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Police Blame Bush For Use Of Force In Jacksonville Last Week

From the open publishing newswire: In Thursday's Mail Tribune, Jacksonville City Administrator Paul Wyntergreen claims the decision to order riot cops to force protestors east of the intersection of California Street and Third Street was something that wasn't expected and thus unavoidable. He is quoted as saying, "It was a sudden change of plans and we had to change gears suddenly". Are we supposed accept this as a reason for an aggressive assault on peaceful protestors? When Bush was ushered from the Expo to the Jacksonville Inn through an alley, demonstrators remained along California Street. Are we supposed to believe that only after the President had finished dining did it occur to the police that protestors needed to be moved back a block?

What were the responsible law enforcement agencies doing while Bush was eating dinner?

Police had nearly one hour to address the "security perimeter". Instead, while Bush skipped his broccoli, police officers (from as far north as Salem and as far south as Yreka) donned bullet proof vests and shields and committed a type of tyranny that is becoming common protocol on Bush campaign stops. To be blunt, Sheriff Winters and J'ville City Administrator Paul Wyntergreen are being deceitful. And why wouldn't they be? They made an irresponsible, dangerous decision. Politically it's imperative for them to point fingers anywhere other than at themselves. What happened in Jacksonville, as anyone who witnessed it can testify, was police repression of free speech. Police CHOSE to shoot less-than-lethal weaponry, the same that killed a college student in Boston this week. Police CHOSE to intimidate and terrorize law-abiding citizens that never imagined fear would be used to silence their voice.


POLICE OPPRESSION 15-Oct-2004 00:10

Police Riot At Bush Protest In Jacksonville

From the open publishing newswire: Around 200 people gathered in Jacksonville to protest the arrival of George Bush. The crowd included lots of families including babies and a numerous highschool students. People gathered at 5:30 in Griffin Park while others went strait out to Main Street including members of the Yurok Tribe who were there to protest Bush's impact on salmon.

Soon everyone was out on Main Street to see the president leave his respite for his speech in Central Point. The protest included a march through downtown and the rolling out of a long red "carpet" upon which people had writted their grievances about the Bush Administration. All was peaceful and no riot police were even seen until 7:30 or 8:00 when they began to emerge. Pro and anti Bush citizens were somewhat intermixed and struggled to chant louder than the other side, but no physical confrontations occured between them to my knowledge.

The riot police formed a line across Main Street and began to push the crowd, telling them to move back. People began to slowly, but reluctantly move back when suddenly the sound of a weapon was heard and pepper spray filled the air. This allegedly occured when the police pushed a 65 year old man to the ground. Another man placed his body in front of the elderly man to protect him. The police allegedly fired pepper spray projectiles at his back at point blank range. I saw severaly wounds on the man's back that were noticeably bruised.


actions & protests | government 11-Oct-2004 17:36

Southern Oregon UNwelcomes Bush

From the open publishing newswire:

W is coming to southern Oregon. And he plans to sleep in the tiny town of Jacksonville on Thursday night after his rally in Central Point. Rather than submit to the "free speech cage" in Central Point, deal with all the traffic and parking headaches, we are organizing a big unwelcome rally in Jacksonville.

This will be a hospitality event the likes of which Jville has never seen.

Feel like a road trip? Come on down and bring signs & message why W is not welcome in Southern Oregon. We will rally at Griffin Park in Jville @ 5:30, march thru town (all 4 blocks long) and unroll a red carpet banner with messages of unwelcome.

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