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13.10.2004 10:37
The monkeys at the OHSU Primate Center need your help!
We just found out the first subcommittee dealing with the humane treatment of animals in OHSU's labs will be held next Monday, October 18th, starting at 9 am. This is a sub-committee of the legislative Oregon Opportunity/Ethics Task Force, formed specifically to handle community concerns about abuse of animals in OHSU's labs. I was told by OHSU Government Relations staff that the community will have two hours to have our voices heard and we need to pack that meeting and let this committee know that we have not forgotten about the monkeys and other animals languishing in OHSU labs.

What: OHSU Ethics Subcommittee Meeting about humane care of OHSU animals
When: Monday, October 18th, from 9-11am
Where: OHSU Main Marquam Hill Campus (room and building to be announced)

Please RSVP to  matt@idausa.org or 502-249-9996 x2 if you can attend so we can coordinate our testimony.


13.10.2004 06:56
Mike Ruppert on KBOO (Weds. 10am) says VP Cheney key to 9/11 attacks releases 1st book
Michael C. Ruppert through his newsletter "From the Wilderness" has been writing for the last six years on the topics of drug trafficking (including government and corporate involvement), world oil supply and energy usage, and military operations that support "the Empire." From the Wilderness has been one of the foremost outlets on the World Trade Center/9-11 reporting. One of the most significant points in Ruppert's book "Crossing the Rubicon" is that he names Vice President Richard Cheney as the central planner of the attacks of September 11, 2001. Just released, Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire and the End of the Age of Oil by New Society Publishers. [ Read More ] [ http://www.newsociety.com/News/rub.html ]


12.10.2004 22:54
Follow-up to Tre Arrow's International Call-out from Aug.'04
October 11, 2004 With tons of gratitude and heartfelt sincerity, Tre and his closest supporters send out a huge hello and thank you to all who continue sending him good energy and vibes! He is trying to nourish himself to a (hardly) satisfactory level, per the facility's willingness to "bend" somewhat with regard to Tre's raw, vegan, organic diet, and he just survived the toughest week of his incarceration. His sense of hope has been rekindled due to some recent developments.

A wonderful soul in the lower mainland area of southwestern British Columbia has stepped forward to OFFER his home as the "house arrest" space to meet Tre's bail requirement. Tre's hearing related to this matter is NEXT WEEK...week of October 19th...and he still NEEDS a 24/7 person; that is, someone who might be open to the idea of hanging with Tre, literally, in the same space as he, for (quite possibly) the next several months, while on house arrest... [ Read More ]


11.10.2004 17:36
Southern Oregon UNwelcomes Bush

W is coming to southern Oregon. And he plans to sleep in the tiny town of Jacksonville on Thursday night after his rally in Central Point. Rather than submit to the "free speech cage" in Central Point, deal with all the traffic and parking headaches, we are organizing a big unwelcome rally in Jacksonville.

This will be a hospitality event the likes of which Jville has never seen.

Feel like a road trip? Come on down and bring signs & message why W is not welcome in Southern Oregon. We will rally at Griffin Park in Jville @ 5:30, march thru town (all 4 blocks long) and unroll a red carpet banner with messages of unwelcome.

read announcement

information: [ Bush next week to Oregon Come | BUSH in PDX next week | Ashland and Medford carpool details @ rogueimc.org ]

history: [ August 13, 2004 | August 21, 2003 | August 22, 2002 | January 5, 2002 ]


WHAT IS THE TRUTH? 09.10.2004 15:58
Pentagon Whistleblower To Speak In Portland Saturday Evening
"what is the TRUTH?" graphics NW Veterans for Peace is proud to present in conjunction with the PSU Department of Conflict Resolution the conclusion of October Surprise 2; Art, Words and Music for Peace. This important event will be held in Hoffman Hall on Portland State University beginning at 5pm and will showcase the Art, Music and Poetry of several Portland area Veterans. There will be testimony by Tina Tierson, whose son was killed in the first Gulf War, and an apearance by internationally known Woman of Conscience Karen Kwiatkowski.

Retired Air Force Lt. Col Karen Kwaitkowski will speak out about the questionable intelligence gathering practices she identified while working in the Pentagon's Office of Special Plans during the run up to the Iraq invasion and the consequences those policies have had on current foreign affairs. For the inside story of what really happened in this super secretive and controverisal unit which was created especially to develop intel to bolster the case against Iraq, join us for a deeply interesting and informative evening.

For more information, contact Northwest Veterans for Peace at (503) 324-1804

Other Articles: NW Veterans for Peace presents OCTOBER SURPRISE 2


08.10.2004 16:27
More Clarity on the Subvertistas
Subvertical.org is the working group of the CFASR, or Common Front Against State Repression. We're an organization of revolutionaries and activists who oppose the Patriot Act and the general trend of police-state fascism in America. We're arranged in a decentralized fashion, without any hierarchial structure.

Through tried and true means of direct action and with some pretty original ideas of our own, we seek to deal with the issues of U.S. imperialism, its warmongering belligerence, and its overall fascist cravings, both at home and abroad. Ultimately, ours is a mission of doing. We need to act up, show off, and empower people everywhere, to make an example of what dissent can really mean and what it can really do for the people of our society.

Subvertistas are people on the street; we're the people who would do the tactical work of the resistance movement. We would like to get some things done, so to speak. Perhaps there is something you can do to help? Our behavior on the streets should provide our own credibility, because of this the mainstream media won't be able to effectively misrepresent our actions and intent. We'll do what others only wish they would do. Join us, we could all use the help.

[ Ok then, Subvertical, what of it? ]


NATIVE RESISTANCE 05.10.2004 15:59
In 1492, Columbus began the genocidal massacre of the Indigenous Population of the Americas. This massacre continued and was made policy by Andrew Jackson after America became an institution. It continues on today as the Native peoples remain oppressed and targeted by the American government and ruthless corporations.

Indigenous Day is more than a denouncement of Columbus Day, a day which blindly celebrates the Native holocaust. Indigenous Day is about the awareness and condemnation of the ongoing oppression of the Native peoples that is still occurring in the world today. It's easy to condemn a dead man and say that Columbus wittingly brought about the systematic destruction of the Indigenous culture. It's more difficult to condemn society today, which may include ourselves, for allowing it to continue through our blind eye and silent voice.

On Indigenous Day, we must be silent no more about the ongoing oppression and attempted assimilation of Native cultures. We will look this destructive force in the eye, even if that means looking in the mirror.

WHERE: It's A Beautiful Pizza 3341 SE Belmont St.
WHEN: Monday, October 11th starting at 5pm

Related Article: I've been thinking about this for some time now?


05.10.2004 12:47
PDX Joint Terrorism Task Force renewal hearing at City Council: Thurs., Oct. 21, 2:00pm
This just in, confirmed by a call to the City: The next renewal hearing for the Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force (PJTTF) is currently scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 21, at 2:00 pm. Does that seem a little late compared to previous years? Apparently, this important hearing has been put off due to Mayor Vera Katz's health problems. Doubtless, the City Council is also not anxious to re-open what has proven to be a political can of worms each year.

For those just tuning in, the PJTTF was created in 1997, and involves several full-time Portland Police personnel and numerous FBI and other law enforcement agents, working together ostensibly to prevent/investigate terrorism. Portland Police officers deputized as Federal agents might not be directly under the control of our City Council, although these indiviuals cannot investigate in a manner that violates Oregon law (which prohibits collection of information on people for their social, political or religious views).

When it comes to respecting and protecting civil liberties, the FBI and the Portland Police have proven they are unreliable, no matter who is pResident or mayor. Social control and the stifling of dissent are in the interest of Democrat and Republican corporate leadership. COINTELPRO, the attempted assassination of Judi Bari, the killings and beatings and surveillance of people on the street in Portland -- these make up the modus operandi of the machine. Portlanders have resisted the institution of the PJTTF each year with little success, but it's time to go downtown and do it again. Last year, the Council seemed less comfortable with its decision to renew, and passed an anti-PATRIOT ACT statement, as if to soften the blow. In any case, we cannot remain silent while they strip away our rights.

some pdx indy stories on previous hearings: [ How did Nazi Germany happen? Here's how: Portland City Council renews PJTTF today (Oct. 29, 2003) | PJTTF hearing: Vera Katz takes us one step further down the road of fascism (Sept. 20, 2002) | Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force renewed (Oct. 17, 2001) | Mayor Katz forced to back-pedal: Joint Terrorism Task Force not renewed after all (Oct. 4, 2001) ]


05.10.2004 11:34
Juarez and "Seņorita Extraviada"
at a body dumping site in Juarez With the approach of the International Caravan for Justice in Juarez and Chihuahua City, there are two screenings in Portland of a film that documents the case of hundreds of mysteriously murdered young women in the Mexican city across the river from El Paso.

The award-winning documentary, Senorita Extraviada, investigates the mysterious murders and their background.

Showing tonite at Nocturnal (1800 E Burnside) at 8:30 and Wednesday, October 13 at The Know (2026 NE Alberta).

[Portland Central America Solidarity Committee] [Mexico Solidarity Network]


03.10.2004 08:29
END THE WARS Rally and March for Peace and Justice
COME TO THE MARCH TODAY!!! Meet at the North Park Blocks at 1:30 p.m. A rally will begin at 2:00 and the march will start at 2:30. Justice for Mumia Coalition has Table 24b. Stop by to say hello. We still have a few T-Shirts, buttons and patches for sale. Of course, you can always make a donation to Mumia's Defense Fund.

Portland has not forgotten Mumia! His status has not changed - He is still on DEATH ROW--since 1982. There are some judicial events pending -- At any time, a hearing could be set and his execution date could be designated within a few days. We wait and we watch--but the courts continue to block his right to freedom.


FOREST DEFENSE 02.10.2004 15:58
Biscuit Logging Continues With Logging Of Large Trees Near Kalmiopsis Wilderness
Roadside SISKIYOU NATIONAL FOREST, OREGON - Logging of large trees in the backcountry of the Siskiyou National Forest as part of the Bush Administration's Biscuit Fire "Recovery" plan has started. Citizen monitors have confirmed and documented the fact that large trees are currently being cut down on the Horse timber sale, a 2.5 million board foot (500 log trucks) timber sale located near the northwestern border of the Kalmiopsis Wilderness.

"After spending an entire day watching logging contractors with Columbia Helicopter cut down large trees in this incredibly remote section of the Siskiyou National Forest we can safely say that this Biscuit Logging Plan has absolutely nothing to do with forest restoration or community protection," explained Tim Ream , part of a team of citizens conducting on-the-ground monitoring. "We would encourage the public to visit the Horse timber sale and see for themselves. Logging is not restoration and cutting down large trees is not fuel reduction."

The logging is taking place at the Horse timber sale despite a clear stipulation in the contract, which states, "All equipment operations in all Subdivisions are allowed from June 1 to September 30, to prevent the spread of Port-Orford-cedar root disease. During unseasonally [sic] wet periods within this operation season, operations may be ceased. Operations are allowed outside this period during unseasonally [sic] dry weather. C6.315#."


POLICE STATE 30.09.2004 15:09
Kelso Police Department Trampling 1st Amendment Rights
Kelso is not exactly a hotbed of radicalism, but a few weeks ago some citizens decided to hold a candle light vigil at the Allen Street Bridge in Kelso to mark the needless death of over 1000 U.S.troops in Iraq. They dutifully went to the Kelso Police Department to fill out the needed paperwork but were denied a permit because the Chief of police was unavailable to sign it. Figuring that it's their constitutional right to freely assemble, eight people showed up with signs and candles in silent protest of an illegal war. Shortly thereafter, six Kelso police officers showed up and threatened these people with arrest if they didn't disperse.

The ACLU lawyers have written to the city council of Kelso to let them know that the police department doesn't have the right to determine who is allowed to assemble and who is not. Tomorrow, October 1, at 3:30 p.m. there will be another (permitless) protest at the Allen Street Bridge. We don't need no stinkin' permit, but we do need bodies. We're begging anyone who is able, to come to Kelso tomorrow and let the cops know that even anti-war protesters have the right to assembly. Bring signs or not, but please come.


30.09.2004 12:08
Jack Herer, Father of Hemp, in town for book signing
Jack Herer, the father of Hemp and the author of "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" will be signing books at The 3rd Eye on Hawthorne, October 1st 5-6 pm.

Jack will be in town supporting the Measure 33 campaign, which gives Medicinal Marijuana patients the medicine they need to live a better quality life.

Herer will also be a keynote speaker at "The Future of Medical Marijuana" at the Embassy Suites, 319 SW Pine, October 2nd, 7pm. Workshops will occur from 3-6 and are free to the public. Tickets can be purchased or volunteer time can be traded to attend the event. Call 503-224-3051, visit www.Yeson33.org or stop by at 4315 SE Division for more info.


27.09.2004 17:24
Green Party VP Candidate Patricia LaMarche To Stay At Dignity Village
pgp logo On Friday, October 1st, Pat LaMarche, the Green Party's vice presidential candidate, is coming to Portland on her Left Out Tour, a two week, fourteen city journey across America. She has been sleeping in homeless shelters and on the streets to draw attention to those living on the edge of society. On the evening of October 1st, she will be staying at Dignity Village.

At 4:00pm, on Friday, October 1st, we are meeting in Pioneer Courthouse Square to conduct a voter registration drive in honor of National Homeless and Low Income Voter Registration Week. Join Pat, Teresa Keane, our fabulous U.S. Senate candidate, and our fantastic candidates for the Oregon House of Representatives, Chuck Fall, Steve Geiger, and Curt Sommer! Homeless activists from Dignity Village have volunteered to help. Pat would be thrilled to see you helping too!

Green Party wins American Muslim Alliance's Al-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz Malcolm X Award
The award was given for "showing courage of conviction in upholding American ideals, for demonstrating total honesty and integrity in dealing with fellow American of all religions, colors and creeds and for doing the right thing at the right time and for the right reason," and was presented at the American Muslim Alliance's annual national convention, September 25, in Orlando, Florida.

"Since September 11, 2001, the Bush administration and their Democratic co-conspirators have waged war on Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan and right here in the United States. They seem to think that 'liberating' people overseas means killing them and they think we are safer at home if we ignore or subvert our Constitutional guarantees of due process. It's time to wage peace overseas and repeal the 'Patriot' Act here in the U.S. By ending the occupation of Iraq and upholding the Constitution, we'll make the world and ourselves safer and more secure," said Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb.



FOREST DEFENSE 25.09.2004 23:56
Be A Part Of History! Make Ancient Forest Logging History!
Big trees at the Biscuit timber sale are already being logged. Be a Part of History!
Make Ancient Forest Logging History

Siskiyou Wild Rivers, Oregon
Monday, October 4th

HUNDREDS will gather for a peaceful protest rally to stop the Biscuit Logging Project. The specifics of the event will be posted at  http://www.forestadvocate.org, and on the rally hotline (541) 482-2640.


THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION has placed the Siskiyou Wild Rivers Area of southwestern Oregon on the chopping block with the largest logging project in U.S. history! The so-called Biscuit Post-Fire Recovery Project would cut down 19,000 acres of ancient forest reserves and roadless wildlands in one of the most biologically diverse forests in the world! Click here for more information on the  http://www.siskiyou.org Biscuit timbersale.


MONDAY, October 4th
Meet 7am (sharp) at the Selma Community Center in Selma, Oregon (Take Hwy 199 south of Grants Pass about 15 miles to the community of Selma). We will brief the group on the specifics of the event then head to the location of the rally.


WHITHER CRITICAL MASS 23.09.2004 14:33
12th Anniversary of Critical Mass

critical mass?
so, i kinda remember critical mass being fun, long and relatively ticket free. these days, the rider-police ratio is about 2-1. but that stops in september. the september 24th ride will be the 12 year anniversary of critical mass. two years ago, there was something like 1500 people at the september ride--rather than yesterday's mini-cadre of 40 or so. does anyone have ideas to make next month's mass the biggest ever? does anyone want to [help] organize a sign-making party? does anyone care?
read more

there were well over a thousand people at the ten year anniversary of the first critical mass. that was two years ago. since then, our numbers have shrunk to embarrassingly low numbers. this friday is the twelve year anniversary of critical mass. do us all a favor, and show up. remember to meet at the north park blocks (that's by the big elephant statue on west burnside) at about 5:30 on friday. i doubt we'll leave before 6:15. and bring a good attitude. nobody wants angry bikers, 'cause they usually result in angry cops. thanks.
read more

critical mass is friday! no invitation is required to attend critical mass. all are welcome. meet after 5:30 at the north park blocks (by the big elephant). the mass usually leaves around 6:15. seeya there.
read more

From the Portland Indymedia Archives (2002):

background: [ collected pdx indy stories about A30 & S28 Critical Mass rides | stories about critical mass | pictures from critical mass | bikes & transportation topic page ]


22.09.2004 11:14
Jack Herer, Father of Hemp, in town for book signing
Jack Herer, the father of Hemp and the author of "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" will be signing books at The 3rd Eye on Hawthorne, October 1st 5-6 pm.


21.09.2004 16:15
Monkey-wrench Animal Torturers
On September 21 and 22nd, Dr. Howard Hill, the director of pharmaceutical services for Huntingdon [Life Sciences], will present at the conference entitled "GLP BioAnalysis: Building a Lab from Inside Out." The conference is being put on by the Cambridge Health Institute (CHI), whose business mission is to provide forums where "experts" from both the academic and commercial lab settings can present on current research issues. For HLS, this is a chance to beg for badly needed clients... and that's where we come in. This event presents the opportunity to educate the conference organizer, CHI, and all its industry magazine sponsors about the sordid and dangerous past of HLS. [ Read More ] [ shacamerica.net | InsideHLS ]


21.09.2004 12:43
whitecoatwelfare.org: New website exposes OHSU's waste of public money while people die from budget cuts

The Coalition to Abolish Animal Testing (CAAT) has launched a new website, www.whitecoatwelfare.org, which exposes Oregon Health Sciences University's waste of millions of public dollars on research that does not benefit the public. The site highlights the connection between this wasted public money and the loss of health care and social services in Oregon. Over 600,000 Oregonians have no health insurance. The Oregon Health Plan is largely disappearing and Oregon's Department of Human Services is trying to cope with at least $200 million in new budget cuts. While locally and nationally, crucial social services and health care are disappearing, useless animal research is increasing. While thousands of Oregonians have no access to addiction treatment, OHSU injects monkeys with cocaine. While youth services disappear, OHSU flies gliders over monkeys heads to supposedly teach us about children and while people can't get medical care, OHSU gets more and more money for experimentation that goes nowhere.

www.whitecoatwelfare.org is a compilation of common sense and expert scientific testimony against animal research, and information about the current decline in life-saving human services. The site contains testimony from social service workers and doctors such as clinical psychologist, Dr. Malgosia Cegielski. Commenting on monkey behavior studies at OHSU, Dr. Cegielski states, "Are we learning about human depression by tormenting monkeys? As a clinician, I don't buy it. As taxpayers, we all do."

[ Read More ] [ WhiteCoatWelfare.org | Coalition to Abolish Animal Testing (CAAT) ]


21.09.2004 06:20
Fee Demo Action Alert - Just say NO! to Fee Demo!
fee demo feature pic If any of you have gone into the forest recently, you will have noticed more and more of these pesky "fee boxes" located at nearly all trailheads, most parking areas... and the places in the forests available to park a car for free are rapidly shrinking, so this results in a "pay to play" scheme that is limiting access to our public lands. This legislation goes one step further. If the move closer to the complete "Disneyification" of our National Forests is abhorrent to you, please take a moment to write a letter expressing your feelings about the privatization of our public lands to our legislative representatives.

A hand written fax carries more weight than an email or typed fax. A phone call carries the most weight.

Western Slope No-Fee Coalition Background & Callout


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