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NEW INDYMEDIA CENTERS 23.04.2002 18:24
'Eugene Indymedia: The Beast Has Risen'
Eugene Indymedia Oregonians now have two Indymedia centers for coverage of local issues. On Saturday, 20 April, Eugene Indymedia had its "grand opening". Unlike many other Indymedia center websites, including portland indymedia's, Eugene's does not have a center column feature section. To quote the grand opening announcement: "Eugene Indymedia has sidestepped ideological battles between Anarchists and the Rest of the Left by skipping the usual Indymedia Features Section (fraught with editorial battles) and instead put up 'buttons' tended by collectives focusing on a variety of subjects. So far there's a Radical Feminist Button, an Anarchist Button, a Forest Defense Button, and a Prisoner Support Button. More on the way soon!" As might have been expected by some who know Eugene, the launch of an Indymedia center there was not without controversy, and one critic has called the site "bogus". A counter-argument has been posted to Eugene Indymedia. Active discussions are underway at both posts.

Since its birth in Seattle during the WTO protests, Indymedia has grown from one site to a global network of over 80. This phenomenal success has been the product of Indymedia's loose, open, transparent structure, which is non-hierarchical, anti-authoritarian, and decentralized. This experiment in anarchist methodology has thrived on very little money but has been fueled with the creative energy of hundreds of volunteers.

Three other Indymedia centers were also birthed within the global network in the last few days: Central Florida, Ithaca, NY, and Madrid, Spain.

Check out Eugene Indymedia at eugene.indymedia.org!

Salvadoran labor leader to speak in Portland

Sunday, April 21, Ricardo Monge, Salvadoran labor leader, will visit Portland to speak about how unions, women, campesinos, youth, and other community groups are coming together to resist privatization and the corporate "free trade" agenda in El Salvador and internationally. The talk will be at 5 pm at 3536 SE 25th, SEIU Local 49 union hall, at 5:00 pm, to be followed at 6:00 by a Latin American dinner, dancing, and Pe?a Cultural.

Ricardo Monge will speak about building international resistance to the proposed "free trade" Fast Track legislation and CAFTA (Central America Free Trade Agreement) as well as privatization, both in El Salvador and here in Portland. He will address the harsh attacks that labor and unions are facing in El Salvador as part of the government's plan to pave the way for "free trade." full newswire story


Laughing Horse Grand Re-opening this Saturday
Laughing Horse Books celebrated its grand re-opening Saturday, March 16th. Though there were rumours of its shuttering or moving, Laughing Horse Books was only closed for the month for building repairs and renovations, and remains at the same location, 3652 SE Division.

Laughing Horse is asking people to lend their support and spirits to this non-profit resource center.


GENETIC ENGINEERING 14.03.2002 00:22
Safeway next on NW RAGE's No-GMO campaign
NW Rage and the GE Free Markets Coalition are launching a national campaign demanding that Safeway remove genetically engineered ingredients from its more than 6,000 Safeway branded products. Last November, amidst a growing national and international concern regarding genetically engineered foods and their long term health and environmental effects, NW Rage and the GE Free Markets Coalition convinced Trader Joe's to stop using GE ingredients in their store brand products. Now it is Safeway's turn.

Claims of higher yields and lower pesticide use for GE crops have turned out to be misleading, and a significant number of farmers are resisting switching to GE crops, or are returning to non-GE seeds. The international market for GE crops is tight as many countries resist or outright refuse to import GE products. GE opponents say it is important for U.S. citizens to send a clear message, by attending protests, and/or writing and informing Safeway that they do not want to eat genetically engineered foods.

[ VIDEO of Safeway action | NW RAGE | NW Bioengineering Action Coalition ]

BUILDING BRIDGES 09.03.2002 18:33
Seeking Progressive Voices
A project called Progressive Voices aims to build a directory of progressive / activist organizations, particularly for the purpose of helping those in rural areas, where networking with such groups is far more difficult than in cities. The project is asking all such organizations to send contact information and a brief description. The compilation will be available in a searchable web database.

GENETIC ENGINEERING 01.03.2002 10:45
Saturday Action at Pioneer Square Starbucks


NW RAGE is joining the Organic Consumers Association along with other Fair Trade, Environmental, and food safety activists for a worldwide campaign focused on Starbucks.

They have organized an action this Saturday, March 2, 11am-1pm at the Pioneer Square Starbucks to encourage Starbucks to guarantee that their products are free of genetically engineered ingredients, and to start following through with promises to improve the wages and working conditions of the growers of coffee beans.

[ More on Newswire | NW RAGE Website | Organic Consumers Association ]


INDYMEDIA 28.01.2002 00:02
Indymedia Monthly Video Screening - Remembering Genoa
Sunday, the 20th of Jan, was a sombre but inspiring day of rememberance in the city of Genoa. On the city streets more than 20,000 people remembered Carlo Giuliani and the brutal attacks by police on hundreds of people in a touching passionate and peaceful demonstration.

This Wednesday, Portland indymedia will be hosting its monthly video showing. Along with the monthly Indyreal, the excellent 30 minute video produced by the global indymedia network, Portland indymedia will also be showing a video made from footage shot on the streets of Genoa during the G8 protests.

Additionally, there will be local videos from the visit by resident bush, and of the nurses' strike.

The showing is at It's A Beautiful Pizza at 7pm this Wednesday the 30th.

Genoa Background [ 20,000 march in Genoa last sunday to remember | Past Portland Features | Past Global Indy Features ]

GENEROSITY 15.12.2001 16:34
PCUN sponsoring toy drive for children of laid-off PictSweet workers
Pictsweet factory in Salem PictSweet, the mushroom plant in Salem, laid off 160 workers in late November. The out-of-state ownership closed the plant rather than talk to workers about their demands for union recognition.

Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (PCUN), Oregon's farmworker union, has helped to organize a holiday season toy drive as a way of supporting these workers and their families. PCUN is collecting new unwrapped toys, books, arts supplies, and sports equipment for children ages 12 and under, as well as wrapping paper and tape. The deadline is December 19th.

If you live in the Portland, Salem, or Eugene areas, PCUN has drop-off sites available.


CITIZENS RISE UP 05.12.2001 00:41
Canvas for a citizens review board this weekend
pac 2002 logo

Volunteers will be fanning out across Portland in a city-wide canvas next weekend for a push to get a citizen's police review board on the ballot in next year's elections. Contact Police Accountability Campaign 2002 at 503.287.2255 for information on the gathering times for the door-to-door canvas. Dress warmly and bring an umbrella.


November 23rd...
Buy Nothing Day or Steal Something Day?

Buy Nothing Day in PDX

The Day after Thanksgiving, the busiest shopping day of the year, is also known to many as 'Buy Nothing Day.' Nine years ago the campaign started to promote consumer awareness and Adbusters promotes the campaign with tv commercials as well as other forms of media. This year Adbusters ran a tv commercial on CNN.

Commercial Excerpt:
"...The average North American consumes five times more than a Mexican, ten times more than a Chinese person, and thirty times more than a person from India."

"We are the most voracious consumers in the world..."

"...a world which could die because of the way we North Americans live..."

"Give it a rest. November 23rd is Buy Nothing Day."

Locals helped the campaign by going into shopping centers and, dressed up in various costumes, went anti-shopping through downtown Portland. The small march made its way through busy downtown streets making noise and injecting a humorous anti-consumption message. Several major stores were marched through, with chants such as "Shop, Shop, Shop, While the Bombs Drop" until store security escorted folks out. Read more...

In contrast, this day was also 'Steal Something Day' which describes Adbusters as nothing more than "..a few self-described 'culture jammers'." This new campaign has been started by a few self-described anarcho-situationists from Montreal's East End who inaugurated Steal Something Day this year. Their 'manifesto' makes it clear what their purpose is with this statement, "If you think overconsumption is scary, wait until you hear about capitalism and imperialism." Read more....


FOREST ACTIVISM 26.09.2001 09:34
'Save what's left!': Old growth day of action
Activists demonstrate outside Forestry Building in downtown Portland September 24 was a regional old growth day of action with actions in Eugene, Olympia, Portland, Ashland and Roseburg. Here in Portland, activists gathered at Waterfront Park for a rally and then a march to the Forest Service Building to present a letter of demands to the Forest Service. The rally was kicked off by music. Though the weather was rainy, the spirits were bright and enthusiastic. There were 75 people along with some colourful costumes and signs. Police presence seemed heavy for such a peaceful action (about 20 officers), but there was no trouble. Security at the Forest Service kept the building locked up tight, and carefully orchestrated the delivery of the activists' letter.


FOREST ACTIVISM 30.08.2001 07:24
Camp-Out for Forest Protection this weekend
This weekend, September 1st & 2nd, there will be a Teach-in & Camp-Out for Forest Protection at the Slinky Timber Sale in Mt. Hood National Forest. The Slinky Timber sale proposes to log 195 acres of mature and ancient forest with 190 acres of that being clear-cut. This is one of over 40 timber sales being planned in the Mt. Hood National Forest alone. Carpools will meet at 10 am at the Daily Grind on SE Hawthorne and 41st in Portland on Saturday, September 1st.

The Teach-In and Camp-Out will include hikes of some beautiful but threatened mature and old growth forests, an introduction to Forest Issues in the Pacific Northwest, and workshops on a variety of tactics that can be used to protect public forests. There will be music Saturday night by Danny Dolinger.

Protest against U.S. Militarism July 20


This Friday, July 20th, at 4 p.m., there will be a protest in front of the Federal Building, in the Terry D. Schrunk Plaza, at Southwest 4th and Madison, Rain or Shine. A red ribbon tying party at the Naval and Marine Corps Reserve center in North Portland is also being planned prior to the appearance downtown, though these plans are tentative at present. Another notice will be sent out if and when this portion of the plans solidify, or please check http://nomorebases.tripod.com. This protest is being held in a gesture of solidarity with a demonstration that is planned in Okinawa on the same date. Hundreds of Okinawans are expected to participate in a human chain and red ribbon tying protest surrounding Camp Kinser, a USMC intelligence and communications facility located in Naha, Okinawa. More

MEDIA 17.07.2001 20:46

You are invited to join Portland Indymedia, KBOO, the Alliance, Alternatives Magazine, the Free Learning Operation and others for the Alternative Media Convergence. If you want to get involved in alternative media, this event will give you the chance to meet media activists and organizations, and learn how to get on the radio, into print, on the web, and on TV. If you're already a media activist, you can mix, mingle and plan future collaborations with others. Tentative plans include a showing of the Cascadia Media Collective's "A Year in the Streets". This event is part of the Progressive Action Conference being held before the Nader rally that same night. For questions, or to get involved with setting up and running this event, call 503.793.2180 or send an email to oregonaltmedia@lists.riseup.net.

4 August 2001
2:00-5:00ish p.m.
Memorial Coliseum

Don't hate the media -- become the media!
Join the alternative media rEvolution at the Alternative Media Convergence!


BIOTECHNOLOGY 13.07.2001 13:49
Scientists Genetically Engineering Trees to Gather in Columbia Gorge
The scientists and corporations responsible for dangerous field trials of genetically engineered trees are gathering at Skamania Lodge in the Columbia River Gorge (near Stevenson, WA) on July 22-27. [ Conference Website ] The groups below have planned a teach-in Saturday, July 21st, from 6:30 to 8:30PM. It will be held at Portland State University, Cramer Hall, Room 71. The following day, July 22nd, a demonstration will be held at the entrance to Skamania Lodge at 4PM.

MEDIA 13.07.2001 11:39
Zine Symposium Scheduled For Weekend


This weekend, a series of free workshops, panel discussions and informational tables is scheduled to take place at PSU. Called the Zine Symposium, the idea arose out of a desire to link together people in the self-publishing industry. The Symposium is meant to offer a way for people to share resources. This idea quickly sprouted into a wide variety of workshops. From "Basic Bike Repair", to "Sewing and Knitting Basics" presented by the PDX Sewing Group (and even a workshop by IMC - Portland at 3:30 on Saturday), organizers say these topics are likely to be represented in zine articles and will therefor be of interest to Symposium participants. What links them most strongly together is the "do-it-yourself" (DIY) idea behind them. for the most part, a DIY mentality is the foundation upon which zines were formed.

[ Zine Symposium Site | Schedule | "How Zines Saved My Life" ]

Portland solidarity action with Okinawa protests announced
Japanese protesters In response to the most recent crime committed by a US serviceman in Okinawa -- the brutal rape of a 20 year old woman -- actions are planned in Okinawa and around the world on Friday, July 13th, to raise awareness of what have become epidemic levels of crimes committed by US military personnel in Okinawa.

In Portland, an unpermitted rally and protest is slated for 4:15 p.m. at the Navy and Marine Corps Center, followed by a march through downtown to the Japanese Stones.


CYCLIST SAFETY 29.06.2001 12:25
Peace Activist Killed in Bicycle Accident
Noam Stampfer died on June 26th of injuries from a bicycle accident. As a Jewish moderate, Stampfer was well known in the Portland community and in Israel for his outspoken views on the need for peace with Palestine. He was one of the first people in this country to be recognized for advocating Palestinian independence.
[ Read More | Obituary ]

BIOTECHNOLOGY 24.06.2001 10:26
Activists Plan Protests for Frankentree Conference
Field trials of genetically engineered trees are currently contaminating the environment. Some of these trees contain a gene from a bacteria that produces a toxin harmful to many insects, including Monarch butterflies. The scientists and corporations responsible are gathering at Skamania Lodge in the Columbia River Gorge (near Stevenson, WA) on July 22-26. The Global Alliance Against Genetically Engineered Trees, Native Forest Network, and local group Northwest Resistance Against Genetic Engineering are organizing a teach in for Saturday, July 21st, followed by a protest at 4 PM on Sunday July 22, at the entrance to the lodge.


ANIMAL RIGHTS 16.06.2001 16:48
Protest at regional Primate Research Center
On Saturday, June 16, activists protested an Oregon Senate bill that would allocate $200 million for animal experimentation at the Oregon Regional Primate Research Center. The activists deem such experimentation to be cruel, inhumane, and ineffective. The money would come from the 1998 Tobacco Settlement.

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