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economic justice 18-Feb-2007 16:16

Chavez calls on the working class to put itself at the forefront of the revolution

From the open publishing newswire: In a meeting on Wednesday, February 14 with the retired workers of the IVSS (Instituto Venezolano de los Seguros Sociales - Venezuelan Institute of Social Security), in the Venezuela room of the Circulo Militar, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez declared (quoting Marx) that "the workers cannot be turned into the slaves of work, into the slaves of capital. Capital must be subordinated to the workers." Reflecting upon this Chavez ordered a review of the 8-hour day, as well as saying that the working day should be reduced to allow the workers time for education. "I ask for the full support of the working class and of the genuinely revolutionary trade unions... I call upon the working class to once and for all play its rightful role in this revolution."


PINK RESISTANCE 16-Jun-2003 23:56

The Pinks Leave Their Calling Card at the N.W. Republican Leadership Conference

From the open publishing newswire: Six Portland Code Pinks subjected themselves to the parallel universe of the Republican Party, assembled at the Doubletree Hotel Jantzen Beach on Hayden Island Drive for a weekend conference. The women had made reservations to stay at the hotel, to give them access and a staging area.

We had some ideas of what we would like to accomplish -- to be a visible presence, and (" not to comfort the afflicted in this case), but to afflict the comfortable". These were modest goals, but considering the tight security, it was a daunting challenge with so many "unknowns".... until we could get there and case the joint."

Dressed in regular attire, appropriate for a conference (no pink at this time), we circulated around the hotel. One member innocently picked up a conference schedule from the registration table, returning to the lobby to share it with the other pinks. But within one minute the Republican authorities were on us, demanding that we relinquish the schedule since we were not registered for the conference and had no official name-tag. Without argument, we complied and headed back to our room, followed by a swarm of security people. The Republican security guy was polite and apologetic.

"We're sorry about this, ladies, but the security is tight due to the presence of some VIP's, and we don't want a situation in which there are invaders around trying to pass themselves off as "normal".


RESISTANCE 10-Jun-2003 22:50


From the open publishing newswire: psychodub Bush's reelection chief coming to Oregon - June 12-15 to speak at the Western States Republican Leadership Conference being held at the Double Tree Hotel Jantzen Beach, 909 N. Hayden Island Dr. This story is running on the Associated Press' newswire right now. Note Kevin Mannix's talk about 'forest thinning' as one of the issues Bush will be emphasizing when he's campaigning in Oregon. Bush's campaign chief is speaking at a Friday luncheon, a great time to demonstrate at the conference.

On Saturday, Oregon Republican Congressman Greg Walden and White House Environmental Quality chairman James Connaughton will be speaking about how we need to destroy the national forests to save them, and why the public should be left out of the process as much as possible. Forest activists will be gathering outside the Jantzen Beach Double Tree hotel from 8:30 am to around noon or longer on Saturday to expose the fact that Republican forest policy agenda is being driven solely by the timber industry's desire for subsidized trees from public lands, not concerns about forest health or safety from forest fires. [ Read More ] [ Magical Action to Unbind Lady Liberty at GOP Conference: Friday June 13th ]


Magical Action to Unbind Lady Liberty at GOP Conference: Friday June 13th

From the open publishing newswire: Attached is an announcement from Cascadia Magical Activists--as far as I know, this is the first event to be announced protesting the Republican Conference in Jantzen Beach. EVERYONE IS WELCOME, Pagan and Non-pagan alike. If you choose to participate in this, please be aware and respectful that this is a serious religious ceremony, based on deeply-held beliefs in the Pagan community.


DEMOCRACY 07-May-2003 10:28

"Top Republican Leaders" are coming to town...

From the open publishing newswire: The Western States Republican Leadership Conference (see if you can get $250 to "mingle" with the other Republicans!) will be held at Jantzen Beach Doubletree Hotel from June 12-15. "Special guests" include the a sociopathic "president" and his trophy wife, a vile man who has had 5 "minor" heart attacks and his terrifyingly pro-censorship wife, as well as all sorts of other rich white people and a few token minorities.

From 6pm - 8pm on Friday, June 13th there will apparently be a "Reception in Downtown Portland", presumably where their special guests will show up, so once more details are confirmed regarding that location and the attendees, you might feel free to head down there and shout encouraging words to Mr. Bush and his cronies...

[ Highlights from Bush's last visit to Portland, Aug. 22, 2002 ]


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