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Bring the Ruckus speaking tour in Portland Tonight!
Heather Ajani of Phoenix Ruckus (as well as Anarchist People of Color and Phoenix Copwatch) will be speaking in Portland, Oregon on Thursday, August 14th at 7 PM. Ajani, as well as Clayton Szczech of Portland Ruckus (and Rose City Copwatch) will be talking at the Ainsworth United Church of Christ, 2941 N.E. Ainsworth (near the #10 bus lines).

The Bring the Ruckus speaking tour Fight the Power, Build the Power has just finished several East Coast engagements where members of Ruckus (which is not associated with the Ruckus Society), discussed revolutionary strategy and revolutionary movements for the 21st Century. Confronting white supremacy, male supremacy and the state are the starting points of Ruckus politics.

Members of Bring the Ruckus are veterans of anti-war organizing, police accountability and Copwatch organizing, workplace organizing as well as the anti-globalization movement, among other work. As well, they are writers for Earth First, Clamor, Z magazine and other journals of autonomist, anarchist and activist thought. We welcome anyone at this meeting who wishes to discuss the direction of our movements.

Ajani and Szczech will address the political outlook of Bring the Ruckus and our current work. This is a dialogue, not a lecture. The event is free, all are welcome. Please bring questions, comments and your friends. http://www.agitatorindex.org


Tell the Bush Administration you oppose their plans to exempt the Tongass and Chugach National Forests in Alaska from the Roadless Rule.

There are two separate comment periods occurring simultaneously: one on the proposed temporary exemption of the Tongass National Forest from the Roadless Rule and another on the proposal to permanently exempt the Tongass from the Roadless Rule and extend the exemption to include the Chugach National Forest. Be sure to send copies of your letters to each address listed below so that it will be counted for both commentperiods! If you send your comments online through www.akrain.org, Alaska Rainforest Campaign will make sure your letters are delivered for both proposals.



DO IT YOURSELF 13.08.2003 22:20
Brewing up Revolution - Anarchist Brew Bloc
<img src="/icon/2003/08/269831.jpg" align="left" class="imageleft">
Brew Bloc is a collective that encourages and educates people to work outside of corporate structure and to empower individuals to be more self-sustainable. We are a skill sharing collective working in a non-hierarchial environment. Our main objective is to abolish the need for money to sustain us. Using DIY tactics we will subvert corporate and capitalist structures, specifically the corporate beverage industry.


DRUG WAR 13.08.2003 13:05
Bush Administration Drug Czar News Conference Thursday at City Hall
I just called City Hall, who referred me to Oregon Partnership, who confirmed that this is happening tomorrow morning. John Walters, Bush's "Drug Czar" will be in Portland this week. He will be having a news conference at Portland's City Hall at 9am Thursday, August 14th, to, among other things, discuss the "myth" of medical marijuana.

This will be an opportunity for Oregon's patients to demonstrate the importance of medical marijuana to their lives and families by showing up in front of City Hall and in front of the reporters gathered there for the "Drug Czar's" visit. Patients in wheel chairs can be the most persuasive of all (a picture is worth a thousand words). A successful demonstration of patient and activist unity may change the minds of many, if not those of this administration's "lap dogs". So get out there early and bring lots of friends.

Where: Portland City Hall When: 8:30am Thursday, August 14, 2003


Another public meeting about the proposed BSL-4 Bio-terror lab
Wednesday, August 13, 7:00 pm
Raleigh West Neighborhood Association meeting

12350 SW 5th, Suite 100, Beaverton
(Across form the Beaverton Library)

If we continue to do little to oppose the lab, we stand a good chance of getting it. The NIH is supposedly taking into consideration community reaction in their granting decision. The NIH wants to build one of these new BSL-4 labs on the west coast. OHSU and the University of California, Davis are the only west coast contenders. Davis is not looking good to the NIH because of the huge public outcry which forced the Davis mayor and city council to officially oppose the project. Here is a sad comment from the April 2nd issue of Scientist, "The calm in Oregon stands in sharp contrast to the continued furor in California."

People will not oppose the lab if they don't know about it. Please come to the upcoming public meeting and please help us distribute information. We need help alerting other community and activist groups about this issue and we need people to distribute flyers. We can provide copies or a flyer can be downloaded and copied at: http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/08/269548.shtml and a reminder: sidewalk chalk is an easy, legal way to get out your message. Folks walking into OHSU's clinics deserve to know what is going on. Another public meeting about the proposed BSL-4 Bio-terror lab is coming up and we need to be there! Once again Matt Rossell will be presenting. [ Read More ] [ OHSU Bio-Terrorism Labs: Hold Hillsboro Mayor Tom Hughes to his word | Public Meeting on OHSU's Proposed Bio-Terrorism Lab ]


The WILD SPIRIT GATHERING is this weekend! Need a ride?
The Wild Spirit Gathering is only days away! Come join us for a weekend of rejuventation, invigoration, magic, and action! Contact Serena at heartcirclehealing@yahoo.com to RSVP or to ask any questions, and email superrocketmonkeygirl@yahoo.com if you need a ride.

Weekend highlights:
Friday evening, from dark on: A "lanternside circle
Saturday: Ongoing canopy ascent and protection techniques / Forest ecology walks; Ritual Creation; Energetic Self-Protection; Introduction to the Tarot; Tales From the Forest Movement
8:30 onwards - Ritual!
Sunday: Facilitated convergence of inspiration and action.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT US AT heartcirclehealing@yahoo.com or call Serena at (503) 781-1475
rides back needed for sunday


MUSICAL RESISTANCE 12.08.2003 22:01
Bands Against Bush PDX
Bands Against Bush is an event being organized throughout the United States and internationally on the 20th anniversary of Rock Against Reagan. The Portland Chapter of the Bands Against Bush is looking for people with the desire to create a community within art and activism. The involvement of Bands Against Bush is open to all who wish to participate in making Portland become a part of this worldwide event.


PHOTO ART SHOW 12.08.2003 11:01
It's About Time, a Photo History of the Black Panther Party
Tuesday & Wednesday August 12 & 13 6:30 - 9:00 pm
IFCC Theatre 5340 N. Interstate PDX OR 97217
Dr. Rev. LeRoy Haynes and the Allen Temple Commission on Social Justice present: It's About Time, a Photo History of the Black Panther Party
Lecture by Bill Jenning, editor, Black Panther Party Alumni Newspaper

Photographs and Lecture Free
Call 503-287-0261 for more information.


NEW SEASONS CAMPAIGN 12.08.2003 10:47
New Seasons related land use informational meeting-- new time-- Wednesday @ 6PM
This Wednesday at-- new time-- 6PM at the Red and Black Cafe (22nd/ SE Division), there will be a New Seasons related land use informational meeting. If you want to learn how to best articulate your voice into oral or written testimony for the upcoming New Seasons Land Use hearing next week, you are welcome to attend. If you want to learn how to best articulate your voice into oral or written testimony for the upcoming New Seasons Land Use hearing next week, you are welcome to attend.


MUTUAL AID 12.08.2003 10:44
Tell the state legislature not to cut essential human services
Your state legislators need to hear from you now. Republicans control the state House. The state Senate is split 15-15 between the Democrats and the Republicans. The governor is a Democrat and has the veto. Nothing can pass unless the Democrats allow it to, so they are equally responsible for the next budget.

Tell them that funding human services required for survival should be their highest priority. Say that if the state legislature passes a budget for the next two years that cuts essential human services you will hold both parties equally responsible, and will vote against all incumbents in the next election.

They need to hear from you. Please contact your state legislators at: http://www.leg.state.or.us/writelegsltr/writeset.htm . This is quick and easy, just fill out a form on their website, and you don't have to know who your legislators are - they'll look it up for you based on your zip code.


FOREST DEFENSE 12.08.2003 10:18
Cascadia Summer Base Camp in Willamette National Forest
Cascadia Summer Action Camp August 11th thru the end of logging season. Starting in the Willamette National Forest outside of Eugene

Set in the middle of imminently threatened National forests at the edge of the Warner Wilderness near the headwaters of the Willamette southeast of Eugene.

Come to learn, to defend and to stand in solidarity for the preservation of wild places, critters, and salmon of Cascadia. In the forest workshops/hikes every day.
www.cascadiasummer.org | www.forestdefenders.org


CANCUN WTO SOLIDARITY 11.08.2003 11:54
Art Night for WTO Rally and March
Banner , Sign and Puppet Making happening to get ready for rally and march . As part of an International Day of Action Against Globalization there will be a Rally and March in Portland on Saturday, September 13th.

WHEN: Monday, August 11th & August 25th From 5 to 9pm.
WHERE: 1421 SE Stark (The Collabatory)

Bring your creative minds and come help stop the movement towards globalization. Any art supplies and sign making equipment is much appreciated. For more information call NW RAGE at 503-239-6841.


BUSH VISIT 11.08.2003 11:40
Portland Says No To Bush: A21 March Announcement

Converge Thursday morning, August 21, 2003
Columbia Park at Lombard St in North Portland
March at 10 am

Who's behind all of this? You, if you're willing to say NO to BUSH! Organize an affinity group or just grab some friends, relatives, or neighbors and come to Columbia Park before 10 am the morning of the 21st.

Further information will be posted as the date nears. Please add the TIME (10 am) and LOCATION (Columbia Park @ Lombard) to your posters... let's get the word out!
For more info contact stopbushaug21@poetic.com or portlandsaysnotobush@ziplip.com.


No Building, No Plan, No Clue. Round II.
Monday, August 11, 2003, at Noon
Board of Directors of School District No. 1, Multnomah County

Blanchard Education Service Center
501 N. Dixon - in the Board Auditorium

Banfield, The Pet Hospital? has made a proposal to the City and Portland Public Schools. They want to buy the land currently occupied by Vocational Village School , at NE 82nd and Tillamook, to develop a multi-use site, including condos and a dog park. Rationale for moving the School rests primarily on a cost benefit analysis done by engineers assessing the cost of completing a seismic update on Glenhaven, the old school that houses Vocational Village.

They say it's not worth it. But it's unclear what that means or how the determination was made since there has been absolutely no real assessment of the cost of moving Vocational Village to another location suitable to its purpose and needs... Portland Public Schools seems to be pushing the deal. They've declared Glenhaven "surplus property" under Portland Public School policy 8.7.040-P for surplussing "real property which is owned by the district but is no longer used, needed for, or suited to the programs of the Portland Public Schools."

Vocational Village School teachers and students are fighting hard to keep their school. The powers that be seem to want to railroad this through. This is our chance to stop them in their tracks. Please consider reading more about this issue and attending the School Board meeting *tomorrow at noon*, or the meetings scheduled for August 18th and 25th. [ Read More ] [ Background: July 20 HELP SUPPORT PORTLAND PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOLS! | July 25 No Building, No Plan, No Clue - Report on July 22 meeting | Other resources: Vocational Village School | Portland Public School Board Agenda - August 11 | August 11 School Board Meeting Announcement & Location ]


CATS THAT GOT YOUR BACK 10.08.2003 11:07
A21 Jail Support Fundraiser and Videography Workshop
Thursday, August 14, 7pm
at Red & Black Cafe
2138 SE Division
$3 obo

In preparation for the A21 Bush visit, the General Defense Committee of the IWW, in conjunction with the National Lawyers Guild will host a fundraiser video screening and videography workshop "How to Shoot Litigation Quality Video." We will screen the A22 Bush video from last year, and maybe some of the Day X video. There will be a $3 cover, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Statement from NLG: This is a city wide call for all activist owners of camcorders and cameras!! In preparation for the upcoming visit of the Resident on August 21, 2003, the NLG will do a training session for all videographers and photographers on how to videotape and photograph a demonstration for use in suing the cops and defending protesters. [ Read More ]


raisethefist.com's webmaster to be jailed; your help needed to save the website
Sherman Austin is about to become the latest political prisoner in the USA, essentially for the crime of running an anarchist web site (an analysis of how this is the case, written by a conservative college professor nonetheless, can be found here. He's been railroaded to prison on politically-motivated charges; don't let the US government muzzle his raisethefist.com web site as well! If you have lots of storage and a fast Internet connection, you can help by storing backup copies of the site.


08.08.2003 07:19
PPRC can use your help tonight
PPRC can use your help, and comment on Peace Camp


FOREST DEFENSE 08.08.2003 07:14
Act now to save 900 acres of old growth
The BLM is proposing to clearcut 900 acres of old growth trees, some over 400 years old in the Coquille river watershed, in Southwest Oregon. Comments are due 8/8/03.

East Fork Coquille Timber Sale:

The oldest forest to be clearcut has trees over 425 years old.
This is a huge blow for the remaining old growth in the Coquille watershed. The sale is located between the Rogue and Umpqua Rivers in the Coastal Mountain Range, near the Coos-BayWagon Road, between Reston and Sitkum.

Comments should be sent before August 8th to: coos_bay@or.blm.gov
Refer to EA# OR128-03-17 in your comments; ask for read receipt on emails

Maps and scoping announcement are on Coos Bay BLM's web site. For more info go to: http://www.umpqua-watersheds.org/blm/CoosBay_BLM/east_fork_coquille_ts.html


WE ARE ALL IMMIGRANTS 07.08.2003 16:10
"Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride" Kick-off event--Fri Aug 8, 6pm
When: Friday August 8th, 2003
Where: at the Northwest Labor Council Union Hall
What: Come join us in an evening of solidarity, music,poetry, and testimonies designed to kick-off a state-wide organizing campaign that will send a Freedom Bus filled with Freedom Riders to Washington DC. Immigrant workers, living and paying taxes in the United States, deserve the rights to legalize their status, to have a clear road to citizenship, to reunify their families, to have a voice on the job without regard to legal status, and to enjoy full protection of their civil rights and civil liberties... rights denied by their undocumented status and outdated laws.

Freedom Ride Web Site


SUSTAINABILITY 05.08.2003 19:25
Stop New Seasons?? Neighborhood Meeting on Land Use Announced
New Seasons Concerns Neighborhood Meeting announced for Wed August 13, 7PM @ the Red and Black (22nd and Division). All are welcome to learn about Land Use, the City's Comprehensive plan, zoning changes, and the process of a Land-use hearing.

In light of all the interest in New Seasons's plans to build a store in our neighborhood, HAND neighborhood Land Use Chair will be present to explain the process of a land-use hearing. If you have concerns about New Seasons (whether for traffic safety issues, gentrification issues,threats to local businesses, zoning irregularities, the destruction of a historic property, the location of dumpsters, etc) but want to learn how to articulate them effectively to the hearing officials, then please attend. If you want to hear what your neighbors' concerns are, then please attend. If you want to build a movement of local neighborhood activism, then please attend.


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