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COMMUNITY SUPPORT 28.02.2003 02:06
Benefit for Liberty Hall and CFA, March 5th, 8pm, Red & Black Cafe
From the open publishing newswire:


Cascadia Forest Alliance and Liberty Hall need financial help. Come enjoy a night of folk music at the Red and Black Cafe (2138 SE Division), Portland's Worker-Owned Cafe on Wednesday, March 5th at 8 p.m. Suggested donation $3-50; no one turned away for lack of funds.

Lichen & Rusty (Forest Activists from Portland)
Desert Rat (Labor Activist from Portland) Listen
Ethan Miller & Kate Boverman (Anti-war activists from Maine) Listen Watch

[ Details... ]

ANIMAL DEFENSE 27.02.2003 21:09
Protest the expansion of OHSU's Oregon Primate Center!
From the open publishing newswire:

WHAT: Demonstration against the expansion of the Oregon Primate Center
WHEN: Saturday March 1st, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
WHERE: Oregon National Primate Research Center; 505 NW 185th St. Beaverton OR

IDA will be having another demonstration at OHSU's Oregon National Primate Research Center to voice opposition to the ongoing expansion of their primate research labs. This latest addition to the Animal Services Building is using eight million tax dollars to add another 900 cages for rhesus monkeys. The lab admits that most of this addition will go towards behavioral research, experiments that are highly criticized by many in the scientific community as being outdated, invalid and have no relevance to human psychology.

For more information please contact matt@idausa.org 503-249-9996

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street roots Poetry Reading at Laughing Horse Books
From the open publishing newswire: Street roots publishes a newspaper by and for the homeless. This street roots poetry reading is free. It features many of the homeless and low income writers who are regulars on our poetry pages. Not your mamby-pamby pretentious coffee house reading. These readings are rich in diversity of experiences, perspectives, and subject matter. There will also be singer/songwriter musical performances.
[ Details... ]

FOREST DEFENSE 27.02.2003 20:07
Friday Rally to Protect Our National Forests
From the open publishing newswire: This Friday, February 28th 2003, is a day to mark on your calendar. On this day at 12:15 p.m. people will gather at 700 NE Multnomah (near the Lloyd center) to spur a from-within-the-government resitance to the horrendus enviromental policies of the current administration. This protest is hoping to show our Senator Wyden that the people will stand with him on protecting our current laws that guard the forests in America as a whole and the ecological diversity found within.He is currently undecided.

This is a very important issue for all of us and WE NEED YOU to be there Friday, Feb. 28 at 12:15 700 NE Multnomah.At the very least if you cannot show up, call Wydens' office on this to let him know! 503-326-7525
[ Read More... ]

[ www.gptaskforce.org ]

MEDIA [R]EVOLUTION 26.02.2003 21:50
Empower Yourself. Empowers Others. indymedia training on Thurs., the 27th
From the open publishing newswire: Not until we have learned as individuals and as a culture to empower ourselves, and to stop letting the fascist powers-that-be forcefeed us our lives and our news, will we have real positive change in the world.

This Thursday, from 7-9, come to a portland indymedia website/features training at the Cascadia Forest Alliance Infoshop at 1540 SE Clinton St!

The portland indymedia is one of the most-trafficked, most posted-to website in the U.S. in large part because it is such a frequently updated website. Where most IMCs have 1-5 center-column features a week (or a month in some cases), the portland site has 1-9 a day. That's because all original posts about local events/issues are turned into features. This policy rewards and encourages people who write original content and post it to the site. People LOVE it when their story becomes a feature! They feel EMPOWERED, and if you're helping to di it, you're EMPOWERING them.

There's a lot of talk about not just protesting, but creating viable alternatives. indymedia is one such alternative project -- a new kind of way of telling the news and distributing the news. A new kind of news, entirely! And it's working! Help with the media rEvolution! Come to the training on Thursday and learn how easy and simple it is to update the site... [ Read More... ]

ANTI-WAR 26.02.2003 14:07
Anti-war Protest in Portland on Saturday, March 1st
From the open publishing newswire: Act Against War! Stop Military Recruitment! Join us to confront the lies of military recruiters and demand a meaningful and safe existence for our youth.

Radical Anti-War Committee is calling for you to join us in an anti-war protest at 1 PM, Saturday, March 1,2003 at Holladay Park (NE 11th & Multnomah) near Lloyd Center.

While schools throughout Oregon are being cut to the bone, the military receives ever greater funding. While youth are losing educational and employment opportunities they are increasingly being prepared to die and kill for George Bush.
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PEACE / ANTI-WAR 21.02.2003 21:15
Peace vigil on Sandy in Hollywood, this Sunday the 23rd
From the open publishing newswire:
Back by popular demand!
Hollywood Peace Vigil 2
Sunday, February 23 afternoon
4:00 p.m. ? Harold Kelly Plaza
(just north of Hollywood Burger Bar)
?Bring signs and noisemakers
?Be visible ?Be loud ?Be peaceful ?Be careful ?BE THERE!
[ Newswire post | Calendar Entry | Bus Route 77 schedule & map ]

newberg high activists march for peace
I am driving home from from lafayette to portland, suddenly there are teens walking down the street with signs for peace, and protesting possible war. I was so thrilled, here is my lousy picture of the event. they also had a nice hand out. Hope they come to portland for the march 15th anti-war Rally! [ Read More... ]

STUDENT ACTIVISM 20.02.2003 22:50
Student Activist Alliance to hold Liberation School during furlough days
From the open publishing newswire: The Student Activist Alliance (SAA) is a grassroots organization run and organized by and for Portland Public School students. Organizers of the recent walkouts, sit-ins, and protests related to the cuts being made to the school budget, the SAA is currently organizing a free school, called the Liberation School, to supplement public education during the days lost due to budget cuts. In the event that the Portland Association of Teachers (PAT) strike, the school will be in operation for the duration of the strike. The Liberation School will be open for students in Elementary, Middle and High School, and will be taught by schoolteachers, parents, responsible students, community members and anyone willing to donate a portion of their time to the future taxpayers of the city.

The SAA is holding an Open Forum/Workshop on Monday, February 24, 2003, 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. in the Smith Building of Portland State University, Ballroom (rm. 355). This forum will inform prospective parents and community members about the efforts of the SAA to create, in a short period of time, a safe place for students to go once school has prematurely ended. The Liberation School is seeking a location and community members who are willing to teach classes or help out in anyway.

"We hope that we get lots of people from across the city to attend the forum, as it is one of the only ways we can get this important message across to everyone who could be involved in the Liberation School." States SAA member Jesse Hannan.
[ Read More... ]

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 20.02.2003 22:44
Peace Vigils in Wallowa County / Enterprise, Oregon
From the open publishing newswire: There are regular peace vigils in Wallowa County / Enterprise, Oregon. We meet on Sundays, 5:00 PM at the Enterprise Courthouse Gazebo. All are welcome to attend. Bring love, candles, musical instruments, such as drums, tambourines, guitars, etc. [ Newswire post ]

ANTI-GLOBALIZATION 20.02.2003 11:35
WTO to Speak at Reed, 4pm Thursday
From the open publishing newswire: 4pm Volumn Lecture Hall 3203 SE Woodstock Blvd, Portland OR. A WTO speaker will present a lecture on Hunger in the third world and the role of "manufactured art" and free trade in aiding find a solution.

[ Read More... ]

WORKERS 19.02.2003 17:58
CONTRACT! NOT BOMBS! 2nd contract rally at Powell's Books
From the open publishing newswire: Join us for our contract campaign kick-off rally this saturday Feb. 22nd at noon between burnside and couch on 10th street What better way to kick-off our second contract campaign than to support the local struggles for fair contracts and justice already in progress. This saturday in front of Powell's hear from: Portland Teachers, Providence Nurses, Convention Center Security guards, UAW strikers at Williams Controls, Striking Students, Powell's workers.

We need the community support behind us once again for this contract. We could not have done it the first time without our community allies. Lets support all of these workers who are fighting for fair contracts despite the anti-worker regime in the whitehouse, CONTRACTS! NOT BOMBS! [ Details ]

10th & Couch

FOREST DEFENSE 14.02.2003 19:48
AUDIO FILE: Bark Field Trip to Pollalie-Cooper Timber Sales
From the open publishing newswire: The February Bark Field Trip was to the Pollalie-Cooper Timber Sale on the northeast side of Mt. Hood. This sale is composed of three separate sales, Clan, Kilt and Tartan, slated to be commercially thinned. Of the three, only Clan has been sold. Bark leads these groundtruthing hikes the second Sunday of every month, departing from the Daily Grind, SE Hawthorne & 40th, at 9:30 am, visiting a different sale every month.

These sales are especially egregious because of the close proximity of another timber sale, the Clear Timber Sale Besides this, Mt. Hood Meadows is moving ahead with plans for a Destination resort in this same area. This resort would locate 450 condominiums and a golf course in the Kilt unit area , which were the subject of this months field trip.

This months hike was led by Ian, and took us through the Kilt sales within the larger Pollalie Cooper Sales. In this audio file, which is about 15 minutes in length, Ian and the 32 people on the hike discuss Forest Service reasons for management of these high elevation lands and possible results from the scheduled commercial. Fire prevention, as usual of late, figures high on the list of reasons to manage the forest, though fire has always been an integral part of forest system ecologies.
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Benefit for M.A.S.H.H. and Black Cross Health Collective
From the open publishing newswire: Western medicine not working for you? Get pepper sprayed at a protest? No health insurance? Cops kick your ass? Well who do you think is gonna take care of you? MASHH (Medicine for activists seeking health and healing), CHE and Black Cross are dedicated to providing medical care and training to activists and everyday people who are taking a stand for a better today and tomorrow.

Music provided by Knecht Ruprecht, Pennsytucky Takeover, and DJ Lil Pete will finish off the evening. We close up the place at midnight. Food, entertaining people and music will be available to all ages, $5 at the door. Beer will be available at a reasonable price only to those who are 21 and have a valid ID.

This is a benefit party, money will go to help train more street medics for Portland and elsewhere. We want people to have a good time, please leave weapons and attitudes at home.
[ Details ]

NO WAR IN IRAQ 11.02.2003 18:30
February 15 in Portland!
From the open publishing newswire:

International Day of Action
Saturday, February 15 and all weekend

Here's some of the highlights:

Friday, February 14

8 to 9 am
Peace presence on Portland bridges

Saturday, February 15

10 am to 1 pm: Southeast Uplift
Brainstorm and Discussion: How the anti-war community can unite to prevent George W Bush from being elected in 2004

Noon: North Park Blocks
Radical March Against the War

1 pm: Federal Building, Eugene
"We the People" Rally

1:30 pm: State Capitol
Unite for Peace, March and Rally
March: 1:30 pm State Capitol Salem
Rally: 2:45 pm Jackson Plaza Willamette University

2 to 4 pm: Colonel Summers Park Pavilion, SE Taylor between 18th and 20th
A Magical Ritual For Peace
Coordinated by the Magical Activism Cluster of Portland Reclaiming and SisterSpirit.

5:30 to 7 pm: Marylhurst University
Presentation: Cries from Iraq: Effects of Sanctions and US Invasion

7:30 pm: Echo Theatre, 1515 SE 37th and Hawthorne
Peace and Free Speech benefit performance with Dr Atomics

All weekend
Love Makes A Family - hopefully joined by members of Lesbian Community Project and Brother to Brother - will be distributing Peace valentines throughout the weekend of Feb 15-16.

To submit your event: events@nwpeace.org


[ More Events... ]

ANTI-WAR 08.02.2003 20:40
Celebration of resistance! Ashland F14
From the open publishing newswire: Friday, Valentine's Day: don't work for the war machine! spend the morning making love, spend the afternoon making peace.

At NOON the ASHLAND PLAZA downtown becomes a festival of resistance! Music, puppets, dancing, drums, a vigil in grief and hope! Prayer, candles, sharing, visions, a zone to express our rage! Free speech, mobilizing, action. To do more than numbly watch, or shake our fists in despair, we must come together.

We invite all kinds of participants and all kinds of participation we will make of our public space an assemblea of the people in action your visions and skills and commitment will be not alone but collected, together, with all the power our diversity can muster . . .
[ Read More ]

FAITH IN ACTION 07.02.2003 14:21
Radical Congregation Holds Discussion Meeting for Conscientious Objectors to War
From the open publishing newswire: George W. Bush has read his State of the Union speech. Nowhere man Dick Cheney's new underground bunker is almost complete. Our friends over at Fox News have weighed in, telling us repeatedly that Secretary of State Colin Powell hit a home run at the UN. If one is watching the corporate media these days, it looks like it is time for war.

Are YOU or is someone you know a draft board target for the "war on terror"? Christ the Healer will be conducting an informational discussion meeting for draft age young men and women and concerned parents on Monday, February 10 at 7PM. The meeting will be held at Christ the Healer, 5150 SW Watson in Beaverton. Anyone with questions about this meeting on establishing Conscientious Objector status is encouraged to call 503.650.4447. [ Read More... ]

Call to Conscience From Veterans to Troops and Reservists
From the open publishing newswire: If the people of the world are ever to be free, there must come a time when being a citizen of the world takes precedence over being the soldier of a nation. Now is that time. When orders come to ship out, your response will profoundly impact the lives of millions of people in the Middle East and here at home. Please Circulate this to Troops, Reservists and Military Families

Missing person sought
Sourced from the Mail Tribune: All Oregon residents, and those of the south in particular, are asked to be on the alert for a Medford women, Rosemary Lou "Rosie" Reisinge, age of 43, 5 feet 5 inches, and 140 pounds. She was last last seen wearing a blue shirt, Wranglers ( a type of jeans), and a black jacket with a Peterbilt logo. Also look for a Chevy Blazer: a farming and sport utility vehicle , colored gray and white with liscence plate PTB 358. The contact/organizor to give relevent information will be Medford police Detective Terry Newell at 774-2230.
[full newswire article with more information]

ANTI-WAR 06.02.2003 21:34
'We the People' rally announced in Eugene for Feb. 15, the International Day of Action against escalating war in Iraq
From the open publishing newswire: Hey if you can't make it to Portland for the peace rally [?]. Do something in your own town. Progressive Responses, a program of CALC, will be holding a rally in Eugene, on February 15, 2003 under the slogan of "We the People."

The focus will be on the impact of the Bush Administration's agenda on the pressing need for living wages, environmental protection, civil liberties, economic equity, quality education, universal health care, and workers' rights. We will be voicing our protest against the this government's onslaught against all these American values under the guise of "national security" and "fighting terrorism". We will say "Not in Our Name" to war on Iraq and to militarism, and we will lift our voices FOR domestic and global justice, peace, the preservation of the public sphere, and the meeting of human needs worldwide.

The rally will take place at the Federal Building at 1 p.m. [ Read More... ]

ANTI-WAR ACTION 05.02.2003 11:14
Catch the Oregon Coast Peace Wave
From the open publishing newswire:
All along the Oregon Coast communities are organizing for Peace and resistance. Here is a list of a few of those actions

Peace Wave Spreading Along Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast Peace Wave continues this next Saturday, February 8th, with an event in Newport and one in Bandon. Citizens Democracy Watch, a Florence-based action/discussion forum, is announcing support for both events and car-pooling north and south.

The double Peace event follows the first Peace Wave at Waldport. The rolling peace event has received national radio mention on San Francisco's KGO this week. Newport spokesperson Lynn Jeffress says "We expect to move the Peace Wave into Washington and California, while keeping energy here in Oregon. Newport activities include music, food, peace poetry and an organized high school student contingent singing group. More traditional ways of expressing opinion against this unnecessary war will also occur, including signs and a silent vigil." Newport activities will start at the intersection of Highways 101 & 20, at 11:30 a.m. [ Read More... ]

AUDIO: Interviews with people at the coast taken during previous demonstrations at Newport and Waldport: [ streaming audio (~10 min.) ]

ANTI-WAR 05.02.2003 09:23
PDX AntiWar Rally Feb. 15!
Why is it that there's no big PDX downtown weekend antiwar rally planned for February? Did I miss the email? Unless a miracle happens, Bush is gonna pull the trigger on Iraq this month or next, so now is the necessary time to hit the bricks again. It's ridiculous to waste the momentum of A22, O5, N17 & J18 with absolutely nothing when it's most needed.

No Blood for Oil!
No Fascist War!
Insane Warmongers!
US Corporate Whores!

Let's hook up at Noon Sat. Febr. 15 in the North Park Blocks (NE 9th & Burnside by the elephant) and re-create the feeder march assembly from January. Some fabulous people did a great job last time. How 'bout doing it again?
[ Read More... ]

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