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28.11.2005 21:57
Support our comrades at PCUN as they face the hostility of anti-immigrant groups.
Jobs with Justice / PCASC Action Alert: Support our comrades at PCUN as they face the hostility of anti-immigrant groups. Please join PCUN members, allies, and community members for a pro-immigrant rally when the Mexican Consulate comes to Woodburn, to help our companeros at PCUN who, on December 3rd, will be facing anti-immigrant intimidation and harassment outside their offices. PCUN is a farmworker union in Oregon that represents many immigrants.

Saturday, December 3, 9 am to Noon PCUN, 300 Young St, Woodburn, OR

Carpool from Portland: Meet at 616 SE Burnside at 8:00 am. Leave at 8:20 for Woodburn. Feel Free to bring signs and banners

Background: Immigrant communities around Oregon have faced intimidation and harrassment by the anti-immigrant group Oregonians for Immigration Reform, who has followed the Mexican Consulate around the state to protest issuance of Matricula cards - a card which is necessary identification for a Mexican national to be able to return home.

At a rally in support of the Minutemen in Salem last month, OFIR announced the protest in Woodburn. PCUN is calling on immigrant community members and allies to be present December 3 to send a strong and visible message that we value immigrants' contributions and that immigrants deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

If you plan on joining us, please be prepared to take a pledge of nonviolence.


28.11.2005 14:27
Videos from the Resistance
At 7pm tonight (Monday, November 28th), Videos from the Resistance will be showing at It's a Beautiful Pizza (SE Belmont at about 33rd). Come in, get warm, eat pizza, and see what's new with the Resistance.
Showing this month:

Finding Common Ground: Straight from New Orleans, this video details the birth of the Common Ground Collective in the aftermath of the hurricane. Poor people and people of color in Louisianna had no illusions about any safety net to catch them after the storm, so even before the waters of Katrina subsided, they and progressive people from across the world came together in solidarity and mutual aid, to help each other. While FEMA foundered in indifference and bureaucracy, and the Red Cross cowered on the outskirts of town because it was "too dangerous" to go in there with all those black people, the people of Common Ground set up a health clinic, provided food and water to people in need, set up a pirate radio communications system, and rescued abandoned animals throughout the city of New Orleans. Their story, and the passionate words of former Black Panther Malik Rahim, who helped found Common Ground, are truly inspiring. (And for those who enjoy her work, there's a great cameo interview with Naomi Klein in there too.)

Too Small to Help: A short roasting of the pathetic job done by the Red Cross in New Orleans.

There will be other videos as well, possibly even an animal rights piece if rumor is to be believed.

See you there!


28.11.2005 09:36
info meeting: Volunteers needed for Dec. 10th WTO Protest
Over 30 organizations have come together to organize what we hope will be a massive rally and march in downtown Portland and a comprehensive teach-in about free trade. The Portland mobilization and march also commemorates International Human Rights Day, and will protest the erosion of workers' right to form unions.

Join a coalition of labor, environmental and community to say "No" to the WTO and "Yes" to the right to organize unions. From December 13-18, the World Trade Organization will meet in Hong Kong to implement anti-labor, anti-environmental, and anti-democratic policies. Widespread opposition has derailed these meetings in Seattle, WA in 1999 and in *Cancun, Mexico in 2003.

Two orientation meetings this week to find out more about the issues, what is being planned, and ways to plug in and volunteer.
Wednesday, November 30th 6:30 PM @ AFSCME Council 75, 6025 E. Burnside, Portland
Thursday, December 1st 6:20 PM - *film screening to follow @ the Clinton Street Theater, 522 SE Clinton St.

Come find out about the:

  • Protest on Saturday, December 10th
  • Teach-in on Saturday, December 17th
  • How you can plug in and volunteer
Comment: The positive alternative So-called "free" trade apologists will always try to put you down, saying that we can't just get rid of the WTO. These corrupt idiots think they can put you down just by asking you what your alternative is. Would you just stop international trade overnight, or what? It's like the opposition to Iraq withdrawal. DON'T LET THEM GIVE YOU THAT CRAP! There IS a positive program for global trade, and it's been on the table (although ignored by corporate media as well as by academia) since Seattle! The name of the alternative is the "Global Sustainable Development Resolution". Here's some good background on this issue from Rep.Peter DeFazio's web site



26.11.2005 17:00
PCASC World Social Forum Delegation
The Portland Central America Solidarity Committee (PCASC)/Cross Border Labor Organizing Coalition (CBLOC) is organizing a delegation to Caracas, Venezuela January 19-29, 2006. Besides attending the World Social Forum, PCASC has arranged meetings with union and community activists in Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution.



26.11.2005 16:58
Dec 3: Beyond Bars conference - Bellingham, WA
A conference bringing together a broad range of speakers and presentations to address the increasing incarceration rate in the United States, and its effect on diverse population in our society. Also a commemoration of Dec. 3rd, an International of Solidarity with Political Prisoners.

Addressing the Politics of the Prison Industrial Complex December 3rd, 10am-5pm

Beyond Bars Conference Details


25.11.2005 18:30
Sub-Committee Hears Legislation That Could Dismantle Community Access TV
The driving force behind this legislation is the phone companies' desire to provide Internet based broadband video service without having to negotiate franchises with local municipalities. Sponsors of the legislation say it will help consumers by increasing marketplace competition and thereby lowering cable TV subscription rates. However at the November 9th hearings Gene Kimmelman, of the Consumers Union, stated the bill "fails to deliver the polices necessary to ensure that consumers will receive meaningful growth in price competition"... the "American consumer is being asked to give up a great deal in exchange for another promise of competition at some distant point in the future. Consumers have had their pockets picked too many times to be fooled again".

Among the things the public is being asked to give up is robust local-focus community TV. The framework for Public, Educational, and Governmental (PEG) TV was put in place during the late 1960s and early 1970s on the principal that local communities should have an opportunity to produce and air programming that would reflect the unique character and concerns of those communities. Today in thousands of communities large and small PEG TV is an essential part of the community. Public Access TV offers a range of viewpoints and expressions unseen anywhere else in the mass media. Governmental TV keeps citizens informed about local elections and other important local political issues. And Educational TV provides essential programming for school-age youth, for colleges, libraries and adult learners.


24.11.2005 01:10
The Community that the Bar Built
The very first time I walked into a gay bar, I felt something that I had previously lacked in any public setting: security and community. The flashing of rainbow lights and the thumping of entrancing bass created an inviting atmosphere that was only enhanced by the flamboyant patrons and employees. At last I knew that I was someplace where I wasn't going to get my ass kicked if I let my wrist fall a little limp.


20.11.2005 06:34
Monthly Barter Fair hosted by The City Repair Project
Cascadia Hourly Exchange I am excited to announce that City Repair has started hosting the Cascadia Hour Exchange, a local currency & barter group that has been operating for a while (they just moved from meeting at Peoples Co-op) in the regional area.

I am hoping that the activist community can help support this group to grow into a true alternative to our current worldwide money system. Keep it local!

Sunday, Dec 18th
3:00pm - 6:00pm
City Repair Cooperative Space
2122 SE Division Ave (near Red & Black Café)


20.11.2005 05:30
Southern Oregonians Announce Plans to Travel to New Orleans for Hurricane Relief
0xygen Collective The Oxygen Collective, an Ashland, OR-based non-profit organization, and the newly formed Southern Oregon Gulf Coast Relief Network today announced plans to travel to New Orleans in early December. Members of both groups intend to support the ongoing grassroots hurricane relief efforts coordinated by Common Ground. Common Ground is a community-run organization offering assistance, mutual aid and support to the New Orleans communities that have been historically neglected and under served.

Local resident and educator Peter O'Connell traveled to the region two months ago to work with Common Ground. He is planning to return again with the Oxygen Collective and Southern Oregon Gulf Coast Relief Network. "I will never forget the images of desperate people suffering the initial tragedy of Hurricane Katrina. This tragedy has been compounded by the failures of FEMA and the federal, state and local governments to adequately address the needs of the affected communities. Into this void, Common Ground has stepped in to do the work that needs to be done," said O'Connell.


20.11.2005 05:24
29 Local Groups Endorse Dec 10 Human Rights Day Protest - No to the WTO/Yes to the Right to Organize Unions
Momentum is building for what will be a great protest! If your organization wants to sign on, send an email to info@jwjpdx.org

Find/Post an event in your city | Sign the petition | Inform yourself about International Human Rights Day


18.11.2005 16:31
Basic legal info for Sat fur demo PLDN
I sat down with a Lawyer from The NorthWest Constitutional Rights Center this afternoon and we reviewed tapes of a recent fur protest. I have asked the Attorney to inform people as to the law on a couple of issues using this post. He will post comments here and also take questions. The NWCRC has reviewed the tapes and has these comments about the statutes invoked by the officers:

City of Portland Code, Section 14A.30.020 - Unlawful Operation of Sound Producing Equipment. A. It is unlawful to operate or use or permit the use of any sound producing equipment:
1. Between the hours of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. so as to be plainly audible within any dwelling unit which is not the source of the sound; or
2. While on public property so as to be plainly audible 100 feet or more from the device.
B. Sound producing equipment includes but is not limited to any radio, television set, musical instrument, phonograph, loud speaker, bell or chime.

---- This implicitly says that you may use a bullhorn or other sound amplification system if the sound is not plainly audible 100 feet from the speaker. It would be wise to have members of the crowd observe from slightly less than 100 feet away (measure it) to make sure the police do not have any grounds to cite people under this ordinance. Read More | Fur is Dead | Report back from last and date for next fur protest | NorthWest Constitutional Rights Center (NWCRC) ]


18.11.2005 07:45
Hundreds of Animals Seized from Slaughterhouse, Volunteers NEEDED
Animal Acres, a Los Angeles area farmed animal sanctuary, is providing emergency rescue care for hundreds of animals seized by humane officers from a California slaughterhouse. The animals were being warehoused in nightmarish conditions. Animal Acres rescuers who assisted humane officers described the grisly scene... The situation is critical. Animal Acres volunteers are working 14 hours a day to provide medical care for sick and injured animals and to feed, water and clean the animals. Several of the sheep could not walk and had to be carried to safety. Over 50 sheep are sick or injured and require daily veterinary treatments. Many of the animals are covered in manure and urine, and need extensive grooming. Others are severely emmaciated and are extremely weak from malnourishment and dehydration.

Emergency caregivers are needed from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. daily to help clean barns and treatment areas, assist with health care and grooming, feeding and watering the animals, driving animals to veterinarians, photographing animals and other tasks. Due to this emergency, we do not have time to call back individuals who can help ? we are requesting you leave a message on our voxmail or send an email with the dates and times you will be coming to the sanctuary to help. Please call: 661-269-0986 or email us info@animalacres.org

Contributions are urgently needed to fund this massive rescue. We are spending approximately $150 PER DAY for feed, bedding, and veterinary supplies. Several of the sheep will also require intensive veterinary treatments and surgery to save them. The veterinary costs alone will exceed $5,000 or more. The rescue effort will cost at least $25,000 ? we simply can't do it without you. To make a donation online, please click here or mail your emergency care donation to: Animal Acres, 5200 Escondido Canyon Road, Acton, CA 93510. [ Read More ] [ Animal Acres ]


17.11.2005 14:39
New Sustainability Committee (team) forming in Humboldt Neighborhood
If you're a concerned activist and want to see this planet avert total disaster thanks to the extremely dangerous direction this country is taking, then get active in your neighborhood! For it is in our neighborhoods, where we live, where we behave in ways that either heal or damage the earth and other people. Living sustainably and becoming politically strong in our individual neighborhoods is how we stop the governmental and corporate abuse that is ravaging this planet and generating so much war and human misery. And the one significant political body through which your voice can be heard and you can actively make a difference not only locally but globally, is your Portland neighborhood association.

Bordered to the west and east by the Boise-Eliot and King neighborhoods in NE Portland is the Humboldt neighborhood, where residents face many of the same challenges regarding ecological, social and economic sustainability. To address these, the Humboldt Neighborhood Association is forming a Sustainability Committee. If you live and/or work in the Humboldt neighborhood, you are warmly invited to become part of this new committee.


15.11.2005 19:05
Copwatch Art Show!
Radical police accountability organization Rose City Copwatch will host the multi-media art show "The Language of Swine and Freedom" Wednesday November 16 at the Backspace Annex (115 NW 5th Ave) at 7pm. The show, a first for Rose City Copwatch, will display and offer for sale original artwork by a dozen local artists, with half of the proceeds to benefit Rose City Copwatch.

"The Language of Swine and Freedom" will showcase local art inspired by the dual themes of police violence and community power. The show will feature noted direct action photographer Bette Lee, incendiary mixed-media work from anarcho-maestro Alex Lilly, video from the Ubergay Cabaret, multi-media collages by Beth Reddy, specially-commissioned work from muralist Robin Corbo, pen and ink drawings by Kieran McGuire, comic-book art by Shane Ingersoll, and a sculptural installation by Elizabeth Cartozian and Karolina Puk.


14.11.2005 10:35
Fur Is Not Sexy
Here's the rest of your fur coat.Fur is not sexy! Fur is not sensual! Fur is not beautiful once it is removed from its original owner! At least two local television stations, KATU 2 and KGW 8 are carrying advertisements for Schumacher Furs. Please, take a few minutes, call their sales department and let them know how offensive these commercials are to the average viewer and then encourage them to call Matt at In Defense of Animals, (503)249 9996, to learn the real horrors behind the fur trade. The calls will only take a few minutes but could mean the difference between death and freedom for the animals involved and I guarantee the animals will thank you for it. You, I, we, together, CAN make a difference in helping to eliminate the senseless pain and suffering of all animals.

Channels 2 and 8 are televising commercials for Schumacher Furs. Please, let these stations know that this is not acceptable.
KATU: (503) 231 4222
KGW: (503) 226 5111

[ Read More ] [ The State of the Fur Industry ]


14.11.2005 07:58
Join the O2 Collective For a Relief Trip to New Orleans!
o2 collective New Orleans trip The Oxygen Collective is organizing a trip in our biodiesel bus for the first three weeks of December to bring supplies and volunteers to offer direct aid and relief work for people in the New Orleans area. We will be joining with an inspiring grassroots effort spearheaded by the Common Ground Collective in the Algiers Neighborhood.

The folks at Common Ground are engaged in many amazingly inspirational projects, but they are stretched thin and are desperately in need of people on the ground to help them. The Common Ground Collective operates a health clinic that serves thousands, an fm radio station bringing news and information to the Greater New Orleans Area and two supply distribution centers, including the only relief center located in the heavily damaged 9th Ward District. They also serve as the central hub of the grassroots, anti racist community organizing effort occurring in Southern Louisiana. They play a crucial advocacy role for the empowerment of poorer residents facing a deeply entrenched racist system that is in many cases marginalizing and neglecting people rather than helping them return to their homes.

Our plan is to leave Southern Oregon on Dec. 3rd, completing the journey by Dec. 22nd at the latest. Please contact oso@o2collective.org or laurel@o2collective.org for more info or to pass along useful contacts, make a donation or volunteer to come along.


14.11.2005 07:54
November 17th??
With much talk about future protests, in numerous occasions, people have mentioned November 17th. So the question is, is there going to be a protest on November 17th? If so, where and when? There is a lot of angry people out there and January 20th is too long away for the next anti-bush protest.

Comment: National "Not Your Soldier" Youth and Student Day of Action, Thursday November 17/18th at a high school or college campus near you.... Are military recruiters invading your schools and using promises of scholarships and career opportunities to convince your friends to join the military? You are not alone! On November 17, International Students Day, join youth and students from around the country in the first nationally coordinated day of action for and about young people! NOT YOUR SOLDIER!

United For Peace announcement | Another UFP article | National Youth & Students for Peace Coalition | Flyer

Comment: Another important note: I will stress to people not to rely on some big organized protest to vent there anger at the system, with no defined goal. Biggest question that I think needs addressing in this movement RIGHT NOW is, What is Non-violence and what is violence?
Recruiters Near You


Join the BIKE Cavalry, Nov 17th (THURS)

come ride with fellow cyclists to demonstrate our disgust for the war for oil. Nov 17th 12:30 pm north park blocks and couch st (by the elephant). ride in solidarity with counter-recruitment actions across the nation. bring positive energy, music, signs, fun, and of course bikes. we will ride as a group to demonstrate pedal power = people power.



14.11.2005 07:41
Cascadia Discussion Forum
cascadia flag I've created an online forum for Cascadians to discuss and imagine the future of our bioregion and the possibility of our independence from the United States. The forum will be lightly moderated - spam and some troll posts will be removed. Please come and add your ideas, energy, and input. Thank you.



human & civil rights 12.11.2005 19:55
Wyden's Office 12pm Monday: Portland Says "No" to Int'l Crime
Some Portlanders want to directly confront Mr. Ron Wyden on his endorsement of international crime that endangers all ordinary Americans and other innocent people.


12.11.2005 10:46
AUDIO FILE: Bark Hike To The Hipo Timber Sale
Barkers in the field at Juncrock Timber Sale The October Bark Field trip was to the Hipo timber sale, one of four sales sold as part of the Hilynx Timber Sale.. The Hipo Sales, which are in the White River watershed of the Barlow Ranger District have already been logged, and though called a thinning project, resemble more a clear cut.

Join Bark this Sunday for a different kind of Bark-about. Sunday, November 13 at 8:45 AM. Traditionally Bark has focused on logging as the primary threat to our public wildlands and forest ecosystem. However, a primary threat is not to be confused with a solitary threat. Our experienced volunteer hike leader Laurele has worked on many grazing projects in the past and is full of information to keep your mind stimulated. On this unique hike, we will examine the recently released Long Prairie Grazing project area and use the trip to investigate the issues raised by cattle grazing in the Mt. Hood National Forest. Just as many people don't realize that logging occurs in our National Forests, so are many unaware that cattle are imported to the forest with potentially severe consequences to the ecosystem, wildlands and waterways.


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