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25.03.2007 06:25
Major Mobilization for Farmworker Justice - Three weeks to go!
In just a few short weeks, farmworkers from the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) and their allies will travel from Immokalee, FL - home of one of the largest farmworker communities in the country - to Chicago, IL, home of the world's largest restaurant chain, McDonald's. The "2007 Truth Tour: Behind the Golden Arches" will culminate in two national days of action on April 13th and 14th in the Chicago area marking a new phase in the Campaign for Fair Food. Now is the time to finalize plans to join us for these historic actions!

Get on the Bus! Check here for a list of cities currently organizing transportation to Chicago

Coalition of Immokalee Workers | Student Farmworker Alliance | allianceforfairfood.org


20.03.2007 20:56
St. Helen's Mine EA released - Comments due April 12th
mt. st. helens (Wed, 14 Mar 2007) Friends, The BLM and U.S. Forest Service released an Environmental Assessment today outlining their preliminary decision to grant a lease to Idaho General Mines for land north of Mount St. Helens. They are proposing to lease 217 acres of the approximately 900 acres the company was hoping to lease, while leaving the option for leasing the remaining 600 + acres for a later date. They are not allowing any activity on the ground and are requiring the mining company to apply for a permit (which will require a new environmental review) for exploration. You can view the EA at www.blm.gov/or/index.php

We have until April 12th to flood the BLM & U.S. Forest Service with comments asking them not to grant this lease. Comments can be sent to the address below.



20.03.2007 20:50
Peace Demonstration in Olympia--March 24th
People will gather in Sylvester Park on Saturday, March 24th starting at 11 for a drumming for peace event, and then a rally beginning at noon. Here is video flyer for the event, that captures the recent OLY peace activism. Friends don't let friends sit at home (when there is a peace march going on !)


17.03.2007 20:54
Zombie Insurgent Brigade: Feeder March


Feeder March Starts @ 1:10pm

All those lost from US sanctioned oppressors, disasters, tyranny and injustice: (War victims, Katrina victims, Genocide, Women, Children, Police brutality victims... ) And how the list goes on. And on...


related: zombie insurgents attack?

March 18th Rally & March

DATE: Sunday, March 18, 2007
TIME: 12-5pm - Action Camp, 1:30pm - Rally & March
WHERE: South Park Blocks (SW Madison St. and Park Ave), Portland, OR


related: March 18: Call for Peacemakers' Takeover of Blumenaueresque Event

Four Years Ago Today

I've got a garden to plant, and a thousand things I'd rather do, but once again this spring, I'm gearing up for action. The peace marches have become boring, strident and predictable. To be absolutely honest, I hate marching around in the street chanting the same slogans I've been chanting for forty years. I'm going, anyway. I'm so tired of die-ins and sit-ins and predictable speeches shouted over bullhorns that I could scream if I weren't hearing in my ears the far more bitter screams of the dying. I'm even tired of trying to drum and sing and make the protest into a creative act of magic. It's not creative -- it's a damn protest, and I have real creative work to do: books to write, courses to teach, and rituals to plan. Nonetheless, Sunday will find me trudging along on the peace march and Monday will find me lying down on Market Street in some picturesque fashion with a group of friends and our requisite banners.


March 19: back to back antiwar events... March 18th and 19th, Iraq War Vigils Monday Across Portland


13.03.2007 15:33
Plan for Tacoma Tuesday Night
Marching Meet at Pierce County Jail at 7pm and then head down to port at 9pm. The computer system is down in the jail and the 5 arrested last night still have not been released. 7 is the earliest the police said they could be released so lets all get down there and have a JAIL RELEASE PARTY! From there we can head down to the port for the 9pm meet up. Bring stuff to make noise. As long as we are on the sidewalk, we can cause any kind of rucus we want to. [read more]

Pigs Gas Protesters Again in Tacoma

Last night, Monday the 12th, over 100 people gathered at the corner of Lincoln and Milawakee. Once we got there, we realized we in a really shady spot. The cops were poised to cut us off and there were snipers on the rooftop of a nearby building... When we got back to the intersection, a lot of us started gravitating towards the barricades. Slowly, most of us trickled up to it, with everyone else hanging out in the rear. And then the warning came, telling us to leave or we would be arrested... the pigs did NOT give us a time limit or a place to fall back to, things they HAVE to do by law. The pigs started putting on their gas masks in front of us and then we saw a bus pull up and unload the riot cops to our right. The same thing happened on our left and we were surrounded on three sides by lines of riot cops.

The cops directly in front of us moved their line out and surrounded the people by the barricade. After taking those five in, the line kept moving. We kept it tight at the intersection, but when the gas and the bullets came we began to slowly move back...

Bring everyone back tonight. Meet at Lincoln and Milawakee at 9pm. [read more]

related: [ police attack protestors at port of tacoma and cause small riot | Tacoma City Council Violates Resolution 36058 | gas mask question | Chemistry of CS Gas (active agent in tear gas) | Twenty-three arrested at Port of Tacoma in Protest of the War | As Resistance to Stryker Shipment Grows, Police Turn Violent on Peaceful Protesters | Report Back From Port of Tacoma 3/10/07 | Call for Another Massive Convergence at Port of Tacoma on Monday Night @ 9pm]


13.03.2007 07:27
Stop in Bush in Guatemala and Colombia
Bush greets the people of Colombia... Bush arrives in Guatemala tonight. Amidst a number of protests, Mayan priests are furious that Bush will visit a sacred archaeological site and plan to cleanse the area of evil spirits upon his departure. Read more here:

A scandal over right-wing paramilitary death squad ties to Colombian President Alvaro Uribe's government clouded Bush's visit there. According to the New York Times, some lawmakers are beginning to question U.S. military aid to the volatile South American country. This is a historic opportunity to take action against Plan Colombia and the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement. Click here to read more:



12.03.2007 03:22
Impeachment Day: Monday at the Capitol

We are going to make a last push to get 8016 to the Senate floor for a vote. People will be converging on the Capitol to meet with the Senators and to generally be a presence. We will begin to meet around 11 on the North side of the Capitol--top of the stairs. Vigil with signs--noon-1, so folks who work for the state can join in.

Others may wish to lobby Senators to support 8016. Lobbying: Visit the Senators and ask them to support 8016. Most likely, you wil talk to their staff. Find out how the Senator will vote when 8016 comes to the floor. Ask them if they are willing to call for 8016 to come to the floor.


Monday March 12th, Impeachment Day In Olympia

Monday is Impeachment Day in Olympia. Our intention is to lobby undecided Senators effectively. We are asking that you attend for an hour or all day.

You are welcome to start the day at any time. Let's meet in the cafeteria around 10:30 or 11:00 to meet others from Washington For Impeachment, The Backbone Campaign, Oympia Meetup to Impeach Bush and Cheney , Progressive Dem's, and many others.



10.03.2007 03:09
Impeachment in Washington -- Round 3
Your presence is requested to support the impeachment of Bush and Cheney for high crimes against the citizens of the United States. We will gather, rally, then set out into the streets to gain support for SJM8016 in the state Senate.

The Bill is not dead and has until March 14 to be moved to the floor of the Senate for a vote. By appealing to the Democratic Caucus through the grass roots and lobbying in Olympia the people can convince the Senate leadership that voting for SJM8016 is the right thing to do.

Impeachment Rally
March 10, 12 noon
Downtown Seattle ­ Westlake Park


08.03.2007 02:07
NW Call to Action -- Converge on Tacoma to Resist Escalation of the War
In Tacoma, Washington, we are witnessing Bush's "surge" right here, right NOW. The armored Strykers are being brought from Ft. Lewis to the Port of Tacoma. We expect the Strykers of the 4th Brigade, 2nd Infantry will be loaded onto military ships bound for the Persian Gulf starting Friday, which normally takes three days. That gives us less than a week to act. By slowing or stopping the Strykers from being loaded, we are drawing attention to the criminal escalation of the Iraq War against the will of the American people. Join the Port Resistance!! KEEP THE 4TH HOME!!! Tues. March 6th to Sun. March 12th or until Strykers have left the port.


02.03.2007 15:36
Contact FDA to Stop Sale of Dangerous Cloned Milk & Meat! during public comment period
Why Cloned Food Should Be Inedible and Unacceptable: The mission of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is to protect the public's health through assuring the safety of our nation's food supply. The FDA's purpose is NOT to facilitate the dumping of dubious food products onto people's dinner plates for the sake of corporate profit.

FDA first unveiled the commercially motivated lie of "substantial equivalance" back in 1993 when it railroaded through approval of recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH). Now we know from a real scientific study (May 2006 Journal of Reproductive Health) that milk induced through genetic engineering is NOT the same...but, because of FDA's irresponsible rubberstamping, U.S. consumers now suffer reproductive problems from...rBGH dairy products with elevated levels of Insulin Like Growth Factor - 1 (IGF-1).

That is why it is so disturbing to hear about the FDA's Dec. 28, 2006 determination that cloned livestock byproducts are indeed safe for human consumption, and to read a subsequent wave of editorials clamoring for fullblown commercialization of cloned milk and meat. Once again , it seems the FDA is over eager to become an accomplice in the corporate forcefeeding of questionable byproducts to an unwitting populace. Whether it is genetic engineering, biopharming, nanotechnology, irradiation, or cloning, it is hard to escape the thought that U.S farmers and consumers are now guinea pigs caught up in some massive frankenfood experiment that the rest of the world is wise enough to watch from a safe distance. Deadline for public feedback: April 2nd, 2007. Refer to Docket 2006P-0145.

Why Cloned Food Should Be Inedible and Unacceptable
related: Cloned Meat is NOT a clone: up to 5% expressed differently, clones more deformed,cancerous


01.03.2007 06:12
Announcing Wildlands Defense Skillshare
mattole defense Mattole Wildlands Defenders invite you to join us at our skillshare this spring. Tentative dates are from March 11th to 18th. Workshops will include; Direct Action Training, Backwoods Skills, Tree Climbing, Plant Identification, Fire Building, Shelter Building and Blockading (and more!). The gathering will be in Humboldt County, exact location to be announced. People planning to attend are encouraged to call ahead of time.

We will be preparing to defend the Old-Growth Forest and waters of the North Fork Mattole River from Maxxam/Pacific Lumber. The company is expected to try and get the watercourse protections weakened this summer to allow logging closer to streams. (call for directions and carpooling info.)

mattolewild.blogspot.com | Background


24.02.2007 13:28
Congressman Earl War Meeting 2pm Sunday Feb 25th
Congressman Blumenauer has met with several religious leaders to discuss his comprehensive peace proposal to end Americaís involvement in Iraq. He would like to hear from people of faith and people from the peace and justice community, and include your ideas in the broader discussion. He will have copies of his legislation available and would like to hear your thoughts on his proposal to end the war.

Please join the discussion- this is your chance to demonstrate your support for ending the war:
Sunday, February 25th at 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
DiPrima Dolci Italian Bakery
1936 N. Killingsworth


21.02.2007 18:38
Ernie Wisner Super-Awesome Community Hoe-Down Benefit this Friday!!
Ernie's handiwork In May, 2006 Ernie Wisner, a member of the Cob Cottage Co. and caretaker of the North American Retreat Center for Natural Building in Coquille, Oregon, rode his bike to Portland to participate in the Village Building Convergence. While Ernie worked on the Arleta Triangle Project, a car lost control within the intersection of SE 72nd & Woodstock, accelerated into the triangle, and crushed Ernie's lower right leg against the backside of the cob bench he was building. He has since had numerous major surgeries, the cost of which long ago exceeded the automobile insurance funds. To help defray expenses, Friends of Ernie Wisner are sponsoring a benefit for Ernie.

Time: 6:30pm-Late
Place: 3810 N Mississippi Ave

A black-and-white flyer is attached with more details. We're also looking for volunteers to help welcome people, manage auction items and food service, and help with setup and cleanup. Donations can also be made at any branch of Washington Mutual, to the Ernie Wisner Benefit Fund.

cityrepair.org/wiki.php/Ernie | cobcottage.com | Friends of Ernie Wisner


19.02.2007 00:03
Greet Senators Wyden and Smith Monday at 6pm
Monday, February 19th 6 PM
Corner of SW Jefferson and 15th at KGW

Both Oregon Senators will be in town on Monday night for a live televised "Ask you Senator" event at KGW. This is an invitation only town hall type meeting but apparently no one from the peace community was invited.

We don't think it's right that the Seantors are unwilling to have a discussion with their constituents unless they were invited and their questions vetted. Several of us peace activists have been talking about greeting the Senators and the audience guests outside the KGW studios.


17.02.2007 11:27
"Legacy of Torture" Comes to Portland!
Legacy of Torture Claude Marks, co-producer and founder of The Freedom Archives will be showing his film "Legacy of Torture" in Portland on Sunday, February 18th, 3 pm at New Born Tribe Community Center, 3525 NE MLK (at Fremont) in Portland. Featured also are Floyd Cruse, former Minister of Information of the Portland Chapter of the Black Panther Party, and Kent Ford, former Portland Panther and father of Patrice Lumumba Ford.

"Legacy of Torture" was produced in 2006 by The Freedom Archives to document torture used in the interrogation of members of the Black Panther Party in 1973. Five Party members were subpoenaed in 2005 to testify in front of a federal grand jury, and were jailed when they refused to cooperate. In January of this year, these five men plus three others were seized and charged with murder. They are currently being held on bond ranging from 3-5 million dollars.

Free the Panther 8!

Donations will be accepted for legal defense funds. Presented by Portland Indymedia and The Committee for the Defense of Human Rights

Torture, The Legacy of Cointelpro -- Interview with a former Panther


15.02.2007 21:21
Rally for a Sweatshop Free PDX
Come hear Wal-Mart sweatshop workers from India and Colombia, Oregon's Labor Commissioner Dan Gardner, and a Portland fire fighter speak on why Portland should rid sweatshops from city contracts and become sweatfree now.

Monday, February 19th (President's Day)
In front of City Hall

(1221 SW 4th Ave, between Madison and Jefferson Streets)

Background on the campaign: The goal of the sweatfree campaign is to end taxpayer subsidies of human rights abuses. The City of Portland purchases goods from companies known to have partnered with subcontractors accused of labor rights violations. The Sweatfree Coalition is working to pass a sweatfree ordinance that upholds local and international labor laws and respects the dignity of all workers.

Printable Flyer


14.02.2007 16:51
Jeffrey Free Luers Appeal Decision!
Jeff at OSP The Court of Appeals just unanimously ruled that Jeff's case will be reversed and remanded back to the Circuit Court for resentencing as a result of Judge Velure's errors in imposing the original draconian sentence.

The opinion just came out this morning and we are still reviewing it for details, but it looks like Jeff could potentially get about 15 years taken off his 266 month sentence.

We will provide you with more information as it becomes known. The entire opinion is included below for those who are interested. Congratulations to Jeff and his family!



12.02.2007 04:22
portland freeskool: call out for teachers and organizers!!
The spring session starts soon and we want to teach you how to organize and run the Freeskool. Currently only 2 people are organizing this project and we are looking for a new group, new ideas, new energy! During the last two years the Portland Freeskool has brought together many great free learning experiences all over Portland. If you want to see this awesome project continue, come be apart of the free education revolution!

Meetings are Tuesdays 6:30 pm at the
Waypost Cafe
3120 N Williams
Portland, OR



11.02.2007 02:39
Stop McSchools in Portland!!

The Portland Public Schools administration is attempting to very quickly push through a change in policy that would mandate for every public school a standardized curriculum using textbooks developed by the big national publishing companies and costing over $4 million...

244 teachers, the great majority of impacted high school teachers, have signed a petition asking the school board to delay the "adoption" and consider it with the care and diligence that such a momentous decision deserves. They will be gathering at the BESC building, public school headquarters, at 601 SE Dixon (just north, across the street, of the Coliseum/Rose Garden complex) at the School Board meeting that starts at 7:00pm [Monday Feb 12th]. But come a little earlier. The Rethinking Schools teachers have asked for our help, and the testimony will be fascinating.


09.02.2007 23:10
Tacoma March For Leonard Peltier
Annual Event for Justice for Leonard Peltier, Saturday Feb 10 in Tacoma.

Leonard Peltier has been unjustly & politically imprisoned in federal prison in the Dakotas for decades. This annual Tacoma action tries to keep his cause alive. Rally begins in Portland Park at noon, on Portland Ave east of I-5, becomes a march to Federal Courthouse on Pacific Ave, across from UW Tacoma, near the museums, & continues with another rally.

I travel to Tacoma on Amtrak Cascades. If someone also going by rail needs directions once in Tacoma, i board at Vancouver Station at about 9am & would be happy to help point the way once we get to Tacoma, including how to use their light rail. Spot me with my usual green flag rolled up.


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