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Sunday, October 12th beginning at 2:00pm on the campus of Concordia University, Portland. Join us for an theatrical explorations and discussion about the joys, sorrows and dilemmas of aging and caregiving in this one day festival of events.

All events take place at the Fine Arts Building at Concordia University NE 27th & Highland
homepage: http://www.bumpintheroad.org


SUSTAINABLITY 02.10.2003 13:15
Village Building Convergence Info meeting October 2nd, 6-8PM
Want to be part of The Village Building Convergence 2004?

Come to an informational meeting and potluck on Thursday, October 2nd, 6-8PM at 3844 SE Yamhill.

The 2004 Village Building Convergence is a 10-day event of daytime and evening educational, inspirational, and celebratory activities surrounding the transformation of our neighborhood spaces into vibrant public places. It will take place this Spring/Summer, but planning begins NOW!

Permaculture Teacher Training October 8-13, 2003 Eugene, Oregon, Cascadia

Empower yourself to promote sustainable living and design! In this dynamic, interactive and fun course learn powerful techniques to communicate whole systems education to others and apply permaculture design principles to teaching.

Certification Course: Permaculture Teacher Training
with Jude Hobbs and Tom Ward
October 8-13, 2003 - Eugene, Oregon


"Revolutionary Cells" Claims Bombings at Shaklee, Promises More
On the night of September 25th volunteers from the Revolutionary Cells attacked a subsidiary of a notorious HLS client, Yamanouchi. We left an approximately 10lb ammonium nitrate bomb strapped with nails outside of Shaklee Inc, whose CEO is both the CEO for Shaklee and Yamanouchi Consumer Inc. We gave all of the customers the chance, the choice, to withdraw their business from HLS. Now you all will have to reap what you have sown. All customers and their families are considered legitimate targets.


Come Celebrate Red & Black Café's Third Anniversary!
Saturday October 4th: Come on down to the Red & Black Cafe, that fine pillar of Portland's radical culture, to celebrate their 3rd anniversary birthday bash!


Hike the Straw Devil Timber Sale Sunday Sept 28
Join us for a tour of the recently logged old-growth forest at the Straw Devil timber sale in the Willamette National Forest. We will also take you to the tree-villages being occupied by the Cascadia Forest Defenders. Bring boots, lunch, water, and be prepared for rain. Now is the time to witness the ongoing practice of old-growth logging on YOUR public lands.
carpools leave at 10:00am from the Growers Market, 454 Willamette St, Eugene


LOCAL PEACE EFFORTS 25.09.2003 17:00
Portland Peaceful Response Coalition to mark 100th Friday Rally on Sept. 26th
The Portland Peaceful Response Coalition will be marking the 100th Friday rally and march for peace at Pioneer Courthouse Square this coming Friday, September 26th. "We've been out here every week for 100 consecutive weeks with our simple message, calling for peace and justice and for nonviolence in place of the criminal and dangerous policies of our government's so-called 'war on terror'," said Mikel Clayhold, a volunteer with the PPRC. "We mark this 100th rally with grief for the thousands who have been slaughtered in the US wars on Afghanistan and Iraq, we again call on Americans to actively oppose the Bush Administration's colonial ambitions in the Middle East, and we rededicate ourselves to this long and difficult struggle to set our country on the path to peace and justice."

The Friday marchers will proceed to City Hall, a frequent destination for the Friday rally, where local musician, Ms. Melinda Pittman, will perform several songs to mark the centennial rally and march. [ Read more... ]

a smattering of portland indymedia stories about previous Friday rallies: [ PPRC Friday Rally - Photos (03.Aug.2002) | 'Fuck You George Bush' poem read at Friday's anti-war rally (11.May.2002) | Peace activists attacked and injured at PPRC Friday rally (04.Aug.2003) | Friday rally marchers demand: 'Send Kroeker back to LA!' (24.Aug.2002) | Friday PPRC Rally and March - Time to Stand Up! (05.Oct.2002) | MoveOn volunteers participate in Friday PPRC Peace rally; Make call for Feb. 26 'Virtual March' on D.C. (24.Feb.2003) | PPRC Rally this Friday -- photos and text (03.Aug.2002) | Homeland Security agents attack anti-war protesters (14.Jul.2002) | 'While you're shopping, bombs are dropping': Friday rally account (19.Oct.2002) | Portlanders march to 'Beat Back Bush's War' (17.Aug.2002) | Portland PPRC peace protest, with photos (09.Aug.2002) | Portlanders protest Gaza Strip bombing (27.Jul.2002) | PPRC rally in Portland tonight (05.Jul.2002) ]


SUPPORT VALID SCIENCE 25.09.2003 16:28
Donate stuff for Oct. 4th fundraising garage sale to benefit CAAT(Coalition to Abolish Animal Testing)
CAAT (Coalition to Abolish Animal Testing) needs your help. We are having a fundraising garage sale Saturday, Oct. 4.

OHSU's National Primate Research center has been around for over 40 years, sucking up hundreds of millions of tax dollars. While social services are disappearing and people are dying from lack of medical treatment, OHSU keeps taking our money for research that is producing nothing of value.

CAAT is spreading the message that contrary to claims that animal research saves lives, it is in fact doing more harm than good to human health.

This is your chance to put all that stuff just sitting around to good use by donating it to the garage sale. If you'd like to arrange drop-off or pick-up of your donations, contact CAAT at:
or call the CAAT line at (503)972.CAAT


24.09.2003 16:41
Miami "Stop the FTAA" Coverage Page
FOREST DEFENSE 24.09.2003 08:43
Solo Timber Sale Action Camp - Sept 25-29
Come enjoy an extended weekend in the Mount Hood National Forest for hikes, community, and activist building workshops including: Forest Ecology, Tree-Climbing 101, Basic Wilderness First Aid, Ground-Truthing "Recording and examining forested areas", Herb Walks and more.

For Rides and More Info Call Cascadia Forest Alliance 503-241-4879
Please call to give or get a ride


Urgent Calls Needed: Deal on "Healthy" Forests HR 1904 Approaching
Calls between now and on Monday are critical, as a group of Senators have almost come to a consensus on a back room deal on HR 1904 (the so-called Healthy Forests and Restoration Act). There could be a vote as early as Monday afternoon on the Interior Appropriations bill, which is where 1904 could be attached.


HUMAN RIGHTS 18.09.2003 19:21
Support Legalization for Immigrant Workers! Rally on Sunday right before Peace March
Inspired by the Freedom Riders of the Civil Rights Movement, immigrant workers and their allies will set out from Portland and 9 other major U.S. cities and cross the country in buses on September 23rd 2003. They (over 900 Freedom Riders) will converge on Washington, D.C. to meet with members of Congress and then travel to Liberty State Park in New Jersey October 3, and then Flushing Meadows Park, Queens, New York for a mass rally on October 4, 2003.

"Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride" Send-off!
Sunday, Sept 21st, 2003 at the Pioneer Courthouse Square in Downtown Portland, Oregon
1:00 to 3:00pm
Come meet the "Oregon Freedom Riders" and join us in an afternoon of solidarity, music, and speeches to provide support for Oregon's "Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride Bus"


BRING THE TROOPS HOME 17.09.2003 18:40
Sunday Sept 21st - Portland March and Rally for Peace in the Middle East
An alliance of faith communities and peace and justice groups has been adding cosponsors and endorsers for the next mass action for peace. The theme for their next mobilization against war and occupation is "March and Rally for Peace in the Middle East: Bring the Troops Home!", and will take place on Sunday, September 21st, at 2:00 p.m., starting off at Terry Schrunk Plaza at S.W. 4th and Madison in downtown Portland. While the march route has not yet been finalized, organizers say that they'll be stopping along the way to talk about the different subthemes adopted for this latest demonstration for peace. Issues to be addressed by the event include ending the US military and corporate occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, ending US support for Israel's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, protecting civil liberties at home and abroad, and calling for an end to pre-emptive war. For more information, please call Peace and Justice Works at (503) 236-3065.

Event: March and Rally for Peace in the Middle East: Bring the Troops Home!
Date: Sunday, September 21st, 2003
Time: 2:00 p.m.
Place: Terry Schrunk Plaza, S.W. 4th & Madison, downtown Portland
Downloadable flyer at:  http://www.rdrop.com/~pjw/sept2103flyer.pdf


SHUT DOWN FTAA 17.09.2003 12:28
Chicago Consulta Oct. 11 and 12 to plan against the FTAA in Miami


On November 20 and 21 the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas) will meet at the Inter-Continental Hotel in Miami to unilaterally finalize their vision of an economic policy that threatens the freedom and well being of every living being in this hemisphere. Although ordinary people will not be allowed into the meetings to offer their input, we will be in the streets to welcome them. All will be put at risk by the outcome of these meetings, save for an obscene minority who have seized control of capital and corporate power. The FTAA is working to give this small group of billionaires and corporations power over people and governments. The FTAA threatens to absorb both North and South America into a homogeneous market, where transnational corporations will be empowered to successfully challenge any regulation, policy or procedure which runs contrary to their ideal of increased profit at any expense, human or otherwise.


SOLIDARITY 17.09.2003 08:01
INFERNAL NOISE BRIGADE, sentencing this Friday!
infernal noise brigade One of the members of the Infernal Noise Brigade was convicted in our recent trial in Portland. Jenna Barrett's sentencing is this Friday at the Multanomah County Courthouse. Due to the very recent trial and our attendance of the actions in Cancun against the WTO, very few Brigadeer's will be able to be there to support her in person. Although we greatly apprectiate the attendance by the few PDX'ers who were there for the trial, we were somewhat disappointed by the lack of turnout by Portland's community. Especially, as we supposedly have a large fan base/support for what we do down there. I fear that the band's decisions as to whether or not to play future events in PDX will be affected by the apparent lack of support for us down there. Please turn that opinion and our string of bad experiences in your fine city around by coming out to show your support!

Judge Meisenheimer
Room 450


[Figure of Speech Alert] CALL TO BOMB THE ZOO
That should get the attention of the Joint Terrorism Task Force. No revolution here, just riding real fast (bombing) down-hill into Downtown Portland from the top of the hill near the Zoo. Tonight let's try to set another record for the most riders participating in a ZooBomb! Can we get more than 120?

[We will] need trucks to haul bikes up the hill because there are not enough Max trains to get us all up there without breaking the rules about # of bicycles allowed on each train? Want to show that you are not afraid of having your bike stolen because a police officer "found" it. "The day I quit riding my bike will be the day they pry my cold, dead hands from the handlebars"

Remember, we meet at Rocco's Pizza (pronounced rocko's, by the way) the corner of 10th and SW Oak at 8 PM and then start leaving in "waves". [ Read More ] [ http://www.zoobomb.org ]


ELECTORAL POLITICS 14.09.2003 13:13
Kucinich For President Now has a Portland Office
The grassroots supporters of Dennis Kucinich have opened an office in Portland. Northern Oregon supporters of presidential candidate Dennis J. Kucinich (D-Ohio) are moving their internet-enabled, grassroots campaign into a Portland office and volunteer center effective September 13. The address is 1420 SE 37th Ave., a half block North of Hawthorne. The campaign volunteers can be reached at 503 232-8201. The new office will be staffed by volunteers on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Wednesdays from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. Expanded hours will be announced soon.

Congressman Kucinich is running for president on a platform that includes universal healthcare through a single-payer, jobs creation, reduced Pentagon spending, opposition to the "Patriot Act" and an exit strategy from the unilateral occupation of Iraq. [ Read More ] [ Background information: Kucinich on the issues | Kucinich on jobs | Meetup | Northern Oregon Campaign ]


GENETIC ENGINEERING 13.09.2003 23:27
Safeway GE protest Sunday!
Join NW Resistance Against Genetic Engineering to protest GE ingredients at Safeway this Sunday [Sept 14]! We will be handing out information at the Safeway on 28th and Hawthorne from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Help us educate consumers about what's in their food and pressure Safeway to remove all GE ingredients from their store brand products (including Safeway Select and Lucerne). As part of the GE Free Markets Coalition, we were able to pressure Trader Joe's to remove GE ingredients from their store brand, and with your help we can succeed with Safeway. [ Read More ] [ NW RAGE ]


FOREST DEFENSE 12.09.2003 17:15
Red Alert for Straw Devil timber sale
Committed forest defenders needed at the Straw Devil timber sale & CFD office

The injunction protecting Straw Devil will end soon and the outcome of the Survey & Manage lawsuit is unknown. We need responsible folks to commit to protecting Straw Devil NOW before logging starts. Logging could also begin at several other sales in the Willamette NF including Pryor and East Devil (and Solo in the Mt Hood NF).

People are needed for town-based work (such as organizing fundraisers, giving orientation trainings, and collecting food & supplies). Housing is available. Folks with organizing experience are preferred, but others are welcome. Also both arrestable and non-arrestable committed people are needed for forest-based actions. Folks who can commit to at least 2 or 3 weeks are preferred.

Contact Cascadia Forest Defenders in Eugene at 541-684-8977


11.09.2003 14:54
TONIGHT! Beaverton Bioterror Lab Community Meeting
Ebola Virus Photo Meeting Tonight for the public to discuss OHSU's proposed Level 4 Bioterror Lab
Thurday, September 11
7-8:15 PM
West Beaverton Neighborhood Association
7th Day Adventist Church- Fellowship Hall

\14645 SW Davis Rd. (near Murray)


PRISONS 10.09.2003 23:16
32nd Anniversary of Attica Rebellion and Massacre Sept 9-13TH - Documentary showing on the 13th
THE SOUND BEFORE THE FURY OF THOSE WHO ARE OPPRESSED- L.D. BARKLEY. ON SEPT9th 1971 over 1300 prisoners took over a portion of attica state prison, held over thirty hostages, and attempted to gain certain civil liberties over the course of five days. They had tried to protest oppressive conditions in all other ways but to no avail. During the occupation they brought in the media to see the degradation, and outside observers to negotiate their demands. On Sept 13th they were massacred 39 dead 150 shot and 1289 tortured, in what was the bloodiest one day encounter between Americans in the 20th century.

On September 13th the 32nd anniversary of the ATTICA massacre LAUGHING HORSE BOOKS will be showing Cinda firestone's 1973 documentary ATTICA. We will have a discussion afterward as well as a moment of silence for those who suffered and died for the struggle against racism, u.s. imperialism, slavery, and of course fascism. 3652 SE DIVISION ST 503-236-2893 7PM FREE.


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