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15.02.2004 13:48
march 20, 2004
1 year since the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq officially began.

1 year since brutal police repression of anti-war protesters in portland, throughout the united states, and around the world.

2 marches have been announced:
* Portland Peaceful Response Coalition & friends: 1:00pm in Pioneer Courthouse Square
* A radical, unpermitted anti-war march: 1:00pm in "the opposite corner" of the square [ Details ]

Read more about March 20, 2003 and the days that followed.


FRAUDULENT SCIENCE 14.02.2004 14:23
For the love of monkeys… and reliable research
Please join the Coalition to Abolish Animal Testing and In Defense of Animals this Sunday [Feb 15 @ 9:30am] at 5428 NE 30 (30th and Killingsworth) to spread some love for the animals in OHSU's labs. We'll be meeting at the IDA office and then teaming up to hang door hangers in Northeast Portland to educate the public about how their tax dollars are being wasted on unreliable, cruel research on animals. Call 503-249-9996 for more info. [ Read More ] [ BoycottOHSU.com | Coalition to Abolish Animal Testing | In Defense of Animals ]


INDY TV 13.02.2004 15:04
Portland Indymedia to Launch Cable News Show…With Your Help
Portland Indymedia will be breaking new ground in the coming months as we continue to reclaim the media, this time through tv. This weekly show will cover local, national, and international news stories from a perspective that the corporate media has done its best to spin, censor, and bury.

While incorporating familiar elements - newscasters, street reporters, and commentary - Indymedia news will go a step farther to challenge the paradigm of tv news as a one-way channel of ideas. Viewers will be encouraged to think critically about the issues, examine the ways the mainstream media crafts "our reality," and look at how and why the corporate media maintains an audience of passive and disengaged spectators.


LOVE & RESISTANCE 12.02.2004 08:00
Sat. Feb 14 - Midnight Special Valentines Day Hoe-Down
Mix love and resistance with the Midnight Special Law Collective. Formed in the wake of the 1999 WTO protests in Seattle, the Midnight Special Law Collective is a non-lawyer collective dedicated to providing legal trainings and accessible, relevant, democratic and accountable legal support to a wide range of activists participating in the struggle for social change.

They've done legal support in Quebec, New York, DC, LA, Miami, and San Francisco. And now they're here. Learn how to protect your files, cover your tracks, and demand your rights from those who believe you have none. Then squaredance your fiery little heart out. And there's beer. Did we mention there's beer?

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 14 - starting @ 4pm
Liberty Hall, 311 N. Ivy Street, 503-249-8888

Benefit for the General Defense Committee of the IWW
Co-sponsored by the Lewis & Clark Law School chapter of the National Lawyers Guild

~ 4:00p-6:00p - Computer Security training for non-computer experts.
~ 6:15p-8:00p - Know-Your-Rights Training.
~ 8:00 pm - ? - Squaredance, with caller Paul Silveria
$5/$8 per couple - Donation requested; no one turned away for lack of funds. Family & Queer Friendly.

[ Read More ] [ Midnight Special Law Collective | General Defense Committee of the IW | National Lawyers Guild ]


LABOR | FARMWORKER RIGHTS 09.02.2004 22:31
PCUN y BOLI celebran la nueva regla de descansos y tiempos de almuerzo para campesinos
PCUN, la union de campesinos de Oregon, tendra una celebracion el 15 de febrero para reconocer la entrada en vigor de esta nueva regla administrativa, y para reconocer a los que ayudaron a lograr esta victoria.

La regla administrativa que emitio el comisionado de labor Dan Gardner, entro en vigor el 15 de febrero y les da a los campesinos el derecho legal a los descansos pagados y una media hora de tiempo para almorzar. Oregon es el quinto estado de los cincuenta que garantiza los descansos pagados para los campesinos, y es uno de dieciseis estados que garantiza los tiempos de almuerzo. Para los trabajadores que tienen una rutina de trabajar muchas horas y realizar labores dificiles y extenuantes, la garantia de descansos pagados y tiempos de almuerzo es una victoria importante.

Quien: El comisionado del trabajo Dan Gardner, legisladores de Oregon, lideres sindicales, y lideres campesinos

Que: Una celebracion para reconocer el logro de la nueva regla que garantiza los descansos pagados y tiempos de almuerzo a los campesinos.

Donde: Centro Educativo Cipriano Ferrel 1274 Fifth Street, Woodburn

Cuando: domingo, 15 de febrero. 4:00- 6:00 PM

lee mas >>

PCUN, BOLI Celebrate ruling on paid breaks and lunch periods for farmworkers

PCUN, Oregon's farmworker union, will host the Feb. 15th celebration to recognize the issuance of this administrative rule and to honor those who made this achievement possible. The administrative rule, issued by Commissioner of Labor Dan Gardner, went into effect on February 1st and gives farmworkers the legal right to paid breaks and unpaid lunch periods.

Oregon is the fifth state to guarantee paid breaks to farmworkers and the sixteenth to guarantee lunch periods. For workers who routinely log long hours doing hard, physical labor, the guarantee of paid breaks and lunch periods is an important victory.

Who: Labor Commissioner Dan Gardner, Oregon legislators, labor leaders, and farmworker leaders. Invited guests include Senate President Peter Courtney, Senator Avel Gordly, and Oregon AFL-CIO President Tim Nesbitt.
What: A celebration to recognize the achievement of an administrative rule to guarantee paid breaks and lunch periods to farm workers.
Where: Cipriano Ferrel Education Center
When: Sunday, Feb. 15th. 4:00- 6:00 PM


ACTING OUTSIDE THE BOX 09.02.2004 16:41
New Topic IMC's receive long deserved recognition
Portland indymedia activists have recognized the necessity of topical indymedia sites, and would like to make that widely known. Portland IMC will be updating its "global imc network" list to include both the Biotech IMC and the FTAA IMC, under the new header "Topics".

There has been long debate in the Global Indymedia Network about this issue. Some would like to keep indymedia strictly based on cities, others would like to branch out with topic imc's. These sites collect articles about a specific topic throughout the imc network so they are all in one place. These sites create their own features and offer very detailed information on that topic, from an independant perspective. These sites are also dedicated to multilinguality because their scope covers more than one language.


RESISTANCE 07.02.2004 10:11
A Call for public assistance in identification of errant policeman so that justice can be had!
We are a group receiving grant from a concerned citizen who wishes to see justice had with this errand policeman, and we expend our own efforts towards that end.

What we do is simple! We research these errand policemen's known biographical data, ascertaining names/addresses of their next of kin, family, friends, neighbors, and extended civic circle in order to simple inform these people associated with their lives the full extent of their employment, and most especially their acts of abuse of power.

It is a powerful inducement towards individual reform when they find that their parents, spouses, children, siblings, immed- iate neighbors, fellow church members, and civic club members actually find out the type of work these people do.

Imagine this errand cops children's teacher receiving a video in the mail with note attached simply saying: "Please watch to see what Suzie XXX's father actually does for a living!"


GLBT | HUMAN RIGHTS 06.02.2004 10:42
Fred Phelps Cancels on Beaverton
taken from commets of protest article
We have received word from several sources, including the Beaverton Police Department, that Fred Phelps will not be coming to Beaverton. Instead, he will be off picketing a Billy Graham event (fine by us here at Basic Rights Oregon!). There are still a few things going on, including Beaverton HS students wearing buttons and ribbons on that day, a letter of support to the Beaverton school board signed by a number of community organizations, and a Family Diversity Event on Sunday.

However, there's no cancellation announced on the website and the flier is still posted up. This might just be an announcement to throw us off. He has been known to cancel when he gets word of counter-protests. Especially since one of them got bashed in the face.

Anyway, let's go support the exhibit. Making the exhibit a success would be an enjoyable way to undermine his efforts. It sounds like a cool exhibit anyway. If he doesn't show, great! We can tease him over the media for being too scared to come to the NW and/or we can just be proud that we foiled his plans.


Leonard Peltier March - Feb. 7th, Tacoma, WA 05.02.2004 01:15

Peltier Pix Leonard Peltier March SATURDAY FEBRUARY 7th

PORTLAND: Please bring your VEHICLES or bodies to Holladay Park NE 15th & Multnomah (in front of Lloyd Center) 7:30am (carpool leaves @ 8am!!! So you can't be late!)

Portland Ave. Park (on Portland Ave. between E. 24th and E. Fairbanks Ave. Take Portland Ave. exit off I-5 and head east)


FOREST DEFENSE 04.02.2004 07:33
F23 -- Call-To-Action! Do OR Die: Cascadia wide resistance against species extinction!
F23 Back to the Wall Call to action: Monday February 23rd, join the Cascadia Rising Eco-Defense Network and Back to the WALL in a region wide day of resistance to species extinction and forest destruction in your backyard!

In Portland protests will be held at the Region Six Forest Service Headquarters at 333 SW First Avenue. We will be meeting up beforehand at 7:30 a.m SHARP at the Tom McCall Waterfront Park downtown and going to the FS HQ by 8 pm from there.

Bush and Mark Rey (former timber industry lobbyist / Undersecretary of Agriculture in charge of the federal, public lands timber sale program) just released a final draft of a plan to eliminate "Survey and Manage" species protections. Survey and Manage, created as a result of the Spotted Owl controversy of the 80's and 90's, mandates that surveys be made for rare and little known species before any timber sale in western California, Oregon, or Washington takes place - a basic "look before you log" requirement.

Survey and Manage has been a lynchpin of combating timber sales under the legal system for years, and was the basis of the Straw Devil / Solo / Clark timber sale victories last summer.

While mainstream environmental groups scramble to access the damage to their legal system tactics, others are increasingly realizing that a new era of "lawless logging" is now upon us and that only massive public outcry can hope to make a difference.

We ask you to join the resistance to species extinction, environmental collapse, corporate greed. Please be there, bright and early, February 23rd!

Back to the WALL 503.649.8493 / back2thewall_pdx@yahoo.com
Cascadia Rising Eco-Defense Network 503.493.7495 / action@cascadiarising.org

[More Background | Organizer's Resources | protest information outside Portland | Donations needed following office robbery! | www.orwildlife.org/ | www.cascadiarising.org ]


02.02.2004 08:33
Help Close HLS - Join the Electronic CD
close hls! Every monday of the month.... join the ECD against HLS...

Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) is one of the world's largest animal testing labs, operating two facilities in England and one the U.S. (East Millstone, NJ). Every day inside its walls, thousands of animals suffer and die in painful and unnecessary tests. Exposed in five undercover investigations since 1989, HLS has given the public a rare glimpse inside the vivisection industry. The horrors witnessed inside HLS have given rise to one of the most successful anti-vivisection campaigns in the history of the animals rights movement.

www.insidehls.com | www.shacamerica.net


Call out for Solidarity with Lenard Peltier!
Leonard Peltiers struggle for freedom and justics is not only his, but all of ours. There has been a call for an international day of solidarity in support of Peltier, his apeals proccess and justice. We are asking that anyone with transportation please offer it up for this important event and help us get people up to tacoma for an afternoon of Exciting speakers and solidarity!

We need folks with transportation to help us get as manny folks from Portland up to tacoma for the Peltier Solidarity Rally... If you can please come to Holiday Park south of Lloyd Center (15th and Multnomah st) at 8 am on the morning of [Saturday] Febuary 7th... next saturday. please contact me at redredlori@riseup.net if you can offer space in your car.

Excerpt from the Statement from the Leonard Peltier Solidarity group of Tacoma: ...The nature of the struggle for justice for Leonard is not just a legal question but is also political and must have continuous public support in order to free Leonard. The U.S. Court of Appeals, Tenth Circuit, made this very clear in the ruling on November 4, 2003. In that ruling the court stated: "Much of the government's behavior at the Pine Ridge Reservation and in its prosecution of Mr. Peltier is to be condemned. The government withheld evidence. It intimidated witnesses. These facts are not disputed." Rather than act upon that which the court states is not disputed, it used Leonard's trial in which evidence was withheld and witnesses were intimidated as the reason why it denied Leonard's appeal. [ Read More ]


BENEFIT | HUMAN & CIVIL RIGHTS 30.01.2004 06:43
PCASC\ CBLOC Auction to Benefit Elections Delegation to El Salvador - TONIGHT!
Benefit For Elections Delegation To El Salvador
Saturday, January 31st, 6-9pm
Redwing Coffee & Bakery

1700 SE 6th Ave.
(corner of Market and 6th, just S. of Hawthorne)
Special Guest: General Strike
**Beer and snacks will be available**

Silent Auction to raise money to send delegates to be official elections monitors in El Salvador [in March]. Auction Items to Include:
  • White water rafting trip for 6 (all supplies included w/ professional rafting guide on a river of your choice)
  • Organic Fair Trade Coffee
  • Historical Central American Posters
  • Political union shirts from El Salvador
  • Local Art Work
  • 3 Hrs. Garden Consultation
  • Sheet metal worker labor
    [ Read More ] [ Elections Delegation to El Salvador - CISPES ]


29.01.2004 21:05
International Food Not Bombs Gathering
Food Not Bombs (FNB) volunteers from around the globe will converge in New York City August 25-27th. Planned to precede protests against the Republican National Convention, the Food Not Bombs International Gathering will host activists from one of the world's largest revolutionary movements for three days of workshops, spokescouncils, skill shares, foodsharing and discussion on the future direction of the movement.

Since its inception in 1980, FNB has grown from one chapter to more than 300 groups all over the world who are organizing against war and militarization by cooking and serving free meals in their communities with the idea that the billions of dollars wasted on military spending should instead be used to nourish the hungry. An autonomous movement, FNB chapters engage in various projects in their communities from fighting against poverty, gentrification and governmental immigration policies to organizing against the war on Iraq. One hope to come from this gathering is that FNB chapters will be better informed of what other groups are accomplishing in other parts of the world.


Student Activist Alliance to take the streets

Location: Pioneer Square

WHEN: 5.00pm FEB 2nd

  • Because the Youth of today are the leaders tomorow.
  • Because education is important
  • Because even if M30 passes - big fucking deal its not going to save the sorry state of our schools
  • Because just because we are kids does not mean we can not make change

[ MORE SAA RELATED ARTICLES | Measure 30 - Budget Cuts Just Punish Students | We Need Adequate School Funding | Oregon Commission on Black Affairs supports Measure 30 ]


LABOR SOLIDARITY 28.01.2004 12:52
Expanding the Safeway Picketing to Six Stores this Weekend--Please Join Us!
Below is our report from our succesful and fun Safeway protest this past Saturday. The next step is to expand the Portland campaign from one store to six. We are signing folks up to picket at local stores this weekend. Please join us! Email us to sign up for a shift, or just show up. Thanks!

[RELATED ARTICLES: Portlanders rally for California supermarket workers | Fun Pics from inside Safeway at Saturday Protest | "Don't Shop Safeway" Pictures | Biggest labor dispute in US in 20 years]


RADIO | RESISTANCE 25.01.2004 17:21
Prometheus Radio Project Comes to Portland
Prometheus Radio: Sunday, Feb.1 @ Liberty Hall - 7 pm
Pete Tridish, media activist from the Prometheus Radio Project, will be in Portland to talk about the most recent skirmisheds in the battle for the airwaves. Just finished with putting a new Low pOwer radio station on the air for the Confederated tribes of the Umatilla in Eastern Oregon, he will be talking about some of the successful new community radio stations that have been built in the past year. For every successful low power applicant, there are dozens of groups that want to build stations that are still stuck in the process or not even allowed to apply. He will also talk about the upcoming lawsuit that Prometheus has filed against the FCC, which will decide the fate of dozens of multi-milliondollar media mergers that the major corporations are now pushing for. A techinical session will follow for those interested learning more about technical aspects of building community radio stations.


POLITICAL PRISONERS 24.01.2004 13:49
Find Out How Corporate Media Framed Mumia
This Sunday, Jan 25th at 7 pm the Cascadia Education Collective [at SE 16th Ave. & Clinton] hosts the Justice For Mumia Coalition. A speaker will come and help us understand how we can help prevent the execution of one of the greatest contributors to the consciousness raising of this generation. These films and discussion will happen at the Cascadia Rising Infoshop at 1540 SE Clinton. This is a benefit for the Cascadia Rising Education Collective, and book donations for Books to Prisoners would be greatly appreciated.

As a journalist, Mumia Abu Jamal helped expose the atrocities committed by our government to the MOVE organization. As a Black Panther member, he helped create the journalistic environment for people to understand the impetus behind that movement. As a prisoner on death row, Mumia has provided insightful analysis on many important issues we have struggled with throughout these 2+ decades of increasing militarism and oppression. [ Read More ] [ freemumia.org | Mumia Abu-Jamal's Freedom Diary ]


HOUSING 23.01.2004 17:44
Affordable Housing Coalition Gears Up for Action in Clackamas County
I'd like to share information about a great opportunity for people who live in Clackamas County and are interested in working on affordable housing advocacy. Frree workshops and trainings available over the next few months as a new coalition building efforts gets rolling. The first activity is next week! This is first in a six part series of training sessions to help us expand our affordable housing resources. This training will cover strategies to expand our coalition, identify allies and build an action plan to obtain endorsements and official support. We will identify supporters and develop an action plan to contact them and build relationships with them. This training will help us develop a plan of action and the necessary skills to reach out to Clackamas County residents, organizations, and leaders to secure their involvement. Much of this session will become the workplan for the new part-time organizer.


COMMUNITY BUILDING 21.01.2004 10:58
Upcoming Events at Cascadia Rising Infoshop
Local community members have joined together to form the Cascadia Education Collective (CEC), housed in the Cascadia Rising Infoshop at 16th and Clinton in S.E. Portland. A non-profit volunteer organization, they offer the community a library of over 1000 books, many of which are from the liberation collective. The Cascadia Rising Infoshop is located at 1540 S.E. Clinton, PDX OR 97202. You can contact us at 503-230-8360, or email cec@lists.riseup.net

homepage: www.geocities.com/crinfoshop/


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