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FOREST DEFENSE 22.04.2004 10:13
June's Forest Defense Events
Cascadia  Forest Defenders needs help maintaining the occupation at Straw Devil This summer Cascadia will see the first real effects from Bush's elimination of environmental laws on forests. Below is a calendar of upcoming events and links on current campaigns to turn the tide against Bush! It's now or never for Cascadia's forests folks! Get AcTiVE!


JUSTICE FOR JAHAR PEREZ: Rally Fri. 4/23; grand jury pickets continue
Friday, April 23
4:00 - 6:00 pm
This action will start in Terry Schrunk Plaza (SW 3rd & Madison, Portland) and end in Pioneer Square.

The following press release is from the Albina Ministerial Alliance.

For immediate release: Join the Albina Ministerial Alliance Ad-Hoc Community Justice Coalition for a week of community expressions, beginning Tuesday April 20, 2004. The AMA Ad-Hoc along with a host of organizations and individuals will be picketing at the Multnomah County Court House to show our support for an indictment of Officer Jason Sery. Please continue your support for positive change within our city. Included is all the information concerning the picketing.

We are inviting all outraged citizens to join us as we embark to change the current culture of the Portland Police Department. We are placing a special invitation to all elected officials and all candidates for positions in our city, county, and state to also join us. Signs will be made for our elected officials, and major candidates for offices.

Picketing hours will be 9am-11am, 11am-2pm, 4pm-6pm each day from Tuesday, April 20 through Thursday, April 22. At each picketing shift there will be people available to speak with the press.

We are also in the process of planning a downtown Portland march and rally for Friday April 23, 2004. These events held this week under the AMA Ad-Hoc are all non-violent shows of community expressions.


THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT 18.04.2004 23:31
SAA call out for help
We at the Student Activist Alliance are in a bit of a pickle. We're getting more and more folks coming to our meetings and we're taking on quite a few important projects. In order to effectively organize our school communities were calling for the help from the greater activist community to support us with the resources present there. The resource that were looking for most is the use of an office space and a space to meet in once a week. We need someplace large enough to accommodate a meeting of about 30 folks once a week (thanks to PPS permit people, we have been getting denied our permit for really wacky simple reasons), and a place were we can work on our web site, keep files, email folks/ fax things, phone bank, etc. These two requests do not necessarily need to be the same space. We'd love one, the other or both.


Come to the Try/On Life Community Farm's Cob-building benefit this Sunday!
It's spring and the bees are buzzing, So much wants to happen at the Farm, but it needs your help! There's going to be a great party this weekend to raise money for materials to build a Cob sauna at the Farm during the Village Building Convergence. It's going to be a great time, with lots of old-timeously bands, beer, and prize give-away games. And later, a community sauna! Please join us!

A benefit for Try/on Life Farm Community Sauna Project. The Try/On Life community Farm, in cooperation with the Village Building Convergence will be building a cob sauna. This project will be used to teach cob building techniques during the convergence, and the entire Portland community will benefit from there being a sauna at the Farm.

The party's at Liberty Hall, 311 N IVY STREET...It starts at 7:00 PM This Sunday evening, April 18.


ANIMAL RIGHTS 17.04.2004 08:49
Join IDA for World Week for Animals in Labs
Trine was a capuchin monkey subjected to outdated drug experiments at OHSU. In the Chinese calendar, 2004 is the year of the monkey. In the anti-vivisection calendar, next week is World Week for Animals in Labs (WWAIL). From April 17-25, In Defense of Animals (IDA) and many other groups and individuals will be stirring public interest about the wasted resources and suffering hidden inside locked animal labs.

While planning these events, I've been overwhelmed by memories of some of the monkey friends I made while working for two years at Oregon Health and Science University's Oregon Regional Primate Research Center. These memories remind me of why the mission to expose the fraud of animal research is so important. I take these issues personally.

Saturday, April 17— Showing of Chattel
Sunday, April 18—'Primate Research—Then and Now'
Monday, April 19— GO Veg Texas Radio
Tuesday, April 20— Candlelight Vigil
OHSU President Peter Kohler's home
Thursday April 22—'Gorilla' Theater and Leafleting

and more...


Earth Day Celebration of Localization -- Saturday, April 17
We're building the village! Participate in one of the most vibrant examples of community, localization in action, and inspirational celebration Portland has to offer. Earth Day 2004 - Celebration of Localization is a grassroots, all volunteer event sponsored by several Portland community organization and hundreds of dedicated coordinators and volunteers. Music, art, activism, community, food, celebration - this is the future we want - live it today!


Tre: Bail set at $2500, but not out in the woods yet
Apparently, bail was set at $2500 for the criminal charges leveled against Tre in Canada. However, he is not yet free. There will be another hearing on Monday to determine bail on the immigration charges. Let's continue to hold him in the light. [ Comment ]

An emotional line of roughly ten of Tre Arrow's friends and supporters were present at his bail hearing today. Lawyer Tim Russel presented evidence for bail including over 60 letters received from Tre's family, friends and supporters from across North America. All letters specifically refering to Tre as a kind, non-violent and loving person. [ Read more... ]

Free Tre Arrow/Save the Biscuit! Benefit Show!
Saturday, April 17th.
8-10 pm
Laughing Horse Books (37th and Division SE)

Come and help raise $ and gear to defend comrades, from political prisoners to old-growth forests! Come learn about the Biscuit and help save the ancient forests of Southern Oregon! No one will be turned away for lack of funds. No money? Bring camping/hiking gear to donate to folks in the woods! [ read more... ]


  • Ryan Harvey
  • Contajous (poetry that will make you gasp!)
  • maybe more!
Tre Arrow | Cascadia Forest Defenders | Cascadia Rising | pdx indy forest activism page


SOLIDARITY 14.04.2004 13:02
Tre Arrow's Bail Hearing Set for Thursday; Bail and Defense funds Urgently Needed
Environmental activist and Oregon ex-patriot Tre Arrow will appear for a bail hearing in Victoria B.C. Thurday, April 15th at 2pm, he aslo expects to have an imigration hearing later that day. Supporters are concerned that the US may use this as an opportunity to extridite him to the US, where he faces other charges.

Supporters in the US and Canada will pause at 2pm Thurday to hold a good thought for a positive outcome from his hearings, and to manefest his fredom and safety. We would like to invite all of you reading this to do the same. Whatever your spiritual traditions, please hold Tre in your heart and thoughts Thurday. Today it is he who is cought in the cross hairs, but it could just as easily be any one of us, his fate and ours are inextricably intwind. [ Read more... ]

I'm doing well, staying strong, thanks to all the love and support pouring forth from everyone, and being able to connect with Indogo Girls music when I call friends in "stump town". So thank you so much,.Thanks also to everyone who wrote on my half for the bail hearing: thank you for you kind, loving words of support and truth. At this point what we need in bail money.

If everyone who wrote a letter could donate $20 (or $50 or . . .) specifically towards the bail funds that would appreciated immensely (enternal gratitude to those who have) To contribute for bail contact my lawyer, Tim Russel, at 250-480-1529 ASAP. [ Read more... ]


PORTLAND POLICE STATE 14.04.2004 12:55
March for Justice and Police Accountability announced for April 24
PORTLAND, OR - The Arissa organization is planning a March for Justice and Police Accountability in response to the murder of James Perez by the Portland Police. The March is set to take place Saturday, April 24 at 12:00 Noon beginning from Pioneer Courthouse Square.

With District Attorney Michael Schrunk's recent decision to convene the grand jury investigation into the death of James Perez before the promised inquest, the upcoming March comes at a critical time. The grand jury is set to begin hearing testimony on April 20, just four days prior to the April 24 March.

Arissa believes the result of the grand jury investigation will be less than satisfactory. Either the grand jury will refuse to indict Officer Jason Sery, or the indictment will be for a crime far less severe than murder. In previous cases involving murders committed by the Portland Police, including Kendra James, Jose Mejia Poot, Deontae Keller, and even those in 1985 and 1975 that involved inquests, the Portland Police Officers involved faced no criminal punishment. Knowing this, there are ample reasons to believe Officer Sery will get away with this act of murder.


07.04.2004 07:48
The Village Building Convergence Coming Soon to Kick Your Booty into Action
city repair Attention activists and visionaries of the Cascadia bioregion! It's the season for...
The Village Building Convergence!
Portland, OR--
May 21st-30th

People coming together in the name of permaculture, natural building, voluntary cooperation, and the actionary re-claiming of our commons. That's right! Ten days of community action, ten nights of presentations and celebration... Intersection Repair, ecological living, cob building, the T-Horse, Radical bicycle cartoonist Andy Singer, local superstars, and a chance to make history on May 30th with the world record number of simultaneous block parties to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Portland's neighborhood associations!

The Village Building Convergence-- It's time to reclaim the Commons.

Check out www.cityrepair.org

There's a benefit coming up on april 18 for the vbc in cunjunction with the farm project. I'll be fun, food, music and spirits with a raffle, silent auction, and cakewalk, not to mention really good bands. 10-100$ donations, NO ONE TURNED AWAY. At Liberty Hall 311 n. Ivy st from 7-11 pm

Listen Mark Lakeman talk about the upcoming VBC on PDX IMC Web Radio: CLICK HERE


BRINGING IT TO THE PEOPLE 06.04.2004 10:19
Oxygen Collective Is On The Road
Forests Need Fire Salvage Logging Is A Hoax The Oxygen Collective is on the road! The Forest and Fire Roadshow is now in full swing. We all miss the beauty and love of the Siskiyou mountains and valleys, but it has been an inspiring four days on the road for the forest.

We have already given three presentations in Oregon and California, performed hours and hours of outreach on stilts and travelled hundreds of miles on board the biodiesel bus. And we are just getting started.

Picture nine people living on a bus. Four cell phones, five wireless laptops, two video and four still cameras, four pairs of stilts and one fifteen foot metal tripod. It is a sunrise to midnight odyssey.

Our energy remains high and our trip bird list is already over 60 so we could hardly imagine a better project to be part of. Continue on here for updates from each stop and check back every couple days for more updates.


EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL 04.04.2004 23:34
Transgenders, Families Gear Up to Lobby on Capitol Hill
Transgender activists from all over America will converge on Capitol Hill, April 29-30 to lobby Congress for transgender inclusion in, and passage of hate crimes and employment rights legislation. Lobby Days 2004 is sponsored by the National Transgender Advocacy Coalition (NTAC), the country's largest and most active organization advocating for the rights of transgender Americans at federal, state, and local levels.

Among those in attendance will be victims of anti-transgender hate crimes and family members of those who have been victims. Attendees include Sylvia and Imelda Guerrero, mother and aunt of murdered Newark, California teenager Gwen Araujo, Queen Washington, the mother of teenaged Stephanie Thomas who, along with her friend Ukea Davis, was cut down in a hail of gunfire at a stop-sign in Washington DC, and Ethan St. Pierre, host of the internet community radio show TransFM and nephew of Boston-area transwoman Debra Forte, who fell victim to a hate-inspired murder in 1995.

Before visiting Congressional offices on April 29-30, NTAC will hold a plenary session at the University of Maryland's Annapolis Hall, in the southeast quadrant of the main campus.


Indymedia Takes Over Your TV
On April 4th, Portland Indymedia will launch its premiere episode of Indymedia News. This half-hour news show will feature local to international news, editorials, and interviews from a perspective you will never find on the corporate media. Expect no official government lines or self-censored stories here. We tell it like it is... with your help.

In addition to original reporting, stories are drawn from the Indymedia newswire to give real people their own voice in deciding what is news and how their stories should be told. By taking back the media, we have the power to shape our own reality instead of having corporate interests tell us what to think, what to do, and how to keep quiet. It's time to show them we're awake and the truth is being broadcast out loud!

On our first episode you will hear stories about the coup in Haiti, the leaked Pentagon report about global warming, efforts to oust Chavez from office in Venezuela, Portland police corruption, gay marriage, the children's garden, the No Starbucks campaign, and the tightening of the embargo against Cuba.


04.04.2004 14:59
Indymedia Takes Over Your TV
On April 4th, Portland Indymedia will launch its premiere episode of Indymedia News. This half-hour news show will feature local to international news, editorials, and interviews from a perspective you will never find on the corporate media. Expect no official government lines or self-censored stories here. We tell it like it is... with your help.

In addition to original reporting, stories are drawn from the Indymedia newswire to give real people their own voice in deciding what is news and how their stories should be told. By taking back the media, we have the power to shape our own reality instead of having corporate interests tell us what to think, what to do, and how to keep quiet. It's time to show them we're awake and the truth is being broadcast out loud!

On our first episode you will hear stories about the coup in Haiti, the leaked Pentagon report about global warming, efforts to oust Chavez from office in Venezuela, Portland police corruption, gay marriage, the children's garden, the No Starbucks campaign, and the tightening of the embargo against Cuba. The first show will air tonight at 10:30pm on channel 22.


FOREST DEFENSE 02.04.2004 09:35
Fire and Forests Roadshow in Cascadia all month!
Traveling in a 40-foot biodiesel-powered bus, an energetic, creative troupe of activists, musicians and performers are traveling from Bellingham, Washington to Palo Alto, California to mobilize support for the permanent protection of the threatened Siskiyou Wild Rivers area. This world-class place in southwestern Oregon is threatened by Biscuit post-fire logging - the largest timber sale in the modern history of our national forests.

The evening shows include performance, video, slideshows and songs by veteran activist and musician Peg Millet to amuse, amaze and inspire. We will explore the special qualities of the Siskiyou Wild Rivers area, fire ecology, fire politics, and examine the controversial Biscuit post-fire logging project.

Ending with an empowering message of hope and a call to action, we guarantee you will have a good time. Bring your friends!

More information about the tour is available at o2collective.org. A partial listing of events is [ here ].


STUDENT ORGANIZING 01.04.2004 21:39
STARC Alliance National Conference
The annual STARC Alliance National Conference is a convergence of activists and organizers that work to challenge a social and economic system that exploits resources and people while reinforcing privilege and oppression. The STARC Alliance National Conference will be a unique opportunity for youth and student activists and organizers from all over the country to come together to build a youth and student movement!

Student organizers and activists will be meeting at Portland State University April 2nd-4th, 2004. The conference will be an opportunity for you to:

  • Meet with rad people doing amazing organizing from all parts of the country!
  • Share resources and strategies for successful grassroots projects and campaigns!
  • Build a movement of liberation and anti-oppression!
  • Raise your voice, express your passion, get inspired!


LOCAL ELECTIONS | SELECTION 2004 31.03.2004 14:04
Portland Indymedia Expands Election Coverage
Portland Indymedia is expanding election coverage with 2 new pages. To highlight elections most relevant to the people of Oregon there is an oregon elections 2004 page. This page will collect stories related to local races in Portland and around the state. A page for discussing the presidential race has also been created. The purpose of this page is to collect the various discussions of the presidential race in one place. This page will be unique in that its stories will not appear on the front page newswire as these stories have a tendancy to dominate the newswire at the expense of more locally relevant stories.

New Election Pages: [ oregon elections 2004 | selection 2004 ]


April 1: Community Dialogue on 3rd Anniversary of Jose Mejia Death
Three years after the police killing of Jose Mejia Poot, the community has not forgotten him and has not ceased to demand justice. This is even more important in the wake of the police's most recent murder of yet another unarmed person of color. SPEAK OUT and make connections with your sisters and brothers who are struggling for justice!

Jose Santos Victor Mejia Poot was killed by the police on April 1, 2001. 3 years later, what has changed?

Thursday, April 1, 2004 6:30PM
Ockley Green Middle School Auditorium
6031 N. Montana, Portland


FOREST DEFENSE 24.03.2004 10:20
March 30 - April 4th Womyn & Trans Action Camp
The camp will be held in the Willamette National Forest with scheduled rides leaving from Eugene, OR on March 30 & April 1 at 10 am.

The rides will leave from the CFD office in the Growers Market, next to the Morning Glory Cafe, on 5th and Willamette St. in downtown Eugene.

The womyn and trans action was created as a direct way to increase the number of womyn and trans folks with technical forest skills in our community. This helps to shift the power dynamic that exists when primarly men have been given skills and then can choose to whom to pass these skills onto. The womyn and trans action is also a place where people can feel empowered to learn and have the self-confidence needed to voice their own opinions and give input in important group decisions.

If you need a ride and are unable to make either of these times please contact us and we can work on finding room in another run or personal car. For more information about the action camp please call (541) 684-8977 or email forestdefenders@riseup.net.

Related Stories: [ Straw Devil and 5 Other Old-Growth Sales Back on the Chopping Block | Summer 2003: Injunction at Straw Devil | Spring 2003: Womyn's Action Occupys Straw Devil ]

In Other Forest News: [ Bush just wiped out 1/2 of NW environmental regulations in ONE DAY ]

SEE ALSO: [ Cascadia Forest Defenders | Cascadia RiSiNG! Eco-Defense Network ]


HUMAN RIGHTS 23.03.2004 14:59
City Hall Action to Defend Right to Sleep
Portland, Oregon - Crossroads and street roots are announcing a rally for the Right to Sleep campaign on Wednesday, March 24, at 8:30 a.m. in front of City Hall. Gather in solidarity for the Right to Sleep campaign while more than 1600 people await housing.

A one-night count of people sleeping outdoors in Portland revealed 1,571 people living on our city's streets. That figure is widely agreed, by social-service workers and the city, to be an underrepresentation. These 1,500 are in addition to those sleeping in shelter beds, which nightly house 360 (summer) to 670 (winter) people. The shelter system serves less than a third of the problem and the camping ban lets the city criminalize those it leaves behind.

As long as ordinances targeting the homeless remain in place, they serve as a stamp of intolerance and an obstacle to the more complex issue that thousands of people live in our city without the benefit of a roof over their head or a place to sleep. It does, however, drive the issue into the hills, into the woods: Out of sight, out of mind. And that's the worst way to address a problem that is only getting worse due to the economy, unemployment, and the budget cuts in health care and mental health services.


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