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Globalization Workshops 23.06.2003 18:11
A Summer Workshop on Globalization by Anti-Capitalist Action Liberation Through Education
ACA Liberation Through Education is now offering an educational curriculum working on understanding the basics and complexities of globalization and the alternatives to a global capitalist economy. The eight lesson curriculum covers the history and workings of financial institutions, such as the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, World Trade Organization, Free Trade Policies. Their effects on the working poor and indigenous peoples of the world and resistance and alternatives to the global capitalist economy. Many exercises are based on the book, 'Rethinking Globalization', put out by Rethinking Our Schools; a local group of public school teachers dedicated to an alternative vision of public education.
The workshops will take place once a week, every Tuesday 5-7 p.m. at the old school building behind St. Francis Church, 330 12th and Pine (2 blocks north of Stark St.) Look for signs directing you to the room the in which the class will take place.


Sacramento solidarity Rally in Salem
A rally in Salem on June 24, 2003 at 11:30 am will be held in solidarity with the World Trade Organization (WTO) protests in Sacramento. The purpose of the Salem rally, "Sacramento Solidarity Action," organized by the June 24 Coalition, is to call attention to Oregon's reduced funding of education, health, and social services and to tie that into the protest against globalization and the WTO that will be going on in Sacramento at that time.


KNOWLEDGE IS POWER 21.06.2003 17:54
Know Your Rights info
This is the info on the Know Your Rights handbill that we're passing out at the Welcome Center and elsewhere. Sorry for not getting it online sooner. Please read it and make sure others do too. And write the hotline number on your forearm in Magic Marker so you'll have it handy if you get arrested!


RESISTANCE IS RISING 21.06.2003 17:19
Sacramento Ministerial Mobilization

Coverage: [ biotech imc | sacramento coverage on portland indymedia | sf indymedia | radio free ashland - live web radio ]

Phone Numbers: [ reporting: 916-470-6961 | legal: 916-359-1081 | housing: 916-519-3007 | food: 916-821-9547 | law enforcement ]

Information: [ logistics and contact information | legal information | sacramento mobilization | sacmob convergence schedule ]


SOLSTICE BENEFIT 20.06.2003 23:02
Solstice Marimba Dance Party Saturday June 21st, 7 - 9 PM
Come celebrate solstice and help out the Zimbabwe Artists Project at the same time!

Solstice Marimba Dance Party featuring Kukuva + artwork from the Zimbabwe Artists Project. All proceeds from the sale of the art benefit the Zibwabwe Artists Project. It is being held at the Multnomah Arts Center, 7688 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, Oregon.

Zimbabwe Artists Project (ZAP) celebrates the artistry and accomplishments of women from rural Weya in eastern Zimbabwe. Through education, sale of their art in the U.S., and special projects, ZAP helps women become economically self-sufficient. Women of Weya are subsistence farmers, mothers, and householders as well as artists. Most women live on their own, providing for families. Some are widowed, others are single heads of households, since throughout Zimbabwe, men leave the rural areas to seek work in cities. Women's income from agriculture is unpredictable and limited. Sales of their art helps women afford food, clothing, school fees, medicines, transport, seeds and fertilizer. Since the market for Weya art in Zimbabwe is extremely limited, sales in the U.S. are critical. In addition, ZAP pays more than twice as much per piece as any other buyer, delivering cash at the time of purchase.


ANARCHISM 20.06.2003 09:36
YARD SALE to benefit Anarchist Community Autonomy Network
We're a A-can! A local network of Anarchist DIY collectives commited to learning and teaching skills in a non hierarchical enviroment. We're working twards the aim of revolutionary self sufficiency- We're fundraising to afford light industrial canning equipment, tools for propoganda, funds needed to license and expand our brewbloc, a cordless drill or sawzall, mechanics and machinists tools, 5gallon+ pots, and gardening equipment. Saturday, [June 21] 30th and salmon, at 10 am it's the -A- can yard sale!


Saturday June 21- Ask Senator Wyden to Take a Stand for Our Forests!
Town Hall Meetings will be held in Wasco Oregon and Hood River, Washington-- a great chance to talk about your concerns about Senator Wyden's silence about the legislative assaults from the Bush Administration that are still not yet finalized... The meetings will be held at the following locations and times:
2:15- 4 pm, Hood River County Courthouse, 309 State Street, Hood River.
11:30 am - 1 pm, North Sherman Elementary School, 1 Barnett Street, Wasco, OR


Genetically Engineered Trees Protest Kicks off Mobilization in Sacramento
<i>The showdown in Sac will kick-off with an action against Frakentrees. </i>
Today it was announced that a coalition of national and regional organizations will launch a grassroots campaign against International Paper (IP) with a protest at IP subsidiary, Xpedex Paper on Saturday, 9:15 a.m. ,June 21. The Xpedx Paper and Graphics store is located at 1059 Vine St, Sacramento, CA. (Driving directions: from 16th St go left onto Sproule Ave, right onto Sunbeam Ave, left onto Richards Blvd and right onto Vine St.) Reportedly, the protest "will include a roving grove of old growth trees, banners, signs, chants and speakers from coalition groups. " Organizers say: "The demonstration is the first of many expected throughout the weekend and into next week as people from around the nation come to Sacramento to protest the US Agricultural Science and Technology Expo. "
IP is a major promoter of GE tree technology, sometimes referred to as Frankentrees, in the world today. Activists say "The coalition is asking International Paper to end its research and development of GE trees because of the danger they pose to the environment." The protest comes at the start of a 5-day mobilization in Sacramento against the US agenda to export industrial agriculture, including genetically modified organisms, around the world. <p>

For more info contact:

<br>Brad Hash, Action for Social and Ecological Justice cell 802-598-8373
<br>Martin Stephan, on site for <a href=" http://www.ran.org/" target="_blank">Rainforest Action Network, cell 415-720-3020

<b>[ <a href=" http://www.sacmobilization.org" target="_blank">www.sacmobilization.org</a> | <a href=" http://www.biotech.org</a> ]</b>


COMMUNITY BUILDING 19.06.2003 08:40
Some Portland Events Today & tomorrow


Forum on Portland Police "Citizen Review" system, Thurs. June 19, 6pm, City Hall
This is a forwarded post from Copwatch about a hearing on the current police oversight structure in Portland. Read on for some suggested talking points...

If you have been to a meeting, been through the process, or been sitting on the sidelines waiting to tell people that you want a fully independent review board, now is the time to come forward...


COMMUNITY BUILDING 18.06.2003 13:52
Bicycle Scavenger Hunt/Race on Friday
SHIFT and ZOOBOMB....Bicycle Scav Hunt / Race for FUN for FREE!
Never mind the WW, join us 7pm June 20th
Costumes and decorate Bikes ENCOURAGED
35th and Oak (Laurelhurst Park)
homepage: <a href=" http://www.shift2bikes.org" target="_blank"> http://www.shift2bikes.org</a>


ANTI-RACISM 18.06.2003 13:47
Muslim Community of Portland to Protest Oregonian Thursday June 19
Muslim Community of Portland Oregon to protest the Oregonian Newspaper for racist journalism against Arabs and Muslims 11:30 am to 12:30 pm June 19, 2003 at the Oregonian press offices in Downtown Portland


Oregon Political Prisoner Sent to “The Hole”
On Friday, June 13th political prisoner Free (Jeffrey Luers) was transferred to Disciplinary Segregation, commonly known as "the Hole", at Oregon State
Penitentiary (OSP).


Womyn's Forest Action Camp Benefit Show!
Political folk show. Join us for Mount Hood Womyn's Action Camp benefit show, Thursday (tomorrow) June 19th. The show will be at It's a Beautiful Pizza on Belmont and 33 (SE) at 7:00, lasting until around 10:00 PM.

Performers include local artist Desert Rat, Ryan Harvey (riot folk from Baltimore), and other local musicians.

Please come out and support our effort to save the forest and create safe spaces for womyn!!!


MEDIA CRITICISM 17.06.2003 21:50
Join Code Pink Wednesday for another FCC vigil
Last week's vigil in Lake Oswego <IMG SRC=" http://portland.indymedia.org/icon/2003/06/266570.jpg " BORDER="0" ALIGN="left" HSPACE="7" VSPACE="5">

Wednesday, June 18th 5:30 pm on SE Hawthorne between 27th and 28th (in front of Safeway).


Sat Jun28 @ 7pm Benefit for A22 (Bush protest) lawsuit
June 28, 2003 @ 7:00 pm
NE 28th, btw. Couch & Davis
$6-$20 donation

Starting at 7pm, we'll be showing the Portland Indymedia Video about the 2002 Bush Protest, and Alan Graf will talk about the lawsuit he's pressing against the city for police brutality. Then the ever-kickass Del Toros and Digital Knife will play, hopefully followed by Riot Cop if they're not dead or in Sacramento [why would they be in Sacramento? see here:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/action/sacramento/]

The proceeds from this benefit will be used to hire experts on pepper spray and police brutality, to pay deposition fees, etc, not to the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) attorney pressing the case against the city for police actions during the Bush protest on August 22, 2002, nor to the all-volunteer legal team.

NLG attorney Alan Graf filed the lawsuit in Federal District Court in October 2002, naming as defendants the City, Mayor, Police Chief and about 25 individual Portland police officers for violently attacking a peaceful crowd of demonstrators with pepper spray and shooting rubber bullets at the Bush protest on August 22nd 2002.

The crowd was young and old: the youngest person pepper sprayed by the police was a 10month old baby. The parents of the baby were also sprayed, and the entire family, including two other young children, are plaintiffs in the suit. There are four other plaintiffs besides the family. Among the demands of the lawsuit is the creation of an independent, civilian police review board with the authority to punish those responsible for use of improper or excessive force.

Following are two links, one to the site of the attorney pressing the case, the second to background on the August 22nd protest:

Alan Graf's site:  http://www.hippielawyer.com
A22 PDX IMC:  http://portland.indymedia.org/archive/a22/


ANTI-RACISM | RESISTANCE 17.06.2003 17:19
Revolutionary Anarchist People of Color (RAPOC) Group Forming
A call is being sent out to those who identify as revolutionary anarchist people of color to come together and begin critical discussion around issues involving our oppression as well as our work as revolutionaries. To develop a space where people of color can come together and talk about the specifics of our experiences within a mostly white revolutionary trend.

Some ideas for discussion:
-growing up "American" where our cultural heritage was taught out of us.
-white guilt from our perspective
-issues surrounding woman of color
-issues surrounding queers of color
-the dynamics of capitalism and racism.
-what does being anti-racist mean
-when people assume everyone in the room is white and refers to that.
-when people talk of community organizing and really refer to people of color
-how a lot of white people idolize revolutionary people of color.
-how a lot of white people think that when people of color take up arms its "cool" without any analysis as to the struggle and tragedies that bring people to that.
-multi-racial/ethnic identity politics
-also reading selections by revolutionaries of color

Obviously the ideas for discussion are many. The aim of this group is create dialogue, form affinities, and help better our understanding as revolutionaries of color.


MUTUAL AID 17.06.2003 11:10
pdxaca rideshare benefit
Hardcore show this thursday to benefit rideshares to Sacramento WTO demos!

THIS THURSDAY JUNE 19TH / 7PM / 3 BUCKS / 1036 N SHAVER / SHOW OVER BY TEN ---SICARII (hardcore from Olympia) plus others.

please come support the band on tour and sending people to the demos in sacramento!


MEDIA REFORM 17.06.2003 07:41
Act to Stop the FCC
Some actions and websites for those wishing to persue stopping the FCC from further giving away the air waves.

On June 2, big media got even bigger despite overwhelming opposition from the American public.

Next Wednesday, the Senate Commerce Committee will vote on whether to rescind this corporate giveaway.

The next two minutes of your time will likely mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Go to http://www.mediareform.net and tell your friends to do the same. Code Pink Vigil Wednesday


COMMUNITY BUILDING 17.06.2003 01:09
Come join ACBC in fun and cooking!
<IMG SRC=" http://portland.indymedia.org/icon/2003/06/266551.jpg
" BORDER="0" ALIGN="right" HSPACE="7" VSPACE="5">

The Anarchist Cooking and Baking Collective formed on the realization that while everyone enjoys eating well, many people don't know how to gather food and cook as well as they would like to. ACBC meets weekly and cooks themed dinners together in a non-hierarchical environment. Currently ACBC is hoping to have fresh faces join us on Thursdays to share and enjoy new recipes.


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