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FOREST ACTIVISM 10.07.2002 10:18
Clan timber sale auction protest at Mt. Hood Forest HQ
On June 9, members of a broad coalition of environmental and citizen groups convened at the Mt. Hood Forest Headquarters in Sandy to protest the Clan timber sale auction. The Clan timber sale is located in the Cooper Spur area of Mt. Hood, and is only one element among many threatening the area. There are also two other timber sales, a planned expansion of the Cooper Spur ski area from 50 to as much as 1400 acres, and a proposal for a massive resort development on private land just outside the Mt. Hood National Forest boundary.

Represented organizations included Bark, the Friends of Mt. Hood, the Hood River Valley Residents Committee, and the Mazamas. Earth First! was also in attendance, fresh from their brilliant action in downtown Portland the day before. The day's action was an up-close-and-personal follow-up call to the lawsuit filed the previous day by many of the same organizations, which demands that the Mt. Hood National Forest withdraw the Polallie-Cooper timber sale, which is also in the Cooper Spur area.

According to Heather Weinstein, of Mazamas, Forest Service employees are expected to raise a certain amount of revenue every year from timber sales. The Mt. Hood Forest is lagging behind and people who work there are feeling pressure to sell timber. To this end, they are ignoring vital data regarding the dreadful impact that logging in the area would have on the flora, fauna, and environment. "They're supposed to be the experts but they don't know about new forestry science."

The Forest Service videotaped everyone, and went around the parking lot to get the license plate numbers, too. Uniformed individuals from the Federal Protective Service and the Sandy Police Department were on hand en masse.

Kate McCarthy, founder of the Friends of Mount Hood has a true and deep love for the mountain and its ecosystem. At 85 she is still a sprightly hiker on the slopes, according to witnesses, and her dedication is unwavering. She approached the Forest Office's door with a comrade, to see if she could attend the auction as a witness. One of the Feds stepped forward to stop them as the other moved back to secure the door, and refused to let them in. "I pay your salary," McCarthy said. "This is a public building and we have a right to be here." She was not allowed too enter and a lively discussion ensued.

The buyer of the Clan timber sale was High Cascades, which bid $116,203.13, the minimum amount. No other bidders were present. High Cascades was informed of the lawsuit that was just filed, to give them a chance to back out. They bought it anyway. Now the courtroom battles will fire up in earnest. The fight is not over. [ Read full story... ]

[ More accounts of the same action: "Photos and Commentary from the Clan Timber Sale" | "pigs & freddys @ mt. hood timber auction protest today" ]

[ Cooper Spur Wild and Free Coalition ]

Eugene: Subversive Pillow Theatre is back
After a brief hiatus, Subversive Pillow Theatre in Eugene is back. Subversive Pillow Theatre shows "hard-to-find films that reflect a deeper truth to capitalism, imperialism and revolution."

Scheduled events in July include:

Salvador: an Oliver Stone film that was made during the climax of the revolution in El Salvador. A story about a dirt poor journalist who leaves Los Angeles to El Salvador in search of a juicy story to cover.

Women In Prisons : former political prisoner, longtime prison activist, and internationally recognized expert on women in prison, Bo Brown, will show a film about women political prisoners in the USA. Following the video showing, Bo Brown will talk about the film and the politics of women in prison.

Waco: The Rules Of Engagement: This is a powerful, shocking film which says that the FBI machine-gunned Branch Davidians at the Waco compound and committed numerous other crimes there in order to set an example of what will happen to people who don't follow the rules. The film raises serious doubts about the FBI's version of the story, and makes you question the government as a whole.

Subversive Pillow Theatre will be showing films at Cosmic Pizza (14th and Willamette) on Sundays in July. [ Details and schedule ]

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom hold demo in Portland
The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) held its regular Wednesday demo in Pioneer Sqaure today. Every week WILPF has a different theme, and today it was the militarization of space.

Demo participants handed out flyers to passers-by. The flyers were titled, "No missiles in space!", listed facts about the National Missile Defense program, and urged people to contact their senators. The flyer noted that, in December, 2001, pResident Bush gave notice of U.S. withdrawal from Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) treaty "despite clear precedents stretching over 200 years which make such a withdrawal necessarily a joint act of the President and Congress".

WILPF meets in Pioneer Square every Wednesday from Noon to 1:00. They invite you to join them there and make a statement against war and oppression and in favor of peace and freedom. [ Full story & Photos ]

D.I.Y. CULTURE 26.06.2002 21:52
Black Thorn newspaper issues call for submissions
According to the open publishing newswire: "Black Thorn is a publication focused on the creative spirit inherent in radical DIY culture. [DIY="Do It Yourself"] Our mission is to create and distribute a paper that reflects the lives we actually live, and provides a vehicle for independent thought, which is reflective of who we are as people. It will be about opening doors, exchanging ideas, taking charge of our lives and the piss and vinegar spirit which courses through our veins. We choose to focus less on the musical aspects of d.i.y. and more on the lifestyles, ethics, skills and ideas that enable us to live with increasing independence and self-reliance from the dominant culture. We want to see the whole of who we are: serious and funny, deep and shallow, ugly and beautiful.

"We are in need of well written articles, reliable news, updates, upcoming events, original art, printing and art supplies, donations and ideas. We would also like to see a skillshare/classified section in future issues. We are looking for content within the wide spectrum of DIY and want to provide a link to international ideas, perspectives and happenings. We encourage all types of writings and contributions."

The deadline for submissions is July 1. [ Details... ]

COMEDY / POLITICS 26.06.2002 01:20
Paul Krassner in Portland July 12, 13
"Krassner has rare ability to alter perceptions permanently" -LA Times

His antics as co-founder of the Yippies with Abbie Hoffman & Jerry Rubin led the FBI to classify him as "a nut, a raving unconfined nut". George Carlin confirmed J. Edgar Hoover's statement saying "The FBI was right. This man is dangerous, funny AND NECESSARY!" Krassner even accompanied Groucho Marx on Groucho's first acid trip. "I predict in time he will wind up as the only live Lenny Bruce", said Groucho.

FRIDAY: July 12, 2002 ; 7:00 p.m. Doors Open, 8:00 p.m. Show
Artichoke Music Backgate StageLimited to 50 seats!

SATURDAY: July 13, 2002 7:30 p.m. Doors Open, 8:00 p.m. Show
The Old Church at 1422 SW 11th & Clay, Portland

June 27th, the working class of Oregon will speak: 'Everybody in, Nobody out'

On Thursday, June 27th at 11:00 AM a group of Oregonians will meet on the Capitol steps in Salem to announce the results of a signature gathering initiative. The signatures have been gathered as part of a campaign to bring universal healthcare to Oregon. The signatures will guarantee that Oregonians will have a chance to vote on the initiative in November. The first batch of signatures will number around 82,000. The second batch to be announced July 5th, with bring the total to near 90,000 people who support a fair and just healthcare system for the people of Oregon. The motto of the group sponsoring this program is "Everybody in - Nobody out"

What makes this particular signature gathering process so unique is that people who support it are mostly working class, mostly outside the Portland area, and include many who are working but have no healthcare coverage or they are paying very high rates for insurance. It is not that there is no support in Portland, the signature gatherers were late in organizing in the Portland area. The movement is now full steam ahead. [ Read more ]

PEACE ACTION 21.06.2002 10:24
Friday Peace Rally to Focus on Dick Cheney
The PPRC's weekly rally at Pioneer Courthouse Square on Friday, June 21st, at 5:00 p.m., will focus on the upcoming visit to Portland by Dick Cheney, second-in-command of the Bush Administration. "Cheney magnificently represents the Bush Administration's most disgusting qualities," said spokesperson David Zundel. "Enron's Kenneth Lay was energy advisor to Cheney, illustrating the corporate cronyism of the Bush cabinet, and it was Cheney who early on was outspoken in support of Israel's policy of extra-judicial murder of Palestinians in the occupied territories which has been a key factor in escalating the violence of the region." PPRC spokespersons also drew attention to Cheney's former role as head of Halliburton, the Texas-based oil-supply business. "This guy is at the very center of the corruption that drives the Bush Administration and indeed most policy decisions in Washington, D.C.," said Zundel. "We look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate our opposition to the war-mongering, the attacks on our constitutional rights, and the selling of our democracy to the likes of Enron." The Portland Peaceful Response Coalition will be joining together with other local organizations to protest Cheney's visit on Sunday and Monday. [ Read More ]

[ The evil Dick Cheney | Plans for Cheney visit! ]

SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER 17.06.2002 18:28
Greg Palast to Speak in Portland, Eugene, Seattle
In our world of corrupt, elite-serving corporate media, Greg Palast stands out as a rare investigative journalist with courage and integrity. He has broken some of the most significant stories in recent history, including Bush's election fraud in Florida, the WTO's secret agenda, and Bush's bin Laden investigation cover-up.

Just returning from Venezuela, where he exposed what really happened during the unsuccessful coup against Chavez, Palast is now touring to promote his new book The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. The book is a collection of his articles (mostly published in the UK) documenting government and corporate scandals.

He will speak in Portland on Tuesday, June 18th, 7:00pm at the First Unitarian Church, and in Eugene on June 19th, 7:30pm at the McDonald Theatre. He will also appear in Seattle and other NW locations.

SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER 17.06.2002 16:51
Protests announced for National Governors Conference in Boise
The National Governor's Association will be hosting its annual national meeting in Boise this July 13th-16th. The NGA is a powerful lobbying group bringing hundreds of people to discuss policy, executive power, and state's issues for the upcoming year. This includes the governors of every state, members of the oval office (including the President), members of the corporate media and hundreds of lobbyists (known otherwise as "Corporate Fellows").

The interests represented at the Governor's Conference are not the interests of the public. Lobbyists overwhelmingly represent large corporations, the prison and military industrial complexes, and natural resource and energy extraction interests (for a list of NGA "Corporate Fellows" please visit their website at NGA.org). The math is simple, 50 governors, 1500 people in attendance. There is a small discrepancy, especially when taking into account that the public are not welcome at all. Profits will always be put before people at influential meetings like these, often for years to come.

The Idaho Progressive Student Alliance (IPSA) is opposed to policy that negatively effects the environment, worker's rights, women, and people of color. The policies supported by the president, our governor, and others around the nation will often go against everything we stand for and believe in. We invite community members from our state and beyond: join us to demanding change in oppressive policy and encourage more democratic institutions. We hope to have as many of us as there are of them, for there are as many issues of oppression as there are states.

STATE CORRUPTION 16.06.2002 10:35
Cheney's Coming to Town!
A post to the newswire announces that our un-elected and frequently sequestered vice president, Dick Cheney, is coming to Portland. According to the latest information, Cheney will speak at a Young Republicans conference the afternoon of Sunday, June 23rd, and attend a fundraising breakfast for Gordon Smith on the 24th.

Organizers invite all interested activists to a planning meeting this Monday, 7:00 pm, Rm 327, Smith Center (PSU). David Zundel, an organizer of the protest, says: "We will name his crimes. We will name his lies. Come organize." Considering the success of the Bush protest in January, and Portland's reputation as "Little Beirut," organizers are hoping for a large and spirited demo.

Cheney has been receiving more bad publicity lately, even in the barely-alive mainstream press. An editorial in today's Chicago Sun-Times asserts that "Cheney tried to cover up what the administration knew [about 9/11] and when the administration knew it" read more

One anonymous comment on the newswire says: "Nearly six months have past since Bush visited. A lot has happened since then. Revelations of advanced 911 warnings, crooked business at Halburton and Enron, the "coup" attempt in Venezuela and the administration flushing the Bill of Rights down the toilet. Everyone who truly loves this country must be there. 10,000 protesting voices - music for democracy."

Smirking Chimp has a great selection of Cheney-related articles.

FOREST ACTIVISM 14.06.2002 16:37
June 15th - National Day of Action to protest Fee-Demo - Local Portland Action
On Saturday, June 15th from 11am-1pm, a peaceful rally, as part of a National Day of Action, will be held in Terry Shrunk Plaza to voice collective dissatisfation for the controversial Fee Demo program, its' widening implications, and bankrupt philosophy.

Participants from across the outdoor spectrum will gather to hear Scott Silver of Wild Wilderness, Phillip Johnson of Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition, and special guests. Accompaning this will be music by local hit group "Old Friends". A table will provide the latest information on the issue and signs will be available for people to freely express themselves.

What is the Fee Demo program?

In 1996, the Recreation Fee Demonstration Program, commonly known as Fee-Demo was introduced as what Congress intended to be a three year experiment. In 2002, the experiment drags on as Congress continues to give federal managers further time in which to try and turn wild lands, which are the home of all creatures, into a profit driven commodity to benefit the few. Fee-Demo is exclusionary because lower income citizens specifically can not afford such basic rights as the freedom to walk in a forest.

June 15th, 2002 has been declared a National Day of Action to protest Fee-Demo and to urge Congress to restore adequate funding to maintain appropriate levels of recreational infrastructure on, and provide adequate protection of, America's public lands. There will be 30 protests in 9 different states.

[ New Fee Demo Legislation Introduced | Fee-Demo and the Economic Taliban | The Corporate Agenda Behind Forest Fees | Wild Wilderness Website ]

ANIMAL RIGHTS 14.06.2002 09:28
Activists Organize A Virtual Sit-In To Protest HLS
A new, and uniquely computer-age form of civil-disobedience is being used to protest Huntingdon Life Sciences this Friday evening, June 14th. It's called the 'virtual sit-in'. The idea is that a large number of people run an automated tool that repeatedly downloads the website of a company who they wish to protest against. If enough people take part, this will disrupt the company's online presence in the same way that a large crowd of demonstrators would disrupt their physical presence. The virtual sit-in means that people all around the world can participate in one concerted effort - a form of citizens globalization from below. [ For More Info ]

Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) are a UK based animal experimentation company who have been exposed for animal cruelty and other criminal offences on five separate occasions. In 1997, Channel Four filmed workers repeatedly punching a four month old puppy in the face.

NUCLEAR WASTE 28.05.2002 22:46
'Mock Nuclear Waste Cask Tour' to call attention to dangers of moving radioactive materials
The Mock Nuclear Waste Cask will be traveling the roads of Oregon and Washington from May 28 to June 7 on the same routes that nuclear waste on route to Yucca Mountain, Nevada would travel. It is part of a six cask campaign to raise awareness on the upcoming vote in the US Senate for a high level nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain.

The Mock Cask is a to scale version (20 feet long and 8 feet in diameter at the ends) of a high level nuclear waste transportation cask used to move highly radioactive waste by truck. Each real cask would hold about 2 metric tons of waste amounting to approximately 850,000 curies of radioactivity (10 year old fuel) and ten times the long-lived radioactivity than released by the Hiroshma bomb. To date the Department of Energy is not able to specify details of the massive radioactive waste transportation scheme that will initiate as a result of a decision to site the dump at Yucca Mountain.

The Yucca Mountain Project calls for the movement of 77,000 tons of highly radioactive waste from commercial nuclear power reactors and Dept. of Energy nuclear weapons sites to Yucca Mountain. This will result in thousands of shipments over 24 years through 44 states and within one-half mile of 50 million Americans; 35 times more waste would be shipped annually than has been shipped in the past.

In the face of unresolved technical issues at Yucca Mountain and numerous concerns over the transportation of the waste the Department of Energy has been moving forward. Congress has the opportunity now to oppose the Yucca Mountain Project to allow proper review of the health and security issues surrounding the transportation of the deadly waste.

ANARCHISM 28.05.2002 22:44
Eugene hosts 'Anarchy: The Intentional Creation'
In collaboration with the comedic play, "The Accidental Death of An Anarchist", which is being performed for the next three weekends at the Lord Leebrick Theatre in Eugene, there will be a series of events where people can come to "learn about, discuss and contribute to the energy, ideas, inspiration and connections that make up the Anarchy movement in Eugene".

This week's presentations will include local anarchists sharing their work with: A Brief History of Anarchy in Eugene; Independent Media: Newspapers, Radio, Film and TV; Anarchist Parenting; Community Organizing; and film shorts from PickAxe Productions, The Cascadia Media Collective & The Cascadia Alive Music Video Collection; among other things.

Funds raised will go to support local anarcha-feminist, green anarchist and anti-globalization literature distribution.

Full Schedule of events

FOREST ACTIVISM 28.05.2002 21:14
Local Forest Activists Asking People To Help Protect Oak Grove Watershed
On Weds May 29th Cascadia Forest Alliance (CFA) activists will gather at the Estacada Ranger station at 8:45am to rally against the Sale of our public lands to corporations.

"This is the second sale in the Oak Grove Watershed to be auctioned this spring. Come show the Forest Service and potential buyers that we are not about to let them log our public lands. The Oak Grove Watershed is a part of our national forests that have been clearcut to all heck. The timber sales in this area are all that remain of native forests in the Oak Grove Watershed!!

"If this sale and others from this sensitive watershed are allowed to be logged the Forest Service will have created the monocrop tree plantation that they desire. These forests however hold the native seed that will make this watershed a forest again and not a farm!"

Carpools will leave from the CFA office at 7:00am and at the Daily Grind at 7:30am

[ Newswire article | Cascadia Forest Alliance ]

FAST TRACK 28.05.2002 00:22
'Join No on Fast Track rally in Salem'
From the opening publishing newswire: "Now that the bill that contains Fast Track has slid passed the Senate like a greased pig at the fair it heads back to the House for conference committee. It passed the House for the first time by just a single vote. Now is the time to claim the victory that was stolen from us that December! We rally to let our Representatives know that we are opposed to Fast Track, Chapter 11 in NAFTA and the Free Trade of the Americas Agreement.

"The only thing that Fast Track and the rest will bring us that is free, is a Texas sized boot up the arse from His Fraudulency, King George the ll and his corporate cronies. We must not be idle while OUR democracy is traded away. We must stand up and shout that the Constitution that specifies that Congress has the sole authority for negotiating trade is the best way that we can share our collective wisdom. Its the only way to hold accountable those elected officials that shaft us for the almighty buck. Time to put an end to this power grab by the Thief. Where are you Whyit Urp? We need to see you at High Noon in Salem!

"Of great concern is the Chapter 11 provision in NAFTA. The NAFTA negotiators wrote themselves a whole new field of law so that foreign corporations can use Chapter 11 to challenge laws protecting the enviroment, public health and safety, jury decisions and even consumer choices that get between them and projected profit. Under these rules, foreign corporations are suing and winning huge claims before SECRET tribunals. To date both Mexico and Canada have been forced to pay polluters not to pollute." [ Full details ]

Open call to IMC videographers
From the open publishing newswire: "'INN Reports Worldview,' started by NYC IMC'er Lenny Charles with the help of activist programmer Tom Kiely are looking for videographers & stringers who are interested in having their international news footage and stories included in our new show. "We are producing this show from our studio in New York City near Ground Zero in the same location that hosted the IMC's 'head quarters' during the World Economic Forum last February. Our mission is to bring attention to pressing daily and current international news stories that are not being covered by US mainstream media in order to create greater public awareness. "The aim is to broaden the perspective and discourse of the average American citizen in a format that is relevant and accessible to viewers regardless of their background or political persuasion. "'INN Reports Worldview' is an alternative/activist news show with a surprisingly 'straight' look to it! The show, produced five days a week, features our newscaster reading news gathered from original foreign sources via a non-US newswire that links many of the world's best media outlets, as well as contributing activist reports. Stepping outside the US media bias, it's encouraging and surprising how many other voices there are around the world that echo our concerns about runaway globalization and militarization."

[ Full details ]

Black Thorn #2: Call For Submissions
From the open publishing newswire:

"Black Thorn is a publication focused on the creative spirit inherent in radical DIY culture. Our mission is to create and distribute a paper that reflects the lives we actually live, and provides a vehicle for independent thought, which is reflective of who we are as people. It will be about opening doors, exchanging ideas, taking charge of our lives and the piss and vinegar spirit which courses through our veins. We choose to focus less on the musical aspects of d.i.y. and more on the lifestyles, ethics, skills and ideas that enable us to live with increasing independence and self-reliance from the dominant culture.

"We want to see the whole of who we are: serious and funny, deep and shallow, ugly and beautiful. We are in need of well written articles, reliable news, updates, upcoming events, original art, printing and art supplies, donations and ideas. We would also like to see a skillshare/classified section in future issues. We are looking for content within the wide spectrum of DIY and want to provide a link to international ideas, perspectives and happenings. We encourage all types of writings and contributions, but can't guarantee it will be printed. We can only guarantee it will be reviewed and a collective decision made on each submission. If your interested in contributing or would be interested in helping out with fundraising, distribution or supporting this project in other ways....get in touch."

WOMEN IN PRISON 22.05.2002 23:53
'The concept of a cage is a patriarchal concept'
* 90% of women in prison are single mothers.
* A conservative estimate of 250,000 children are separated from their mothers by jail and prison walls.
* 80% of female inmates report incomes of less than $2000 a year.
* 92% report less than $10,000 a year.
* Many female prisoners are subject to sexual abuse from prison authorities.

On Friday, May 31, there will be a "Women in Prison" presentation in Eugene, by the Women Embracing Freedom Together (WEFT), formerly known as the Advocates for Women In Prison (AWIP). "The goal of WEFT is to help women leaving the justice system do so with a support network that to this day does not exist. Seven out of ten inmates return to prison, our goal, to reduce that figure here in Oregon. To help women with job search, clothing, transportation, and healing. We embrace each woman to let them know they are worthy of a safe, secure life. Free from abuse, drugs and the criminal system."

There will also be presentations by members of Portland's Anarchist Prisoners' Legal Aid Network (APLAN) and the Eugene-based Break The Chains Northwest Political Prisoner Support Group (BTC/NPPSN) . All proceeds from this benefit will go towards the WEFT, and to buy books for politically-conscious prisoners here in the Northwest.

[ Details ]

No-GMO Safeway Campaign Continues - NWRAGE to Protest Multiple Safeway Locations Saturday May 18th
Northwest Resistance Against Genetic Engineering (NWRAGE) and the GE Free Markets Coalition are holding a day of action against Safeway in its newest campaign to protect consumers and the environment from the hazards of genetically engineered food. Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, and Wild Oats listened to its customers and have removed genetically engineered foods from its shelves. It is time for Safeway to do the same!

Safeway has been a big proponent of GM foods since they came on the market. And though over 80% of shoppers are concerned about eating food that contains genetically modified organisms (GMOs), Safeway had disregarded these concerns, scoffing at the notion that customers might not want to eat these untested, unlabeled and unwanted 'frankenstein foods'.

Help put an end to this experiment by demanding Safeway stop using genetically engineered ingredients in their products. Info on Time and Locations

Previous West Coast Actions
LA - April 23, 2002 Safeway CEO Steven Burd presented with the "#1 Secret Food Polluter" award.
Portland - April 27th Portland Safeway Action by NWRAGE
San Francisco - Consumers and Activists Continue Grocery Store Protests
2002 Supermarket Campaign Launches

[ True Food Now Website | GE Free Website | NW RAGE ]

Saturday Night, May 18th NWRAGE is hosting a free talk by Washington State University genetics instructor Stephen Jones speaking on corporations, universities and the patenting of life.

Stephen Jones is a winter wheat breeder at Washington State University and the former Chair of the National Wheat Crop Germplasm Committee. The wheat breeding program that Stephen leads has been in existence since 1894 and is the only public wheat breeding program in the country to have declared itself GMO free. More Info on the Evening

A recent article by Mr. Jones - In (Seed) Bed Together - Are Agro-Giants Taking Over University Research?

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