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INDYMEDIA 10.09.2003 15:28
PDX Indymedia meetings on Saturdays
Every Saturday at the Red and Black at 5pm indymedia volunteers get together to talk about the cool projects they are working on and to meet new people. If you are interested in being involved in media activism, come on by. Whether it is video, audio, writing articles, helping with center column features or outreach that interests you, your skills and/or enthusiasm are needed and welcome. There are many effective, creative and satisfying projects, both existing and envisioned that people can work on. Indymedia needs more volunteers! Women are particularly encouraged to get involved.

Portland Indymedia is a loose collective of media focused activists. Meetings are enjoyable and open, with work and laughter mixed together. Within the guiding principles, people act autonomously from their own creative impulse. People who like doing audio, work together and do audio. Portland indymedia is a creative and dynamic cauldron within which to develop ones skills, and do effective work in the world.


SUSTAINABILITY 09.09.2003 12:44
OrganicVolunteers.com aims to encourage sustainable agriculture and lifestyles
Are you tired of marching in the street begging the politicians to transform the world? Do you feel protests have lost there effectiveness? Do believe that getting arrested for social justice really doesn't change anything and just ends up being an expensive visit to jail?

Let's face it the negative approach of protest and lobbing has outlived its usefulness. Panhandlers are more effective at getting what they want then protestors and non-profs. What progressives need is a new approach, a positive step towards change, one where we stop begging the corrupt system to change itself. We need to take things into our own hands. We must build an alternative system that's sustainable and socially just. We need positive action rather than negative reaction in order to change the world's direction. OrganicVolunteers.com, the brainchild of an Idahoan, is one such organization that attempts to put the tools of positive action into your hands.


Get out there and do something!
Join The Anarchist Gardening & Gleaning Collective for a winter gardening workshop!!!

Do you like Gardening and Bike rides? Does the thought of winter make you want to carve your heart out with a spoon? Then join AGG this friday the fifth for a winter gardening workshop at an organic farm outside of the city! Folks will be leaving portland at 2pm for an awesome 25 mile bike ride out to Oregon City. The workshop happens at 5:30, there will be a sleepover at the farm, and the group will return to portland the next day. Bring a sleeping bag and some food. [read more]

Anarchist Gardening and Gleaning Community Mtg Monday, September 8 @ 7pm

The Anarchist Gardening and Gleaning Community will be meeting Monday, September 8 @ 7pm in the cafeteria of the Smith Memorial Union at PSU (corner of SW Broadway & Montgomery). The cafeteria is the NW corner of the ground floor of the building. [Some items to be discussed:]

Peace Forum & Performance on 9/6

Free Benefit at PSU Smith Memorial Center Room # 298 this Saturday, September 6 at 2-5PM. Discussion Forum with 8 Speakers, Performances of Multicultural Music by Professional & Semi-Professional Musicians, Dance Presentation, & Art Displays. [Participants include]

9/11: Where Are We Now @ Clinton Street Theater

In the Shadow of Bin Laden - a documentary filmed entirely on location near the famous and historic Khyber Pass on the border with Pakistan and Afghanistan.
AfterMath: Unanswered Questions from 9/11 - Narrated by Hip Hop legend Paris and featuring interviews shot by GNN syndicate producers in six cities, AfterMath features nine people answering eleven of the most pressing questions that emanate from the terrible and, as yet, unexplained, events of that day. As you will see, these are questions that continue to overshadow and critically challenge the official 'version' of the story.
Brothers and Others: An hour-long documentary on the impact of the September 11th tragedy on Muslims and Arabs living in America. Interviews with Arab and Muslim immigrants, government representatives and a select group of legal and historical experts including Ghazi Khankan, Noam Chomsky and James Zogby [read more]

Clinton St. Theatre Web site


One of the "Borg 4" goes on trial on Wednesday
Wednesday September 3rd, one of the four people charged with "Interference with an agricultural operation" at the Borg timber sale, Matthew Ritzinger, will begin his trial.

Matthew will be having a trial by jury at Clackamas county courthouse (807 Main St., Oregon City) at 9:00 am. It has been over a year since the initial charges were first made during the road blockades at the Borg timber sale in Mt. Hood NF. Folk will be meeting at the CFA office (1540 SE Clinton) at 8:00 am to carpool to Oregon City.

Matthew is looking at up to 18 months in county jail for the "Interference" charge and a "Disorderly Conduct" charge. For those who support or participate in direct action forest defense, it is urgent that you come to Oregon City to be there for our friend who has put his freedom and life on the line to protect the ancient forest. It is equally vital for ALL of us who resist injustice and exploitation to be in Oregon City to demonstrate, in action, that we stand together as a community and that we are there for our comrades no matter what the cost.

background: [ New Road Blockades at Borg Timber Sale (30 aug. 2002) | Photos of Borg | info on borg timber sale from BARK | cascadia forest alliance ]


We need a candidate for Sheriff!
There seems to be a lot of support for the idea of us lefty activist types stealing the next sheriff election. We have about a year to get someone in office, and need 80,000 Multnomah county votes to do it. Just think how much better things would be if we RAN a policing agency here, rather than having some powerless "citizen oversight board" or other neutered group of people. The problem? We have to chose a candidate! So line up the nominations.

One commenter suggested:
Have you thought about running yourself? Sometimes the best candidates are the ones taking up a call for action like this. In any case, the Green Party is running a Campaign School this weekend, for candidates, campaign staff and volunteers. It might be a good chance to figure out if you could do it yourself and how, or how to go about recruiting a candidate and planning their campaign. You can go to http://www.pdxgreens.org/campaignschool.html for the info.


LETS GO RIDE A BIKE 30.08.2003 17:16
Join the Portland Ride to Trek for Trees
Trek for Trees is a benefit ride out of Eugene. Eugene is about 110 miles away. The benefit ride is about 40 miles each way. Do you like to ride bikes a lot? Join us on a ride down to Eugene, out to the cancelled Winberry Creek timber sale where we'd camp out with Eugene forest activists and supporters, ride back to Eugene, and back up to Portland. We'd also camp somewhere halfway between Portland and Eugene. A novel experiment in connecting activist communities by bike, staying close to the Willamette River which connects these two cites. The ride should average 50 miles a day, which most people should be able to handle. Trek for Trees is a fundraiser for Eugene forest defense, and it works through the pledge system. Get a pledge form, find some sponsors, and do the ride. Cascadia Forest Defense then asks the pledgee for the donation to support their awesome forest defense campaign. If enough Portlanders go on this ride, they could probably patch some proceeds back to the local Cascadia Forest Alliance office. I'll put pledge forms in the CFA office at 16th and Clinton, or get them from me in North Portland. With such a long trip, we want plenty of bike repairing skill, and food donations would be welcome. Please contact me if you're interested or want to help. Anyone who lives between should feel free to join us partway.


BIKE FOR TREES 26.08.2003 10:38
Trek for Trees - Sept. 13 & 14
The 5th annual Trek for Trees pledge bike ride is now scheduled for September 13 & 14 (saturday/sunday) leaving at 9:00am. This years ride is called the "Winberry Victory Ride" in honor of the recent success at Winberry following a 4+ year tree-sit and public outreach campaign! We are now focused on defending Straw Devil where we are maintaining multiple tree-sits, as well as Pryor, East Devil, and the Upper North/Warm Springs timber sales.


BUILDING REVOLUTION 25.08.2003 20:21
The Youth of today [are] our leaders for tomorow, when the monsters of today Kill our planet, someone is going to have to stand up and get up and get organized!
Its up to us.
COME TO POTLUCK AT EMS (enviormentle Middle School) THURSDAY THE 28th at 5 pm.


Videos from the Resistance

This Month's Video Showings Featuring: Kendra James Rally, Corporate Media Expose, Sacramento Rough Cut, Code Pink Action, SF Police Family Values, + more... Monday, August 25th @ 6:30pm Central Library (SW 10th & Yamhill), US Bank Rm.


EVENTS AND RESOURCES 20.08.2003 00:00
The People vs. Bush - Aug. 21
Portlanders plan to protest pResident Bush on Aug. 21 when he visits town for a fundraiser at the University of Portland. This website has been abuzz with plans, ideas, flyers, and more. For details, go to http://portland.indymedia.org/en/action/a22round2.

JAIL SUPPORT: 503.234.4518
INDYMEDIA WEB RADIO: portland stream, ashland stream

Mon. 6:00pm Central Library U.S. Bank Room - Organizing Meeting
Mon. 7:00pm It's a Beautiful Pizza - Videos from the Resistance
Mon. 9:00pm Outside Central Library - Sign Making Party
Tue. 10:30am University of Portland - United Against Bush Rally and Press Conference
Tue. 5:00pm Laurlhurst Park (next to the duck pond) - Publicity Meeting
Tue. 5:00pm PSU Koinonia House - PPRC general meeting
Tue. 6:00pm PSU Smith Center Ballroom - Medea Benjamin / Community Action Forum
Tue. 7:00pm The Know - (P)Resident Evil: The Night Before Bush Video Showing
Wed. 11:45am SW Oak and Front Street - Bush Wanted for Forest Crimes Protest
Thu. 10:00am Aug. 21 protest at 3rd and Salmon Downtown (for those that can't make it to UP)
Wed. 8:00pm Peace Camp - Sign Making for Bush Visit
Wed. 10:30pm Portland Cable Access Channel 22 - A22 and Day X videos
Thu. 8:00am Peace Camp - "Bring- a- Dish" Breakfast
Thu. 9:30am biking meetups at various locations
Thu. 10:00am Aug. 21 protest at Columbia Park in North Portland
Thu. 5 pm protest at SW Park and Salmon Downtown (for those that can't make it to UP)
Thu. 2:30pm Aug. 21 protest in Redmond at Deschutes County Fairgrounds
A22 in Seattle

Resources: pdx indymedia a21 action page | a21 flyers | pdx indymedia flyer | protest text message service | bike/bus transportation | carpool information | maps of the area | bush visit schedule | child care | police scanner url | stopbushseattle.com | A22 Portland Bush Protest Archive Page


Anti USA PATRIOT Act resolution to be voted upon Wednesday, August 20

Be in Salem on Wednesday, August 20 at NOON for the Bill of Rights Defense Rally at the State Capitol!
900 Court Street NE, Salem, Oregon 97301

We are so close in many ways to passing Senate Joint Memorial 7, a resolution supporting the Bill of Rights by opposing parts of the UPA (U.S.A.P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act) and other post 9/11 federal orders.

We have support in the Senate. We have bi-partisan support, and a Republican sponsor. We must show our legislators that we, the people want the legislature to act on this issue before adjourning .

We also need for you to send testimony to the legislature.The bill number is SJM 7. To read the
resolution:  http://www.lanerights.org/stateresolution.htm


REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS 19.08.2003 15:04
Rally for Reproductive Rights, Saturday, August 23rd 2pm
From the international "gag rule" on family planning agencies to the current attempt to pass the "Unborn Victims of Violence Act" , President Bush and his right wing cronies are waging a full assault on women's reproductive rights. In these pivotal times, it is essential to stand up in defense of a woman's right to choose.
<br>Saturday, August 23rd , 2:00pm Holladay Park, NE Holladay St. & 11th Ave.


HUMAN RIGHTS 19.08.2003 07:23
Medea Benjamin and others at Community Action Forum at PSU Ballroom 6 pm TONITE!
Community Action Forum:
"Eyewitness report: US Occupation of Iraq"

6pm: Award winning video on the Venezuelan Coup
7pm Zaher Wahab, PhD-update on Afghanistan
7:30pm Medea Benjamin, international human rights activist and founding director of Global Exchange. She's just returned from Iraq and will also update us on the upcoming WTO summit in Cancun and FTAA meeting in Miami.

Smith Center Ballroom-Portland State University, 1825 SW Broadway

$5-10 requested donation (no one turned away) Cosponsored by PSU Progressive Student Union, PCASC, CBLOC, and dozens of other groups.


INDEPENDENT CINEMA 19.08.2003 07:20
Videos at the KNOW
Every night this week films will be flickering at The Know, from political poop to optical ammo to dazzle your retinas....come and support the undependant cinema!


You may know that in May of this year I wrote and asked my state congresswoman, Mary Nolan, if she would sponsor a state resolution opposing The "USA Patriot Act". Locally and nationally many regional and city municipalities have passed this type of resolution and three other states have done so, Alaska, Hawaii and Vermont, other states have action pending. After receiving my letter Mary Nolan called me and said , "yes" she was interested and would try to get the resolution heard and passed by the legislature during the current session. Now, with bi-partisan support and the the magnificent efforts of the Lane County Bill Of Right Defense Committee the Anti USA Patriot resolution has been written and may soon be submitted to the legislative assembly. For this to happen and to see the resolution is passed we could use your help!

Please find time to go to Salem to help as needed to get this resolution passed. The groundwork has been done and now we must show STRONG PUBLIC INTEREST. Yes, the day to go to Salem to be part of this may be the same day as the BUSH protest in Portland. Please read the message below and join me in seeing to it that Oregon becomes the forth state to Pass a resolution opposing the USA Patriot Act. Please contact people listed below and be part of this national referendum opposing the USA Patriot Act


BUSH VISIT 18.08.2003 12:47
United Against Bush Rally and Press Conference on Tues
Please Check out these events Tues, Weds, Thurs Please Come to 1, 2 or all 3 of these Events!

TUES August 19th 10:30 am - 12:30pm
United Against Bush Rally and Press Conference
at the University of Portland Corner of N Portsmouth Ave and Willamette Blvd -- The Cascadia Forest Alliance will hold a 45 minute press Conference during the Rally to highlight the many problems that the Oregon Community has with the harmful initiatives of the Bush Administration. Leaders of the Forest Defense Community, The Peace Community, the Human Rights Community, and the Labor Community will make statements.

WED August 20th 11:45 am - 2pm
Bush Wanted for Forest Crimes

Help us arrest Bush and STOP logging on our National Forests! Meet at SW Oak and Front Street at the Battleship Oregon Memorial Marine Park. Following campaign and protest Briefing we will walk to the US Forest HQ in Downtown Portland (333 1st Avenue). Join the Greenpeace Forest Crimes Unit at a protest outside the U.S. Forest Service Headquarters. President Bush is "Wanted" for forcing the Forest Service to commit crimes against our nation's forest.

THURS 10am - ???? August 21st - JOIN PORTLAND IN SAYING: "NO TO BUSH!" Meet at 10am at Columbia Park on North Lombard Avenue University of Portland, Corner of Portsmouth and Willamette


Revolutionary Call Out
Portland Anti Capitalist Action, Queer Revolution and the Portland General Organizing Group of the Federation of Northwest Anarchist Communists (FNAC) endorses, supports and calls on everyone to attend the demonstrations coming up the 21st of this month to protest George W. Bush. We feel that this demonstration is crucial towards illustrating the resistance to his regime, but also to draw attention to the bigger picture of what the system Bush is upholding is all about.


USING THE MASTER'S TOOLS 16.08.2003 14:21
imctv Hardly the brightest bulb you never did see George Dubya Bush is coming back to Portland on August 21 almost a year to the day that he came to Portland last time. As he looks forward to his warm reception this time you can, now for the first time on cable TV, see what the welcome wagon looked like last year on the Video Collective's A22 protest video. Portland cable access will be showing the A22 and Day X protest video six times between 08/16/2003 and 08/31/2003. Be sure to set your VCR (or a friend's) so you can tape it.


HARVEST NOW! 15.08.2003 14:41
AGG call out for information on harvestable urban fruit & nut trees!
The anarchist gardening and gleaning collective is looking for urban fruit and nut trees! No more apples rotting on the ground! No more walnuts derailing you on your bike! No more mushy rotten fig mess on the sidewalk! If you've got information on where to find trees in public spaces that aren't being picked, send us the information so we can compile a handy map for summer fruit gorging! pie! pie! pie! The anarchist gardening and gleaning collective wants to feed YOU!


LEGAL SUPPORT 14.08.2003 23:38
Civil Disobedience Workshop
The General Defense Committee of Industrial Workers of the World and local civil rights activists are preparing for the upcoming visit by President Bush to the University of Portland on August 21, 2003. Motivated by last year's outrageous police behavior towards peaceful, legal demonstrators, we are hosting the following events:

Civil Disobedience Workshop:
Saturday, August 16, 1:00-5:30 PM , at the Musician's Union Hall, 325 NE 20th (between Everett & Flanders)-
: Presented by experienced local trainers and members of the National Lawyer's Guild, the workshop will cover various aspects of nonviolent civil disobedience, the law, and your rights. Refreshment provided. A donation is requested. Wear sensible clothing. For further information or childcare please call (503) 234-4518.

This event is open to all ages and the general public. Our goal is to promote awareness of resources and skills available to effectively exercise our freedom of assembly and speech.

General Defense Committee of the IWW
616 E. Burnside St., Portland, OR, 97214
(503) 234-4518


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