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I am deeply concerned with the state of the Portland Activist community
Like the rest of you, I am a part of the activist community. As a member of this community I mean the following article as a self-reflection and a challenge- not as a critism of people, affinity groups, etc. However, I am harboring concerns about the state of our community.
While Portland is a very creative, progressive, and radical community, I have NOT been inspired by the local radicals' ability to network, develop common vision, outreach, and support the general public in their resistance. This has meant that the media has been able to take avantage of weaknesses and make much of the general public reluctant to participate in direct action. I am also worried that "acitivst-only" protests and general police repression have left too many of us burnt out, tierd, and ineffective


BUSH VISIT 11.08.2003 11:40
Portland Says No To Bush: A21 March Announcement

Converge Thursday morning, August 21, 2003
Columbia Park at Lombard St in North Portland
March at 10 am

Who's behind all of this? You, if you're willing to say NO to BUSH! Organize an affinity group or just grab some friends, relatives, or neighbors and come to Columbia Park before 10 am the morning of the 21st.

Further information will be posted as the date nears. Please add the TIME (10 am) and LOCATION (Columbia Park @ Lombard) to your posters... let's get the word out!
For more info contact stopbushaug21@poetic.com or portlandsaysnotobush@ziplip.com.


BUSH PROTEST 06.08.2003 17:42
A Bush tactics discussion round-up
New Bush / A21 / University of Portland Info

I have confirmed with 2 independent and trusted sources, both U of P employees, that the president will be on the University of Portland campus THURSDAY, AUGUST 21. One source stated that he would be attending a "dinner event". The other source was only certain of the date. Nothing more about the exact time of Bush's arrival or schedule is known to me so far. 1 source confirmed an earlier rumor that U of P facilities crew (or Secret Service, etc...) would be building a fence around the campus, as ridiculous as that sounds. [Read More]

tactics that would be useful for black bloc/ya basta! folks to use in this situation

this is written primarily in response to the comments floating back and forth on the call for a black bloc. as radical anti-authoritarians, we always need to keep tactical strategy in the foreground, even as we admit that there are times when emotion will cause people to rage in ways that may not be tatically sound.

obviously, property destruction is a tactic that black blocers have used in the past, and will use again. property destruction is very useful for globilazation conferences, because it helps make the whole event seem like more trouble than it's worth - seattle hasn't been itching to hold WTO ministerials anytime recently. but I concede that property destruction of corporate targets probably isn't the most useful thing for a visiting politician. that said, I will never hold it against anyone who chooses, out of honest rage, to destroy something that is in the process of destroying everything they've ever held as dear.

but the bloc, or Ya Basta! [people with padding, usually] are very useful in other ways. usually the bloc represents people willing to take front lines and move crowds forward, taking a brunt of the abuse. the bloc can keep the energy of the crowd up by continually testing and breaking boundaries. [Read More]

Why limit the protest to University of Portland?

Bush picked U of P because it is easily to defend. The police can build a fence around the campus and keep us out. The campus is also hard to get to and isolated so there will be fewer witnesses to the police beating people down. If the demonstration is only at U of P no one will even see the protest except through the corporate media's distorted account. Let's greet Bush and those who support his visit to Portland by shutting down the city not standing next to a fence. [What do other people think?]


Hey y'all I have started a list for e-mailing details as to time and place to meet (on Bicycles)! I already have about 10-15 people! So anyone in the vicinity of SE/NE Burnside Area from like 8th to 39th, or wherever you live/work, lets meet at City Bikes on SE 20th and Ankeny, unless otherwise majority rules elsewhere... SO, e-mail me at talisman@riseup.net and I will add you to the list for updates. We can figure out a good safe bike route, etc. The more the merrier, I like the idea of the Star Mass, so there will be groups of bikes coming in from all directions. [Read More]

Downloadable Posters: [¬°Ya Basta! poster for Bush Protest | "A very special anniversary celebration" poster for Bush Protest | Another Bush flyer]


RESISTANCE | A22 ROUND II 30.07.2003 17:27
Black Bloc Call to Action August 20-22
Attention Anarchists, anti-capitalists, anti-authoritarians and activists of all types, this is a call for a Portland demonstration and Black Bloc in response to President Bush's scheduled visit to Portland on Aug. 20-22. Portland has shown time and again that we will not sit idly by when corrupt and power hungry politicians come to our city. Now we have been given an opportunity to show our defiance to these war mongering criminals in an effective and noticeable manner; by doing everything in our power to shut their leader and figurehead out of our city. We must come together and make Portland a city free of corrupt politics (and politicians) if we hope to further our revolutionary ideals and make anarchism, anti-authoritarianism and anti-capitalism significant portions of Portland's culture. We call upon you to help organize and affect this resistance It's time to take back our streets, take back our city and take back our lives. [ Read More ] [ On The Black Bloc Alternate Press Review | Infoshop | Alternet | Infoshop FAQ ]


Bush Protest Round 2 30.07.2003 01:49
Portlanders gearing up for Bush visit protest

Time to Plan for Bush Visit!
Last time Bush came to town, several thousand welcomed him with a spirited protest. When Ashcroft came to town, several hundred people showed up (with very little notice) to welcome him. With nearly a month to get ready, we should be able to organize a pretty large, powerful, Portland-style reception. I see that Black Cross has committed to support actions, as others surely will. But these few weeks before his visit will pass very quickly. We should get going on this right away. [ Read more... ]

Bush in Portland and Seattle Aug. 21-22 (and how Cascadia needs to come together)
SOS. Bush will be in Portland and Seattle on or around Aug. 21-22. The dates and locations of both events are kept secret (because this prez is too popular). Our Corporate press outlets have leaked this info to us. Now we have to organize to STOP BUSH'S TRIP TO CASCADIA. Our victory is a CANCELLATION OF THIS TRIP. [ Read more... ]

City of Portland should not pay for Bush's Aug 21 visit!
We should stir things up about our already bankrupted city having to foot the security bill for Bush visit that is strictly for campaign fundraising. Write the Mayor; Write letters to the editors; tell your friends to just say no! [ Read more... ]

Some info to consider whilst organizing the A22 Bush visit protests
The group Direct Action Against the War sent a startling precedent last March when they help build a spokescouncil to direct the actions in San Fransisco's Market Street District. The following is a series of press releases, fliers, and posters from their work. [ Read more... ]

[ special portland indymedia page: THE PEOPLE OF PORTLAND VS. BUSH, ROUND 2! ]


Bush to Visit Pacific Northwest Around August 20-22
According to sources, Bush will try to make appearances in the Pacific Northwest to try and bolster support for Republicans running for various offices. Although details will likely remain concealed from the public recent protests have shown how effective people can mobilize on short notice. [ Read More ]

Apparently, one stop Bush will be making will be at the University of Portland on August 20th. A call for help in organizing actions and protests has been put out. [ Read More ]

It seems that we may have two days to protest Bush, as he will reportedly be in town on August 21st. Or, is the mass media trying to pull our leg? [ Read More ]

Here is a compilation of reports from Bush's Last Visit


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