, removing the financial incentive
of privatized prison profiteers to keep
people in jail, saving taxpayers money.
May Donald Trump free them all.


The Right of Prisoners To be Freed Is 08.Jan.2021 01:42

Not A Trump Supporter

I have not voted for a Republican for president ever. I am not a supporter of Trump and hope that he resigns, is
impeached or overridden by the VP and cabinet before Jan 20. But I hope that potsmokers are released from jail.