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02.01.2007 22:17
Smash the WEF

For years the representatives of capital, their strategists, politicians and propaganda makers meet in the village of Davos, turned into an alpine fortress for the World Economic Forum (WEF). What have these meetings of the past few years achieved? Neither the alpine air or the pretence of charity can have a positive effect on the reduction of daily living standards. In that area, there is absolutely no improvement in sight: war and the dismantling of social structures are proving themselves to be the core of the long-term agenda of the ruling elite.


Smash G8 in Germany 2007

From 4th to 7th of June 2007 the G8-Summit in Heiligendamm, in the proximity of Rostock, in Germany takes place. Also the mobilization of the Leftwing against the G8-Summit already runs on full speed. Different alliances are founded,several nationwide meetings did take place, also with international participation and an approximate plan of action for the protests is already fixed. Already now there are numerous actions, which mobilize to the events of protest against the G8-summit. Because of the 100.000 expected demonstrators at the Main Manifestation in the Rostock City at 2nd of June 2007 the policeforces are preparing since some time their operation and security plan for the whole region and for Rostock. Here comes an overview over the conditions of the mobilization.



30.12.2006 21:16
de la Vega, Lindorff and McGovern coming to Olympia, Feb. 20th
Elizabeth de la Vega, David Lindorff, and Ray McGovern will be the featured speakers at the Constitution in Crisis: the Case for Impeachment. It will be held on February 20, 2007, 7 p.m. at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts and is FREE! Come to Olympia

The Citizens' Movement to Impeach Bush/Cheney is convening a "town hall meeting" on February 20, 2007 to discuss impeachment. This free event will be held at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Olympia and will begin promptly at 7: p.m.


22.12.2006 04:25
At the Mexican Consulate at 2pm (1234 SW Morrison) to protest the repression of the people's democracy of Oaxaca. And if you can't make that...... Street theater at Holladay Park (between Lloyd Center and Max Station) A recreation of the last six months of the beautiful and horrible events in Mexico. Protest the US' puppet oligarchy down south; stand up for REAL democracy. Oaxaca's example is teaching the world about freedom-- lets let them know we are listening.

AUDIO FILE: Portland Rally in Support of the People of Oaxaca Mexico


15.12.2006 12:35
Important immigration meeting tonight
pcasc Venga a celebrar nuestro trabajo y el Día Internacional del Migrante! Come celebrate our work and International Migrants Day! please come share your support and ideas at a highly anticipated public event.

What Public Event - International Immigrants' Day
When Fri, Dec 15, 2006, from 06:00 pm to 08:00 pm
Where St Andrew's Church 806 NE Alberta St.

Now is a critical time for a real discussion about immigration and immigration reform. This dialogue has been central on a national and local level in our government and communities over the last six months. However, the discussion needs to reach a deeper level and address several neglected issues. We believe the attack against immigrant rights is part of a broader attack on civil and human rights; one that diverts attention away from the real issues we face as a society. [www.pcasc.net]


13.12.2006 01:39
Citizens' hearing on Iraq In Tacoma, WA
The Citizens' Hearing on the Legality of U.S. Actions in Iraq will be held on January 20-21, 2007, in Tacoma, Washington, two weeks before the court martial of Lieutenant Ehren Watada at Fort Lewis. The Citizens' Hearing will function as a tribunal to put the Iraq War on trial, in response to the Army putting Lt. Watada on trial as the first U.S. military officer to refuse deployment to Iraq.


13.12.2006 01:37
Take a stand against proposed big-box development across from Madison HS!

The Save Madison South Committee has just formed as an opposition response to the proposed 240,000 sq ft big-box store on the land located at NE 82nd and Siskiyou (old driving range and landfill that has a current zoning of 60,000 sq ft - the neighborhood does not oppose development of that size). The proposal is for a REGIONAL auto-centric shopping center that will pull traffic from all across northeast Portland and Vancouver, WA to this already congested location. Word is that the permit application will probably be going into the Portland Planning Bureau in the next 30-45 days.


04.12.2006 03:25
Support The Portland Alliance at our 25th Anniversary Party!
The Portland Alliance is celebrating 25 years of publishing with an evening of food, music, reminiscences and a sharp jab at the local mainstream press. A silent auction will be offering a number of fascinating items, including a hand-made quilted wall-hanging and other crafts and art. Attendees will enjoy a spaghetti dinner, music by General Strike and a special musical roast of the mainstream press by Melinda Pittman (founder of the Fallen Angel Choir and BroadArts Productions) and her partner Joe Rastetter. Past Alliance editors will be on hand to share stories about the newspaper.

"The Portland Alliance is a rare creature in the media world," states editor Dave Mazza. "At a time when the mainstream press - even some weeklies that call themselves 'alternative' - is more and more beholden to corporate advertisers, the Alliance has stayed true to the idea of a press unfettered by corporate influence. We rely on the support of the local community - individuals and local businesses - to keep us going."


Remembering Stew Albert 02.12.2006 22:37
December 4th is the date that the chicago police along with the f.b.i. murdered chicago black panther party chairman FRED HAMPTON while he slept in his bed.
It is also the birthday of STEW ALBERT longtime revolutionary activist who died in portland this year.Stew passed away in his home from cancer on feb 1 this year.
Stew was a POWERFULL force in our and any community he lived in. He was well loved and will be missed by so many. He spoke at red and black cafe in 2001 and the tape of that awesome speech will be played, as well as a reading from his book Who the hell is Stew Albert. In the speech Stew tells his story of working with the black panther party the yippies S.D.S the weatherunderground and how we can learn from the lessons of buried revolutionary history.


Solidarity Against the Green Scare 02.12.2006 05:41
Update on December 7th International Day of Solidarity with Green Scare Indictees, Detainees, and Political Prisoners
The term Green Scare refers to the Red Scares of the early twentieth century, made famous by the McCarthy hearings and the House Un-American Activities Committee. The Green Scare demonstrates a similar systematic criminalization of dissent as the U.S. government is using all its tactics (e.g., grand juries, specialized legislation, paid agents provocateurs) to target the radical environmental and animal rights movements, those who publicly support them, and others who struggle for a healthy, diverse eco-system and the rights of animals. On December 7th, 2005, the FBI made their first arrests of "Operation Backfire," a multi-state sweep targeting alleged Earth Liberation and Animal Liberation Front activists with charges of conspiracy and arson threatening them with life in prison. Elsewhere, the government has convicted organizers of the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) campaign - a campaign that ultimately kept Huntingdon off the stock market and can take credit for the divestment of hundreds of their clients and investors. The SHAC 7 are currently serving up to 6 years for violating the "Animal Enterprise Protection Act" by operating a website. In Sacramento, Eric McDavid, waiting in solitary confinement for trial, faces up to 20 years for alleged thought crime. In 2001, Jeff "Free" Luers was convicted of damaging 3 Sports Utility Vehicles that were later restored and sold. He is currently serving his 6th year of a 22 year sentence. This year, on December 7, people all over the world will be organizing and participating in events to raise awareness about the Green Scare and show solidarity with those targeted by it.
  • Sun. Dec 3rd, 8:30pm: Eugene, OR @ Sam Bond's Garage, 407 Blair Blvd - "For our Friends, For the Future," a fundraising evening of speakers Kristian Williams and Lauren Regan, music from Mood Area 52 and Peter Wilde, films and more! This event also honors murdered journalist Bradley Will (1970-2006, see friendsofbradwill.org)
  • Wed. Dec 6th, 7pm and 9pm: Portland, OR @ Clinton Street Theater 2522 SE Clinton St - Two screenings of Your Mommy Kills Animals, a new documentary by filmmaker Curt Johnson who will be present at the screening for a Q & A session afterwards. all proceeds go to the SHAC 7
  • Thurs. Dec 7th, 7-9pm: Seattle, WA @ Araya's Vegetarian Restaurant, 1121 NE 45th St - Seattle in Solidarity with the Green Scare Targets!. Prisoner Letter-Writing Party, Discussion/Networking, Good Food, & Good Times. Don't let us be silenced!
  • Fri. Dec 8th, 8pm: Olympia, WA "Green Scare" Benefit @ Solid Gold, 419 Boulevard Rd SE Performances by Bridget Irish, Leonardo, Myello Onyxoxo, Rachel Diamon, Shizunomargot.
  • Sat. Dec 9th, 6-11pm: Portland OR: @ Liberty Hall, 311 N Ivy - "Liberating Dissent: Refusing to be Silenced" - A benefit for Green Scare defendants and Grand Jury Resistance, with presentations by Jeff Hogg and Paul Loney, updates on the Green Scare, SHAC 7, and Grand Jury Resistance, Performances by The Rag and Bone Men, Shickey Gnarowitz, Tandemnation, Drunken Boat, Nux Vomica
Resources: cldc.org | olycivlib.org | http://www.greenisthenewred.com | Portland IMC green scare topic page | Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network | ELP Network USA | Jeff "Free" Luers | greenscare.org

Some Non-cooperating Greenscare defendants who have websites: Briana Waters | Daniel McGowan | Eric McDavid | Josh Wolf | Rod Coronado | SHAC 7


Call to Action 01.12.2006 22:26

The minutemen are coming.. This Saturday the 2nd of December, members of "Oregonians For Immigration Reform," and "Oregon Minutemen" will be harassing immigrant day laborers. They'll be at 6th and E. Burnside from 7am till noon.

Along with their usual message of racist fear mongering, they've latched onto the public report back that the PCASC, CBLOC delegation is doing at Carpenters hall Local 247 next Tuesday

(  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/11/349976.shtml)

and are asking their members to attend. In their statement they cry,"How many American Home builders are struggling because of this Criminal?" Their efforts to capitalize on recent INS charges against a local Labor organizer come across loud and clear. With the same breath that they criminalize and vilify immigrant workers these groups will work to smash our solidarity with labor struggles across the world, and pit our union members against each other.


30.11.2006 08:44
Portland City Council to Hear Out of Iraq Resolution This Thursday

On Thursday, November 30, the Portland City Council will hear a resolution filed by Commissioner Randy Leonard to bring the troops home from Iraq and fund local human needs. The resolution will be heard at 2:00 pm in council chambers.

Speakers in favor of the resolution will include Tom Chamberlain, President of Oregon AFL-CIO, Oregon State Representatives Chip Shields and Diane Rosenbaum, local advocates for health care, education and housing as well as veterans and military families.


Attend City Council Meeting to Urge Withdrawal from Iraq!!!

I cannot think of a more important issue to this nation than the abomination that is the Iraq war. This war has rightly been called 'a sucking chestwound to our nation,' and a 'burning tire around our necks.' This is a chance for you to make a stand someplace where it matters. (Sure, there will be other chances, and I say go for those times as well.) Anyway, I encourage anyone who can get away from work or home a few hours Thurs. to show up in person and express support for the resolution. If you can't come, then call City Council or write. But please come, and please encourage your friends.



Cascadia Green Scare events 28.11.2006 10:09
CLDC: Green Scare day of remembrance
As most of you know, next week will mark the one year "anniversary" of the federal government's "Operation Backfire," the largest federal round up of environmental and animal rights activists who are charged with acts of property damage or sabotage motivated by concerns for the environment and animal suffering. Please see our website, www.cldc.org for more information. There will be "days of remembrance" across the country on or around December 7th commemorating the date when the first round of individuals were jailed.

In Eugene, the community will be gathering on Dec. 3rd at 8pm at Sam Bonds Garage, 407 Blair Blvd, in the heart of Green Scare country. Other events are posted on www.greenscare.org

Original Press Release and pdf flyer

read more>>

Jeff Hogg to speak at Portland Green Scare event Dec 9th

Jeff Hogg is now confirmed to speak at the Portland Green Scare event on Dec 9th. Jeff Hogg is a grand jury resistor who was imprisoned from may to november of 2006 for refusing to cooperate with a green scare related federal grand jury. We are happy for news of his release earlier this month and honored to have him speak at our event on Dec 9th.

In accord with the international day of solidarity with Green Scare Indictees, Detainees and Political Prisoners, friends of Green Scare defendants present the following event,

Liberating Dissent: Refusing to be Silenced
A benefit for Green Scare defendants and Grand Jury Resistance

When? Saturday Dec 9th, 6-11pm
Where? Liberty Hall, 311 N Ivy Portland OR

Original Press Release

www.greenscare.org | fbiwitchhunt.com | www.cldc.org

Related: Amnesty International's Prisoner Write-a-thon Dec 8-10
Thursday November 30 NLG benefit in Portland with Casey Neil
D.C. Radio Green Scare show


27.11.2006 04:14
Emergency Rally to Stop the Repression in Oaxaca -- Monday, Noon, Mexican Consulate
The popular movement of Oaxaca has faced severe repression over the weekend and has put out a call for solidarity actions. Activists in Oregon are responding by organizing a rally at the Mexican Consulate at Noon on Monday, November 27.

After this weekend's police/military/paramilitary assault on the movment that has taken over Oaxaca for months, there are "165 political prisoners, dozens of disappeared, hundreds of injured and wounded, and also various dead, which up to now we have not been able to confirm."

Please stand in solidarity against this kind of repression, and for the popular movement of Oaxaca by coming to an emergency rally at the Mexican Consulate, 1234 SW Morrison, Monday, November 27, Noon.

Oaxaca Solidarity Group Meeting at Liberty Hall, Mon Nov 27 @ 7pm


23.11.2006 10:27
What's up with Buy Nothing Day?
Other than Fur Free Friday, are there any other events planned for Buy Nothing Day?

Responses: --potluck, bartering and solidarity--
friday the 24th at the red and black cafe there's a vegetarian leftovers potluck starting at half past noon and ending when the food's gone. we're hoping some folks will be bartering for a bit and then around six there will be some music and solidarity fundraising for the struggle in Oaxaca. we're not selling anything all day, but we'll be bartering too. please come have fun.

participate by not participating | "Waste-Free Holidays": Give Experiences Not Stuff | adbusters relay of international buy nothing day events


UN-DAM THE KLAMATH!! 21.11.2006 13:42
Un-Dam The Klamath! Comment Letters due November 24th
 Dead salmon line the banks of the Klamath River on Sept. 28, 2002. - AP The campaign to Un-Dam the Klamath and Bring the Klamath Salmon Home to Oregon has reached it's most important point. The campaign to Un-Dam the Klamath and Bring the Klamath Salmon Home to Oregon has reached it's most important point. Please help the fishermen, Native people, and residents of the Klamath to Save the Salmon. Send a write a comment this month.

Related: 9/27/06: FERC under GW Bush regime contributes to genocide | 3/29/06: Fishermen Protest after Coho Die-off | 9/25/05: Tribes host film/discussion in Portland | 7/12/04: Tribes host protest in Southern Oregon and Scotland for Klamath Salmon



Weekend of Events in Portland 17.11.2006 05:37
Sylvapolitan Rising
Plant-inspired Teachings on Gaian Evolution, Culture Change, and the Flowering of Humanity, a lecture with Dr. Morgan Brent Sponsored by City Repair and PIECEL Friday, November 17th, 7-9p Saturday, November 18th, 10a-3:30p Sponsored by City Repair and PIECEL Friday, November 17th, 7-9 pm on PSU Campus, SBA #190(631 SW Harrison) The sylvapolitan represents our potential to survive this era of great extinctions, to act as co-creative partners with the great Evolutionary intelligences of the planet, and flourish as a species.


National Organization for Women's national Vice President Latifa Lyles coming to Oregon!

Latifa will be talking about Racial and Gender Justice: NOW's Platform for Action
Friday, November 17th noon-1:30PM In Other Words, Women's Books and Resources;
Friday, November 17th -- 6:30 PM NW Student Leaders Conference, PSU


SDS/MDS Northwest Conference

THIS WEEKEND - Portland Students for a Democratic Society (PDXSDS) is hosting the First Northwest Regional SDS/MDS conference November 17th-19th. Workshops and discussion groups will be going on all day in the Miller Building at Lewis and Clark (0615 SW Palatine Hill Road) from November 18-19th. SDS is currently trying to form a radical, multi-issue, democratically organized group that is broad and inclusive - encompassing of the Left. A sister organization, Movement for a Democratic Society, was also created for those who did not consider themselves students. If you would like more information on the conference go to: www.studentsforademocraticsociety.org/nwregional


Portland IWW Radical Bookfair & 17th Annual Joe Hill Night

Sunday, November 19th, Book fair 2PM, Joe Hill Night 7PM Liberty Hall, 311 N Ivy, Portland (One block South of N. Fremont, 2 Blocks West of Vancouver) The first in what is planned as an annual event, the Portland Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) is hosting a Radical Book fair. We're expecting over 20 New and Used Booksellers, Publishers and political organizations to participate, All donations collected will be used to help establish the Glaberman Memorial Library, the US' largest independent Labor Library. Local Bands, "General Strike" and "The Joe Hillbillies" will perform rabble-rousing songs interspersed with dramatic readings of action inspiring stories of Joe Hill and the IWW.



17.11.2006 05:32
Close the SOA! This weekend: Converge on Fort Benning, Georgia
SOA Watch November 17-19, 2006: Vigil and Nonviolent Direct Action to Close the SOA! People from all walks of life from across the Western Hemisphere have begun to converge in Columbus, Georgia for the November vigil and nonviolent direct action to close the School of the Americas and to change the racist system of violence and repression that the school represents.

Civil rights veterans and other social justice activists who have been walking since November 12 in an historic march from Montgomery, Alabama to Columbus, Georgia, are expected to arrive here tomorrow to join the thousands who will converge at the gates of Fort Benning, Georgia. Together, we will stand in solidarity with the people in Oaxaca, Mexico, and with all the people throughout the world who have become the targets of SOA-style repression, torture and injustice. Simultaneous internationally coordinated actions against the School of the Americas and U.S. militarism in Latin America are taking place over the next three days in Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, Paraguay, El Salvador and Colombia.



15.11.2006 20:28
Shut Down the G-8 Benefit Tonight! 11/16
Local activists from this fair city are already planning to attend the 2007 G8 Summit in Heiligendamm, Germany, and are seeking help for their airfare to Germany in May of next year. We are now working not only to raise funds, but also to get in touch with others who are interested in "attending" the 2007 conference.

This evening will be packed full of footage from previous G8 summits, music from amazing local bands RIOT COP and MDC, and a bit of history on the G8 presented by some of the attendees and comrades. We hope to see you there.

November 16th @
Laughing Horse Books
12 NE 10th St.


Speakers 15.11.2006 16:34
JOHN ROSS speaks this friday at laughing horse books
This FRIDAY at 7pm ANARCHIST author JOHN ROSS will speak at laughing horse books (12 ne 10th 503-236-2893) He is the author of MURDERED by CAPITALISM and his NEW rad book ZAPATISTA'S making another world possible- chronicles of resistance 200-2006!

I have seen him speak before and it was AWESOME.


No Blood for Oil 09.11.2006 05:26
NEXT WEEK in Cascadia: Nigerian anti-oil activist Omoyele Sowore.
Omoyele Sowore anti-oil activist from the Niger Delta, Nigeria - the other oil war. Speaking in Portland November 15th-16th

Thursday, Nov. 16th at Portland State University downtown Portland, 6 pm at the Smith Center Ball Room

"The Niger Delta area is polluted, occupied and heavily militarized. People get killed on behalf of the major oil companies everyday, that cannot be right." - Omoyele Sowore, Niger Delta, Nigeria

• Wednesday, Nov. 15th at Lewis and Clark in SW Portland, 7:30 pm at the Templeton Council Chambers.
• Thursday, Nov. 16th at Portland Community College / Sylvania in SW Portland. 11 am / Performing Arts Center.
• Also speaking in Walla Walla(11/13), Olympia (14th + 15th), Eugene(17th), and Seattle(20th)! Contact us for more information.


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