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PEACE / ANTI-WAR 06.09.2002 12:06
Friday Rally Marks 9-11 Anniversary, Calls for No War on Iraq
From the open publishing newswire: The PPRC's weekly rally at Pioneer Courthouse Square on Friday, September 6, at 5:00 p.m., begins the week marking one year since the September 11 attacks by calling for no war on Iraq. "We're encouraged by the clear dissent both within Bush's cabinet and within Congress," said Chris Roehm of the PPRC, "but the news reports of the US moving tanks and artillery to the Middle East suggest that Bush is intent on a war regardless of international law or public opinion." The Independent, a British newspaper, reported today that "[t]he US Navy has booked a giant commercial transporter to take tanks, artillery, ammunition and back-up vehicles to the region," and that "[m]ilitary analysts said it showed the US Navy had probably exhausted the capacity of its own fleet and resorted to the open market." [ Read more ]

Films made by Arab and Jewish teenagers in Jerusalem to be shown this Saturday
From the open publishing newswire: On Saturday, September 7th, Orly Yadin will be presenting a selection of films made by Arab and Jewish teenagers in Jerusalem. All have participated in video workshops over the past three years, focusing their collaborative filmmaking on the complex subject of identity. She notes, "This is a very interesting attempt to bring together kids who would otherwise never have met and to get them to get to know each other as human beings through the medium of film."

This is the Portland premiere of these films. Don't miss this unique opportunity to view the collaborative film-making of young Palestinians and Israelis. [ Read more ]

LABOR 05.09.2002 22:36
Bi-monthly 'Boycott the Bell' protest this Saturday
From the newswire: This Saturday join CBLOC and other local labor, student, farmworker, social justice, and community activists at our bi-monthly picket of Taco Bell. The picket will be at the corner of Powell and Foster in South East Portland. Bring your voice, bring your friends, and come ready to stand up for justice in the fields. Portlanders have been demanding justice from Taco Bell regularly since January, and with each protest more and more people turn away, choosing not to cross the picket lines.

The bi-monthly pickets are part of a nationwide campaign to support farm workers. Tomato workers in South Florida work for the Six L's corporation which supplies most of the tomatoes used by the chain of pseudo Mexican restaurants (Taco Bell). Workers at Six L's haven't had a raise in the piece rate they work under since 1978. To earn $50 they must pick and carry two tons of tomatoes in a day. [ Read More ]

Boycott The Bell - SE Foster and Powell - Saturday, Sept. 7, 12:30 - 2:00 pm

[ Boycott the Bell HQ | Coalition of Immokalee Workers | CBLOC | Previous Taco Bell Protests: July 20 | August 3 | August 18 ]

CIVIL RIGHTS 05.09.2002 13:15
Community Action against Police Brutality, Sept. 12th
"The Police Accountability Campaign is urging members and supporters to voice concerns and demands at the Public Forum on Citizen-Police Interaction, hosted by the Civilian Review Committee of the Independent Police Review Division."

"We anticipate a large turnout so please arrive at 6PM at the Kaiser Permanente Conference Center, 3704 N Interstate, on Thursday, September 12. We'll be on hand at 6 to hand out information."

[ Full Story ]

Downloadable flyer for event: [ ILWU Local 5'er Post and Flyer ]

INDEPENDENT MEDIA 05.09.2002 09:40
A22 Video Project Underway
From the newswire: "Currently, a group of local folks have been gathering in order to make a documentary of the A22 Bush Protest. Our aim is to tell the story you don't get from the corporate media as well as to show the importance and rewards of dissent. We hope to collect unedited audio or video footage from the Portland protest, and any protest that followed the Bush tour, such as the ones in California or in Houston(at Bush's ranch). We're also looking for footage of the corporate media's coverage of the protests, and any recording of Goerge Dubya's speech in Portland." [ Read More ]

"Please send any related info to pdx-video@lists.riseup.net."

10 Minute A22 Video
56k: [ Streaming | Download ] Broadband: [ Streaming | Download ]

A30 CRITICAL MASS POLICE RIOT 03.09.2002 21:48
Open meeting to discuss and cope with Critical Mass casualties
From the open publishing newswire: "friday september 6th 7pm at laughing horse books [3652 SE Division St.], the victims of critical mass aug 30 are welcome to come and have some love and healing about all the fucked up police terrorism. We victims need to come together support one another and talk about our defense. Because even though they have all the weapons of fear and terror we have the power, not to mention love. Anyway death to new-fuedalism and We hope to see everyone there. Also we all need to work together to make it the safest forum that we can so if you were not ther you need to be at another meeting." [ Announcement ]

[ A30 Critical Mass Police Riot, collected posts ]

HEALTH AND SAFETY 03.09.2002 21:35
Have you been pepper sprayed?
Posted to the open publishing newswire by the Black Cross Health Collective: "Several people have contacted us about lingering effects or especially strong reactions after having been pepper sprayed at the A22 Bush demo or the Critical Mass on 8/30. This leads us to believe that there are probably more people out there with similar problems. If you experienced an especially strong reaction to being pepper sprayed, and/or are experiencing lingering effects, we can try to help you with aftercare ideas, as well as documenting any injuries you may have. (This would also include injuries from batons/rubber bullets/etc.)

"Write us at info@blackcrosscollective.org and one of us will get back to you. It is our intention to get back to folks within 24hrs." [ More information ]

Black Cross Health Collective Training on Saturday
From the open publishing newswire: "Come and learn how to be prepared for and deal with assault and injury due to police violence! As Police repression (and aggression) increases, it's evermore evident that we must learn how to protect ourselves and others from the dangers of hazardous chemical weapons used on activists and other forms of physical assault. To meet this need, members of the Black Cross Health Collective will be giving their unique First Aid Training.

"You will be trained in: Demonstration preparation, First Aid, Pepper Spray and Tear Gas treatment, Aftercare. The Training will be held on Saturday, September 7th from 1:00PM until 6:00PM at the The Empty Shell [NE 24th Avenue and Alberta]." [ Full announcement ]

Thanks to ALL the first-aid folks!
Posted to the open publishing newswire by the Black Cross Health Collective: "Our members wish to publicly thank all of the medics in town who aren't members of our affinity group. We get much of the credit/thanks for first aid, but we aren't the only ones out there helping folks! MASHH medics and others are always out there helping to provide first aid at protests, actions, etc. Hurray for all the medics out there, not just the Black Cross ones!" [ Newswire post ]

[ Black Cross Health Collective ]

NE Cooperative Redevelopment Coalition announces planning/work gathering
From the open publishing newswire: "The newly formed NE Redevelopment Coalition has announced their first public planning/work session. The session/communal celebration, will be held Thursday, 6:30pm at 2407 NE Alberta, in the Rexall Showcase Building/The Dandy Lyon.

"The coalition has been formed for the purpose of creating non-profit living, working, learning, performance, and meeting spaces, within the framework of a consensus-based, cooperative management structure. The primary purpose of this gathering/work session is to educate interested citizens about projects currently in development, and to invite citizens to become directly involved in these projects.

"Additionally, work will be done in the effort to develop a 'branch system' of bike, motorbike, auto libraries, and cooperative freeschools in Portland." [ Full story ]

Get off of your ass -- it's Critical Mass
From the open publishing newswire: "Bike Summer is coming to and end and what better way to celebrate a wonderful month of bike stuff than to take to the streets and ride to show support for the human powered machine. What ever the reason one rides, weather it be for excercise, for the environment, to protest the greedy oil machine, or all of the above, what better time to come out to ride together and enjoy the end of summer together."

"The ride starts @ 5:30 under the burnside bridge. Food Not Bombs feeds a bit before that at the same location." [ Full Article ]

[ Critical Mass | Bike Summer | Car Free Cities ]

PEACE/ANTI-WAR 30.08.2002 00:12
'Pre-Emptive' demonstration to stop the war on Iraq before it starts
The Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group and others will be holding a demonstration against the U.S.' proposed war on Iraq on Friday, August 30, 2002, at Terry Schrunk Plaza, across the street from the Federal Building at SW 3rd and Madison. The action is from 4-6pm.

The focus of the action will be to educate the public about the devastating effects U.S. policy has already had in Iraq since 1990. 12 years of sanctions coupled with infrastructure that was destroyed in the "Gulf War" have led to hundreds of thousands of deaths; 300 tons of depleted uranium has caused increased cancer rates and birth defects; weekly bombings in the "no-fly zones" have killed several hundred people just since 1999, including members of the minority populations the U.S. claims to be protecting. [ Read more... ]

The PPRC's weekly rally at Pioneer Courthouse Square on Friday, August 30th, at 5:00 p.m., will join with the Iraq Affinity Group to protest the Bush administration's plans to invade Iraq. "From reactionary theocratic dictatorships like Saudi Arabia to the liberal democracies of Western Europe, the entire world is opposed to the Bush administration's criminal plans for war on Iraq," said Chris Roehm of the PPRC. "Last week's protests during Bush's visit to Portland demonstrated that there is also growing opposition to the war here in the United States." [ Read more... ]

[ Washington State AFL-CIO Opposes Iraq War & Patriot Act | Dancing With The Devil - Rumsfeld's Four Lies About Iraq ]

CIVIL LIBERTIES 19.08.2002 13:56
Community forums to address 'Homeland Security', Joint Terrorism Task Force
Two events this week will provide opportunities for people to learn more about the state of civil liberties in Portland under the Joint Terrorism Task Force (which is up for renewal soon) and in the U.S. under 'Homeland Security' and the USA PATRIOT Act.

A Dialogue on the Office of Homeland Security
"The US Congress is considering a major reorganization of the federal government. Under the auspices of the Office of Homeland Security, this reorganization would redefine the key mission of every major federal agency or bureau to be homeland security and/or 'anti-terrorism.' What are the implications and consequences of the Office of Homeland Security?"
Tuesday, Aug. 20, 6:15 p.m. @ The First United Methodist Church. Sponsored by the Oregon Peace Institute. [ Calendar announcement ]

After 9/11: Forum on Civil Liberties and the Social Justice movement
"Citizens from a variety of organizations will address concerns regarding the erosion of civil liberties in the wake of the USA Patriot Act and the renewal and expansion of the Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force." Featuring speakers from the American Friends Service Committee, the ACLU, the American Muslim Alliance, the Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment, and others.
Saturday, August 24, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.@ the Community Hall of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church. Sponsored by a multitude of peace, justice and activist organizations. [ Calendar announcement | Newswire item ]

'Rock Against Racism' on Saturday
From the open publishing newswire: The first Rock Against Racism in many years will happen again this Saturday, August 24th at P.C.C. Cascade, located at 705 N. Killingsworth. Rock Against Racism is a musical/spoken word/educational event that was created in response to the white supremacist National Alliance's call for all white supremacist organizations to march on the Israeli embassy in Washington D.C. on the very same day. The event wislso geared towards raising awareness of the rising tide of white supremacist activity in the Portland area, as well as nationwide. [ Full details ]

[ flier ]

[ www.antifascism.org | understanding & dismantling racism & white supremacy | challenging white supremacy workshops ]

[ Some previous stories about Volksfront and racism on portland indymedia: Volksfront: New and Improved, or Stale Cookies?... (7/12/02) | VF Goes Underground (7/16/02) | Indymedia Antiracist Response (12/22/01) | keyword search for "Volksfront" on portland indymedia ]

LABOR SOLIDARITY 14.08.2002 21:31
ILWU Local 5 throws support behind August 22 protest against Bush Regime
From the open publishing newswire: "We the Executive Board of ILWU Local 5 stand in solidarity with our union sisters and brothers. We champion the right to the collective bargaining process, the right to picket and strike, the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and, ultimately, the right to be free from the economic terrorism of the capitalist ruling class...

"While we support all struggles against the tyranny of government and bureaucracy, of most immediate and crucial concern for us, are the recent developments on the longshore. The Bush Regime has indicated that they are looking at four options: 1) Invoking the Taft-Hartley Act; 2) Running the ports with Navy personnel; 3) Placing the docks under the Railroad Labor Act and 4) Breaking up the coast wide contract. Each one of these threats against the ILWU is a direct attack on the power each and every worker. We must not allow this to happen..."

"We call upon all workers of the Americas to unite against this attack on the basic rights of our livelihoods and against all the oppressions and tyrannies of the Bush Regime. We support the community organizing efforts to stage a demonstration against the Bush Regime on his visit to Portland, Oregon on August 22nd, 2002 and will mobilize the Labor Community to the best of our ability to ensure the event is a success." [ Full statement ]

To keep up to date on the latest information about the upcoming protest against the Bush Regime on August 22, check in with portland.indymedia.org/protestbush.

'Get Those Nasty Developers': Sacramento activists seeking help from Portland citizens to save community garden

From the open publishing newswire: "The Ron Mandella Community Garden, residing on a half city block is Sacramento's (CA) oldest and only organic community garden, is slated for destruction. Portland developer H. Williams Advisors along with Rembold Companies, architecture firm Akrom Morsan, and the Spinnaker Companies want to destroy Sacramento's greatest treasure to build luxury condos. The Mandella Garden is downtown Sacramento's 2nd highest producer of oxygen and home to a variety of plants, animals, and a community of people. The land is owned by the Sate of California and should continue to be for public use rather than private profit. The land is managed for the state by and agency called the Capital Area Development Authority (CADA). On August 16th the developer is due to renew there contract with CADA to continue planning the destruction of the Mandella Garden."

Portlanders have two ways to help save the garden on Thursday, August 15: Calling the developers and telling them not to destroy the garden, and attending a protest in NW Portland where the developer is headquartered. [ Details ]

[ SaveTheGarden.org ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 13.08.2002 10:21
Demonstration against Old Growth logging called in Roseburg
From the open publishing newswire: "Allyn Ford is the sole owner of Roseburg Forest Products/Scott Timber. RFP/Scott wants to log some of the last remaining fragments of our native forests. Mr. Ford has failed to listen to the overwhelmeing sentiment of the public that wants to see permanent protection for these native forests. RFP/Scott is one of the largest purchasers of public lands old growth timber sales in the Pacific Northwest... At a recent meeting between the Forest Service, RFP/Scott, Congress, and the environmental community, the Rogue River National Forest was identified as the sacrifice zone for the replacement volume program. In the words of an RFP/Scott employee, the citizens of the Rogue Basin should, 'Take one for the team!'"

Carpools from Ashland have been arranged. [ Full story ]

Citizens of 'Little Beirut' planning warm welcome for pResident Bush
The week of August 19th (the papers say "tentatively the 22nd") pResident of the US will be in Portland, to support Gordon Smith and his Fundraising campaign. One activist writes: "We must Squash them. Bring signs, pretzel, bouncy balls, affintiy groups, bikes, horns, whistles... you know what to do, big demo lots of fun." A post to SF Bay Indymedia says: "come to the beautiful northwest as portland hosts the worlds most dangerous man, george w. bush, in august huge protests, civil disobedience, street theater, nonviolent demonstrations, and general anarchy is planned for the week of august 19th, when dubya visits the city his father called 'little beruit.'"

Strategy meetings have been called for Tuesday in SE and Wednesday in NE.

portland.indymedia.org/bushprotest has been set up to track updates and the latest information as it is announced to this website.

Astoria Coffee War update: Samantha Buck served a summons by Starbucks
Nearly two years ago, Samantha Buck of Astoria, Oregon, bought a small coffee shop and named it Sam Buck's -- after herself. A year later, Starbucks? opened a store inside Fred Meyers, five miles away, and served Samantha with a cease and desist order demanding that she stop using her own name on her store because they claimed it was causing confusion for Starbucks? customers. Samantha refused.

Today, Samantha Buck was served a summons by Starbucks?. She is required to respond within 20 days to Starbuck?'s demand that she change the name of her shop or face legal prosecution. Samantha's Portland lawyers have told her that she needs to produce $5000 to initiate the legal batttle. Sam neeeds assistance, both material and emotional. [ Read more... ]

[ background on portland indymedia: Astoria Coffee War ]

D.I.Y. PUBLISHING 09.08.2002 11:55
Zine bookmobile coming to Portland
The projet MOBILIVRE-BOOKMOBILE project is a traveling exhibition of artists' book works, zines, and independent publications housed in a vintage Airstream that seeks to strengthen pre-existing networks and inspire new connections among communities of people making things: artists, activists and writers. A group of coordinators accompanying the exhibition facilitates a series of workshops, artist talks, and educational forums at each stop. The Bookmobile's visit to Portland, which starts on Sunday, August 11, is being hosted by the Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC). [ Full details ]

This experiment in creativity and community was was harrassed by police when it was hosted in Illinois by the Urbana-Champaign IMC in June.

[ projet MOBILIVRE-BOOKMOBILE project | IPRC | Other IPRC events in August ]

Gathering at Red & Black discusses effective tactics for September IMF mobilization
From the newswire: "Wednesday night I went to the Red and Black Cafe on SE Division to listen to a representative of the DC ACC [Anti-Capitalist Convergence]. There were roughly 55 people there, most were younger people between 18 and 25.

"I was interested in what was going to be said because this particular event will be utilizing a more decentralized demonstration model. Rather than converging en force, as at a rally or march, the DC ACC plans on running a series of affinity group-style actions that are aimed at closing off the downtown work corridor in DC on the 27 of September.

"This is interesting. A real experiment. Since Seattle, these mass assemblies have had an undeniable impact on raising consicousness about many isses. They have also, however, become stuck in a familiar routine that no longer invoke mass appeal. That is a main point isn't it? To raise the awareness of people who are being exploited? Certainly the other goals of such 'globalization summits' include disrupting the various meetings of uber-exploiters like the IMF or the folks at the World Economic Forum in NY. These direct-action style confrontations have met with varying degrees of success. Certainly the initial breakout of Seattle in 99 ushered in a new range of civil disobedience not seen in this cournty in decades." [ Read More ]

[ Globalize This | Abolish the Bank | 50 Years is Enough | Jubilee USA | Whirled Bank Group ]

pResident Bush coming to town: What form will protests take?
From the open publishing newswire: "Local media sources have announced that 'President' Bush will be visiting Portland, Oregon during the week of August 19th. Activists have begun planning a protest for the visit. A coalition of activists is expected to be involved in the protest. People from as far away as Bellingham, WA have announced their intention to attend the protests. A temporary web-site to help organize the protest has been set up at http://www.geocities.com/cascadiac/."

What form will the protests take? How many people will be involved? Other posts to the portland indymedia open publishing newswire have discussed the issue, but nothing clear has emerged yet. One person posting under the name, "Mr. Salty" made this suggestion: "Lot's of Pretzels. Bags, and boxes and cups and saucers full of the baked snack that suits this man oh so well. Heaps of Pretzels. Piled high in the street, flying through the sky like liberated mini-disks searching for the mother-ship, sailing throught the air in complete and utter summation of the last two years antics. Pretzels. Bring extra!"

"Just an organizer" writes: "So, what can we do with the President's visit that will not be used as fodder for Smith's campaign and will also build what is now a fragmented movement in Portland and Oregon and the U.S.? What can we do that will slow, even for a moment, the U.S.presence in Afghanistan and preparations for an invasion of Iraq? What can we do that would demonstrate our opposition to expansion of logging in federal lands and oil drilling in the Arctic?"

[ Preparations for Protest of Bush visit to Portland ]
poster for bush protest

[ Protest the Bush Regime website | previous posts about Bush visit: August 2 | July 10 ]

Doctors Without Borders Converge in Pioneer Square
Today, Thursday, July 25th through Saturday July 27th, Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres(MSF) will be hosting the Access EXPO Exhibit at Pioneer Courthouse Square from 10:00am - 6:00pm, focusing on their Essential Medicines Campaign.

Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres(MSF), an independent, international humanitarian voluntary NGO, delivers emergency medical care in over 85 countries. MSF is sponsoring an Access to Essential Medicines campaign in Europe and US in 2002/2003. The lack of access to affordable, effective drugs causes millions of people to die each year from treatable diseases.

Meet experienced Doctors Without Borders medical field volunteers and staff. Visit the exhibit profiling five patients from around the world, each with a treatable infectious disease but unable to get care. By putting the visitor in the situation of the patient and offering a "diagnosis" with an experienced Doctors Without Borders medical field volunteer, the exhibit personalizes the need for better access to medical treatment in poor countries.


More information on Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres(MSF) or call Amelia Pan at (310) 277-2793

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