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PEACE | ACTION 22.04.2003 21:52
Free Peace Party! Open Mike Poetry Against War - Everyone is invited
From the open publishing newswire: Open mike Poetry Against War. Featured guests moe bowstern, anna decastro, leslie fried, walt curtis, steephen spyrit, jennifer gleach, leanne grabel and you. free of charge, but if you give a donation, you will get a free zine with poetry against war. [ Read More... ]

Every thursday from April through June - 7:00pm
at pacific switchboard
4637 n. albina street
2 blocks south of alberta & 11 blocks west of MLK

ACTIVIST HEALTH 21.04.2003 23:40
8-Hour Black Cross First Aid Training In Portland
From the open publishing newswire:

9:45 AM TO 6 PM

8-hour workshop, open to the public, at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, Ross Island Campus, Great hall, Room #310. You do not need to register for this workshop. There is visitor parking available in the West lot. Directions to NCNM
You will learn: Basic protest safety for you and your affinity group, Chemical weapons (pepper spray) decontamination, Herbal remedies and aftercare, ABCs (Scene survey, scene management, Airway, Breathing, Circulation, spinal cord precautions, triage).

Dress as if you were going to a protest. Sensible shoes and raingear required; we may get you wet. Sandals are a no-no. [ Read More... | Black Cross Health Collective]

FEMINISM / HERSTORY 21.04.2003 21:10
Feminist Activist Conference this weekend at PSU
From the open publishing newswire: Feminisms Conference - looking backwards, moving forward: a weekend of connected activisms. We invite you to participate in this upcoming free conference celebrating multi-dimensional feminisms and connected activisms. Come and participate in sessions and engage with inspiring performers, doers and thinkers as we explore ways to take our individual and collective actions to deeper levels.

There will be a community activist space showing a range of videos including the A22 Bush Protest video, the story of the Peak Timber Sale as well as videos from the recent anti-war protests. There will also be information and updates about various activist groups including Cascadia Summer, The Student Activist Alliance and Art and Revolution.

Friday, April 25th 6 - 9 pm
Saturday, April 26th 9 am - 8 pm

Portland State University, Smith Memorial Student Union, first floor
[ The goals of this conference are: ]

World Week for Animals in Labs (WWAIL)
From the open publishing newswire: Please take 5 or 10 minutes each day to act in defense of animals lingering in laboratories. Each weekday during WWAIL, you can take one simple action to speak up for the hundreds of millions of monkeys, mice, dogs, cats and other animals who are being tortured behind locked doors. These lonely, terrified animals need your help right now.

Monday, April 21 - March of Dimes - The March of Dimes (MOD) has funded research in which newborn kittens had their eyelids sewn shut in an attempt to study the effects of visual deprivation. MOD itself admits that this study [ yielded no... ] March of Crimes | WWAIL Events

ACTION 21.04.2003 14:21
Voluntary Action Day in Salem
From the open publishing newswire: The Oregon Commission for Voluntary Action and Service will host Voluntary Action Day at the Oregon Capitol in Salem on May 2, 2003. This is a chance to share stories of service with legislators and highlight the impact of volunteers on Oregon communities. Festivities begin at 9:30 a.m. as Governor Ted Kulongoski (invited) and state legislators sign the Pledge to Serve Oregon. For more information about Voluntary Action Day, please email ocsc@pdx.edu or call (888)353-4483. [ Read More... ]

FOREST DEFENSE 21.04.2003 10:59
Massive Salvage Logging Planned for Siskiyou Wild Rivers Area
From the open publishing newswire: The US Forest Service is proposing to log 90 million board feet of trees from sensitive, Biscuit Fire affected forests in the Siskiyou Wild Rivers area.

In plans released March 18th 2003, the Forest Service also proposed an unspecified amount of logging, non-native tree planting and road building across tens of thousands of miles - all at a loss to tax-payers.


"Nothing about this plan makes sense" said Rolf Skar of the Siskiyou Project. "We didn't need to log Yellowstone after it burned. The Siskiyou Wild Rivers area depends on fire, and is rejuvenating naturally. Why should we trash it at tax-payer expense?"

"There is no scientific basis for this proposal" said Dominick DellaSalla, Ph.D., director of the World Wildlife Fund's Klamath-Siskiyou office in Ashland. "Quadrupling logging levels on the Siskiyou National Forest will doing nothing to help communities become firewise. Salvage logging is one of the most destructive types of logging activities - it removes both live and dead big trees, leaving behind flammable logging slash and delaying post-fire recovery. This is yet another move by the Bush administration to gut environmental protections for the globally-significant Siskiyou Wild Rivers area."[ Read More... | Siskiyou.org ]

World Tree-sit Day kicks off early in Eugene,Oregon

Activist Mike McCarthy is right now occupying a tree in front of the Shelton McMurphy house on Skinners Butte as of 11:00 pm sunday night(4-20-2003) in protest of proposed cutting of several trees.He will be available for interviews on site monday.

McCarthy has been discussing this issue with city parks staff and feels he must call this to the attention of the community.[ Read More... | Tree-sit.org ]

Celebrate Earth Day by Canceling the Clark Timber Sale

Twenty-nine acres of old-growth forest are still slated to be logged any day at the Clark timber sale in the treasured Fall Creek watershed. There are three upcoming events that have been put together to get the last of the sale canceled.

Sunday, April 20: Campout at the Clark timber sale (Fall Creek)
Monday, April 21: Banner making at Growers for Earth Day rally at Zippo
Tuesday, April 22: Earth Day rally at Zippo Log Mills (6th/Garfield).
Ride your bike and meet at the mill at 1 pm. Rally at the mill and urge Zippo to get out of the sale. Critical Mass bike ride to the Federal Building afterward to rally for old-growth protection. Spread the word.

[ Read More... ]

COMMUNITY EVENTS 20.04.2003 14:20
Portland Area Upcoming Events
From the open publishing newswire and portland imc calendar of events:
6:30 pm Lesbian and Gay Immigration Rights Task Force Legal Clinic to educate and inform people affected by discriminatory immigration laws about their opportunities for legal immigration There will be a presentation, social time and free consultations with immigration lawyers. [Details...]
6:30pm A Dialogue on the Middle East - First United Methodist Church, 1838 SW Jefferson, Room 202
A Dialogue on the Middle East: The Kurdish Perspective. Come and learn more about Kurds and Kurdistan. [ Calendar post... | www.orpeace.org ]
7 pm Benefit for anti war arrestees
funds raised go towards the legal costs and lawyers for those arrested during the Anti War demonstrations here in Portland. [ Details... ]
7 pm Free Peace Party! Open Mike Poetry Against War Every Thursday from April thru June! Open mike Poetry Against War. Featured guests moe bowstern, anna decastro, leslie fried, walt curtis, steephen spyrit, jennifer gleach, leanne grabel and you. free of charge, but if you give a donation, you will get a free zine with poetry against war. Details

FRIDAY 4/25:
4 pm ART=PEACE ACTION - Pioneer Courthouse Square. "Mourning" The third installment in OPI'S "DEAD-IN"... [ calendar post... ]
5:30 pm Celebrate Spring with the First Annual Critical Mass Scavenger Hunt - NW Park & Couch (North Park Blocks)
In response to the brutal treatment Critical Mass has received from the Portland Police Department, and the continuing media and police misinformation campaign against Critical Mass, the April ride has been established as a scavenger hunt. [Details..]
6:30 pm Rachel Corrie: Honor Rachel on the 40th day after her martyrdom
NW Cultural Center 1819 NW Everett. Commemorate her life and commitment to justice and the Palestinian People.[ Details... | Flyer]

7 pm Pepto Dizmal & Circus Pandamonium - Liberty Hall 311 N. Ivy -
Portland's homegrown circuses team up to promote Cruelty-Free circus fun! [ Details ...]

Anti-capitalist call to shut down the Sacramento ministerial
From the open publishing newswire: Come to Sacramento, CA June 23-25 to shut down the WTO agricultural ministerial!!! - From June 23-25th 2003 the Ministers of Trade, Agriculture and Environment from 180 nations, including all member states of the World Trade Organization (WTO), will meet in Sacramento California at a summit hosted by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), USAID, and the US State Department. This meeting will be a stepping stone to the September WTO Ministerial in Cancun and the Summit of the Americas scheduled for Miami in November. This meeting will be held the same time as an "Expo On Agricultural Science and Technology" which will be showing off the "benefits" of transnational agribusiness and biotechnology.

With this meeting and Expo the United States through WTO is planning on forcing its agricultural agenda on the rest of the world. Agriculture in the most debated issue in the WTO, and for good reason, food affects everyone world wide. Yet both the ministerial meeting and the Expo are not open to the public. The rest of the world has no say. We can not allow these bastards to impose their rules on the rest of the world.

The reasons for shutting down the WTO and putting an end to neoliberalism are far too many to name here. So much suffering around the world has already been caused by neoliberalism, now they are trying to add even more through their agricultural agenda, and their forcing of the biotech menace upon the world. Concerned activists from northern California and around the world will gather in the streets on Sacramento and tell the biotech industry and the WTO to go to hell.

The day after the invasion of Iraq started activists shut down San Francisco. We are calling on individuals and affinity groups to stop the invasion of our food supply with a militant shut down of Sacramento for 3 days.

There will be spokescouncil meetings every night from June 16th, through June 26th. Come with a plan of action and be ready for a capitalist-smashing good time.
[ Read More... ]

INDYMEDIA 19.04.2003 11:47
Soon to be launched - New Portland Indymedia Site!
From the open publishing newswire: In the next two weeks the new portland indymedia website will be launched. There will be a revised look to the site, as well as new functionality. During the transition, which will be announced beforehand, you can expect the site to be down for 12 up to 24 hours while it is switched.

The new site will have a number of new features. First, there will be regions and topics. The publish page is being redone, and the person posting to the site will be able to select both a region, and multiple topics that fit the article (see and comment on topic list). There will also be an actions list and when there is an upcoming major action, that will be an option to select as well. Second, the site will have a new and more effective search engine. Third, the site will be bilingual. All the static content of the site, (not the newswire articles or featured stories) will be in english and spanish. Fourth, media handling will be different for articles. With the new site, all the media will appear as thumbnails on the one article page. Clicking on a thumbnail will open the full size image. Fifth, there will be a new calendar with more reliability and functionality... [ Read More... ]

EDUCATION | FORUM | LABOR 18.04.2003 20:29
Education in Crisis! A Forum for Campus and Education Workers SATURDAY 5-8pm
From the open publishing newswire:
This Saturday April 19 @ 5-8pm
IWW Hall - 616 E. Burnside

Bus drivers, professors, grad students, janitors, engineers, pre-school teachers, plummers, clerical workers and all workers and students in the education industry are encouraged to come and share their experiences and ideas. We want to evaluate the current strategies, sift out the failing ones, highlight potentially succesful ones,and develop better ideas everyone can take straight back to their workplaces, unions, and fellow workers to implement. There will be presentations, a round-table strategy session, and dinner will be provided free. For more information, please call the IWW Union Hall at 503-231-5488 and leave a message for IOC 620, Campus & Education Workers. [ Read More... ]

LOCALIZATION 17.04.2003 23:31
Earth Day 2003: Celebration of Localization
From the open publishing newswire:
Saturday April 19th, 2003
noon - 8pm
, and it's all FREE!
da Vinci Arts Middle School
2508 NE Everett, Portland, Oregon

It's a festival of our Community featuring live local bands, lots of food, kids' events and more! Listen and dance to bluegrass, samba, klezmer and folk from over 15 performers, including Lions of Batucada, 3 Leg Torso, Anne Weiss, Echo Holstrom, Sid Brown with Steve Amdahl, Vagabond Opera and many others! The FREE Celebration runs from noon until 8:00pm, and includes 60+ green vendors and organizations, a Kids VIllage, a local farmers market and a Village Parade....[ Earlier feature

[ www.cityrepair.org | April 19 events \ May9-18 Village Building Convergence ]

BIKES!! BIKES!! BIKES!! BIKES!! 17.04.2003 23:27
Karaoke to Karaoke - BY BIKE!
BIKE POWER From the open publishing newswire: Friday, the 18th 6:00 - Meet at Chopsticks Express At 7, we hit the next joint ... 3 stops planned, maybe more ... Bar bike rides happen on the third Friday of the month at a different spot each time. To stay updated, see the calendar at http://www.ShiftToBikes.org **DISCLAIMER** This is not a Shift event [ Read More... ] Why such a late Critical Mass? | BikeSummer Rides Again

KBOO Community Radio presents
"... Hedges unravels the myths and dysfunctional nationalism that grip nations heading to war..." - TomPaine.com
From the open publishing newswire: Hollywood Theatre: On Monday, April 21st [@ 7:00pm], KBOO Community Radio proudly presents Christopher Hedges, veteran investigative reporter, award-winning war correspondent and author of War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning. This timely book is a potent warning and eloquent critique of humanity's love affair with war and the unforeseen consequences for both winners and losers.

Hedges has been a war correspondent for The New York Times and The Christian Science Monitor for over 15 years. He has served as the Middle East Bureau Chief for The Dallas Morning News and as a National Public Radio correspondent in El Salvador and Buenos Aires. From Guatemala to Columbia to the Persian Gulf to the former Yugoslavia, Hedges has chronicled more than a decade of armed conflict. Hedges was also a part of the journalistic team that won the 2002 Pulitzer Prize for coverage of global terrorism.

For more information call KBOO at 503-231-8032 x 208 or check the Web site for details at www.kboo.fm [ Read More... ] www.kboo.org

FOREST DEFENSE 17.04.2003 17:45
Stop Clark timber Sale/Protest in Eugene
image courtesy of tree-sit.org
From the open publishing newswire: * Celebrate Earth Day by Canceling the Clark Timber Sale Twenty-nine acres of old-growth forest are still slated to be logged any day at the Clark timber sale in the treasured Fall Creek watershed. There are three upcoming events that have been put together to get the last of the sale canceled. [ Read More... ]

Sunday, April 20: Campout at the Clark timber sale (Fall Creek)
Monday, April 21: Banner making at Growers for Earth Day rally at Zippo
Tuesday, April 22: Earth Day rally at Zippo Log Mills (6th/Garfield). Ride your bike and meet at the mill at 1 pm.

[*Question: Does anyone know anything about the timber sales in the Clackamas Ranger District that were postponed? ]

LEGAL CHALLENGE 16.04.2003 22:09
Press Release Thursday Announcing New Law Suits Against the City of Portland
From the open publishing newswire:
Press Conference April 17th, 2003 12 noon, City Hall ( 4th Ave. ) regarding upcoming law suits against the City of Portland over the heavy-handed tactics of the Portland Police Bureau.

Victims of Police Attacks During the Recent Protests Against the Iraq War Announce the Filing of Federal Civil Rights Lawsuits Against the City of Portland, Mayor Vera Katz, Police Chief Mark Kroeker, Mark Kruger and Joe Hanousek. The protestors involved in this notice to file lawsuits were acting legally and were exerting their First Amendment right to protest on the sidewalk. [ Full Story... ]

For Immediate Release
Contact Info:
Alan Graf, Attorney at Law

Financial assistance needed for legal support

BENEFIT SCREENING 16.04.2003 20:25
From the open publishing newswire:

Mark your calenders! Come on down to support independent media making and see never before seen footage from Iraq/Palestine!

Occupied Territories :
Stories from Iraq and Palestine

A screening of films by Bignoisefilms ("This is What Democracy Looks Like", "Zapatista", and "9.11" among others) and Iraqjournal.org, a collaboration with Voices in the Wilderness and Direct Action Palestine. What you won't see on the six o'clock news. Support independent reporting from inside the anti-war movement and hear stories from inside occupied territory.

-All proceeds to support independent documentation and reporting on the humanitarian situation and war crimes in Iraq

-Also showing a sneak preview of "Martial Law", a film by PDX Indymedia Video Collective featuring footage of the police crackdown on the protest of March 25th.

-Q&A session afterwards with a peace delegate who has traveled to Iraq.

-We will also have copies of the films "A22" (Bush protest) and "Day X" (March 20th day of bombing protest) for sale, as well as original prints from the collapse and popular uprising in Argentina.

Sunday April 27th $6
Clinton St. Theatre
2522 SE Clinton St
Portland, OR 97202-1239

Big Noise Films

[ Read More and dowload PDF version of flyers to print and distribute ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 16.04.2003 15:42
Cascadia Summer & CFA Benefits Thursday and Friday
Cascadia Forest Alliance Upcoming events :

From the open publishing newswire: Thursday, April 17th: Cascadia Forest Revue join us as we celebrate the cancellation of the Eagle Creek timber sales and the life of Beth O'Brien, aka Horehound, who gave her life in the defense of our drinking water and native public lands. Music by DiggaBone will procede a presentation of what activists can do to join into the Cascadia Summer Campaign to End Commercial Logging on Public Lands this summer using non-violent civil disobedience. 8pm, Burlingame Pizza, 111 SW Ash, $3-10 no one turned away. For more info call 503-241-4879

Friday, April 18th: Hidden Wars of Desert Storm Video Showing Come out to a video showing of the Hidden Wars of Desert Storm and the Cascadia Summer video. Come learn what the corporate media won't tell you about America and Iraq. It's important that we all recognize the connection between war, brutality at home, and destruction of the environment. That connection is: Capitalism. 7pm at The Know on NE 21st and Alberta. $4-10 w/ 75% going to Cascadia Summer. to help prevent the destruction of the last remaining native forests on our public lands in the Pacific Northwest. [ Newswire post... | Another post]

[ www.cascadiaforestalliance.org | www.cascadiasummer.org ]

MUTUAL AID 16.04.2003 08:04
Court Support for War Protestors
From the open publishing newswire: Arraignments for many the war protestors arrested March 20 are being held at 1:30 pm 4/14 through 4/24 in court room one at the Justice Center.

Arraignments for many the war protestors arrested March 20 are being held at 1:30 pm 4/14 through 4/24 in court room one at the Justice Center. The courtroom is open to the public. Most of the charges are being reduced to violations (in other words NO JAIL TIME) and many of the defendants are pleading not guily. On May 20 at 9:00 am many of the defendants will be returning to the court room to reenter their plea after seeing the police report about their arrests (for some reason these have not been released yet). It might be nice to have a breakfast gathering across from the Justice Center that morning and/or a picnic at lunch time. Any one interested? [ Read More... ]

MEDIA AND WAR 16.04.2003 07:57
Free, Excellent Speaker on Media and War
From the open publishing newswire: A fantastic speaker, professor, and author of "Sign Wars" and "Nike Culture" will give a free talk about the mainstream media coverage of the war in Iraq at Lewis and Clark College on Wednesday at 3 PM.

Wednesday, April 16, 3 p.m, in the new "Albany" building right past the libary, at Lewis and Clark College.: A talk by Bob Goldman, professor of sociology. The talk will explore the mainstream media coverage of the war in Iraq. Mr. Golman also teaches a class at Lewis and Clark called "American Advertising: The Semiotics of Signs"--that i took. He is a fantastic and motivating speaker and he has a sharp, critical and entertaining approach to disentanling the mainstream media. This is not to be missed. And it's free! It's about a ten minute drive from downtown, and there is a free shuttle that picks up every hour downtown in front of Nordstroms. The scheduale can be found at www.lclark.edu under "Transportation" [ Read More... | TIME CHANGE ]

ALTERNATIVE MEDIA 14.04.2003 22:43
KBOO news to be available on-demand on the web
Someone asked on the open publishing newswire: Glen Owen will record and provide mp3 audio file of KBOO newscasts several times a week. KBOO does not provide this Audio On Demand service at this time. This will allow those interested to receive a sample of local COMMUNITY radio news coverage to compare with National Public Radio archives for same date and time. [ Read More... ]

[ Downloadable MP3 ]

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