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01.11.2006 01:53
Oaxaca Solidarity Nov. 1

Wednesday, Nov 1st
Dia de los Muertos

Once again teachers, journalists, mothers and fathers, students, concerned global citizens Let us join together at the Mexican Consulate 1234 SW Morrison St.

We will again have an altar to honor those who have died since the governor of Oaxaca and president Vicente Fox use repression to attempt to silence a popular people's movement.


Oaxaca Presente!

When: Wednesday, November 1, 2pm.
Where: Multnomah County Justice Center (SW 3rd and Main), Room 4
Who: Bolivarian Media Exchange of the Portland Central America Solidarity Committee
What: Solidarity with Oaxacan Solidarity Activists Arrested at the Mexican Consulate on October 31, 2006!

Oaxacan solidarity activists Nikki Thanos and Mateo Berneal locked themselves to the door of the Mexican Consulate in Portland yesterday, and were arrested and charged with first degree criminal michief. Their arraignment is today, please show up in solidarity. After the arraignment, there will be a march to the Mexican Consulate (1234 SW Morrison St) where we will begin a vigil from 4-6pm in observance and protest of the state repression in Oaxaca City, Mexico. Evening vigils will take place until Wednesday-Friday of this week from 4-6pm at the Mexican Consulate.


related articles: [ Oaxaca Solidarity Demonstrations in the US on Wednesday, November 1st | Electronic Blockade against Mexican Embassy and Consulate Websites ]


30.10.2006 00:53
PDX Actions to Defend Oaxaca: Tuesday 31st
Where: Mexican Consulate
1234 SW Morrison St, Portland

Tuesday 4-6 PM
Others are planning to come and go throughout the day.

Call the consulate all week at (503) 274-1442. Demand:
* An end to the Federal Police invasion of Oaxaca. Portland supports the Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca (APPO).
* A full and complete investigation by Mexican authorities into Oaxaca State Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz's continued use of plain-clothed municipal police as a political paramilitary force. read more...

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30.10.2006 00:03
Protest Monday Oct 30th Against New EPA Region 10 Head!
Many environmental and public health activists will be "greeting" the new EPA Region 10 administrator - former Arysta CEO and former Dow Chemical exec Elin Miller - on her first day of work Monday.....

Where: Outside of the US Environmental Protection Agency's Region 10 Office
1200 Sixth Avenue, Seattle, 98101
When: Monday, October 30, 2006; 10:00 a.m.
Who: Representatives of low income communities and communities of color working for environmental justice, including Community Coalition for Environmental Justice, Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition, Farm Worker Pesticide Project, and others

Subject: EPA Region 10 plans to dismantle its Office of Civil Rights and Environmental Justice, and appointment of former pesticide industry executive, Elin Miller, as the new Regional Administrator.


29.10.2006 17:33
BLM Plans to Slaughter Oregon's Last Ancient Forest
Northern Spotted Owl Thousands of acres of ancient forest in western Oregon are on the chopping block. As terrible as these existing timber sales are, if the BLM gets way with it's current plans of throwing out key provisions of the Northwest Forest Plan, for instance NWFP riparian reserves, this will be just the tip of the iceberg. These good ol boys and their Oregon timber baron masters must be stopped.

The following two BLM timber sales are just a sample of upwards of 30 timber sale projects in the works. South Myrtle Creek Regeneration Harvest-


24.10.2006 02:37
centaur smith
Hey folks,

On Thursday 26th of October I will be at the WTC building, THAT IS WHERE OUR "Centaur" Smith does hide. I will be handing out copies of the Bill of Rights. I will be calling for Mr. Smith or one of his staff to come out to talk about why he gave bush the right to arrest and disappear any citizen of this great nation called America. Come and join me, this is the end of Mr. Smith as a senator from the state of Oregon. Mr. Smith is a traitor and should be called out---want to take a ride, want to make the man who acts like cheney, (does have more hair) uncomfortable? Bring copies of the Bill of Rights and your soul. Well, that's all folks!

11:45 AM Mr. Smith's office----ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER---121 SW SALMON ST.


SPEAKING TOUR 23.10.2006 11:19
Joe Keating: Setting the Record Straight
" With a few weeks left until election day .. I'm about to travel throughout the Valley to set the record straight. Ted Kulongoski is a weak and vacillating politician who has attempted to woe the progressive community with empty words about the war in Iraq, the environment, good government, and ... . energy independence. These are empty political words ... he has made a mockery of these vital issues. I doubt if any voter believes Kulongoski, if reelected, will follow through on ... political promises... it is important for a leader to be truthful ... . Oregonians deserve better." ----- Joe Keating Green Party candidate for governor.

Joe Keating will be touring the state to give major policy speeches, addressing issues with the intelligence and warmth Oregonians deserve. Instead of finding the lowest common denominator to be elected, Keating has lead with his commitment to the people and state he will serve as governor. Click the "Read More>>" link for tour schedule and information.

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21.10.2006 22:47
Protest Police Brutality Oct. 22 at 2pm on the North Park Blocks
Stop the Violence

Protest Police Brutality Oct. 22 at 2pm on the North Park Blocks. This is an autonomous event. Wear black in support of the families of people killed by the police in the Portland area.

Idea for signs, names of each of the victims of police brutality in Portland: http://portlandcopwatch.org/listofshootings.html

If you're new to town or just don't know, the "North Park Blocks" refers to the area at NW Park & Couch in Portland.


jail support oct 22nd 503-233-3194

carry the number with you. call in reports to us, and let us know what is happening on the street. folks can call us collect from jail if they are arrested.



13.10.2006 01:56
Saturday No LNG March in Longview, WA
Folks in Longview are staging a march across the Columbia River to protest their own LNG development in solidarity with other communities in North Bend, OR, California, and Mexico. All communities reject the need for LNG on the West Coast, and believe that there are safer, cleaner, more secure sources of energy (such as conserving energy).

If you're not interested in LNG yet, you may be soon. LNG is imported natural gas. It comes in liquid form (at -260 degrees F), is regassified and sent through a pipeline to its destined market. LNG is neither clean nor reliable. In fact, it is worse than North American natural gas in this respect. LNG largely comes from nations with weak environmental standards, poor human rights records, and unwholesome relationships with U.S. energy giants. Indonesia, Camisea (Peru), and Nigeria are examples.

Locally, people oppose these projects for a number of reasons, including their impacts to fisheries, air quality, local tourism, public safety, and landowner rights. The Longview event will bring all of these folks together and call for cleaner energy options instead of using the Lower Columbia as a "back door" for speculation on the California energy market. They will be joined by activists from Mexico, California, and Southern Oregon who are holding events in their own communities.


09.10.2006 22:13
"Chemtrail" Educational Forum Coming to Portland Nov. 4
Educational Forum Nov. 4th at the Main Public Library in Downtown Portland. 801 SW 10th Ave. "Chemtrail" (slang term for chemical aerosol experimentation in our skies) Seminar is coming to Portland Nov. 4th at the Downtown Main Library in POrtland. 2 experts on this much speculated and little known phenomenon are visiting Portland to host a seminar with speakers, films, slides. call or email for further information.

  1. Topics include:
  2. U.S. Senate Bill 517 & U.S. House Bill 2005 (experimental weather modification bills). Gives Bush use of the skies with no agricultural, government or citizen oversight
  3. Experimental weather modification programs (80+ in 2005 listed by NOAA in the Western States.)
  4. Adverse impacts of jet fuel emissions and their impact on crop production and human health.
  5. Persistent jet contrails producing man-made clouds (NASA October 2005 Newsletter), changing our climate, exacerbating global warming, and negatively impacting natural resources and crop production.
  6. Atmospheric heating and testing programs that are impacting our weather and may be polluting our water and air with toxic chemicals.
  7. Tree declines and lower crop production across the United States.
  8. Geoengineering plans that would add sulfur and other toxic chemicals to our atmosphere and oceans - impacts on public health, crop production, and trees. [ Read More ] [ http://www.californiaskywatch.com ]


02.10.2006 02:44
Monday's Events

Monday Impeachment Flash Mobs - Help build support for Impeachment! See the smiles of beleagured and oppressed people who stand for more than fascist greed. See the purple faces of fascists as you dare to advertise for the impeachment of Der Fuhrer Bush. Two locations to pick from. One in town and one at: Fremont/Sandy/72d. The in town location is SW Broadway and Market. Usual time, Monday, 4:30 to 6:30 PM. [ read more ]

Cindy Sheehan in PDX at the Bagdad Monday 7pm - Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan will be at the Bagdad Theater (SE Hawthorne Blvd) tomorrow, Monday October 2 to discuss her book "Peace Mom" at 7:00pm. Join Code Pink for a street action before this event at SE 37th and Hawthorne at 4:30pm. [ read more: 1 2 ]


02.10.2006 02:15
October 5: National Day of Mass Resistance
WCW - Announcement

World Can't Wait - Portland! General Strike OCTOBER 5th at noon - South Park Blocks - Help us spread the word about the GENERAL STRIKE on October 5th. No work. No school. Be THERE. Help us drive the Bush regime out! At noon on October 5th at the South Park Blocks at SW Main and SW Park. Show the country that Portland can't wait to drive Bush out! [ read more ]

Oct 5--Day of Mass Resistance--World Cant Wait--Portland - Join us for the national day of mass resistance. Hundreds of cities nation wide will be holding this day hostage in order to scream: WE WILL NOT BE SILENT. DRIVE OUT THE BUSH REGIME!!! Oct. 5--PSU/South Park Blocks--Portland, OR [ read more ]

CALL TO ACTION: October 5: National Day of Mass Resistance--Drive Out the Bush Regime - October 5 is the date for this nation-wide opportunity to gather as a People and DEMAND that Bush and his Administration resign from office. Contact the Portland Chapter of World Cant Wait to find out more: www.worldcantwait.org. The following is a collection of information for the reasoning, planning, and implementation of this momentous day. [ read more ]

World Can't Wait--Strike and Demonstation Oct. 5th - Plans for a worldwide protest are set for Octobler 5th. Actions will take place in Olympia and Seattle. Seattle--All Day and into the Night University of Washington, Capitol Hill, Downtown Seattle. Starting at 10am October 5th and continuing all night at State Capitol In Olympia. [ read more ]

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Oct 5th Jail support: 503-233-3194


27.09.2006 10:07
Huge Gathering Planned for Indigenous Peoples Day
This year's Indigenous Peoples Day events in Blaine, WA promise to be bigger than ever. Events include:

A march to the Peace Arch and subsequent rally with speakers, a potluck and raffle, and the arrival of the 7th Annual NW AIM Spirit Run in honor of Alvin Littlehead.

All events begin at noon, Saturday, October 7th.

Remembering Alvin Littlehead


11.09.2006 02:27
Monday's Events

Blogging Overpasses on 9-11 - I will be holding giant signs over the 205 on Monday 9-11-06. BUSH LIES is one. Another is 9-11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB. 9-11 will be a great day to remind folks that Bush is a liar and needs to be removed from office. Lets give people something to talk about at work Monday morning. I will be over the 205 with a 20 foot wide 5 foot tall sign during rush hour traffic. [ read more ]

Community gathering for peace: Sunday and Monday - Code Pink Portland will join with People of Faith for Peace and other peace and justice organizations for a public fast on September 10th and 11th. Our mission is to unite clergy, lay leaders, peace groups and individuals from all persuasions and to bring attention to the urgency for peacemaking and provide opportunities for personal commitment, education and discussion - a reflective, supportive, joyous event. [ read more ]

Impeachment flash mob tomorrow - Impeachment flash mob tomoroow, 9/11/06. 4:30 to 6;30 PM. Eastbound side of Morrison Bridge. Impeachent signs with "www.911truth.org" included welcome! Call city council members and persuade them to impeach the Bush Administration! [ read more ]


06.09.2006 13:01
Community Memorial for Steven Lindemeyer

There will be a community memorial for Steven Lindenmeyer next Sunday, Sept. 10th at 6pm at Liberty Hall, 311 N. Ivy. Liberty Hall is the new home of the IWW, which Steve was a dedicated member of. This will be a time for Steve's community of activists, friends, and family to come together to remember him and his work. Music will start at 6pm, and a brief program will start at 6:30pm. If you are able, please bring some food or drinks. In addition, we will be collecting money to help the family with expenses, or you can send a check to JwJ, or drop one off at the Albina Community Bank for the "Steve Lindenmeyer Memorial". Please mail it to Jobs with Justice, 6025 E. Burnside, Portland OR 97215.



01.09.2006 11:00
No Sweat, Portland! Portland Sweatfree Event
Sweatfree PDX Flyer Are taxpayers subsidizing sweatshops? Our city spends over $60 million on purchasing goods. Shouldn't these goods be free of exploitation? In response, a coalition of over 20 different labor, community, faith, and student organizations has emerged in support an ordinance that would mandate strong labor standards for city contractors, subcontractors, and vendors.
Chie Abad, a former sweatshop worker from Saipan, will come to Portland to ask our city to end government purchasing from sweatshops. She will share the realities of sweatshop conditions and her involvement in the victorious campaign in which San Francisco adopted a strong sweatfree ordinance.


01.09.2006 02:53
portland freeskool: call out for teachers!!
the next term of the portland freeskool is starting in october.

we are looking for people who want to share their ideas, knowledge, talents with others in the community. the freeskool is dedicated to social change through free education and community building. you could lead a reading group, teach a class or facilitate a one day workshop. check out our website for more info.



30.08.2006 18:58
Please Help.
As most of you know I had my court date for "Resisting arrest" "Dissordly Conduct" "Interfering With A Public Sidewalk" on March 4th 2006 at Schumacher Furs. I only got charged with one offence which was Interfering with a public sidewalk. I need to raise $350.00 for court fees. Anyone have any ideas so I can get this taken care of. I had a job and then got fired the next day after court. Please help and post some ideas to this bulletin [ Read More ] [ Related to Schumachers ]


29.08.2006 14:47
Stand Against Militarism
During last week's demonstration, the father of a young man came to ask questions of the recruiters. His son had sent him to get information and literature about enlisting. Fortunately, several of us were there to give him information the recruiters don't volunteer. There was a Viet Nam vet who told the man that the illustrious careers supposedly waiting for vets just don't exist. There were people with printed literature outlining some of the other bogus claims recruiters make. One of us told tales of rapes and murders of 14 year old girls and others, as well as torture. The man was very inquisitive, asking questions back and forth between the recruiters and the demonstrators. He seemed genuinely surprised by the information we gave him. The recruiters apparently felt outdone and they slunk back into the dark recesses of the recruiting office to plan more murder. Best of all, a young man may change his mind about joining the military.

Come show your support for peace and opposition to the wars and occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq each Tuesday evening from 5:30 to 6:30 at 1317 NE Broadway, Portland.


23.08.2006 09:43
TODAY: Portland Forum Confronts Misuse of Religion in Politics and Provides Practical Solutions
With congressional races heating up in Oregon and around the country, there is a lot of pressure for candidates to "look more religious," or to "talk more about faith." Meanwhile religious leaders want to help get out the vote, but need help navigating the fine line
between civic participation and partisan political activity.

How can the often divisive use of religion in politics be harnessed instead to promote diversity and strengthen our democracy? The Interfaith Alliance is dedicated to providing the very answers to that question.

The Interfaith Alliance is kicking off it's One Nation, Many Faiths, Vote 2006 program in Portland on August 23, 2006 at The Benson Hotel located at 309 SW Broadway. There will be issue trainings and skills building workshops as well as an evening town hall meeting to teach activists, religious leaders and candidates the skills they need to challenge religious political extremism, encourage civic participation, and promote religious liberty.

related: Fast For Peace Unites Religious and Secular Peace Groups | Interfaith Alliance | portland indymedia faith and spirituality page


22.08.2006 11:30
August 25th Katrina Anniversary Critical Mass for Climate Justice
August 25th marks the 1-year anniversary of Katrina reaching hurricane strength. In the days that followed the storm would strengthen rapidly over an unnaturally warm Gulf of Mexico, ultimately striking the coast and leaving thousands dead and homeless, victims of an uncaring
  • Friday August 25th
  • North Park Blocks
  • Meet at 5:30pm
government, centuries of racism, and an ever more chaotic global climate.

A strong scientific consensus agrees that the 2005 hurricane season was fueled by global warming -- and the crimes of the oil industry in the Gulf go beyond global warming. Ride Critical Mass Against Climate Change - demand Climate Justice - for Hurricane Katrina's survivors! Portland will be joining 26 other cities - see the complete list.

The goal of this ride is to take to the streets with a reminder that the racist tragedy in the Gulf continues, a demand that it never be repeated, and to raise awareness about the role of the oil industry and global warming in environmental injustice. We'll also be fundraising at rides around the continent for advocacy and relief groups in New Orleans.

PDX IMC RADIO - Interview with relief workers
Recorded Tuesday 8/22/06 - [streaming | Download]

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