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08.06.2006 00:04
Pedalpalooza: Pedal-Powered and Stupendous

Pedalpalooza "2+ Weeks of Pure Bike Fun" beginning Thursday, June 8th

Huge, stupendous festival of Bike Fun... so much fun it's actually ludicrous. At 17 days long, with 139 events currently scheduled and more being added, Pedalpalooza is so large, diverse, and intense, it would be impossible to take in half of it. Much more than a collection of workshops, competitions, and themed rides, Pedalpalooza 2006 starts with a parade and film fest for cyclists and brings us the World Naked Ride and Kickoff Dance Party, and not one but several bike-in movies. There are several "mystery" rides, there's plenty of Clownarchy, and a scavenger hunt. There are events oriented to kids, to food, to transportation geeks, to foreign cultures, to historical people / places / things, to trees, and to alcoholic beverages (responsibly!). All that, and learning events for both beginning and experienced cyclists.

Grab your bike, get hold of a calendar (in the June 1st Portland Mercury or online), and get ready for more pedal-powered action in 17 days than you'll find the whole rest of the year.

shift2bikes.org | Pedapalooza Calendar of Events


07.06.2006 02:26
Protest Bush in Cascadia
Bush is coming to town and a call for action is being. The puppet of the war machine in person; in Cascadia. Details in article...

Please send out a call for action to your email lists about Bush's visit to Medina on the morning of June 16th, 2006.

This visit needs to be protested because the "Control of House may hinge here"...(Niel Modie-Sea PI-June 1,2006)

Protest / Demonstration Bush to attend fund-raiser for Reichert June 16th in Medina

June 16 (Friday), Mid-morning (please get there early)
Bellevue Square - Maydenbaur Park march to the Medina mansion of Microsoft executive Peter Neupert
Sponsored by:
Me and my friends


05.06.2006 23:24
Native Youth Movement Resistance
Support the People of Six Nations, and send Chris Francisco to Canada. When this Friday the 9th [7:00 pm and run until around 8:00 pm]... at Laughing Horse books [at] 12 Ne 10th street. donations greatly appreciated. Chris Francisco is a Film Art student at PSU. He is trying to raise funds to travel to Ontario Canada to stand with the people of Six Nations. We will be showing a film that he made from the resistance to coal mining on the Navijo reservation. [ Read More ]


05.06.2006 03:10
Greg Palast - Class War Itís Them versus Us. Monday June 5th in Portland
armed madhouse
Monday, June 5
7:00pm - 9:00pm
First Unitarian
Universalist Church
1011 SW 12th Ave

Armed Madhouse Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Class War It's Them versus Us. Greg Palast, the most censored journalist in American media, comes to Portland to discuss his latest book - Armed Madhouse: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Class War - including the secrets of the secret war for oil in Iraq; how the last election was stolen, and the next one; pushing Tom Friedman off his Flat Earth; the truth about globalization; the war on terror as a profit center and finally, class war: they take away your job at General Motors and, if you complain, they drown you in the Mississippi. They've got the war-making machinery, the terrorizing machinery and control of the ballot boxes; they've got the politicians and the receipts to prove it; they've got the cash and the power... and we've got we the people. They don't stand a chance. [ read more ]

related: Democracy Now! Greg Palast on His New Book "Armed Madhouse" || Alliance Events June 5th and 16th - Greg Palast & Medea Benjamin || Armed Madhouse || Gregpalast.com


04.06.2006 08:44
Portland "Green Scare" Defendants Benefit @ Free Geek Sunday June 4
The Benefit:
When? Sunday, June 4th, 6-10PM
Where? Free Geek (1731 SE 10th Avenue at Market, two blocks south of Hawthorne)
Who? All ages
What? We will be showing and discussing films on critical issues of political repression, resistance and the prison system.
  • 2 post-Katrina prisoner documentaries
  • Josh Harper interview - "Refusing to be Silent"
  • "22/8: The Jeffrey Luers Story"
Speakers will discuss recent repression, and how we can make a difference in seemingly dark times. A range of projects active on behalf of human, earth and animal freedom will have literature available. The musical mavericks of Johnny Punchclock will perform their infamous "punkish hillbilly stylings," and there will be dancing!

This event will feature speakers from Olympia Civil Liberties Resource, Forest Ethics, Free's support campaign, NW Constitutional Rights Center, Tre's support campaign, and Josh Harper's support campaign.

There will also be discussion and Q&A on videos about post-katrina struggles, one from Common Ground, and one from Critical Resistance, and on the campaign for Amnesty for post-Katrina Prisoners.

How much? $5-$50 sliding scale donation will be requested, or you can donate a dictionary to Portland Books to Prisoners.


01.06.2006 22:42
30 worldwide events for Weekend of Resistance Against the Green Scare!
Resist the Green Scare!
  • Portland, Oregon:
    pre-event Sun June 4th,
    6- 10pm @ Free Geek.
  • Eugene, Oregon:
    Sun June 11th
    @ Sam Bond's Garage.
  • Olympia, Washington:
    • June 5 -9pm
      Anarchist Film nite
      @ Media Island
    • June 9 RTS 4pm
      @ Heritage Park
    • June 10 forum 4-6pm
      @ Friendship Hall
    • June 10th concert
  • Bellingham, Washington:
    June 10th
  • Arcata, California:
    June 10th
  • San Francisco:
    June 10th Station 40
  • San Diego: June 11
    CheChe Cafe
  • More events!!
  • NYC Benefit Artshow

The list of events continues to grow, but now stands at 30 events planned worldwide for the International Weekend of Resistance Against the Green Scare June 9 - 11, 2006.

December 7, 2005, marked the beginning of the largest roundup of environmental and animal rights activists in U.S. history. There have now been nearly 20 arrests and many Grand Jury subpoenas. The nation-wide sweep of arrests, dubbed "Operation Backfire," has been described by the FBI as a major hit to environmentalists and animal rights activists who engage in destruction of property as a means to defend wild lands and lives of animals. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales stated in January that, "Investigating and preventing animal rights and environmental extremism is one of the FBI's highest domestic priorities".

Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-New Jersey) said. "The Oklahoma City bombing killed 168 people. The attacks of 9/11 killed 3,000. Since 1993, there have been at least five fatal attacks on doctors who performed legal abortions. Eric Rudolph recently pleaded guilty to placing a bomb in a public area during the Olympic Games in 1996, as well as bombing a Birmingham women's clinic and a gay nightclub. All of these cases involved the loss of human life. To date, not a single incident of so-called environmental terrorism has killed anyone." Despite the lack of human injury in any of these actions, the government is threatening extraordinary sentences, ranging from 30 years to life plus 335 years. Similar crimes committed without political motivation receive far shorter sentences and even different charges. For example, a string of nine recent church arsons are being described by the authorities as "youthful pranks".

Environmental activist Jeff "Free" Luers received a disproportionately long sentence (22.8 years) after confessing to attempting to burn three SUVs at a Romania dealership in Eugene, OR. At trial, Jeff clearly stated that his action was a desperate attempt to bring awareness to the destruction of the Earth by this unsustainable form of transportation and its external costs of global warming, pollution, and war for oil. Because of his stated political beliefs, "Free" received an extremely long prison sentence; he is charged with a Measure 11 crime despite the fact that this fire did not endanger any life; and he continues to suffer harassment by the Department of Corrections due to his designation as a member of a Security Threat Group'. June 2006 marks the sixth year that "Free" has been in prison as well as the 3rd year of International Days of Solidarity with him. The focus of international events this year will be on "Operation Backfire" and what many are calling a "Green Scare" campaign of government repression.

ecoprisoners.org | olympia civil liberties resource | cldc.org | freefreenow.org


01.06.2006 02:44
Concerns about Nuclear Test Blast
I just wanted to give some notice about the nuclear test blast planned for June 2, somewhere 45 miles from Indian Springs, Nevada; which is about 30 miles from Las Vegas. The thing is, the PR coming out from the government has been that it is a chemical blast, but on NPR about two or three weeks ago from last Friday, they had government guys on saying they had minimized the nuclear part and emphisized the chemical part, and it was both nuclear & chemical. (which is really like being a little bit pregnant- you either are or you're not radioactive.) The other thing is the size- Oklahoma City bombing was a 2.5 on this scale, the blast will be a 700 on the same scale.


01.06.2006 02:40
Laughing Horse Re-Opens Tomorrow
We are ready for action as your friendly REVOLUTIONARY info shop
we R at 12 NE 10TH STREET
right across from union jacks
kisses mates
We will have a cozy event on the 3rd SAT where we will have baloons and sales raffle, face paint for the childO's and show films (superstar, underground, genocide by sanctions)
it starts at 2pm


27.05.2006 07:49
SHAC7 & Josh Harper Benefit - Sunday, May 28th 4p-8p
The real terrorists have blood on their hands.

June 13th is the sentencing date. 6 people and one organization, Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty [SHAC], have been convicted under the Animal Enterprise Protection Act ... for running a website and speaking out against Huntingdon Life Sciences' [HLS] torture and murder of 500 animals a day.

What: Benefit for SHAC7 & defendant Josh Harper
When: Sunday, May 28th 4p-8p
Where: Clinton St. Theatre (SE 26th & Clinton)
How much? $7 & up [ Who? All ages! ]
* Bands:
- Divining Rods: local legends
- Eclectic Bastards: North Carolina's master mix of fun and feist
- Juha: hiphop vegan anarchist, groom of god and pioneer of gothic soul
* Video: Refusing to Be Silent: An Interview with Josh Harper, SHAC7 defendant
* Speakers: on the history & status of the SHAC campaign; Matt Simpson, board member of Animal Law Review, will expand on the larger legal ramifications

--This is a landmark case. Common opinion is that it is the first of many and will be used against other organizations. Don't wait until they get around to targeting you. The SHAC7 are challenging their convictions in appeal, even as they face certain time in federal prison while doing so. Their success or failure will quite literally be yours if you're fighting on the side of life and compassion, against the powers of death and disenfranchisement.

[ Read More | Bake Vegan Treats to Benefit Josh Harper! (SHAC 7 Defendent) | "Refusing To Be Silent" Video Online | shac7.com | insidehls.com | shac.net/ | shacamerica.net | Other articles on PDX IMC ]


26.05.2006 14:23
Steal This Festival Counter-Military Recruitment Benefit Saturday 5/27
On May 27, 2006, there will be a festival at the Loveland International (320 SE 2nd Ave), from 2pm - 10pm. The proceeds will benefit Recruiter Watch PDX, a group that monitors and opposes U.S. military recruitment practices in Portland schools, and Portland Area Rethinking Schools, a local teachers' group.


24.05.2006 10:41
Cascadia Action Camp!
Cascadia Forest Defenders is hosting an action camp on Memorial Day
weekend, May 26th through May 29th, 2006.

Rides leave from the Eugene Grower's Market (454 Willamette) at 10 am
on Friday, May 26th and Saturday, May 27th. There are some people
interested in getting rides from Portland, but no drivers yet.

Please write  forestdefenders@riseup.net
if you can provide rides from up North...

Please bring all appropriate clothing for both warm and wet weather,
sleeping and camping gear, and anything else you feel necessary. Food
will be provided. All genders are welcome.



24.05.2006 03:16
PBA 5 arraignment June 7th
Just a reminder for those of you who forgot or didn't hear about this. A small group of folks working in solidarity with the Portland Anti-Imperialist were arrested after the "Rally Against the Right," an anti-PBA (Portland Business Alliance) action on the 17th of May. All five co-defendants were arrested on trumped up charges of Criminal Tresspass 2 and Disorderly Conduct, and one person is also being given an additional charge of Theft 3, which is the charge for something with a value of less than $5 or strictly sentimental value. The arraignment is on June 7th, at 1:00 pm, in Courtroom 1 in the Justice Center downtown. Anyone who is able is encouraged to show up in solidarity.

The PBA, which runs the communtiy courtroom that this arraignment will be held in, has been long criticized for it's blatant stance against the poor and working class in Portland. From putting bars under bridges, supporting Portland's un-constitutional "sit-lie" ordinance, having board members from Nike and with ties to the defence contractor Raytheon, and even going so far as to support Schumacher Furs in their crusade against free speech, the Portland Business Alliance has proven itself to be an enemy of the masses here in Portland. No bars, no borders, no nations!


24.05.2006 03:03
Best of Videos from the Resistance Show Coming Soon: A Call for Requests
It's spring! Time again for the annual "Best of Videos from the Resistance" show. This year it will be held at It's a Beautiful Pizza, on Monday, May 29th, at 7pm. (It's a Beautiful Pizza is located on SE Belmont st at about 33rd.)

Yes, it's time to dust off the video archives and drag out some old favorites (or maybe some new favorites that aren't even dusty yet). The video collective cordially invites you to help us decide which videos to show. We all have our favorites, what about you?


23.05.2006 08:25
"Immaculate Rebellion" screening at Laughing Horse Books Tues. 7 p.m.
Presentation and screening of "Immaculate Rebellion," which chronicles the mass reoccupation of an evicted protest camp against a high-speed train project in the Italian Alps on December 8 of last year. Paul Roland, former Portland activist, will present and discuss the popular uprising against the "TAV" project, at the new Laughing Horse location, 12 NE 10th, off Burnside.

"Immaculate Rebellion" follows the march of over 50,000 people who, just two days after the violent eviction of the barricaded vigil site, bypassed hundreds of riot police at an intersection then descended down small mountain roads and trails to liberate the area occupied for a proposed tunnel construction site, tearing down a perimeter fence and forcing a small police detachment to retreat. This was the most dramatic moment in an escalating series of protests, strikes, blockades and other forms of popular struggle in the Susa Valley of northwest Italy at the end of 2005, after 15 years of grassroots movement-building against the proposed TAV high-speed train line from Turin to Lyon, France. The project is part of a massive new infrastructure which is devastating the Italian countryside and mountain areas all around Italy, while the existing rail network used by most people is underfunded and disintegrating. It's what in the U.S. would be called a "porkbarrel" project, to line corporate and politicians' pockets while not serving the people's real transportation needs. Come learn more about what's going on with Italian struggles and politics and get some inspiration from this remarkable, almost "miraculous," event.


20.05.2006 07:02
Trojan Nuclear Power Plant to Blow on Sunday
trojan This weekend, early Sunday morning, one of the creepiest little scenes on the Columbia will be shaken into the dust from whence it came.

I must confess that I will miss the weird irony of the Trojan nuclear power plant. For those who have never been there, the great, gray cooling tower looms above the wetlands just outside of tiny Rainier, Oregon. It's visible for miles from Highway 30, and from the river into which it's waste waters are no doubt still seeping. But the most bizarre spectacle it offers is close up. Because at the foot of the monstrous tower there is a bucolic little park, complete with duck ponds and picnic tables and rolling green lawns framed under drooping elm and maple and locust trees.

The banks of the meandering pond are peppered with scenes from Norman Rockwell paintings. Lone fishermen sit on folding chairs, lazily dangling dubious lines into the murky and questionable water. Children reach hopeful hands full of offerings to gawking geese and the odd nutria swimming along the shore. (Is it only my imagination that the wildlife here seems afflicted with strange maladies? Maybe.) Happy little families gather around picnic baskets on checkered cloths in the strange shade of the dark, silent tower. All of that will be gone on Sunday, though the waste the plant generated will likely still remain. Perhaps for millenia.

related: Closing Trojan (Fall 1992 article) | PGE's Trojan Nuclear Power Plant Rip-off


18.05.2006 23:08
Actions to Save Roadless Biscuit/Siskiyou
The Siskiyou National Forest, under orders from Undersecretary of Agriculture (and long-time timber industry lobbyist) Mark Rey, is preparing timber sales within the 88,000 acre North Kalmiopsis and the 105,000 acre south Kalmiopsis roadless areas.

The "Blackberry" timber sale is located in the North Fork of the Indigo Creek drainage, one of the most productive salmonid (includes salmon, steelhead and trout) bearing drainages in the entire Rogue River watershed and (perhaps the entire) Oregon coast. Only 6 other drainages in the (entire) Rogue River watershed are as (important to salmon) as the Indigo Creek drainage. Coho and Chinook salmon, listed "Threatened" under the Endangered Species Act, depend on the cold clean waters of Indigo Creek as a refuge to help them survive the warmer waters of the Illinois River.

In 2005 the Siskiyou National Forest allowed the clearcut logging (minus a few snags) of at least 500 acres in the headwaters of the 8,000 acre North Fork Indigo Creek drainage. This North Fork Indigo drainage is in the process of rejuvenating itself from the 2002 Biscuit fire and the miles of bulldozed fire lines and back burns set intentionally to fight it, not to mention the 500 acres of clearcuts committed in 2005.


18.05.2006 11:06
Announcing Wild Earth 2006: Forest Defense Training
Wild Earth 2006: A Radical Convergence

Eighth annual forest defence training and networking gathering, featuring non-violence training, civil disobedience strategies, legal rights, activist security, and more. This year's campout is held in conjunction with the British Columbia Environmental Network (BCEN) Spring Gathering: "Powering Up BC Environmentalism," on beautiful Newcastle Island in Nanaimo Harbour.

June 15 through 18 -- Four days and three nights camping out on a beautiful car-free island in British Columbia. Directions, registration form, and workshops are listed online at  http://wildearth.resist.ca. See you there! Sliding scale donation.


14.05.2006 23:36
"Trade Secrets" video showing at Red and Black
We will be having another Anti-Imperialist movie night and community forum on Monday the 15th at the Red and Black cafe. The movie will be "Trade Secrets" a PBS documentary on the chemical industries conspiracy to cover up poisoning of its workers, their families, and the environment. This documentary contains many captivating personal interviews with people that have been hurt by the chemical industry.

Please join us afterward in a community forum on chemicals and our health.

It will be showing at the Red and Black Caf?
2138 Se Division St. Portland Oregon 503-231-3899
@ 7pm sharp


14.05.2006 12:54
Grand Jury Protest and Rally in Eugene!
photos from grand jury protest Thursday, come to Eugene and support subpoenaed activist Jeff Hogg. There will be speakers on hand to gibe an update about the current wave of subpoenas and how to protect yourself and your commuity. Protest against grand juries and the Green Scare


Federal Grand Jury Witchhunt in Eugene
Federal Building, 7th & Pearl
May 18 @ 10 am

June 9 -11, 2006 Weekend of Resistance Against the Green Scare


14.05.2006 08:53
Ward Churchill in Eugene 5/18
ward churchill
Does the current state of the world piss you off?

Are you tired of being pushed around by the government?

Do the recent "Green Scare" tactics targeting radical environmentalists and eco-anarchists got you ducking for cover? Then Don't Miss:

Ward Churchill in Eugene, Oregon
7:30pm - Thursday May 18th
at the E.M.U Ballroom
(On the University of Oregon Campus)


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