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24.01.2006 16:34
Every minute, Americans are sending hundreds of thousands of dollars overseas to buy oil, and our reliance on foreign oil is continuing to grow. America's overdependence on oil threatens our environment, our health, and is the number one reason why it's time for you to stand up and fight for better gas mileage standards from the auto industry.

Wednesday, January 25th 5:30-6:30pm

SEIU Local 49 Union Building Ballroom
3536 SE 26th Ave

Local 49 is just off Powell, and can be accessed by TriMet bus routes 10, 9, and 66. There is a small parking lot behind the building as well as street parking a few blocks away [ Read More ] [ America is too dependent on oil ]


20.01.2006 02:27
Anti-WTO Solidarity Video to Show
As the World Trade Organization met in China last month, the People met in the streets. And, as always, the people of Portland came to the streets in solidarity with people all over the world who are fighting the stark oppression wrought by the "New World Order," and specifically, by the WTO. Aside from a large march that wound through the city, there were several exciting break-away actions, including a building occupation at the Cascade Policy Institute, and a boisterous protest against the oppression of animals at Schumacher Furs.

Street videographers captured much of the action on film, and will be showing a piece at the next VFTR entitled, "Which Side Are You On?" If you were there, come and see, and celebrate the action with us. If you were not, come and see what you missed. Either way, see you there.


20.01.2006 02:20
Surviving the Struggle-Health Care
Today most of us live from pay check to pay check. Our lives are at the mercy of our employers and their willingness to pay us enough to survive. The basic human rights that we all need stand at the end of that paycheck, and we struggle to obtain as many of them as possible.

Just a few years ago in Oregon, heath care was given priority. The state did not offer much but what it did offer saved the lives of many. The Oregon Heath Plan stood between death and survival for many of us. Before my son was born my partner and I had very few options in front of us. We were very poor and having a baby was something that we could not afford. We got on the Oregon Health Plan and suddenly we had a few options. We found out that we didn't have to have our child in a sterile hospital. We could have our child with a Mid-wife in a Birth House. The experience was so much better than I had seen before, no doctors telling a woman how to feel or complicating thing with tech jargon. There was a person with us that honestly cared for us, and not just about our health but also about our well-being. It was the most real experience of my whole life.


Portland Police Surveillance Video to be Released to Public by PDX Indy Video Collective
Officer Jones In partnership with a network of activists across the city, the pdx indy video collective has procured a stash of police surveillance footage which will be released to the public at the end of this month in a new video, edited by Cat, entitled, "Eye of the Storm." The backbone of this expose is a cache of secret video tapes shot by "Portland's finest" as they rampaged through the streets in defense of the Empire.

Aside from proving, once and for all, that the police riots of 2002 and 2003 were unjustifiable, this footage has other, very dark, implications. Because in the course of their surveillance, the officers' cameras show a scary pattern of intentionally zooming in on people's faces, blatantly gathering personal information about people who are committing no crimes but are merely expressing political dissent.

Given recent revelations about the corporate police state's willingness to spy on peaceful, law abiding citizens,(not to mention the fact that the US govt is openly willing to incarcerate political opponents without due process of law, and to torture those in their custody), this footage should make you shudder. Because if you've ever participated in a demonstration in Portland, you'll be startled to learn just how much information they have been gathering about you. Are you in their sights? Come to the show and see if you can spot yourself. (I did.) You will never look down the chasm of officer Jones' lens in the same way again.


12.01.2006 03:50
Community Effort Saves Tryon Life Community Farm
TLC Farm, a seven acre non-profit educational farm in the Tryon Creek Watershed, was threatened with becoming a high-impact housing development if supporters did not raise the 1.5 million dollars needed to purchase the land and transfer it to a land trust by January, 10. In an outpouring of community support, the people of Portland donated over $100,000 in the last week in hundreds of contributions of all sizes, to ensure the land would be protected and the educational programs would continue.


08.01.2006 07:31
13th Annual NW Regional Leonard Peltier March Feb 4th in Tacoma, WA
Leonard Peltier Rally 13th ANNUAL NORTHWEST REGIONAL

Portland Ave. Park (on Portland Ave. between E. 35th and E. Fairbanks Ave. Take Portland Ave. exit off I-5 and head east)

U.S. Federal Court House, 1717 Pacific Ave.

As individual fingers we can easily be broken, but all together we make a mighty fist.
--Sitting Bull—



07.01.2006 06:46
Kentucky Fried Chicken Protest
Monthly Kentucky Fried Chicken protest will be Saturday January 7th at KFC located at NE 7th and Weidler St. 11:30 to 1:00. Carpooling available to join Schumacher Fur protest afterwards for anyone able to attend both protests.

An 2004 investigative video filmed at a KFC supplying slaughterhouse in Moorefield West Virginia showed workers stomping on chickens, ripping beaks off, twisting heads off, spitting tobacco into eyes, spray-painting faces, and squeezing them so hard feces were expelled. These animals were alive and conscious. Still KFC continues its cruelty. 736 Million chickens per year are subjected to painful debeaking with a hot blade, electrified and scalding water bath while still alive, and other cruel practices. The Colonel has got to go. Please join us to protest and educate the public.

and on the 8th, get redy for Peta PR street theater in New York | Rev. Sharpton and other civil rights leaders condemn KFC cruelty | http://www.kfccruelty.com


07.01.2006 06:42
Film from Venezuela: "Hablemos de Poder/Talking of Power"
So, what exactly is the role of women in Venezuela's revolutionary Bolivarian Social Movement?

Musicians Union Hall 325 NE 20th Ave.

From the hills of Caracas to the banks of the Orinoco River, grassroots women organizers speak about:

• Leadership and collective action
• Gender, race and class
• Agrarian reform and food sovereignty
• Labor rights and sustainable development
• Community health initiatives

This event is a fundraiser for the Portland Central America Solidarity/Cross-Border Labor Organizing Committee's delegation to the World Social Forum in Caracas, Venezuela.

Sliding Scale Donation: 5-10$, no one will be turned away
Tamales and Hugo Chavez t-shirts for sale!

616 E Burnside


02.01.2006 07:35
EcoTV Launches Season Series
EcoTV now on MCTV Happy New Year from EcoTV!

Our website has undergone some serious revamping thanks to the efforts of Democracy Catalyst. There is a main page with articles on a variety of relevant topics. There is a page dedicated to each show, including our pilot show, "And Why ANWR?", our first hour long show "Clean Cars Go Far!", and one we are working on called "Is Hydro a Go?"

There is also a new section called Programs In Progress. On this page, we will upload clips and hyperlinked text as we put together the show for next week. You are encouraged to participate by telling us what you think as well as what you'd like to see. You even have a chance to submit content, or to edit or remix our content in whatever way you see fit, so long as it's not for commercial use and you give us credit for the content.

EcoTV now has a one hour TV series on community access cable. You can watch us on the following days, times, and channels beginning January 1st, 2006:
Sunday 11:00 A.M. on Channel 21
Monday 9:00 P.M. on Channel 21
Saturday 6:00 P.M. on Channel 11

Be sure to watch for our show! "Clean Cars Go Far!" airs between all different kinds of shows, so enjoy your EcoTV sandwich in whichever flavor you prefer. You may also view our show from the website. EcoTV is gearing up to create as much educational content as possible for possible inclusion in projects designed to educate people about energy and its place in our economy and lifestyle.

EcoTV would like to take this opportunity to thank you for participating in this and other efforts to protect our public lands and energy future. Through our efforts, we can educate people about the realities of our current energy situation, and what people can do about it now to be better prepared and even proactive as we transition from a way of life reliant on fossil fuels to more sustainable energy technologies.



community building 31.12.2005 16:53
City Repair solicits proposals to save the world in 2006!
the sunflower intersection Now in its sixth incarnation, The City Repair Project brings you the Village Building Convergence May 19th - 28th, 2006. Please come to the info share, January 5th 6:30-8:30 p.m. to find out how to set up a project for your neighborhood. The info share will be held at City Repair headquarters, 2122 S.E. Division. To download a Request for Proposal, go to www.vbc.cityrepair.org. Contact City Repair at vbc@cityrepair.org or 503.235.8946 for more information.

Proposals for projects are due January 30th. What is a VBC project? VBC projects express the profound power of community in action. Neighbors collaborate to create welcoming gathering places. The physical projects may be very different -- past examples include artwork, playground equipment, gardens, buildings, shelters, and community notice boards or kiosks. Whatever the project, the benefits ripple throughout the community. Neighbors become a creative team, strengthening trust, connection, and hope.
[Previous VBC articles: VBC6 Request for Project Proposals! | Photos from VBC4]


27.12.2005 17:19
February 6th is coming! Support free speech? Then support the SHAC 7!
Wednesday, May 26th of 2004 marked a quiet turning point in the history of free speech in this country. While most people were still comfortably asleep and the first rays of sunlight were streaming over the horizon, Federal Agents were preparing to arrest people for crimes of terror. All across the country members of Joint Terrorism Task Forces crept across lawns and approached front doors with guns drawn. Before long they had captured their quarry: seven animal rights activists.

These activists were not accused of making bombs, burning down buildings, killing people, or even lesser crimes such as trespass. In fact, not one of them is accused of a single physical act. Their charges stem from one thing; speech. Read More [ shac7 | Let Live: a SHAC7 Benefit - Jan 20 | Let Live flier (pdf) | Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty-USA (SHAC) | About Huntington Life Sciences (HLS) ]


27.12.2005 16:57
Neighborhood Public Radio in Portland
*Neighborhood* Public Radio is coming to Portland on January 5th as part of red76's Ghost Town project. We are now belatedly, but actively, soliciting your participation in this endeavor. NPR will be operating a radio station from the evening of January 5th until the morning of January 10th. During that time we hope to feature the contributions of a wide variety of Portland residents. Though we will likely be under the umbrella of an "art" context we do not intend to be limited by this notion. If you have something interesting to say about Portland and it's political, cultural, economical situation then we want to hear from you. If you have a killer collection of music that you want to play for people to hear, we want to hear from you. If you know a group of teenage troublemakers who would soil their pants for an opportunity to be on the local Clear Channel Affiliate... send 'em our way. We will be broadcasting from a store front very near the Welcoming Center/ Clothing Exchange [338 NW 6th Avenue] ... so passersby will ideally be interacting with us as we broadcast. It will be far more entertaining than the Today show, we promise.

Excerpt from *Neighborhood* Public Radio site (the other NPR): "At few times in recent history has it been more imperative that communities find ways to make their voices heard. As the FCC attempts to make it easier for radio stations to be co-opted by large corporations, and as the Corporation that runs our one National "Public" radio outlet conspires to exclude all other voices from the left end of the radio dial, individuals in the Bay Area are making it known that they will not be restricted from accessing the airwaves that are rightfully their own ." Read More [ Neighborhood Public Radio | red76 | Ghost Town | Welcoming Center/ Clothing Exchange ]


20.12.2005 17:23
Ship Breaking on the Oregon Coast?
Invasive species, other than humanoid, might soon be infesting our beautiful coast. It's a new take on the old theme of 'Californicating Oregon'. Ghost ships from California -- rusting hulks, up to 500 feet long -- might soon be wallowing in Newport's Yaquina Bay.

Bay Bridge Enterprises, based in Virginia, wants to build a ship-breaking facility to cut apart old military ships for recycling. A 59-vessel fleet of them is rusting in Suisun Bay near Benicia, Calif. Bay Bridge wants to tow these vessels up to Oregon for dismantling.

If dioxins, metals or other harmful substances are released into Yaquina Bay, the fear is they would cause outright damage to the bay, or concentrate up the food chain. These ships contain: polychlorinated biphenyls (cancer-causing PCBs), lead/chromate paint, oils, waste fuel, mercury, lead, cadmium, benzene, and asbestos that could affect bay life, including crabs, birds, oysters, commercial and sport fisheries, and HUMANS.


09.12.2005 03:24
Portland Says NO to the WTO!!! YES to the Right to Organize!

A coalition of over 50 organizations invites you to Join us in the streets as we stand in solidarity with the people of Hong Kong and around the world in the struggle against free trade and corporate globalization. Join us as we demand the right to organize unions!!

This Saturday December 10th at NOON
March begins at SW First and Salmon! [ more ]

Jail Support/ Legal Number for Sat. 503-295-6400 - Please write down our number and carry it with you. We encourage folks to video tape EVERYTHING. We would love to see your video after Sat. Even if you think you did not shoot anything important, you may have. Feel free to call us from the street if tension mounts and folks are getting arrested. Call us if you get a ticket for jaywalking or are threatened with a citation for not giving your name. Remember that shit often goes down as things are dispersing. If you are an organizer or are perceived as "a leader" you may be followed after an event. [ more ]

Queer Solidarity - Saturday, Dec 10th at Waterfront Park - This Saturday is Human Rights Day. As queers, we have an obligation to make our voices heard and to stand up for ourselves. We will be marching alongside the anti-WTO rally as a show of solidarity and to create awareness for ourselves. This Saturday's rally will also be in opposition to the upcoming WTO meetings taking place in Hong Kong. Along with it's anti-democratic, anti-union and anti-environmental policies, the WTO represents a significant threat to the queer community. [ more ]

related: [ Down with the WTO and its manipulation by the big powers...! | anti-WTO = anti-War = anti-Empire | No to the WTO, Yes to the Right to Organize ]

portland indymedia wto hong kong action page


08.12.2005 17:55
Condemn PGE--We Can Do It!!

PGE is one vote away from being condemned by the Portland City PGE is one vote away from being condemned by the Portland City Council. Sten and Leonard are both onboard. Call or email Mayor Potter and Sam Adams to let them know that you want them to condemn PGE.

PGE has been playing its coy, covert game of deceiving and ripping off Portland ratepayers long enough. This latest round of revelations on their tax ripoff is just one example of what lengths they are going to. The whole pro-growth, pro-destruction power elites in Portland and Oregon want to keep PGE out of the control of the public because they know that this could spell the downfall of the whole corporate, venture-capital, farmland grab scamming machine. But we are only one city council vote away from the City of Portland condemning PGE and thus putting it into public hands.

read more and take action >>

PGE Seeking to Dismiss Class Action Suit For Charging Tax They Didn't Pay

In response to a class action lawsuit filed against Portland General Electric Co. (PGE) in February 2005, PGE in October 2005 announced it would remove a charge from all of its electric bills to customers in Multnomah County. That is the charge labeled "Multnomah County tax," which PGE claimed to represent the Multnomah County Business Income Tax (MCBIT) it was paying to Multnomah County. In fact, while PGE has charged ratepayers in Multnomah County over $7 million for this "tax" since 1997, PGE in fact has paid less over that entire period than a total of $4,000 to Multnomah County for the MCBIT tax, and its parent Enron has apparently paid nothing at all.

Judge John Wittmayer of the Multnomah County Circuit Court will hear argument on PGE's motions to dismiss this case on Monday, December 12, at 11:00 a.m.

read more and take action >>


06.12.2005 22:36
Women Confronting Globalization
women confronting globalizationo Latina community activists from Chile and the United States will discuss women's collective struggle for economic justice and gender equality throughout the Americas. They will discuss how the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) and other free trade agreements threaten women and indigenous people's livelihoods.

Margarita Plaza Vargas, a Chilean journalist, has also worked on community radio with indigenous communities in Chiapas, and has worked extensively with the FZLN, the political wing of the Zapatista indigenous rights movement. Vargas will discuss the central role women take in the innovative Chiapas movement, from their work in weaving cooperatives to assuming political leadership. Vargas will be accompanied by Christina Obregon, a grassroots organizer at the Mexico Solidarity Network. Obregon has worked alongside undocumented workers in the US in the struggle to gain civil rights, as well as with the mothers of femicide victims in Juarez and Chihuahua, Mexico to end impunity. She also coordinates a medical aid program for communities in Chiapas.

Wednesday December 7th, 2005, 7 PM Portland State University, Smith Student Union, Room 327



04.12.2005 19:07
Chemical weapon victims to visit Portland
Vietnam Agent Orange Relief and Responsibility Campaign Tour: Veterans for Peace Chapter 72, & Education WithOut Borders, KBOO 90.7FM, PSU Multicultural Center & Students for Unity, will be hosting three Vietnamese Victims of Agent Orange and their doctor, Dr. Nguyn, Trang Nh?n, Former President of the Vietnam Red Cross, representing the Vietnam Association for Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin. The tour will address the medical, environmental, and legal issues associated with chemical warfare.

Date: December 7, 2005
Place: Portland State University Multicultural Center
Room 222 Smith Memorial Student Union
Time: 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM


04.12.2005 19:02
Help For Families Who Are Looking For Their Katrina Pets
LA shelter dog was adopted Most animals in New Orleans died because Governor of LA Kathleen Blanco, FEMA and Mayor of New Orleans Nagin refused to let people affected by hurricane katrina to stay with their pets or to return to New Orleans to rescue their loved family pet members. At least 40,000 companion animals were murdered because of the government left them to starve to death or suffer injuries. Some pets who survived have been lost in the system because the HSUS have been so incompetent.

You can email lostinsystempets@yahoo.com or nance898@aol.com if you are sick of your recorded message on 1-800-humane-1 and even sicker of your "canned" statement letter. Read this on Craigslist about the HSUS. Around 10,000 companion animals survived despite the cruelty that the state of Louisiana and Kathleen Blanco inflicted upon them. Please let katrina survivors with missing pets know that they can look for them on Petfinder and Petharbor.


Praise instead of Protest 03.12.2005 14:50
J.Crew Promises "Fur is Out"
Victory Declared as J.Crew goes Fur Free For 11 weeks, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal's supporters, members of the In Defense of Animals group, Liberation Collective goers, and local community activists around the world have been waging a vigorous campaign against retailer J.Crew formerly known as J.Cruel during the Anti-Fur Campaign, which included a website domain named "jcruel.com", which has now been deactivated, and by capturing headlines and attention throughout the nation and also demanding that the chain stop selling fur clothing, fur trim, and fur accessories. This pressure, along with a tremendous outcry from J.Crew's own customers, who were shocked to see that the retailer was supporting the violent and bloody fur industry, paid off on November 30, 2005, when J.Crew confirmed that it will no longer sell fur.


I have seen, first hand, the true horrors of the fur trade. I lived in Oregon City, and once dated a man who worked in the local mill but supplemented his income through fur trapping. He was an otherwise kind and gentle man, who was inexplicably incapable of understanding the pain and suffering his actions caused. He once explained to me that he saw fur trapping as an ancient tradition, a skill not easily learned, and that he felt good about knowing how to do it. It didn't hurt that there was a tremendous amount of money in it.


Mike D, activist detained again | Fur Free Friday Rally & March | Victory! -- J. Crew Promises "No More Fur!" | J.Cruel(J.Crew) On-site Inspection or Protest PDX, Friday, Dec. 2nd. 2005@11AM | report back from Fur Free Friday and Nov 26 fur protests | Dec 3 protest at Shumacher furs


30.11.2005 05:50
Community Meeting on DFZ POLICY
Mayor Tom Potter will convene two meetings to receive community input about the current drug-free and prostitution-free zone ordinance. As a resident of the Lents neighborhood, I'm really interested to hear why Potter thinks an apartheid style DFZ stretching the length of 82ND avenue is a good idea. Considering how controversial these zones are, I really hope that others are there to point out how much these zones harm the communities they are enacted in.
  • Thursday, December 1st 6:30 to 8:30 P.M.
  • City Council Chambers
  • 1221 SW 4Th Avenue, Portland 97217


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