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20.06.2008 21:36
Call out for June 21st
Acting in solidarity with the call out for a decentralized day of action on June 21st, an ad hoc group of Portland residents intends to establish a temporary autonomous zone in downtown Portland. The space created by our action intends to

-Challenge the Sit/Lie Ordinance through community power
-Create a conversation surrounding the criminalization of poverty
-Demonstrate that commodified and (para)militarized urban areas can be re-imagined through creative transformations.
-Uphold the demands of the United Poor People (UPP).  http://homelessliberation.wordpress.com/
-Recognize that listening and cooperation requires attention to systematic modes of oppression and privilege related to race, class, gender, and sexual orientation.


20.06.2008 20:30
Summer Solstice - Energy Circle for Tre Arrow
WHAT: Summer Solstice-Energy Circle for Tre

WHEN: June 20th, Friday @ 5:30PM

WHERE: Top of Mt.Tabor

WHY: This has been a really long road for Tre and he could really use our love, light, and healing energy. Tre is aware this is happening and he will be receiving the energy at 5:45pm. If you cannot make it to Mt. Tabor, please still send him positive energy at 5:45pm wherever you are.

Summer officially begins wuth the Summer Solstice on Friday, June 20 at 4:59pm. Sol + stice derives from a combination of Latin words meaning "sun" + "to stand still." As the days lengthen, the sun rises higher and higher until it seems to stand still in the sky.

As a major celestial event, the Summer Solstice results in the longest day and the shortest night of the year. The Northern Hemisphere celebrates in June, but the people on the Southern half of the earth have their longest summer day in December.

The Summer Solstice represent a new beginning. It is time for purification, and renewal of the self. A time to release the sadness, fears, and pains from your life. It is time to celebrate the joy, warmth, and laughter of summer. A time for purification and renewed energy. A time to celebrate the fullness of life and the power of the sun. A time to heal mother earth, heal yourself, and heal Tre.


~Blessed Be~


10.06.2008 18:13
Evening of Solidarity with Free, June 14th
Jeffrey Free Luers in There will be an evening of Solidarity with eco-prisoner Jeff Luers, Saturday, June 14th, at Laughing Horse Books, Featuring Rob los Ricos and Riotcop! As part of the International Day of Solidarity for Jeff Luers ("Free"), Riotcop will perform at Laughing Horse Books on Saturday June 14th. Snacks will be provided and Rob los Ricos will give a talk. The event is scheduled to begin around 7 p.m. and end around 10. Free will need help getting settled in to life in Eugene after his release, and this is our chance to show him a little solidarity and kick him down some much-needed cash. Suggested donation is $3-5, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Come out, have fun and GET THOSE SNACKS!


06.06.2008 18:28
Tre Arrow Accepts Plea Bargain
tre arrow Tre Arrow accepted a plea bargain at the Federal Courthouse this morning. Here's his message to everyone: A warm blessing to you all - i thank you for your support and for being here today. Some may look at this non - cooperation plea agreement as a victory. Some may see it as a defeat. It's really neither! It's simply another step in this journey as i walk my path of conscience. You see, it's never been about me. From before the days of the ledge-sit, right thru 'til today, this has been and will always be about the commitment to leave our Earth Mother in a healthier, more beautiful state then when i arrived.

This is about taking back our power from the government and corporate entities that would have us believe that monetary wealth and the acquisition of material objects is more important than the health of the planet, it's people and the billions of life forms with whom we share this home. This is about being a voice for the trees, our animal friends, the waters, mountains and blue skies. This is a calling to consider our children grandchildren and the generations to follow. This is living up to our divine potential. This is an opportunity to be a voice for truth, compassion and respect in the face of profound corruption and disregard for the sanctity of life that permeates the governments and corporations of the world.



05.06.2008 16:12
Demo at Blue Hour Friday, June 6th! No more Foie Gras in PDX Campaign!!
Foie Gras Makes Me Sick <a href=" http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2008/06/376537.shtml"> Report Back from June 6th </a>

Join us Friday, June 6th, for a demo against foie gras at Blue Hour restaurant in the Pearl! If you can't make it please call them anyway and ask them to take foie gras off the menu! A pre-demo uniformity and solidarity meeting is at 6:30 pm at NW 10th and Davis right near Blossoming Lotus. Then, at 7pm we will demo Blue Hour.

Email or call Blue hour and let head chef Kenny Giambalvo and owner Bruce Carey know that Portland wants foie gras gone! Their lunch starts at 11:30 am and we can call all day if needs be!

Blue Hour
250 NW 13th Ave


03.06.2008 05:39
Citizens Hunger-Strike Against NW Naturalís Liquefied Natural Gas Proposal
Citizens of Oregon have begun a ten (10) day hunger-strike on the main entrance of the NW Natural Energy Company headquarters building to bring awareness to the fact that the Palomar Gas Transmission System (PGT) is a serious and intolerable threat to the ecological and social integrity of Oregon.

NW Natural and Palomar are preparing to install a massive pipeline through over 500 miles of Oregon's public and private property. This will result in devastating impacts on streams, rivers and waterways, wildlife habitat areas, wilderness, and small family farms. NW Natural is carelessly destroying these precious ecosystems for private gains. All fuel piped through the PGT system will go to supply California with liquefied natural gas. There are no direct benefits for Oregonians who are affected. As we stand on the verge of global environmental crises, NW Natural is stepping in the wrong direction.


COMMUNITY 01.06.2008 17:03
Week of Events at Evergreen Sit-In!
Sunday June 1st - A Night of Musical Acoustic Insurgency -7PM - Featuring:
* David Rovics
* Danny Kelly & Mark Eckert (from Heliotroupe)

(Read full article for more events)

Tuesday June 3rd - 7PM - Kimya Dawson live in concert!
Wednesday June 4th - People's University reconvenes for classes. (See article for workshops)


25.05.2008 18:33
Benefit Concert for Iraq Vets Against War
veterans for peace Monday, May 26 - Memorial Day
Benefit concert at Mt. Tabor Theater, 4811 S.E. Hawthorne

"NO MORE MEMORIAL DAYS" - 5 - 10 p.m. Featuring Dave Rovics, Grant Remington, Loose Change and Will Campbell on the amazing washtub bass (over 21 only)

March to Peace Memorial Park (North Interstate and North Oregon) for a Peace Picnic: Veterans for Peace Chapter 72 will be commemorating Memorial Day, May 26, again at the "forgotten" walls of the Memorial Coliseum. This will be the fifth year that Veterans for Peace Chapter 72 has stepped away from the traditional militaristic ceremonies and rhetoric to honor their fallen brothers and sisters in arms, for as General Ulysses S. Grant, eighteenth President of the United States, said, "The one thing I never want to see again is a military parade."



21.05.2008 14:52
Rally Against Pesticides in Lane County
"Cide" means "to kill." Pesticides are poisons, and herbicides are one kind of pesticide used specifically to kill "weeds." Crazy People for Wild Places urges you to join them in opposing public pesticide poisoning, especially along our roadways, as it is a violation of our human rights! JOIN THE CALL FOR NO PESTICIDE USE!

Gather at Eugene's Kesey Square (Broadway and Willamette) on Friday, May 30 at 12:00 to hear speakers from Pitchfork Rebellion and the Oregon Pesticide Action Working Group and see compelling maps compiled from decades of spray tracking by Forestland Dwellers and then continue by bike to Harlow Bridge over Coburg Road. Costumes welcome.


20.05.2008 06:57
Demonstration Against Proposed LNG Development at NW Natural Offices
LNG tank o' DEATH Tell NW Natural Shareholders that LNG is a bad investment!

*Demonstration Against Proposed LNG Development at NW Natural Offices*
220 NW 2nd Ave in Portland
Thursday, May 22nd @ 1pm

Stumptown Earth First! will be joining community members to let the shareholders of NW Natural know just how bad of an idea it is to invest in a non-renewable resource project. This Thursday NW Natural shareholders will be having their annual meeting and we will be there to show the that the communities being impacted by their investment in LNG are organized, motivated and oppose these projects!

There have [been] handfuls of great successes in the recent weeks
-- new city resolutions passed, a courtroom victory announcing
the constitutionality of our referendum efforts in Clatsop
County, a successful PDX LNG Teach-in, and an Oregon Dept. Of Energy
report finding that there is no need for LNG in Oregon...the list goes on.

Come to NW Natural's offices for our 1pm rally -- bring your signs,
tractors, kids, neighbors, anti-LNG shirts & buttons and let's tell our utility's shareholders that LNG is a BAD INVESTMENT!


16.05.2008 08:30
Portland, Lets kick Foie Gras out of town!
This goose choked to death on vomit. Portland Animal Defense league will be continuing its anti-foie gras campaign this Friday, May 16th. Please join us and let Blue Hour know that the torture of ducks and geese for the "delicacy" of foie gras will not be tolerated in Portland!

We will be meeting at 6:30 at the courner of 10th and Davis. That is in the Pearl district downtown. We will then walk to the restaurant 'Blue Hour' where foie gras is prominently featured on their menu.


04.05.2008 16:03
Tre Arrow -Trial date changed
Tre's Legal Update.
From Paul Loney, Tre's attorney...

Hi folks,

Tre's 5/6/2008 Jury Trial has been reset for 7/8/2008 at 09:00AM
before Judge James A. Redden. We needed to set a new trial date
because additional time is needed for pretrial investigation and trial
preparation. So there is no court appearance for May 6th. The July 8th
date is also subject to change.



02.05.2008 05:26
National Call In Days for Sea Lions!! (Friday & Monday)
Help Save Me!!!! This week a sea lion was murdered at the hands of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife after trapping, stressing, branding, and anethesizing numbers of sea lions that are supposed to be protected, but instead are being sold to Sea World in Florida.

Please call the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW), and Governor Kulongoski Friday and Monday. Let them know that you want the Sea Lion trapping to stop and you don't want them to kill anymore Sea Lions.

We are their voice!
Call many times!



02.05.2008 05:14
May's Monkeywrench Cafe!
On May 3rd, we will be hosting our 6th Monkeywrench Cafe, an event of excellent, low-cost food and wonderful storytelling by Earth First!ers of all generations! Come out as we keep the tradition of oral history alive! All meals are vegan, delicious and low-cost, and no one will be turned away for lack of funds. This month we have more old-school Earth First!ers coming into town to regale us with tales of adventure!

Saturday, May 3rd, 7-10pm.

Monkeywrench Cafe
5529 N. Vancouver Ave
(Vancouver & Killingsworth)
Portland, OR

Come out as we keep the tradition of oral history alive! All meals are vegan, delicious and low-cost, and no one will be turned away for lack of funds. This month we have more old-school Earth First!ers coming into town to regale us with tales of adventure!


30.04.2008 10:59
All Out on May Day!
On May 1, all 29 ports on the U.S. West Coast are to be shut down by the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) in protest against the U.S. war on Afghanistan and Iraq. This is a historic event of international significance: labor action against imperialist war by a major American union. The strategically placed port workers in the ILWU can bring commerce with Asia to a grinding halt, and they're about to demonstrate it. The maritime employers are already screaming, and you can bet it's got the attention of the warmongers in Washington. All labor should take up the challenge this poses: For workers strikes against the war! M

eanwhile, immigrants' rights groups are once again mobilizing on May Day. And on April 30 and May 1, the independent truckers who move cargo to and from the docks may play an important role in a shutdown. The imperialist war on Afghanistan and Iraq is also a war on immigrants, minorities, working people and democratic rights "at home." We need to defeat this attack here and abroad, in opposition to both the capitalist war parties. The "antiwar movement," whose aim has always been to pressure the Democrats, is at a dead end. What's needed is working-class action independent of the bosses. What that takes is a fundamental break from the Democratic Party and the pro-capitalist politics that infuse the labor bureaucracy.

MayDay Picnic Noon-4pm | Mayday Immigrants Rights Demo 3 - 4 pm | Mayday GUELAGUETZA! 6-10pm | Red & Black mayday celebration starting at 7pm


30.04.2008 10:56
Mayday 2008 Guelaguetza!
Join us May 1st after the march and rally at the Park Blocks. Free food, live music, and family fun.

THURSDAY MAY 1ST, 6 - 10 pm at the First Unitarian Church at 1011
SW 12th Ave (Just after and just a few blocks up from the main Mayday
rally and march!)




30.04.2008 07:24
May Day Picnic at Noon
The 'May Day Picnic' will be based completely on voluntary co-operation and participation, an event for exchange ideas, struggles, and activities, a potluck of sorts. There is no one group of people organizing and executing it, but collectives and individual people who take initiative to create and bring something to contribute, or spontaneously create at the event.

Food, games, music, free literature, workshops, speakers, art, and so much more - anything and everything is possible. Do what you want! Anything and everything you can imagine!

May Day Picnic
Starts at Noon til 4pm on May Day
North Park Blocks(NW 8th and Flanders)


29.04.2008 16:38
Mayday Celebration At Red & Black Cafe
nom nom nom
May Day celebration at the Red and Black Cafe
(Thursday 5/1/08 -- international worker's day)

We'll be closed during the day in respect for Mayday. But we'll be in from 7pm to late. It's a benefit for VOZ (spanish for voice), an immigrant workers organization based in Portland it's by donation, no one turned away for lack of funds food and beverage will be sold as normal however the cafe will be breaking it's 'edge' by serving frosty bottles of something delicious for the 1st time in our new space live music by Brenna Sahatjian of Riot Folk, Noah Andrews and more TBA come after the march to 400 SE 12th Ave., Portland OR 503-231-3899 Please come out and have some fun with us! -- the folks at the Red and Black



26.04.2008 05:14
March Against ICE: Saturday, April 24th, Tacoma
Rally @ 12 PM---March @ 1 PM
This coming Saturday there will be a rally starting in People's Park at 12 PM in the Hilltop district of Tacoma. At 1 PM we will leave the park and head down the hill.

As it stands right now, no one even knows about the existence of the Northwest Detention Center. The families affected by the raids and those who support them are aware of its existence. But the general population does not know.

This blackout and secrecy has gone on for too long. Those of us with the privilege and ability to do something have done nothing. Those of us least affected by the raids have sat by for too long while the process of detention, removal and terror continues unabated.


26.04.2008 05:13
Pre-Mayday Community-building Event Sunday April 27
2 more days until Mayday! Mayday!

A great opportunity to see what is happening with the radical community here in Portland! Listen to music, eat good food, watch presentations by some of Portland's amazing radical and revolutionary organizations! We will be starting promptly at 7:30pm!

Please join us Sunday April 27th at 7:30pm at Liberty Hall (311 N. Ivy) for an evening of food, music, speakers and tables. We aim to promote community building, communication and solidarity within the Portland radical community. Come and enjoy tables and presentations by some of Portland's amazing radical and revolutionary organizations. Come and show support for these groups, ask questions, get involved or network. All are invited and encouraged to attend! Help us to prepare for our favorite holiday and to celebrate Portland's radical past, present and future! We will see you there!

May 1st OLIN Event at 1st Unitarian Church: MAYDAY 2008 GUELAGUETZA! | Noon on Mayday -radical anarchist picnic @ north park blocks


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