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27.11.2007 09:33
Call to Crafters !
Sell your stuff, help us out at our 2nd annual pancake breakfast. Its a benefit, for us, but hopefully it will be mutual aid, something this world is sorely lacking. Help keep Laughing Horse, your collectivly run, NOT for profit, FOR the people radical bookstore and community resource.

We did this last year and it was really good. Its gonna be at Liberty hall December 9th from 10 to 2ish. Vegan sausage and pancakes and coffe yum yums. We are looking for artisans and crafters to sell their wares . . .painters, bookbinders, knitting, crochet, patches, pipes, photos, clothes, boxes, socks, homemade cupcakes, etc anything made with love. We will ask for a small percentage of your sales, but you can have some free breakfst. :)


21.11.2007 12:34
Artisans, musicians, and families gather for Bazaar supporting The Village Free School
Community is gathering to share crafts, food, and fun while supporting a democratic school focused on self-directive learning.

The Village Free School is partway through its third year serving youth five to eighteen in the Portland area. The school has grown from 24 students to 47 in just over two years and continues to move towards becoming a stable and significant contributor to the independent, alternative, and democratic community minded spirit of Portland.

With a commitment to be financially accessible to families, the school relies on local donations to subsidize its costs. On Sunday, November 25th, local artisans, crafters, musicians, foodies, and families from around Portland will meet up for a first ever Craft Bazaar at Liberty Hall.

Admission will be free, but the event is hoping to generate community relationships and donations.

Local music showman Professor Banjo (aka Paul Silveria) will play for kids (and adults too) from 2 - 3pm.

This fun can be found at 311 N. Ivy - one block south of Fremont, one block west of Vancouver. Near the 4, 44 and 33 bus lines.



21.11.2007 12:19
laughing horse books annual vegan pancake breakfast and craft fair
laughing horse books will present our annual vegan pancake breakfast and craft fair at liberty hall on sunday december 9th, 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. local crafters and an extensive booktable will also be available. cost will be $3 to $5 with no one turned away.

local crafters who would like display space or for further information, call us at 503 236 2893


19.11.2007 14:20
SDS Food Drive!
Its thanksgiving time, and the homeless are still starving!
The PSU chapter of the SDS is organizing a food drive to help the homeless and we would love to take anything extra that you have.

Where: South Park Blocks (Near PSU- Look for an SDS sign and a table)
When: Monday through Wednesday
What: Non-perishable foods and socks, coats anything you have.
Who: The newly formed Portland State University SDS chapter

Contact us for more info at:  psusds@pdx.edu


17.11.2007 12:02
DC Court Denies Portland's Challenge of LT2 Drinking Water Rule
water issues in the state of oregon Today, in a unanimous decision, the three-judge panel of the Washington, DC District Court of Appeals issued a decision in the City of Portland's challenge to the federal Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (LT2). The Court rejected Portland 's challenge to the rule.

Portland's petition had challenged two requirements of the rule. One would force the city to provide additional treatment of its Bull Run drinking water source to either eliminate or inactivate the microbial pathogen, Cryptosporidium. The second would require that the city either cover its open finished drinking water reservoirs at Mt.Tabor and Washington Parks, provide treatment for Cryptosporidium at the outlets of the reservoirs, or take the reservoirs out of service.


15.11.2007 12:12
Urgent Action: Protect Driver's License Access for Oregon Residents
THIS FRIDAY Governor Kulongoski is planning to issue an executive order that would bar Oregon's undocumented immigrants from accessing a driver's license. ALL Oregon residents, regardless of immigration status, should have access driver's licenses for the sake of public safety.

TAKE ACTION NOW and tell Governor Kulongoski that all Oregon residents, regardless of immigration status, should have access driver's licenses for the sake of public safety.

Call Governor Kulongoski at 503-378-4582,, fax him at and/or send him a message online at:


02.11.2007 13:41
Free Geek receives International award for promoting FOSS
linuxpenguin Free Geek has been awarded the international Chris Nichol FOSS Prize
for "doing extraordinary work to make FOSS accessible to ordinary
computer users."

The award is given annually by the Association for
Progressive Communications (APC) to acknowledge organizations working with FOSS, Free and Open Source Software that is free to users and has an open source code so any user can view and modify it.


Notorious Holocaust denier speaking in Eugene 02.11.2007 09:09
UofO Pacifica Forum invites Nat'l Vanguard (nazi) editor, Nov.2
The Pacifica Forum is an antiwar or peace discussion forum in Eugene Oregon, based at the university. Tomorrow, November 2, they have invited Mark Weber to speak on the topic"The Israel Lobby: How Powerful is it?". Weber is an extreme right winger who used to be an editor at the racist National Vanguard. Hopefully the Pacifica Forum people were confused about his background and perspective.
Neo-national socialists have never had a pro-peace perspective, and are only worthy of listening to and reading in order to be aware of what the opponents of peace are up to.


01.11.2007 14:37
Cine Club Thursday Nov. 1st @ Liberty Hall
The Bolivarian Media Exchange resumes it's monthly film showing Cine Club after a few months hiatus. The next showing will be an original documentary shot by a local filmmaker who we met through organizing the Portland Grassroots Media Camp.
The Bolivarian Media Exchange and SOA Watch present:
¡Basta! ¡No Mas! (Enough! No More!)
A documentary film on the School of Americas by local filmmaker Joshua Eddings.

Thursday, November 1st at 7 PM
Liberty Hall
311 N Ivy, Portland, OR

Food and Drinks provided.


01.11.2007 14:31
Dahr Jamail in PDX Friday
Dispatches from an Unembedded Journalist in Occupied

Dahr Jamail is an independent journalist who has
covered the Middle East for more than four years. He
has reported extensively from inside Iraq and has also
reported from Syria, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan.

Dahr Jamail's national tour stops in Portland Nov. 2nd! Come and hear this great journalist speak about his experiences at Powell's Books downtown this Friday at 7:30 pm.


01.11.2007 14:17
No to “Plan Mexico”! Contact Portland Rep. David Wu

JOIN US IN D.C. for ADVOCACY EFFORTS and DEMO/Press Conference ON NOVEMBER 1st and NOVEMBER 2nd. What are your ideas?

Then on a date yet to be determined w/in the next 2.5 weeks, in d.c. for
people in that hearing!


30.10.2007 21:20
No Border Camp is Coming
On the 18th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall organizers and activists will gather in Calexico/Mexicali to draw attention to the human rights atrocities that occur in regards to the hyper-militarized U.S./Mexico border, the people and corporations who benefit from these terrors and the rising tide of white supremacists who use immigration as a way to promote their twisted politics.

In the Northwest, there will be solidarity actions occuring simultanously to show support and to draw attention to the border issues that affect people in our own communities. The border is everywhere. We must confront it in our community while supporting others struggling against it in communities across the Americas.


22.10.2007 12:44
Thursday, Anti-HLS Benefit Show!
puppy The Portland Animal Defense League will be hosting a benefit show for Janice and Nick (the two East Coast anti-HLS activists that were recently indicted in NJ and facing up to 6 years of prison each), and would like to invite everyone out for a formal launching of the Portland-ADL chapter.

October 25th, 6pm
Grey Campus Center- Student Lounge/ Ping Pong Room #53
3203 SE Woodstock Blvd, Portland, Oregon
$5-$10 sliding scale


20.10.2007 09:56
Shut Down Downtown TACOMA! Against I.C.E! Against Raids! November 9th &10th
FLYER FOR SHUT DOWN! Shut Down Downtown Tacoma! We want to show the powers that be, that a homeland security detention center will not be tolerated in our communities and in our region. This will be in solidarity with the No Borders camp that will be happening the same week down south. We plan on sending a very visible, clear message by not allowing business as usual to happen on these days.

Tacoma W.A has the biggest Homeland Security Detention Center in the North West! They have been tearing apart families, separating children born here from their parents and loved ones that were not. Sixty-four people have died in these detention centers since 2004, and just recently about three hundred people were made ill from the food given in the Tacoma Detention Center. We want to show solidarity with those at the No Borders camp down south who will be resisting the wall, detentions, capitalism and the institutions as well as trade agreements that are responsible for displacing millions of people around the world. We have had enough of this in our communities! Enough of these secret raids! We want this facility OUT of Tacoma!

There will be a designated green zone at S. 17th and Pacific on the corner and in the grassy park across from the art museum. In this area only 100% LEGAL forms of protest will be taking place! Bring puppets, musical instruments, signs, banners, creativity and passion. The rest of down town will be open to diverse and creative tactics!


14.10.2007 21:43
EVENT: New Film About Venezuelan Revolution
'NO VOLVERAN', the most up to date documentary about the Venezuelan Revolution, will be playing on Saturday, Oct. 20th @ Liberty Hall at 7pm (311 N Ivy).

While giving a brief overview of recent events, the film's focus is the worker organizations that have successfully responded to the challenges of globalization and outsourcing, as well as other attacks on their living standards from profit-hungry corporations. Venezuela remains the most politically progressive country in the world, not because of Chavez, but because of the action of the people pushing the revolution forward. There are thus many lessons that US workers and activists could learn from this on-going process.

Come join us for a post-film discussion and learn how to become involved in Venezuelan solidarity work.

- PCASC (Portland Central American Solidarity Committee)


12.10.2007 16:39
Oaxacan Community Building Event/Festival Cultural de Resistencia Woodburn
On October 13th OCIMO (La Organizacion de Comunidades Indigenas Migrantes Oaxacaquenas) and Oregon Oaxaca Solidarity will be hosting a Festival of Resistance at the Chemeketa Community College Woodburn campus. This events aim to bring together Oaxacan immigrants living in the Willamette Valley, as well as people from the Portland area interested in solidarity work, to come together and share experiences and attempt to build political consciousness around the issues surrounding last Fall's uprising and the fallout that ensued.

The festival will take place from 1PM to 6PM, and will include an opening ceremony (hopefully with Aztec dancers), a panel discussion and a Fiesta Popular a.k.a. people's party (the good kind). Panel topics will include; Mexico Before and After the Spanish, Free Trade and Plan Puebla Panama, the Social Movement in Mexico, the Indigenous People of Mexico Today, Indigenous Movements in the US and Independent Media.

Chemeketa CC is located at 120 E Lincoln St. Take I-5 exit 271 to Downtown Woodburn, the school is across the traintracks from the main retail corridor on Commerce Way. Very limited carpooling space available for those who want to attend from Portland. Meet at Liberty Hall (311 N Ivy St.) at 11 AM, leave at 11:15.

En Espanol:

Chemeketa C.C.
120 E. Lincoln St
Woodburn Oregon 97071
De 1:00 p.m. A 6:00 p.m.
La Organización de Comunidades Indígenas Migrantes Oaxaqueñas (O.C.I.M.O.) Y Oregon Oaxaca Solidarity


11.10.2007 15:00
Worker's Rights Rally Friday
Portland Immigrant Rights Coalition and Portland Jobs With Justice
Say NO to Unfair Social Security "No Match" Rules
NATIONAL DAY of ACTION This Friday, Oct.12.
Rally at the Federal Building
1220 SW 3rd Av., Portland
Friday, October 12, 11 am

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) rule punishing employers if they do not take action after receiving Social Security "no-match" letters is on trial. A temporary restraining order found that "if allowed to proceed, the mailing of no-match letters, accompanied by DHS's guidance letter, would result in irreparable harm to innocent workers and employers."

On Friday at 10 am, a delegation representing labor and immigrant rights will visit the Social Security Administration Office (1538 SW Yamhill) to urge support for abolishing the DHS rule. The Rally at 11 am will demonstrate broad based community opposition to this flawed and discriminatory ruling.

For more information, Contact: Marco Mejia, American Friends Service Committee,
or Eliana Machuca, Portland Jobs with Justice,



08.10.2007 12:10
Announcing Cascadia Survivalist Society (CSS)
Dear brother and sister Cascadians, Come on and come all to the next meeting for the Cascadia Survivalist Society (Skipping Society or Sasquatch Society, etc.), which will be Tuesday, October 9th, 2007 at 7pm at the Lucky Lab, 915 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland, OR 97214.

At the meeting we will discuss among of things incorporation as a non-profit, forming a bioregional congress (for more information go to  http://www.bioregional-congress.org/), how to elect board members, how to spread the campaign, how we can support our cause by supporting existing organizations, and developing regional and student chapters. We are in process of opening chapters in Victoria, British Columbia, Eugene, OR and Portland, Oregon. Please bring yourself and friends to the meeting, enjoy a pint, and have a great time with your fellow Cascadians.


04.10.2007 17:03
"Nazis Not Welcome!" Gathering & Rally this Saturday (10/6) @ Lents Park
10/6 rally poster image

As white supremacists plan a three-day gathering to be held in the greater Portland area from October 5 - 7, community members and anti-racists throughout the Pacific Northwest will gather in response on what is scheduled to be Day Two of the "Hammerfest" hate festival. An anti-racist community gathering and rally will take place on October 6, starting at 1PM in Lents Park located on SE 92nd & Holgate. The rally intends to expose white supremacist groups in the Northwest, as well as to bring diverse communities together in a stand against fascist organizing and violence aimed at Jewish people and people of color, sexual minorities, and activists.

WHAT: Community gathering and rally: "Nazis Not Welcome! Unite Against Racism!"
WHO: Speakers and performers currently include Mic Crenshaw of Hungry Mob and Walidah Imarisha of Good Sista/Bad Sista. More TBA.
WHEN: Saturday, October 6, 1PM onwards.
WHERE: Lents Park, corner of SE 92nd & Holgate.


01.10.2007 17:16
ALF Victory - Moravek Severs HLS Ties
ALF Moravek Biochemicals has joined the long list of companies who have decided to sever their links with Huntingdon Life Sciences, Europe's largest contract animal testing company. Moravek's decision to terminate their contract with HLS came just weeks after their owner and vise president Paul Moravek, got his home and cars vandalized by members of the Animal Liberation Front.


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