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09.01.2008 15:16
Trimet wants to whittle away Fareless Square
One of the premier amenities that distinguishes Portland as a uniquely urbane American city is under a new attack. Trimet wants to restrict the hours of Fareless Square to between 7am and 7pm. Voice your opinion at upcoming public hearings on January 16, 2008. The first hearing will take place 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. at Liberty Center in the Lloyd District; the second hearing will occur from 5 p.m. - 7 p.m. in the Portland Building downtown.

Here is a link to more information.


09.01.2008 13:40
Earth Day 2008: DANCE of the DINOSAUR!
Earth Day Celebration! City Repair announces the 2008 Earth Day Celebration: DANCE of the DINOSAUR!

The City Repair Project announces the 9th Annual Earth Day Celebration at Overlook Park in North Portland on April 19, 2008. Each year, the Earth Day Coalition promotes awareness of environmental issues through the sponsorships of local and sustainable organizations and businesses from the Portland metro area.

The 2008 Earth Day theme, DANCE of the DINOSAUR!, focuses on the solutions to living as a sustainable city as energy resources around the world become more scarce. The role of Portland area individuals, organizations, businesses and city agencies in finding these solutions will be highlighted in over 150 booths at this free, outdoor event.


09.01.2008 00:39
Blumenauer Speech Will Draw Protest to the Bus Project Conference
Reboot Democracy:  Control, Alt. IMPEACH Friday, January 11 at 1:30 PM
Montgomery Park, 2701 NW Vaughn St.

Individuals for Justice, Veterans for Peace and other groups will join in a protest calling for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney. They are calling on all progressives in Portland to join them.

The protest is directed at Representative Earl Blumenauer who has refused to join in calling for articles of impeachment against George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Blumenauer will present the keynote speech at the Rebooting Democracy Conference sponsored by the Bus Project.

Demonstrators called upon the Bus Project to find a speaker who is more supportive of holding Bush and Cheney accountable for numerous violations of the U.S. laws. When the Bus Project chose not to replace Blumenauer, protesters decided to demonstrate at the conference.



08.01.2008 01:12
Preparing to Protest the Republican Convention: An Update From the Twin Cities

From the police riot at the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago to the mass arrests at the 2004 party conventions in Boston and New York, and at every convention in between, police have played a terrible role of crushing political dissent and brutalizing those who dare challenge the ruling elites. Naturally, then, with the Republican Convention poised to hit our river banks in summer 2008 and with popular opinion about the direction of this country at an all time low, many are concerned about whether there will be room to exercise our First Amendment rights at all. Actions by the Minneapolis and St. Paul city councils and their respective police departments certainly give us no reassurance, especially with their secret meetings, efforts to pass new ordinances restricting protest and refusals to grant permits.



08.01.2008 00:50
Upcoming Events: Immigrant & Refugee Task Force
Immigrant & Refugee Task Force Community Forum
Wednesday, January 9, 2008
7:00 PM to 9:00
PSU Multicultural Center
Smith Memorial Student Union, Room 228
1825 SW Broadway, Portland

On January 9th, the Center for Intercultural Organizing is inviting members of Mayor Tom Potter's Immigrant & Refugee Task force to present their recommendations to the community. The task force built upon the work of hundreds of individuals and dozens of community organizations who, in various ways, participated in a two year-long effort to make the City of Portland aware of immigrant and refugee community issues, needs, strengths and contributions.

Yet again, City Council needs to hear your voices. Please come to the Immigrant and Refugee Task Force Community Forum and find out how you can ensure that the recommendations are implemented. Together, we can create an environment in which immigrants and refugees are recognized and supported as valued residents of our city.

Immigrant & Refugee Task Force Presentation to City Council
Wednesday, January 16, 2008 - 6:00 PM
Jefferson High School
5210 N Kerby, Portland

Read the Immigrant and Refugee Task Force recommendations and come to the presentation to City Council on January 16, 2008! Click here to read the Task Force report


03.01.2008 21:23
Support War Resister Prisoner Brendan Walsh
23 year old Brendan Walsh has spent over three years in Federal Prison for his role in a militant action that targeted a military recruitment center in Vestal, New York in April 2003. As tanks were entering Baghdad, Brendan took action against the military machinery in the town he was living in. Brendan is slated to be released from prison to a halfway house on February 8th. He's in need of support from our movement more than ever as he faces his release.

During a visit with Brendan last week, he communicated a desire for Kansas Mutual Aid to collect monetary donations to help aid Brendan in buying clothes and other needed items once released. Brendan's halfway house confirmation has been repeatedly delayed, so he has been under a lot of stress as he fights to ensure his release in February. He's in need of as much love and support as we can send. Please consider sending Brendan some words of love and support during his last several weeks in prison.

Brendan Walsh 12473-052
FCI/FSL Elkton
PO Box 10
Lisbon, OH 44432


03.01.2008 21:15
Jan. 14th Olin Study Group: The Sixth Declaration of the Zapatistas and YOU
January First marks the 14th anniversary of the Zapatista Uprising. To better understand the revolution they are helping to build in Mexico, Olin hopes you will join us at our next study group session, in reading/discussing documents regarding Comisión Sexta del EZLN (the 6th Commission of the EZLN also known as La Sexta ) which details The Other Campaign/La Otra Campaña.

DATE: January 14th, 6:00 pm at In Other Words Books.


31.12.2007 14:02
PDX-IMC creates a (s)election 2008 page
indy geek writes:

The selection 2008 page is for all the articles about 2008 elections, candidates, etc. Because this stuff starts to overwhelm the site, especially now that state primaries/caucuses are close, the selection 2008 page has a unique characteristic from other topic type pages. Articles sent to the selection 2008 page will not also show up on the front page newswire. So if you are interested in that stuff, visit the selection 2008 page. Likewise, if you are posting election related articles, please check the selection 2008 checkbox under actions on the publish page.


31.12.2007 05:34
Community Independence Project needs some help from Indy
Hi folks, We'll be doing a press conference on Jan 1st announcing upcoming goals for 2008. Due to space concerns we don't have the room to just post the location for this conference, but if any folks are interested we don't want to exclude members of the underground press that would like to be involved. Please email to RSVP.

Also, we need some help from the community in two areas.
1. We don't have any video cameras and we would like a recording of the event along with some folks who might be able to edit it.
2. Webwork. Due to Revolt ltd taking some time off, we need to find a new server and host for a website. If anyone knows hookups for webhosting, that would be awesome. Likewise, we need some folks who can do admin/sitebuilding work and are willing to teach.

Please reserve the following dates also: Feb 29th, Mar 1st and 2nd from 7 - 9pm. We will be doing community informational forums around the CIP and its programs those nights in southeast, northeast, and downtown Portland. The news conference on Tuesday is for underground and aboveground members of the press primarily, all interested persons who do not consider themselves journalists should be encouraged to email us for more info, or please participate in the upcoming forums.


29.12.2007 15:55
Pioneer Square: NOT just for Shoppers!
Downtown has steadily been becoming more and more a thing of the corporate interests who populate the buildings around Pioneer Square. Ordinances have been passed which have, by inches and degrees, driven out the people of downtown to make things more comfortable for the hordes of consumers who flock there to spend their money on frivolities from stores like Macys. Now, in Portland's living room, free speech expression is under attack as well.

For going on 6 years now, PPRC has met, drummed and marched from the NE corner of Pioneer Square every Friday like clockwork, BUT last Friday's rally was told in no uncertain terms: if you continue to do that you've been doing for the past six years, you will be issued a citation.


27.12.2007 08:31
Escalate Peace: The Pissed Off Grannies are Returning to the Recruiting Center on Friday
SPOGs - Seriously Pissed Off Grannies The Seriously Pissed Off Grannies will be returning to the recruiting center at NE Broadway and 13th this Friday, December 28th at 10 AM. They were just acquitted of charges stemming from an action at this same location on Good Friday of this year. The message of the action this Friday is "Peace on Earth - Stop the War".

The families of 3,900 fallen soldiers will be observing the holidays with an empty place at the table. The 4 million displaced Iraqi people will find no room at the inn. The 1 million Iraqi civilian casualties are the ghosts of all Christmasses to come. It is a grief that will never end.

Join us to help stop this obscenity. Fri. 10 a.m., 13th & NE Broadway.


23.12.2007 22:45
Call out for black bloc at Thursday action
It may not be the typical action of anarchists in Portland, but I think the recent discussion and assurances between people here on indy warrants that someone take the first actual step. This is an individual, autonomous action, where people have stated we'd be welcome to show up in black masks and contribute in any way we see fit. Let's start by supporting the ongoing, increasing protests against Blumenauer this week, 12-2 on Thursday at 729 Oregon St.


23.12.2007 15:12
Can You hear us now Blumenauer?
http://www.benfrank.net/blog/f/faxCongress-impeachNow.pdf Come play, "Can You Hear Us Now Blumenauer" this coming Thursday, 27 of December. We will be there with our red shirts calling for the impeachment of the criminals in the White House. We welcome all who want accountability, impeachment and an end to this horror called the war/occupation and now genocide of Iraq. We want justice!

This action is happening all over the 50 States, we are not alone. The people of the United States want real hearings exposing what happened before, during and after 9/11. We ask, petition, yell and now use direct action to say to our representative, "You are guilty of violating your oath of office."

729 Oregon St.
Portland, Oregon
High noon until 2:00 PM



20.12.2007 15:01
Friends Of Family Farmers listening sessions

Wed. January 16th, 6:30-8:30pm @ People's Co-op Community Room, 3029 SE 21st Ave, 1 block north of SE Powell. The community room is located in the upstairs of People's store with access by stairs or by elevator for anyone with disabilities. Friends of Family Farmers would like to invite you to participate in an informal meeting with other area farmers and members of the food system. This Listening Session (you talk, we listen) will be a group brainstorm to develop a list of issues and challenges that you, as a family farmer, face while trying to run a socially responsible, economically viable and environmentally friendly business in the state of Oregon.

We will be holding 5 Listening Sessions around the state of Oregon in January and February 2008. Right now, the scheduled locations are:

  • The Portland Metro Area- Wed. January 16th, 6:30-8:30pm @ People's Co-op
  • Corvallis/ Eugene- TBA
  • Southern Oregon/ Rogue Valley- Wed. January 30th, 6:00-8:00pm @ OSU Extension
  • Pendleton- TBA
  • Bend/ John Day- TBA



17.12.2007 21:08
Protest Coos Bay LNG Terminal in Coquille, OR (12/19)
LNG Pipeline Route Wednesday, December 19th at 9:00 a.m. - Final Deliberations by the Coos County Commissioners on the Oregon Gateway Marine Terminal for the LNG tanker ships application.

NOTICE OF PROTEST - We would like to have another strong showing at this next and last deliberation meeting when the Commissioners make their final decision. We need the room packed out. PLEASE EVERYONE DO WHAT YOU CAN TO BE THERE - AND BRING A FRIEND. The Meeting will take place at the Coos County Annex in the Planning Dept Meeting Room located at 290 N Central in Coquille.

additional info:


08.12.2007 11:40
Rally Against LNG and LNG Pipelines: Wed. Dec 12th in Portland
Energy speculators from Texas, New York and California want to use proposed LNG terminals in the Columbia River Estuary to send huge quantities of natural gas to California. Three LNG terminals are proposed in Oregon, and each project would import twice Oregon's total gas demand each day. NW Natural has become an active participant in this scheme by proposing to build the 220-mile long Palomar pipeline that would rip across Oregon from the key salmon habitats of the Columbia Estuary, across the family farms of the Willamette Valley, through the wildlife habitats of the Mt. Hood National Forest and over the Wild and Scenic Deschutes River - all this in order to send gas from the proposed LNG terminals on the Columbia River to a California-bound pipeline near Madras.

Please join a wonderfully diverse coalition of farmers, conservation groups, fisherman, global warming advocates, forestland owners, private property rights advocates, neighborhood activists and many others and take a stand against the largest fossil fuel import project planned for the Northwest in decades.
Rally for Oregon!

Wed. Dec. 12th @ 11:45 a.m.
NW Natural Gas's corporate headquarters -
220 NW Second Ave. Portland (2 blocks north of Burnside)


07.12.2007 16:58
Hanford State of the Site 2007 Meetings
The federal Energy Department plans to dump more toxic waste at Hanford in 2008 - AND drastically delay Hanford Clean-Up by more than 20 years!

Drastic Delays Proposed for Hanford Cleanup in Tri-Party Agreement Negotiations! Join us in urging the Washington State Department of Ecology to reject additional concessions to the Department of Energy. In private negotiations the USDOE has proposed an additional 20 year delay in cleaning up the most polluted site in the Western Hemisphere!

You have a chance to make a huge difference of how Hanford will be cleaned up. The Tri-Party Agency's are hosting the State of the Site meetings and want to hear from you about the proposed changes to the cleanup agreement. The key managers of the U..S. Department of Energy, DOE Office of River Protection, Environmental Protection Agency, and the Washington State Department of Ecology, will be coming to Portland December 11th and Hood River December 12th to hear what you think about these proposed delays.


06.12.2007 12:12
The Surge Protection Brigade goes to trial on Monday
Blood and Roses Red handprints on the window - or - 1 million innocent Iraqis dead?
Just who are the criminals here??
The Grannies and one Grandpa will be in court on Monday, Dec. 10 starting at 8:30 am in the Multnomah County Courthouse, SW 4th & Salmon.

The trial, for our Good Friday 'Blood & Roses' action at the Military Recruiting Career Center, is expected to last 3 - 4 days. We do not know which courtroom yet, but the clerk on the first floor can direct you to the assigned room. If we find out the court #, we'll post it here.

Please come and support us in our continued struggle against the illegal and immoral Iraq war.


03.12.2007 00:10
The Bike Farm - New PDX Bike Co-op
The Bicycle Farm is a non-profit learning space run by volunteers who believe that bicycles are an ideal (and fun!) mode of transportation. Our mission is to promote the bicycle as a fun, safe, and accessible form of transportation, to foster healthy urban communities, and to provide a welcoming space to learn about building maintaining, and riding bicycles.

The Bike Farm is entirely volunteer-based, with core members and volunteers, both of whom can earn privileges based on time and commitment.


29.11.2007 12:26
This Weekend: Northwest SDS Convention (Tacoma)
This poster is based on an old school SDS poster from the 60s. TACOMA, WA -- Tacoma Students for a Democratic Society (Tacoma SDS) will be hosting the bi-annual Northwest SDS convention on November 30, December 1 and December 2 at the University of Puget Sound. This convention will be the third in the Northwest since SDS re-emerged in 2006. The weekend-long summit will provide opportunities for Northwest SDS chapters to communicate face-to-face and brainstorm new ideas.

Numerous workshops are planned for the weekend. These will include, for example, Jenny Wrobel's "Rhetoric for Radicals: msg sent does not equal msg received," which will address the problem of communicating with diverse audiences, including students, law officials, veterans, law-makers and general pedestrians. An attorney working with the Civil Liberties Defense Center in Eugene, Oregon will also be at UPS to give a workshop about individual rights as they apply to activists and legal observers. Wally Cuddeford and Ben Groves will also be leading a workshop on organizing Port Militarization Resistance. There are more workshops -- the current schedule is available at  http://tacomasds.org/convention/schedule


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