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21.07.2004 11:48
Saturday Slideshow on global resistance to technology
 Fiddleheads (young ferns, edible only before they are unfurled) July 24th at 7pm there will be a stellar slideshow at the Cascadia Rising Infoshop (1540 SE Clinton). The presentors include the creator of the 2002 memorable "Squat Slideshow" featuring slides and stories from the squats of Spain, as well as members of Wildroots.

Wildroots is a 30-acre radical homestead adjacent about 45 minutes from Asheville, NC. Their focus is on experiential learning and living, while practicing, developing and sharing skills - Wildroots lives off the grid, carrying their water from nearby streams, engaging in permaculture, gardening by the moon, natural and primitive shelter building, hide tanning, herbal medicine, nature crafts, and wild food foraging.

Don't miss it!


19.07.2004 16:36
CMC giving away Guerrilla Video Primers
As you may or may not know, members of the Cascadia Media Collective have spent the last 6 years honing media skills to support the growing movements of resistance here in the U.$. and around the world. In the last year we have been fortunate enough to secure the resources to take our goal of a decentralized, autonomous, radical media one step further. Thanks to the Paul Robeson Fund, we are able to send out 250 FREE copies of our newest film, Guerrilla Video Primer.

What is Guerrilla Video Primer? It is a 60 minute action-packed, training video providing detailed instruction on skills from basic camera techniques to Copwatch to distributing YOUR guerrilla media and much more. By distributing free copies, we hope to encourage activists and organizers, rabble-rousers and educators; we hope to encourge YOU to utilize guerrilla media if not make it yourself.

If that sounds like something that your group would like to receive FREE in order to support your work and/or provide for your community, just let us know and we'll send one to you this summer. You can contact the CMC to request a Guerrilla Video Primer or with any questions via the following information:


19.07.2004 08:52
This Monday (tonight) - Protect the Blue Mountains!
~please spread the word and pass on - don't miss this opportunity to show your support for forest protection east of the Cascades~

Blue Mountains Forest Plan Revision 'Workshop' - open to public!

Monday, July 19 - 6pm - 9pm
(open house at 6; presentations at 6:45)
Lloyd Center Doubletree Hotel
1000 NE Multnomah St.
Portland, Oregon


15.07.2004 09:47
Now or Never for the Biscuit -- Cascadia EcoDefense this month!
Summer is in full swing and there is a lot going on -- a couple of highlights....
  • It's now or never for the Biscuit. We mean it!! Timber sale "auction" is FRIDAY. Logging is likely to begin NEXT WEEK and will likely be a free for all thereafter. Campout this weekend @ the Biscuit "Indie" sale. Contact Wild Siskiyou Action 541-482-2640 / siskiyou@cascadiarising.org. Also, a new Earth First! summer rendezvous has been announced.
  • Medicine Lake campouts all next month -- stop the invasion of indigenous land by multinational energy!!
  • Got ecodesign skills or want to learn? Help needed in eastern Oregon building forest defenders a new straw-bale office.
  • Straw Devil regional forest defense training camp - last weekend in July outside Eugene...
  • August 11th - Trial begins on Solo, Straw Devil, East-Devil, Pryor, Clark, and Borg timber sales -- expect action in Portland!

Contact Cascadia RiSiNG! EcoDefense to offer/request a ride to most events!

[ Pdx Indymedia Forest Page | O2 Collective | Cascadia RiSiNG! EcoDefense | Biscuit Auction Means Biscuit Action ]


14.07.2004 15:41
Saturday July 24th: Beyond Civilization Slideshow @ Cascadia Rising Infoshop!
Live free! Saturday July 24th @ 7pm
At The Cascadia Rising Infoshop (1540 SE Clinton)
Wildroots, the Cascadia Rising Infoshop, and the Cascadia RiSiNG! Collective present: Beyond civilization, a slideshow and discussion about realizing our wildest dreams.


11.07.2004 13:50
Protest HLS Client: Sumitomo
Tuesday July 13, 4:00 p.m.This Tuesday we will be protesting the Sumitomo Corporation, which is a customer of Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). HLS is an international contract animal testing laboratory, and is known to be one of the cruelest and sloppiest in existence. 500 animals of all kinds--primates, dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, mice, and others--are killed each day inside the walls of HLS. Five undercover investigations have revealed numerous violations of Good Laboratory Practice laws, and atrocities such as HLS employees dissecting a conscious monkey into death, and punching beagle puppies (as if solitary, lifelong confinement in a cage in a laboratory, being subject to numerous painful procedures isn't enough).

The Sumitomo Corporation has a long history of sponsoring violent and unnecessary research at Huntingdon Life Sciences. Sumitomo has been exposed paying HLS to poison and kill for its pesticide products. In addition, they have not only dealt with HLS over the last 15 years, they also ship primates from Mauritius to suffer and die in labs (including HLS) all over the world. We are asking that Sumitomo (including its subsidiaries Pressa Agri and Sunland Hay Exports) sever its ties and agree to no longer contract with HLS. This protest is working towards that end, and is part of a larger international campaign protesting customers, suppliers, investors, and others doing business with HLS.

5335 SW Meadows, #366
Lake Oswego, OR 97035
Tel: 503/684-7870
Fax: 503/684-7905

Signs will be available. If you can't make the protest, you may want to give Sumitomo a call, send them a fax, or stop by any other time to encourage them to dump HLS.
[ Read More ] [ For more information about the campaign to shut down HLS, visit: Inside HLS | Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) - America | Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty - Global ]


09.07.2004 23:46
Growing Your Own Tobacco Workshop
Portland, OR-- Workshop announced for activists who want to explore the history and sacredness of the tobacco plant, learn how to grow tobacco in their own backyard, dry the leaves, store them, and respect their energy. Getting off the corporate cigarette habit by growing your own...

Do you smoke? Do you know where your tobacco comes from? Are you aware of the impacts of supporting corporate tobacco agriculture and tobacco products? Want to learn how to re-think your relationship with the tobacco plant, and shift from consumer of smoke to being a provider of sacred tobacco energy?

Sunday July 11th at 3PM
Free tobacco workshop will be held in Sellwood's Share-It Square (corner of SE 9th Av and Sherrett Street, 4 blocks south of Tacoma)
Participants will receive Cuban tobacco seed. You can still get a crop in this year!


06.07.2004 20:09
"A Day for Tre" Arrow!!!--Wed., July 7th
In Commemoration of Tre's ascent to the 3rd Floor Window of the US Forest Service Regional Headquarters Building in Portland on July 7th, 2000, Tre and his supporters ask that those of us who work for pay this day, donate some or all of our earnings towards his legal defense.
So, if you are just doing life on that day, please do an action this day, help someone or an animal in need and eat vegan---preferably raw in solidarity with Tre. Take a stand against injustice, ride your bike, walk or take public transit to your destinations.


FOREST DEFENSE 05.07.2004 08:51
Rally to Save Our Wild Siskiyou Forests
Attention all Siskiyou Wild Rivers Area lovers:

The Forest Service will be issuing a Decision to log thousands of acres of roadless forest around the world famous Kalmiopsis Wilderness on Tuesday July 6 at the Supervisor's Headquarters in Medford, Oregon. Guess what? We are gunna be there too, with hundreds of other community members, in opposition to this extreme proposal.

We plan to converge at Alba Park, 6th and Grape Streets (across the street from the Siskiyou National Forest office) at noon. This is going to be a family friendly event with lots of skits, biscuit eating and theatre planned. Play hookey from work. Take the day off. We need a massive show of opposition. Grab your kids, friends and neighbors...

A 50-person bus will be departing the Growers Market (454 Willamette St.) in Eugene at 9:00 am sharp on Tuesday, July 6. We plan to stop off in Cottage Grove at the Vintage Inn at 9:30 for another pickup.

For more information on the Medford rally, contact Josh Laughlin at the Cascadia Wildlands Project, 541.434.1463; cascwild@efn.org.

For those that live in the Portland area, a massive rally will be happening at noon as well at Battleship Memorial at Waterfront Park (SW Oak and Naito Pkwy). For more information on the Portland rally, contact Rolf Skar at the Siskiyou Project: (503) 222-6101 or rolf@siskiyou.org


03.07.2004 11:08
Help Stop Genetic Engineering in Portland TODAY!!!
Join NW RAGE at the Waterfront Blues Festival as we let the public know "Safeway'Genetically Engineered Foods Give us the Blues!" We'll be out petitioning, stickering and talking with people Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Look for the Blue Balloons or people handing out the blue stickers.


02.07.2004 10:39
Seattle Grand Jury Imprisons Kim Berardi!
Kim Berardi is a well known activist who has played a strong role in many struggles. Yesterday she was jailed in Seattle for "civil contempt of a grand jury" for refusing to give up her constitutional right to remain silent.


30.06.2004 18:52
July 10-11: Forest Defense Campout at Bear Sale
Bear Timber Sale Reach out to the earth and form a coalition!

The government is taking a chainsaw to the nation's oldest forest. Right here on Mount Hood National forest the forest service is targeting old growth forest home to threatened species like the Spotted Owl, the Peregrine Flacon, and Cope's Giant Salamander just to name a few. These are our family and the earth is our collective body; We refuse to cut off a part of ourselves to feed the other parts. With the Cascadia Forest Alliance gone, a new community committed to the protection of Mt. Hood's forests is greatly needed. Join us to go up to be in the woods and act together!


FAHRENHEIT 9/11 26.06.2004 13:13
Fahrenheit 9/11 PSU town hall meeting - Monday June 28th
Have you heard about Fahrenheit 9/11, Michael Moore's new movie (which opens Friday, 6/25)? It's an incredibly powerful film that lays bare the cynicism and greed behind Bush's war policy. Apparently, it's full of footage that few people in this country have ever seen -- footage that has the power to sway the 2004 election.

Tens of thousands of US citizens are gathering in living rooms and meeting halls on Monday June 28th to discuss the movie. In the Portland area house meetings will be planned and a large Town Hall meeting will take place at PSU's Smith Center Ballroom. We'll join a live, online, interactive audio conference with Michael Moore, we'll discuss the movie, and we'll plan local actions to help win back the White House. And, of course, there'll be snacks. [ read more ]

NBC's Unbelievably Transparent Propaganda

The four-day-long drum beat against Michael Moore's film continues. First, Matt Lauer roughed Moore up on a morning show. Then Katy Couric. (What was Michael thinking talking to them!) And now this.

In Moore's favor, he did an admirable job sparring with both NBC morning show hosts. My favorite moment came when Couric asked Moore why he spent so much time showing "ordinary people" in Iraq. Why the children at the playground, the people on the street, she wanted to know. "You didn't say anything about what a ruthless tyrant Sadam Hussein was. Wouldn't your film have been more balanced if you had bothered to mention anything at all about that?" To which Moore replied, "You guys did such a good job at that, I just didn't feel I needed to do that." [ read more ]

Farhenheit 9/11 Review

For several years I was really sceptical of Michael Moore. I thought is use of humor down played the need for change, and came to close to the techniques used by the right wing radio shows. I spin doctor, working on the side of the left, and hurting more then he helped. With sceptical eyes I watched Bowling for Columbine, and my oppinion started to change. I began to think, maybe we as humans need a little bit of humor mixed in with our pain in order to take on some of the issues that activists feel so strongly about. [ read more ]

Related Stories: { "Fahrenheit 9/11" Tops $8 Million On Opening Day On Just 868 Screens | Michael Isikoff and Newsweek Magazine Deceive the Public About Fahrenheit 9/11 }


24.06.2004 21:44
a very special CRITICAL MASS this friday
this friday is a very special critical mass
its part of pedalpalooza
also a ride in rememberance of the bicyclists who were killed last year on belmont and 40th
there will also be a benefit show later featuring bands who were friends of the deceased


24.06.2004 15:49
Tre Update: June 23, 2004
Tre says thank you all for your love and support! Happy solstice! He is doing well, despite the conditions he is living in. While we talked on the phone this evening, he paused to thank a jail mate for an extra banana given to him. Tre is very kind hearted, and it is ironic that such a peaceful soul in in such an unpeaceful place.

Having said that, here are some current notes!

On June 30th, (Wednesday) at 10 am, he would like everyone to visualize that the "member of the immigration board deems him admissible for his refugee claim." He MIGHT be able to get out on June 30th if is a positive outcome. (I believe this is the hearing titled: Admissibility hearing.)

Please pray for him if you aren't able to attend the hearing! He says thank you all, and Namaste!

[ Help Us Find a Venue for a Benefit?!!! ]


24.06.2004 01:45
Mike D on the ground Yeah! Mike D's current lawyer, Diane Rader, has arranged a release hearing for him tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. at the Clackamas County Courthouse. I'm sure the phone calls helped encourage her to prioritize his case.

I just finished talking with Diane, and she said that the major impediment to Mike D being released is that he is homeless and has no reliable address or phone number. Of course, we know that Mike D is easily reached at Street Roots or Cascadia Rising; however, the system wants him to have a "home." Diane told me that a number of homeless people just wander off and never come back.

I'm sure any number of people would be willing to step up and offer Mike D an address and phone number, but I don't know what his wishes would be. We should think about who could best provide a homebase for Mike D to make the courts feel secure.

I understand that a show of support can make a big difference at a hearing. Please come if possible.

[ Carpools for Mike D's release hearing | Mike D - Open letter to a landlord | Latest Mike D Update | Mike D's Lawyer changed again ]


24.06.2004 01:36
Plaster Party at Dignity Village This Weekend
light straw clay house ready to be plastered This Saturday and Sunday (June 26th and 27th) Dignity Village will be holding a work party to plaster five new natural buildings constructed during the Village Building Convergence so that new tenants can move in. The houses are constructed entirely out of recycled building materials and light straw clay. This will be a great way to learn how to make and apply your own plaster at home using simple natural materials like clay and water. Bring rubber gloves and snacks if you like, and a hat if its sunny.

The plastering will start at 10 a.m. each day and continue throughout the day.


21.06.2004 18:57
Northwest Resistance Against Genetic Engineering is collecting food donations to give to the Oregon Food Bank. We are accepting all organic canned goods at food drop-off boxes from June 15th through June 30th. The boxes are located at: We believe in organic foods that both feed the body and the planet. We also believe that all people, rich and poor, have a right to healthy, pesticide free, organic foods. Say no to genetically engineered foods and yes to organics. Please join with us and make a make a donation today! [ comment on this article... ]


20.06.2004 11:21
Western Shoshone: War not just in Iraq
The United States Congressmen are mirroring the same deceptive tactics in Western Shoshone territory in Nevada as in Iraq, said Western Shoshone as legislation was pushed to compensate tribal members for Aboriginal land in an effort to seize it and open it up for mining, energy and nuclear corporations.

While Western Shoshone maintain their Aboriginal land claim secured by the Treaty of Ruby Valley of 1863, their sacred Yucca Mountain is being gutted for nuclear dumping, their horses and cattle seized to make way for geothermal industries and the earth mutilated for gold extraction.

"If the war on terrorism is about protecting this country, then why is our own government trying to take away our homelands?" said Mary McCloud, Western Shoshone elder.


20.06.2004 10:13
BE A WITNESS and Enjoy the Forest
This summer the Forest Service has authorized numerous timber sales in the Mt. Hood National Forest, basically in the back yard or the Portland area. These cuts are on public land, subsidized by public money, yet requests to end old growth logging are ignored. The Mt. Hood National Forest is one of many places were the last of the region's old growth forests are being logged to pad the pocket books of timber companies. But something can be done...


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