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ECOLOGY ACTIVISM 17.01.2003 11:08
Fun Nine-Week Environmental Film Series in Eugene
The rainy Cascadian nights are upon us. And what a better way to spend them? The Cascadia Wildlands Project and the University of Oregon's Survival Center are excited to present a nine-week environmental film series titled "Eco-Videos: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!" The film series will be held in room 100 Willamette at the University of Oregon on Wednesday evenings from 7:30-9:30 from January 8-March 5. This Wednesday, January 8, kicks off the series. The event is free and open to the public. Popcorn will be provided at the showings. Please spread the word and let folx know. Warning: Most of these videos are inappropriate or really boring for younger children. Many may offend a normal person's sensibilities. [ Full Story ]

ANIMAL RIGHTS 15.01.2003 14:05
Another victory against HLS! -- Urgent action needed to maintain pressure!
From the open publishing newswire: An amazing turn of events have unfolded over the last 24 hours. On Monday morning HLS press released that vivisection guru Kirby Lee Cramer and university professor John Caldwell resigned themselves from Huntingdon's board of directors. This public abandonment leaves Huntingdon with a huge gaping wound, as these two individuals were all that gave the board its scientific and business credibility.

These are the two main directors animal rights activists have been targeting in the UK and the US. Kirby Lee Cramer has had his home address and phone number widely published, and the other companies he sits on the boards of have been under attack (weakening his position there.) This summer, as SHAC announced this new area of activism, an ultimatum was given to Kirby to choose between being welcome at all the other companies he sits on the boards of, or just stick with Huntingdon. Mr. Cramer choose wisely.

The loss of these two individuals is the clearest indication yet that even those within Huntingdon admit it is a dying enterprise. They have chosen not to go down with the ship.

As if this wasn't bad enough -


Mr. Muhammed Faruque is a 73 year-old business man from Karachi, Pakistan. He runs a family company that makes cement, sugar, and paper products. He has nothing to do with the pharmaceutical industry, and is reported to be making no financial investment in the lab.

It also has been reported that he has a great deal of trepidation about joining the board concerning the animal rights threat he may face.

Sounds like he needs some convincing!


[ Phone, Fax and E-mail info for Mr. Faruque! and a SAMPLE LETTER! ]

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 15.01.2003 12:18
PPRC Friday Rally Makes Final Push for January 18th
From the open publishing newswire: The PPRC's Friday rally, set for 5:00 p.m. at Pioneer Courthouse Square, will again zero in on the final push to "get out the marchers" for the January 18th mobilization against war on Iraq. "The world has been slowly but steadily uniting against Bush's mad rush to war, and Portland will be at the forefront of the rapidly expanding peace movement here in the United States," said Chris Roehm, a PPRC volunteer involved in the organizing for the peace march on Saturday. "We expect to see very large numbers of people journeying to Saturday's peace march from all over Oregon and Southwest Washington." PPRC volunteers will be fanning out across the city for a final drive of leafleting and postering to promote the rally and march. Spokespersons again emphasized that, like the previous two large-scale marches of October 5th and November 17th, everybody is welcome to participate in an event that will be peaceful, legal and brimming with a celebration of the struggle for peace and justice.
[ Read More... ]

JANUARY 18 ANTI-WAR ACTION 14.01.2003 17:23
Help Feed the Feeder March!! Bring Noisemakers, Banners, Propaganda, Friends...
Things are really coming together for the radical feeder march. We should have some great flags, literature, theater stuff, and noise. The current thinking is that we do the feeder march, hook up with the larger march, then try to stick together as a block (the flags should help) for the rest of the day.

To help make the feeder march a success, folks should:
1. Spread the word!
2. Organize your friends, co-workers, comrades into a contingent, affinity group or gymnastics troupe. Make a banner for your group. Make a plan.
3. Find some cool stuff for makin' racket--drums, pots n pans, washboards, penny whistles, tubas, whatever.
[ Read More... ]

Stories about Nov. 17, 2002, radical feeder march: [ Radical Feeder March a Big Success | Pics From The Radical Feeder March ]

Free childcare on January 18th
Portland Anti Capitalist Action is providing free childcare on January 18th. We have several certified care takers, certified social workers, (CPR certified ) and references available. We have secured the IWW hall on 6th and Burnside. Food, games, movies, arts and crafts etc...
[ Details ]

Peace / Anti-war events in the region: [ pdx indy STOP WAR page ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 13.01.2003 19:55
Tell the Forest Service the 'Healthy Forest Initiative' is Un-Healthy!
On August 22, 2002, President Bush announced the "Healthy Forest Initiative". Exploiting the wildfires of that year, the Healthy Forest Initiative (HFI) seeks to increase commercial logging in U.S. National Forests. The HFI proposes some drastic changes that if put into effect could eliminate virtually any opportunity for the public to comment on or appeal destructive logging projects that Greenpeace and others have fought so hard to end. The President has directed the Department of Agriculture, Department of the Interior and the Council on Environmental Quality to speed up regulatory processes and limit public participation in the name of fighting fires...

The Healthy Forest Initiative is a smokescreen for allowing logging interests to infiltrate the last of our old growth forests in the name of fire prevention. It cuts out important and necessary environmental impact statements and completely disregards the input of the public. The latest addition of categorical exclusions is just one more devious way the Bush administration is using the destruction of America's forests for political payback.

We the people have until January 15, 2002 to provide comments to the Forest Service to keep these categorical exclusions from becoming a reality.
[ Read More... ]

[ pdx indy forest activism page ]

RADICAL POLITICS 12.01.2003 19:30
Former Political Prisoners to Speak in Portland
From the open publishing newswire: On Friday, January 17th, Splitting the Sky and Ed Mead will be speaking in Portland. The presentation will take place at Disjecta, 116 NE Russell, at 7PM. This event is sponsored by the Anarchist Prisoners' Legal Aid Network outside support collective, Break the Chains and Anti-Capitalist Action. It is free, but we encourage donations to cover costs and support ongoing prisoner support ($3 - $10 suggested).

Splitting The Sky
When the history of the late 20th Century peoples' movement for Justice and Peace is written, the figure of Dacajeweiah "Splitting the Sky" John Hill will stand tall. This extraordinary freedom fighter exemplifies the spirit and character unique to those exciting times. From a background of orphanages and boarding schools, Dacajeweiah emerged as a principal leader of the Attica rebellion at the age of nineteen, and later became a major figure with the American Indian Movement.

Ed Mead
Ed Mead, is a former political prisoner, the co-founder of Prison Legal News, organizer of Men Against Sexism (a group that militantly opposed sexism, racism, homophobia and rape) inside the walls of the Washington State Penitentiary at Walla Walla, and the creator of the Prison Art Project. He will speak on the formation of Seattle's George Jackson Brigade (or GJB - a now defunct clandestine organization made up of working class anti-authoritarians and anti-imperialists) back in the '70s, and the relevance of that group's approach to organizing in the context of today's political realities.
[ Read More... ]

This week on KBOO's PressWatch: Revolution
From the open publishing newswire: This Thursday at 9:30 AM on KBOO people's nonprofit community radio 90.7 FM/< kboo.fm, tune in for a discussion of the urgency and responsibility to move swiftly to revolution. The phones will be open after the initial 15 or 20 minutes, and I will try to get extra time. I will discuss tactics and milieu of revolution from Spartacus to Marcos, and will suggest ways and means with humanitarianism and effectiveness in mind.
[ Read More... ]

NO TIME FOR SNOOZIN' 11.01.2003 13:48
toxic train derails near the dalles - Callout for local reporting ... Is anyone from the Dalles reading this?

from the whoregonian. "At least 20 cars left the track about 7:30 p.m. for an unknown reason, according to Capt. Joel Brown of Mid Columbia Fire & Rescue. There were no known injuries or reports of hazardous materials leaking. Authorities did not order any evacuations, but they advised residents within a half-mile radius to stay indoors, shut their windows and doors, and discontinue using any air-venting devices." IMC post

"I was arrested" [Follow up to INS Protest Story]

on the way to a public restroom.....I was arrested. my rights were not read. i was not allowed to make even one phone call. I found out I was charged with Failure to Obey and Disorderly Conduct. in my opinion, my rights were violated during the course of the day from the moment the arrest was made. i have to appear for trial on February 7, 2003. i'll write more about this later and want to thank everyone who stood in solidarity with those that were required to register with the U.S. Government. i did see 6-8 men in federal custody at the INS building when I was arrested. they were subsequently taken to an unknown location. Full story Background Background on INS roundups in SoCal
TODAY: TO'DO'S AND GOING'S ON: Help needed building computers for Argentina - No experience necessary ^ Political Prisoner Letter Writing Party, Saturday Jan.11, 6:30 @ CFA ^ Indymedia meeting Saturday 4:30 pm

TOMORROW AND MONDAY: hike state forest sunday, timber sale threatens bald eagle nest!!! ^ Volunteer Doctor from East Timor to speak in Portland

DIRECT ACTION: corporate press on the ELF and SUVs ^ The Animal & Earth Liberation Front - MORE! UPDATES FROM THE FRONTLINES! ^ UK ALF Press Officer, Robin Webb, US Speaking Tour ^ One generation to save world

TRUTH AND ILLUSION IN "DEMOCRACY": 12 Ways the Media Misreport Violence ^ What Democracy Would Look Like If It Really Worked

WAR AND PEACE: NEWS & DISCUSSION: Russian Warships on Standby to Sail to Gulf ^ Part 2. No Bomb? Your Screwed. Gotta Bomb? We're Cool. ^ Defiance of North Korea ^ Michael Parenti Article: To Kill Iraq: The Reasons Why ^ Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? ^ The Unprovoked War ^ From Containment to Pax Americana ^ Bush and Hitler

VENEZUELA: Plutocrat bank strike in Venezuela

GEEK-TIVISM / SOUTH AMERICA 10.01.2003 23:46
Weekend help needed to build computers for Indymedia Argentina

"Helping the needy get nerdy since the beginning of the 3rd millennium."

1731 SE 10th Ave
Portland, OR 97214
From the open publishing newswire: Portland's Geek Network For Social Change is working on putting together a shipment of a couple hundred computers to support their work. This is a follow-up to a shipment of 235 computers which we sent to the Ecuador Indymedia Center in November.

The Argentina indymedia center is the nexus of communication for the popular movement against neo-liberalism and the IMF. Their website gets over 25,000 page views a day. Yet they only have two computers. This shipment will help indymedia centers in Buenos Aires and Rosario, Argentina as well as other near by IMC's in Chile, Southern Brazil, Bolivia, and Uruguay. They will also be used to support other social movement groups who are on the forefront of the struggle for a better world.

We will be working from Free Geek's warehouse. Anyone, regardless of experience can help! We are having work parties the next two weekends, the 11th & 12th, and the 18th & 19th from 10 to 7. And Wednesday the 15th, Thursday the 16th , and Friday the 17th from 6 pm until late. The weekend of the 18th we will be doing a huge install fest. Please stop by for an hour or an evening to help out. This is a huge job and we need more volunteers. [ Details ] [ Project website ]

Free Geek is close to the following Tri-Met bus routes: 6 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd * 10 Harold * 14 Hawthorne * 70 12th Avenue - - - Map. If you have any questions or [are] planning on coming to help out, please either email imc-portland-tech-solidarity@indymedia.org [or] come on to irc.indymedia.org in the #boxes channel.

CAMPUS ORGANIZING 10.01.2003 21:09
Association for Peace and Social Justice forming at PCC Rock Creek
From the open publishing newswire: PCC Rock Creek winter clubs are forming, and one of them is the APSJ (Association for Peace and Social Justice). In order to start a club at PCC Rock Creek, a student (such as myself) must get eight people to commit to joining it. I have a few people signed up already, but I need at least 5 more (and the application has 20 slots which I would be happy to fill).

The club's purpose is "To foster and promote peace (both locally and globally) and to encourage interest in and action for the purpose of social progress". The description is broad, but should cover most topics we at Portland Indymedia are interested in. The main issue I will focus on in the club is the anti-war effort, but I, and hopefully all who join, will support such issues as the environment, workers rights, animal rights, etc.
[ Read More... ]

EVENTS ROUNDUP 09.01.2003 23:46
Do Something!
From the open publishing newswire: Volunteer Doctor from East Timor to speak in PortlandDr. Dan Murphy, a physician from Iowa who has volunteered in East Timor for the last four years, will speak in Portland on Monday, January 13th. Dr. Murphy remained in East Timor through the violence leading up to the 1999 UN-supervised referendum on independence.

Time: 7:00 p.m., Monday, January 13.
Location: Portland State University, School of Education, Corner SW Montgomery and Broadway, 3rd floor Foyer.
For more information: 503-292-8168.
[ More Info ]

hike state forest sunday / timber sale threatens bald eagle nestThe Oregon Department of Forestry's Back Break Ridge timber sale is to clearcut around an American Bald Eagle's Nest! Come out and join Bark, The Coast Range Association, Oregon Wildlife Federation, and the Sierra Club on their first groundtruthing hike of the year.

When: Sunday, Jan 12th. Please dress for wet & cold, & bring food & water!!
Where: Gnat Creek and Back Break Ridge timber sales.
Meet: Portland @ 9-ish at the Daily Grind, 4026 SE Hawthorne, and carpool... Near Astoria gather at 11ish across from the Gnat Creek fish hatchery!
[ Details, Directions and Actions ]

Political Prisoner Letter Writing PartyHere it is AGAIN!!!! Get off your BoOtY and write to Political Prisoners who are currently in jail for animal rights, earth rights, human rights and a lot more, and also learn updated info. We have had a lot of letters from prisoners that wrote back to the people who took the time to write.

Cascadia Forest Alliance (16th and Clinton)
Saturday, January 11th 6:30pm
[ More Info. ]

Howard Zinn on PBS this FridayHistorian, author, and activist Howard Zinn will be featured on NOW with Bill Moyers this Friday, January 10, on OPB. Howard will be talking about the case against war on Iraq and the broader Bush administration "war on terrorism."
[ Find Out When ]

LABOR 09.01.2003 15:35
Hello from Portland I.W.W. IU 660, retail workers
From the open publishing newswire:
January 8, 2003

We are pleased to announce the formation of an Industrial Organizing Committee of retail and general distribution workers, with the Industrial Workers of the World, Portland, Oregon. We are representatives from several retail environments, working together to develop industry standards that we feel all owners of retail should adhere to when dealing with labor. These include, but are not limited to: developing a living wage campaign for all retail workers, securing affordable and progressive health coverage, and developing a democratic process in each of our workplaces to give greater voice and representation to 'floor' employees as well.

We encourage all retail and distribution workers to get in contact with our Committee to find out what they can do to build this strategy. The I.W.W. is a volunteer, directly-democratic union; essentially, workers helping to organize workers. Your input and energy are not only needed, they are vital in creating the voice for retail workers throughout the Portland area that we are trying achieve.

Please get in contact with IU 660 today! [ Details ]

'A Hunger for Justice': Benefit Dinner & Concert for activist defense fund
From the open publishing newswire: An evening of dinner, dancin' and Danny Dolinger to benefit Speaking Truth to Power Defense Fund Thursday, January 9th at the Friends Meeting Hall, 4312 SE Stark Doors open at 5:30, dinner starts at 6pm, music till 9pm.

We are planning a great evening of food and music ~all we need to make the night complete is you! Bring your friends and join us for a buffet vegan dinner featuring a variety of seasonal raw and cooked dishes, including fresh green and warm grain salads, wheat-free breads, and so much more, followed by music from local talent, including Danny Dolinger,Vivian Section and Michael Hagmeier. Children welcome, supervised play room available.

Admission is $15, tickets available at Laughing Horse and Miridor Community Store. Proceeds from this event will benefit Tre Arrow's legal defense, contributions are not tax deductible, but are very much appreciated. If you would like to attend, but cant afford tickets, we have volunteer opportunities that will get you in the door and fed FREE, contact ST2P for more info. truth2power@griffinsforge.com - Speaking Truth to Power Defense Fund Website

Every cent goes to defending voices of dissent in our community.
[ Read More... ]

Stories about Tre: [ Solstice Ceremony to Protect Tre | FBI offers reward for Tre Arrow; Local community to raise funds for his defense (Dec. 18, 2002) | The Real Reason behind the Tre Arrow Indictments? (Dec. 5, 2002) | Activist injured at God's Valley pledges that struggle will continue (Oct. 24, 2001) | Judge decides not to "punish" Tre Arrow (Jan. 30, 2001) | Tre Arrow Speaks (streaming audio file, Nov. 13, 2000) ]
Defending Tre: [ The Speaking Truth To Power Defense Fund ]

SHINDIGS AND TO-DO'S 06.01.2003 18:15
Sign-making & cooking for Jan. 10 anti-racist action at INS
From the open publishing newswire: This Thursday, Jan. 9 at 3735 SE Raymond St. (about 5 blocks south of Holgate), the Anarchist Cooking and Baking Collective will be meeting to make food for the all-day NO RACIST ROUND-UPS demo in front of the INS building downtown. Come help with the choppin', learn some kitchen skills, share your own, and make new friends. Also that night, at the same location, come make SIGNS and BANNERS for the demo! [ Full Story ]

Still needed:
  • Some folks will be bringing cardboard, paint, etc., but if you have any supplies, please bring them!
  • transportation for signs, food, etc., down to the demo on Friday (and back again afterwards). And CLEAR PLASTIC for the signs!
  • lightweight wood
Jan 9th @ 7pm : Logging on Public Lands, How it Happens and How to Stop It.

Thursday, Jan 9th @ 7pm
Cascadia Forest Alliance
1540 S.E.Clinton

Come learn the ins and outs of how logging on public lands happens. Cascadia Forest Alliance will be giving a workshop on how timber sales are chosen and how you can stop them! Bring yourself and something to take notes with. [ Read More... ] [ Cascadia Forest Alliance ]

Northwest Regional Anarchist Bookfair

Tentative date: April 25th-27th MARK YOUR CALENDERS!! Portland Anti Capitalist Action is organizing a weekends worth of activities, workshops, films, soccer, food, discussions, solidarity actions, speakers, and trainings this spring. We are looking for groups and collectives who are anti-authoritarian / anti-capitalist to table the event. This is a regional fair so only those from the North West should contact us. We want to include revolutionaries from Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle, Olympia, Portland and Eugene (and all places in between!). We hope by brining these groups together it will facilitate better communication and info sharing throughout the North West in hopes of thinking of ourselves in the context of a real movement for social change, rather than isolated pockets of resistance. [ Details ]

ANTI-WAR ORGANIZING 04.01.2003 22:49
Oregon Coast Peaceful Resistance calendar
From the open publishing newswire: The Oregon coast has many activities going on or about to happen to resist war and work toward regaining peace and civil rights. Here's a list from the PASSIONATE PATRIOTS FOR PEACE:

ONGOING EVENTS: Central Coast Saturday Peace Vigils:
1. Newport Hwy 101 & 20 Noon-1pm
2. Waldport Hwy 101 & 34 11am-2pm
3. Yachats Hwy 101 9:30-10:30am
4. Lincoln City - Other Coast vigils held in Florence, Tillamook, Coos Bay.

MICHAEL CARRIGAN, OREGON PEACEWORKS Saturday, January 4, 2003, 9-5pm. FREE/donation; please register: 765-2383.
Saturday, January 11, 10am-6pm, Eugene Jan. 11 (possible repeat in Salem Jan 12)
January 18, 2003 NATIONAL PEACE RALLIES - NO WAR IN IRAQ - Carpools to Portland being organized locally; call 765-2393. Our presence will be noticed. We are not alone.
4. MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY January 20, 2003, PAC in Newport.
5. In case you missed him in December: REV. GORDY HUTCHINS ON PALESTINE & ISRAEL Thursday, Jan 23, 2 pm. Mt. Angel Library. All welcome.
CATHERINE THOMASSON, MD, Physicians for Social Responsibility.
Saturday February 8, 2003 7pm.
Visual Arts Center, Nye Beach, Newport. FREE; donations accepted.
February 3-8 Place: TBA (hopefully Newport Visual Arts Center)

More on Takashi Morizumi
Takashi Morizumi has been documenting the children of Iraq since 1998. She writes: After the Gulf War, the hospitals were filled with children suffering form leukemia,cancer and physical deformities. To treat the enormous increase in patients, the two pediatric hospitals in Baghdad had to build special wings for leukemia patients. But because of the economic sanctions, there is a severe shortage of medication.

7. Lane County Bill of Rights Defense Committee All-day Statewide Training Sunday,February 9, 10am-4pm, Eugene. Place: TBA.
[ Read More About These Events | Portland Indy STOP WAR page ]

STOP WAR 03.01.2003 09:55
PPRC Friday Rally Begins New Year of Weekly Actions Against War, Promotes January 18th MLK Rally and March for Peace and Justice
From the open publishing newswire: The Portland Peaceful Response Coalition kicks off 2003 with the first of this year's weekly rallies against war at Pioneer Courthouse Square this Friday, at 5:00 p.m.. The rally will be promoting the next large-scale rally and march for peace set for Saturday, January 18th. The theme for the January 18th rally and march will be "Take Action for Peace and Justice: Stop the War at Home and Abroad." As with the last two peace marches of October 5th and November 17th, the more than fifty organizations expected to be involved will each bring a unique perspective and focus for other concerns to be highlighted at the event.
[ Read More... ]

More information on peace & anti-war events & groups around Oregon can be found on the portland indymedia STOP WAR page.

[ Portland Peaceful Response Coalition ]

HISTORY OF RESISTANCE 02.01.2003 16:39
Jan 10th - Lecture on Legitimacy of Political Violence by Craig Rosebraugh
From the open publishing newswire: Within Westernized countries, particularly the United States, there has been a near universal acceptance of the notion that nonviolent action has been the foundation on which the success of social and political justice movements has been built. Yet, contrary to popular beliefs held by many in the United States, political violence has played a crucial role in advancing historical justice struggles. This lecture will examine the historical role that both nonviolence and political violence has played in social and political movements both within the United States and internationally.

When: Friday, January 10, 2003, 7:00 p.m.
Where: Laughing Horse Books, 3652 S.E. Division Street in Portland.

Originally from the Portland area, Craig Rosebraugh became thrust into the international spotlight during the past few years due to his role of spokesperson for the North American Earth Liberation Front (E.L.F.) After resigning the spokesperson position in September 2001, Rosebraugh became focused on an intense study of political violence and its role in historical justice movements. Rosebraugh will share highlights of his findings at the January 10, 2003 lecture.
[ Read More... ]

PEACE FORUM 02.01.2003 10:33
Community Forum: Local Impact of a War on Iraq

Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon and Portland City Commissioner Erik Sten's office will be sponsoring a community forum on January 5th on the Local Impact of an Iraq War. The event will be held this Sunday from 2 to 4pm at First United Methodist Church, 1838 SW Jefferson. This event is also sponsored by Congressman Earl Blumenauer, the Interfaith Council of Greater Portland, MerciCorps, and Physicians for Social Responsibility.
  • Gretchen Kafoury will speak on the local and international economic and social impacts of an American war on Iraq.
  • Katherine Thomason, MD will share more about estimated casualties of the war.
  • Wes Taylor, Methodist clergyman and President of Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon will talk about alternative approaches to international conflict.
  • Steve Claybourne of MerciCorps on difficulties of providing aid during war.
  • Earl Blumenauer will talk about preemptive war as a departure from past US policy.

Again, the meeting is:
Sunday, January 5
2 to 4pm
First United Methodist Church
1838 SW Jefferson
For more information immediately, Chris Hogness at (503) 235-7643.

LOCALIZATION 01.01.2003 17:14
Join the Localization Lobby
From the open publishing newswire: Union members and members of civil and environmental groups and just plain regular folk, come together with myself and others to form national and local bodies for the purposes of lobbying unions and civil society groups to take on the proposal I put forward on the 29th of December 2002 outlining the general principles of Localization. Localization as the only means to take back our economy and our democracy.
[ Read More... ]

PEACE EVENTS 31.12.2002 15:59
One Day of Peace Holds Peace Fair on New Year's Day
From the open publishing newswire: The One Day of Peace Coalition in Portland, Oregon is presenting, as its SECOND National Holiday event, a Peace Fair of support and celebration to all in our communities, towns, and cities across the nation and beyond. The Peace Fair will be held Wednesday, January 1, 2003 in a multi-cultural festival of community hopes, prayers, and visions of peace.

In today's climate of permanent war, it is more important than ever to add each voice to the call for real, lasting peace. This year's Peace Fair begins at 4PM with an exhibition of many Portland area peace groups, highlighting the work toward peace that is being performed in our own community and around the world.
[ Read More... ]

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